Hi all, just a quick post to introduce some new features I’ve installed on the site.

Firstly, I must stress that whilst there’s still no need to register to use the sites basic features (such as commenting), you must register to use some of the extended ones. You should see a new bar across the top of the page which provides the links to do this now.

Avatars – TSS has only ever provided avatars via Facebook or the Gravatar service, but with the new plugin you can now upload your desired avatar straight to the site and have it displayed alongside your posts.

Profile – As recently requested by everyone’s favourite TSS commentator, Reaper08, you now have the ability to create your own profile which will allow you to tell others a little about yourself.

Friends – Registered members now have the ability to add other registered members as friends. Popularity contest TSS-style.

Private messaging – Another great new feature is the addition of private messaging. This should allow Reaper08 and Timm to continue their love affair behind closed doors. (Joking)

Activity stream – The activity section allows you to see what other friends have been up to. Members can let others know how they feel, or what they’re doing using this section sort of like a Facebook strictly for Leeds United fans.

Notifications – Notifications inform you of things like friend requests or mentions throughout the site. To mention another user, it works the same as Twitter, so for Craig, you would use @Craig and it would appear in his notifications once he’s registered. To mention me however, please note that you need to use @admin, as opposed to @TSS.

There’s a few other features too, all available via the drop down menu at the top. Feel free to have a play and let me know what you think. There may be a few minor bugs I need to work out too, so please let me know below, or via message using the new feature.

Remember! You have to be a registered user to use these features. You can register now using the bar at the top, but if you’ve already registered previously to the site, you simply need to login.

  • Mike

    Must be time to head off for a glass of wine, I cant spot the difference…
    How do you add smilies? just to let folks know you are only joking!

    • TSS

      Smilies have always been available. You just do them like you would in your phone. I’ve sent you a PM and added you as a friend so you can see some of the new features. Have a play with the bar at the top, and you should be able to change your avatar, profile etc…

    • TSS

      PS. :) is : ) without the space and so on.

  • TheReaper08

    Very swanky TSS, you have have been flexing your IT muscles today.

    Oh and I get two yes two personal mentions, even if they are slightly insulting ; )

    • TSS

      Glad you like it Orjan.

      @TheReaper08 The other theme wasn’t compatible with some of the things I wanted to do, so I had to change a lot more than originally expected. Still, I’m pleased with the outcome and am glad others are too.

  • Ørjan

    I like your site werry mutch, will log on as often I can.

  • Craig 1919

    Maybe not the best place to say, I don’t normally get involve with gossip from WACCOE however we have supposedly agreed terms with a left back who will be coming for a medical Tuesday and we are gonna be very pleased. Hope this speculation is correct as it is a big problem area for us with Whit and Parker injured all too often and no natural reacement.

    • TSS

      Evening Craig. I agree we need some strength at left-back, but I was kinda hoping Aidy White would get an extended run this season. If WACCOE is to be believed and this is quite a big name signing, then he’ll have no chance.

      PS. Register and have a play with the new features!

      • craig

        It’s supposedly Tommy Spurr from Sheff Wed £500k

    • TheReaper08

      Do you have any idea who, can only be another freebie but if the quality is good enough then I agree we could do with another LB.

      • TSS

        First I’ve heard of it personally. Ian Harte comes instantly to mind?

  • Ørjan

    I did hope leeds gave Aidy White a run this season, having the new rule change in mind. We need as many players from the akademy as posible. And if those guys are local boys, than that its better.

  • Ørjan

    Ian Harte as a playing coach will bee nice.
    Ok in championship “maybe” but nothing next seson in premier, but then he could be a coach. But I would like to see Parker and White have a go first. And Harte as a bacup and defencecoach. But then I think he would not sign.

  • TheReaper08

    Under FAQ’s I really think there should be some sort of explanation as to my popularity. I mean if your new you would have no idea just how come everyone agree’s with me all the time.

    Just an idea….

  • TSS

    @TheReaper08 Yes, maybe they should be pre-warned about you?

    • TheReaper08

      Pre-warned, I don’t get what you are trying to say TSS….

      Face it I am good for business.

  • TSS

    True, I really should set you an account up so you can write the stuff for me! Would certainly save me the effort!

  • TheReaper08

    Nah, writing articles is your forte and one you are very good at, I am happy to bend to your superiority on that.

    I will continue to play devils advocate (have you noticed I very rarely offer my own opinion ?) promote and participate in arguing at every opportunity.

  • TSS

    @TheReaper08 Yes, I noticed long ago that you spent more time fuelling debates than you did offering solutions. Like a puppetmaster with the strings! Haha

    • TheReaper08

      If anyone asks I always tell them my opinion, it’s just no one ever asks.

  • CastIron

    Great work on the new site TSS. Looks really fresh and is very user friendly.