Carlisle fans storm pitch after JPT shoot-out

Angry at the news Carlisle had got away without any punishment following the pitch invasion that saw three Leeds United players assaulted, I decided to email the FA for an explanation.

My email to them was as follows;

Dear FA, I’m absolutely outraged by the decision not to punish Carlisle for the pitch invasion which saw three Leeds United players punched and think it’s about time someone in your organisation took a step back and realised the full ridiculousness of it all!

When one of your own policies is to dock points to those member teams who are struggling with financial difficulties – often caused by yourselves as teams try to compete with the bigger ones, funded by Sky Inc. – to not condemn and punish the same teams when their fans assault the players you’re supposed to represent, the entire organisation really needs to get it’s priorities right!

Are we to conclude that the FA prioritise money over the safety of it’s players? My personal theory is that the FA only act when the media takes notice, and since Carlisle were the culprits here and Leeds United the victims, no one really cares. If this was the other way around, you’d be lining up at FA HQ to condemn the actions of Leeds United fans (as you’ve done many times in the past). The whole thing stinks of double-standards and serves only to further fuel my contempt for the people running our national sport.

I’m not holding my breath for a response, as I’m guessing the FA will follow it’s usual policy of hiding behind closed doors and issuing the kind of no comment statements I expect from 10 Downing Street. I feel I should warn you in advance that anything I do receive will be published on the Leeds United site, where there are thousands of unhappy Leeds United fans once again angered by your organisations inconsistencies.

As you see above, I wasn’t expecting much of a response. Having followed football since birth, I knew they’d issue some vague statement reaffirming their actions. Like the one that follows;

Thank you for your email.

In cases involving crowd problems, The FA has to be satisfied that all reasonable steps were taken by the club with regard to crowd management. In this instance, we’re satisfied that the club did take all reasonable precautions.

Kind regards

The FA know this is absolute nonsense. When the pitch invasion happened, the stewards and Police were scrambling to safety, not once trying to help the Leeds United players off the pitch. Where exactly does that fall into their taking ‘all reasonable precautions’ policy I wonder? The people employed to ensure the safety of players didn’t fulfil their role because they were massively lacking in numbers and didn’t have the balls to do so. How the FA don’t see a problem with this is beyond me!

Not satisfied at all, but I felt the need to vent. I shouldn’t be surprised by the outcome at all, and in truth I wasn’t. The FA have failed once more as far as I’m concerned.

  • JC

    absolutely brilliant email! Well done mate! By the I’m way a great fan of the website, great first season!!

    • TSS

      Cheers JC, I’ve since replied to their email asking them why this doesn’t fall under the ‘failure to control their fans’ rule, which they so often impose on teams where the media are “outraged!”

  • Craig1919

    Well it’s to be expected isn’t it, to be honest the fact that Grayson didn’t want to press for punishment meant the writing was always on the wall. The FA have never had any balls to act on our behalf we are a very easy target but not a defendable target in the eyes of anyone outside ER. If this had happened to Scum every media outlet in the country would have been baying for blood. In all honesty TSS I couldn’t care less anymore I will never expect anything from the FA and the way that they have acted (or not acted) in regards to protecting it’s members and it’s fans, Leeds have always been on the lower end of there priority list, however on the plus side it does fuel the fire of us against the world because if we have video evidence and still get sweet fa (excuse the pun) from the FA we can never ever expect anything but nothing ever again from the over paid useless big brother of football

  • TheReaper08

    Shouldn’t we try to get our own house in order first ? The Norwich away game where a young Mum and her kid were insulted and there were a number of other nasty incidents.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right but I am telling you now if I had been a neutral at the FA when your e-mail came through I would have said you had a damn cheek.

  • TSS

    @thereaper08 Haha, yeah, you can imagine the look on their faces when they read that! I bet they have a wall of fame for the best emails they read.

    The fact is though, that the Norwich fans will quite rightly kick-off to the FA and whoever will listen, just like all the other fans we’ve offended do. The reason they ignore Leeds is because they see it as ‘just desserts’, but while ever they leave these things unpunished, it just gives the idiot minority amongst our fans reason to go back to Carlisle and kick-off. Then they “justify” it by calling it revenge. The whole thing spirals basically, because the FA aren’t seen to take action immediately.

    • TheReaper08

      The idiot fans don’t need a reason TSS, how do you think they justified abusing that young Mother, perhaps they had eaten a bad Bernard Matthews Turkey and it was her fault because I knwo of no long standing conflict with Norwich.

      The point is if you want to be the best you rise above things and try to be better. You don’t sink to the idiots level because they will then beat you with experience.

