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It seems Ken Bates has been watching too much of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ and is now holding the fans in suspense at every available opportunity.

Only two weeks ago, Ken gave the Leeds United faithful food for thought as he hinted at a third signing being imminent, and today he was at it again as he revealed on Radio Bates that a new addition would be confirmed shortly.

Unlike Ken’s previous suspense thriller, when Paul Connolly arrived at Elland Road days later, we didn’t have to wait long this time and the club have now confirmed the signing of Federico Bessone.

The Argentinian is 26 years old, and after starting his career in the Barcelona C team, he then moved to Espanyol’s B team, before joining English side, Swansea City where he has spent the last two seasons.

Other than his time at Swansea, the Argentinian is a bit of an unknown entity, but he will take over our troublesome left-back position which Andy Hughes occupied for much of last season. Some fans were calling for an extended run to be given to youngster, Aidy White, but with the more experienced Bessone now on-board, it looks like young Aidy will have to work hard for an opportunity.

Trivia: Federico Bessone once played alongside Argentinian superstar, Lionel Messi in the Barcelona C team. He’ll now join another Argentinian wonder, who goes by the name of Luciano Becchio. (A like-for-like comparison, I’m sure you’ll agree?)

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  1. Craig Millward

    I’m happy with the signing because Bessone is a left back with CCC experience and Swansea wanted to re-sign him. I guess his arrival means that Andy Hughes may be more of a bit-part player next season, despite the new contract?

    I seem to recall that Grayson said last season that he saw White as a midfielder not a defender.

  2. Craig Millward

    The nested (indented) replies don’t seem to be a feature of the new site TSS. Is it possible to re-establish this feature since it makes it easier to read threads.

  3. Scratching Shed

    @craig I never knew Grayson had said that, but would certainly agree.

    I’m indifferent on this one to be honest with you. Glad we have someone with experience who is a natural in that position, but I don’t know much about him so will reserve judgement.

    As for Hughes, well he’s a bit of a utility player which is always handy to have around.

  4. Scratching Shed

    @craig The @feature works as a direct replacement. Just type @username and it notifies them. The width of the site means nested replies would be impossible I’m afraid.

    EDIT. Although, if you click reply underneath the comment, it displays under the last reply to that comment exactly the same as before, so the comments should run in order of replies.

    • Matt BB

      I’m glad, as this often made my phone screen go bananas slicing it into sometimes three screens..

  5. Pete Allison

    Okay, he seems like a decent signing. But I’m just disappointed a bit we haven’t spent a bit of cash on someone. We desperately need a new striker though, so I’m hoping the money will be spent there (on a Hooper, Sharp-type). The Kasper signing got everybody excited for the names that we’d be bringing in. These last three signings just haven’t captured the imagination in the same way…

    I trust Grayson though, so that’s the extent of my grumbling. MOT.

    • Craig Millward

      @pete2 Keep the faith Pete – it isn’t possible to spend cash until the window opens. Personally, I’d be content if our pulling power lands us a whole team of frees if they were all players Grayson would have splashed cash on if necessary. One of the benefits of being Leeds United is that players from teams like Swansea are likely to jump ship if they get the opportunity.

  6. Paul Gittins

    Slightly concerned that one of the Swansea sites described last season as “injury-ravaged” (or something similar ….) and he’s only played 30-odd games for them in 2 seasons.

    But good to see that SG has signed a couple of full-backs. If Parker can get fit he’ll provide competition on the left, and Hughesy can always fill in on the right.

  7. craig1919

    Personally I’m not very sure about this signing, he’s injury prone and I really don’t know much about him other than he’s Argentinian… he was certainly not on my radar, we were aware a left back was rumoured the end of last week however I think there are quality proven left backs available that I am sure we had a choice from so if Grayson has made this on chouce rather than not having an option he must have a bit of pedigree.

    Whilst I appreciate that Larry is getting the best he can for free I am now a little nervous that we haven’t made a cash offer/signing for a bit of quality… are we to believe that Larry has no money to invest after promotion and all the BS that Bates never spent before to save a war chest of cash for promotion? I’m not the biggest Bates basher however if we don’t purchase anyone I can only imagine there will be lot’s of finger wagging and many many more questions about exactly where our cash goes.. tenforken will have a field day!

  8. Matt BB

    We have to cut our cloth, adding up to 10 players to the wage bill means committing several million pounds of our future revenue to them – so there go your £4M-£5M of fac up money and delph money. I think after the world cup we will see a big purchase though, probably in the striking area.

  9. paul oshea

    My mate who is huge Leeds fan is from Swansea, and follows the Jacks as his second team, i’ll get the lowdown on this character. As for “injury ravaged”, i hardly think Swansea would want to offer him renewed terms if he was likely to miss a lot of games. Sounds like a decent signing, just can’t wait for the big money (in Ken’s terms) signing to follow

  10. paul oshea

    Just spoke to him, alright, nothing special likes an injury!! Not good then

  11. craig1919

    So we replace an injury prone left back with another?

