The odds for the 2010/11 npower Championship are up and Leeds United are 16/1 to win the title with bookmakers Bet365. The Whites are ranked equal with Ipswich and Bristol City, just behind Leicester City at 14/1.

Bet365’s favourites for 2010/11 are Nottingham Forest at 15/2. They’re followed by Queen’s Park Rangers at 8/1 with Burnley and Middlesbrough at 9/1. Also in front of Leeds are Cardiff City and Reading, with odds on them winning the title at 12/1.

The odds for the 2010-11 Championship are not dissimilar from what you’d get on the favourites at the Grand National, showing just how unsure the bookmakers are ahead of the new season. Although Nottingham Forest are favourites at 15/2, this is hardly an odds-on certainty, and with Leeds ranked not too far behind at 16/1 (with no less than seven teams between the two), the bookmakers are covering there backs for any eventuality.

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  1. henry vincent lewis

    Sounds about right TSS.
    Until we see our full squad it is hard to know how well we will do.
    I suspect Simon will adopt a ‘wait and see’ policy, giving a lot of last years squad a chance to shine before strengthing further.
    In the meantime 2 or 3 more will increase my confidence.
    It is nice to be underdogs!!!

    • Scratching Shed

      @henryv I wonder how much a signing like Hooper or Sharp would change those odds?

  2. Colin

    4-1 for Leeds to get promoted as well.

    Some bookies are now offering 10-1 on Forest to win it. Basically they don’t know. And if they don’t know then it sounds like anyone could win it. Which sounds good to me – a chance for Leeds to sneak in and win the title!!

    I’m back by the way!! Not been on here for a while as I changed internet providers – we can get a man on the moon, i can get High Def adverts during England games on my telly and I can make a call anywhere in the world from my mobile, but it takes 2 weeks for a man to flick a switch to give me internet. Grrrrr!!

    • Scratching Shed

      Haha @colin, welcome back mate! I remember switching from Tiscali a couple of years back and having similar problems. I was also watching the England match on HD too, so know that feeling as well!

  3. Matt BB

    Well its pressure off us if we’re expected to perform on a par with bristol city. We need that as it will give us some breathing space, we’ll need to acclimatise to the championship and i think it’ll be a rough ride to begin with.

  4. Craig Millward

    It does seem very early to be quoting any odds at all before the transfer window is open. Oh for a bit of inside knowledge!

  5. shaun

    am wiv craig to early for odds plenty of time for money to be spent and not one team in championship yet gone big in market yet so even so far but lots time

  6. TheReaper08

    It will change plenty before kick off, the prices now are just supposed to entice you in. I for one am glad we are not at the head of the market.

    On another note my best mate had a £10 bet last year that Chelsea, Newcastle, Leeds and Notts County would win there respective leagues, he’s still not talking to me.

  7. les irwin

    we should not be head of the betting suits me i honestly do not care where we finish next season except for relegation places .iam looking forward to watching footy next season with no pressure on that will be the first time for 6/7 seasons


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