    • Simonfire

      Think you are missing the point here, the home club is responsible for the safety and behaviour of ALL fans inside the stadium (and I am not for one second trying to excuse those apes from the Nowrich game here) and Carslile simply did not asses the risk correctly resulting in 3 assaults – If the Carslisle fans had invaded the pitch at Elland Rd it would be LUFC’s problem and we wouldn’t have had cause for complaint

      • TheReaper08

        No I don’t think I am missing the point. The Carlisle fans ran on the pitch and shoved a few Leeds players, we are now throwing our toy’s out because Carlisle (who as far as I can tell have a previously unblemished record) haven’t been punished and life’s just not fair.

        Because of our current and previous behaviour we have got (some might say by right) no sympathy for our case because in essence a small section of our fans behaviour at times has been appalling.

        Now there are two way’s to deal with this, continue to cry and whinge that life’s not fair or do something about it by just being better and getting our own house straight.

  • Lee

    Bernard Matthews turkey Reaper??? You have lost it old bean!

    • TheReaper08

      It was a simple reference to Norfolk, apparently we retaliate when given a reason. I was merely pointing out there was no justification for the behaviour at Norwich. I just did it a little tongue in cheek.


    you must take us for the idiot YOU are Reaper, cos you aint no Leeds United follower, but an ape from tractor country.
    **** off you ********. Nobody is saying ANY set of supporters are perfect-I don’t doubt a mum and child were abused by some moron in a Leeds shirt. However the issue here is there was CLEAR evidence of assault on swverals players-not hearsay-yet the FA do FA!! Jusitfy that

    • TSS

      Is there really any need for us to descend into personal insults ML, just because someone has a different opinion to your own?

      • TheReaper08

        That reply wasn’t meant for you TSS, more for my new found friend above. Also there is no need to come to my defence although it is warmly appreciated. I suspect by the tone and content of the message I operate at a totally higher level of intellect to this individual and am more than capable of defending myself.

    • TheReaper08

      I’ll stick you down as one of the brave few that thought it acceptable to hurl abuse at disabled people at the match versus Ipswich then. Very brave hurling insults from afar.

      And then you have the audacity to call ME an idiot. Grow up.

  • Dje

    Just a quick question: say for example one of those Carlisle fans had run on to the pitch and attacked Beckford (I don;t think he played that match, but nevermind that) – say with a Cantona-esque karate chop to Beckford’s knee and smashed it to smithereens, ending his career instantly. And say, just for the sake of it that we had just agreed a £2.5m transfer agreement with Newcastle for Beckford to leave for Geordieland the following monday after the Carlisle match – who would Beckford, his agent, Leeds United, and possibly Newcastle United be seeking compensation for here after the FA’s decision.

    Would these aformentioned parties have to seek a personal lawsuit against the anonymous Carlisle fan who was on the pitch attacking the Leeds players? Because they certainly don’t look like getting any of the little tossers who did the pitch invasion.

    I only wonder because shouldn’t the P.F.A. be taking a bigger interest in this judgement by the F.A. on behalf of their representatives, the football players, who are apparently being asked to go to grounds where they could be attacked and have their careers ended, without recourse to compensation and akin to a ‘nobody-saw-nothing’ mugging incident down some dodgy back alley where the CCTV camera happened to be ‘under maintenance’ at the time, because the F.A. apparently are happy to pass the blame to utterly ineffectual police forces and irresponsible football clubs like Carlisle were on this occasion.

    Or am I being naive?

  • Craig1919

    Ok lets again go back to the fact that SG didn’t want to bring charges to Carlisle.. if he had maybe this could have been a different outcome… if our own manager doesn’t want charges then the FA will always take the easy way out

  • dave

    Leeds United should also remember that they also invaded the pitch when they secured their promotion. I don’t recall any Leeds supporter calling for an F.A investigation into that incident.
    After all, a pitch invasion is an offence, whether a claim of assault is made, or not.
    So let’s not judge others or neutrals may well be asking ‘How come Leeds fans can run on a football pitch and no one bats an eyelid.’

    • TSS

      The difference is Dave, that no one assaulted the other teams players who were trying to get off the pitch.

    • TheReaper08

      No but the charge was not controlling the crowd not the assaulting of 3 players.

  • jeff

    its nothing to do with Grayson if theres a police investigation or not! my feekings are it would be different if it were the other way round.

  • What does the ‘FA’ stand for?….maybe F**k All or maybe F*****g A***holes….either way both fit the bill for these cretins.

  • Rob

    We shouldn’t complain about this decision. I am surprised and relieved that the FA in their infinite wisdom did not decide to dock us 15 pts for our players provocatively being on the pitch when the nice chaps from Carlisle were running across it……and another 5 for then hitting the poor Carlisle fans in the fists with our players’ faces.

  • Matt BB

    It’s just really poor, I dont want to see Carlisle financially worse off for this sort of thing because theyre probably already in the mire, but they should at least receive a warning from the FA and an order to improve their ground safety. Good mail.