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After America held us to a lucky draw, courtesy of one of the all-time greatest goalkeeping blunders from Rob Green, England can’t afford any more slip-ups as they go head-to-head with Algeria tomorrow night.

Whether Rob Green will be selected again remains an area of uncertainty, but personally, I’d give him another go as he’ll be desperate to make up for his costly error.

You can all rest assured the error is behind him. The latest news from England’s training camp is that Rob Green trained for four hours today, in which time he had 4,000 shots fired at him and didn’t concede once. Him and Emile Heskey will now re-join the rest of the England squad tomorrow morning.

Like every game at a World Cup, tomorrow is a “must win,” but I’m confident the boys will come good and do us proud. England have a habit of starting slowly, and our greatest achievements have come after a poor first game in major competitions so this is nothing to be worried about. The Algerian’s shouldn’t be a match for Capello’s England, and I’m happy to stick my neck out and predict a white-wash.

Elsewhere in the World Cup today, Greece beat the Nigerian’s 2-1, and Argentina destroyed South Korea with the match finishing 4-1.

World Cup predictions update

It’s all change at the top with NickMetcalfe leading the way and Madferret dropping to third, behind second placed Wally. MattBB is hot on the tail of a top three place with just 0.3 points separating him and Wally. Yours truly has finally picked up the pace and now sits 7th overall.

New entrants

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14 Responses

  1. TheReaper08

    I will worry about tomorrow when it comes, for now…..

    Come on Mexico !!!

  2. Matthew

    As ever the press will raise the pressure with their poorly written stories in the morning before what on paper should be a pretty straight forward game for our boys. As a long as they can keep their heads it should hopefully be all smiles and role on Wednesday when the nerves will really start. For me drop lamps play the Captain in the middle joe cole on the wing and crouch and shrek up front. Let’s take it to them from the star come on England!

  3. richard

    Im optimistic about the match which for me as a complete pessimist about everything is saying summat. ;)

    • Scratching Shed

      @TheReaper08 Only downside is that I’d quite liked to have had the satisfaction of England knocking them out of the World Cup.

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS Not me, I dislike France and it’s occupants. Any ritual humiliation of the nation that is only there through cheating is fine by me.

        As I work for the Germans I am hoping to meet and beat them on the way to winning the World Cup.

      • AussieWhite

        Made my day this morning waking up and seeing that the cheating frogs had been beaten by the Mexicans. I bet that they were dancing in the streets of Dublin last night. It’s just a shame that they weren’t dancing in the streets of Polokwane where they rightfully should have been.

        Come on England for tonight (or 4am in the morning here) I will be making the journey into the city and necking a few jars no doubt to celebrate England finally turning up for the tournament.

      • Craig Millward

        @TheReaper08 I used to feel the same about the French until an wonderfully relaxing week there last month. I’ve gone from Francophobe to Francophile after just 7 days exposure to beautiful countryside, fantastic food, abundant wine and very friendly and relaxed people.

  4. Matt BB

    i was to pfor a whole day – and you waited until now to update – when i was 5th… shocking.

    anyhow i got mexico half right predicint g a 2-2 draw. and sometimes its nice to be wrong!

  5. Matt BB


    and i work for americans, so i kept my head down on monday!

    • TheReaper08

      I wouldn’t have bothered mattbb, Rob Green was there best player !

  6. Matt BB

    That display was appalling, reminded me of our wembley date against watford, players fazed by a big game.. I wont get too wound up but you feel the fans deserve better than that, we could’ve done with cole or milner, and subbing lennon for swp??

  7. Craig Millward

    I love the reference to Green/Heskey. It was so subtle I very nearly missed it – well done TSS!

  8. Marc Butterworth

    Oh Wow that performance was bad. The players looked uninterested, scared and clueless. Capello has to go after the world cup imo. His tactics are rigid and inaffective. The players obviously dont like his methods and this shows in their play.

    I am very dissapointed in him coz I had high expectations of him when he came. We are very poor at the moment and I doubt we will get anything from the game against Slovenia. Certainly not if we play anything like that…

    I can see an early exit for our England flops…..


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