    There are loads of good players on free available:

    George Boateng
    Jason Koumas

    etc so I agree that freebies can be quality however we also need to buy commodities like Hooper/Sharp etc quality comes at a price sometimes and if we are really wanting to challenge unfortunately the price needs paying

    • Craig Millward

      Maybe 2 injury-prone defenders = 1 fit defender as long as they can co-ordinate their injuries?

      • Scratching Shed

        @craig Synchronised injuries? I like it!

    • Matt BB

      of them i’d probably think of koren as a decent signing, but I’d love to see Smith back in a leeds shirt, he’s not quite good enough for the prem so I’d expect Newcastle to let him go on the cheap.

  12. paul oshea

    I’m still confident we’ll pay out, but they’re keeping the cash for a Beckford replacement, who we still haven’t yet identified.

  13. Scratching Shed

    @paulo Grayson, Bates et al might not have identified him yet, but I think the majority of fans have their hearts set on Hoops.

  14. Craig Millward

    How come there’s a link to a Newcastle United blog under ‘other links’ TSS? Is this a ‘where’s wally’ competition – if so I claim first prize!

  15. Russ coward

    Looks a decent signing, let’s hope grayson is right and he brings some south American steel to the back four, read he’s an attacking left back, would love to see an overlapping fullback tearing down the wing.

  16. Scratching Shed

    @billybigbiscuits South American defenders worry me. Remember old Roque Junior? Whilst I don’t doubt Bessone can attack, it’s his ability to defend that worries me!

  17. Paul Gittins

    If Leeds DO have a “war chest” of, say £2.5m, I’d rather we bought one £2.5m player and got 4 frees, than bought 5 players at £500k each …..


  18. Lee

    Another free… Hmm there seems to be a pattern here ir is it just me? £3m available for a striker I hope!

  19. pete

    Our options last season at left back were, at various times;

    Ben Parker – quality, but injured most of last season and untried at CCC
    Aidan White – still learning his own game, plus Larry has said he’s a midfielder
    Shane Lowry – steady, but crucially not our player and was never going to be allowed here permanently.
    Andy Hughes – Battled hard and did well, but please remember he’s a square peg in a round hole.
    Tony Capaldi – Utterly, utterly without any redeeming features.

    We needed a left-back with CCC experience. Now we have one. Plus, Swansea are a good side, and if they wanted him to stay then it could be a bit of a coup for us.

  20. Matt BB

    tony capaldis redeeming feature was his surname, it looked like leeds had signed an italian defender, as opposed to an italian gentlemans hairdresser, which was of course closer to the facts.

  21. craig1919

    Aidy white really is a left winger, even by his own admission (I spoke to his uncle at ER) and maybe Larry sees that as his future, TBH he was found out at Southampton and was getting skinned often enough to warrant an early substitution. Whatever happens regarding Bessone i’m just happy that we have a naturally balanced defence atlast, no disrespect to Hughsey, Johnson and even Lowry who seems too cumbersome to be a left back that they are just not good enough which caused so much pressure on a fragile centre pairing last year that we looked like conceding way too often.

    I don’t know enough about Bessone to comment on his ability I just hope he is as good as Larry thinks he will be, I’m just a little concerned at his aparant injury issues.

    Reports on him seem good, he has a decent pedigree I just hope he was unlucky last year and that the injuries are behind him? he only played 36 games in 2 seasons.

  22. Matt BB

    He’s played most of his club football in europe and has a good record from what i can see, so a good signing, he clearly wanted a bigger club than swansea so heres hoping he’s as successful as becchio, and better than robinson.. I rate argie defenders far higher than brazilian ones tss!

  23. pete

    @mattbb I do too mate…
    Argentinian Defenders: Gabriel Heinze, Walter Samuel, Roberto Ayala.
    Brazilian Defenders: Roque Junior, Cris, Juan.

    Brazil win games 4-3, Argentina win games 1-0

      • Scratching Shed

        @TheReaper08 Indeed, but it also proves there’s an exception to every rule. We shouldn’t base our entire opinion of an unknown Argentinian on the fact there’s been a couple of useless defenders born in the same place.

      • TheReaper08

        @TSS I may be mistaken but the point doesn’t appear to be that Argentinean defenders are useless, I think the point is that Argentinean defenders are generally decent and Brazil defenders are generally poor and thus with the lad being the former he must be given a chance.

      • Scratching Shed

        @TheReaper08 I meant ‘decent defenders born in the same place.’ Sorry, I was distracted. Anyway, my point is/was… erm… I’ve forgot what my point was, but I’m certain I was right!

  24. paul oshea

    Kisnorbo had a fair few injuries too remember and lasted for most of the season, so fingers crossed, and still there’s that huge wad of cash still under KFC’s pillow with Hooper written all over it – yeeehaaa!!

  25. Bury White

    I’m disappointed with this….were building a team for consolidation….am I being too ambitious to expect us to push on now we are promoted….

    • richard

      Im happy to just get a solid team to gel and compete in the championship, if we go up then great but i`d like us to get near the play offs then win the league the season after.

  26. Matt BB

    Ok roberto carlos was a great taker of free kicks but thats one brazilnut! Lets be honest most teams are too terrified to think about leaving their own half with brazil so they dont get much defensive practice.. I think raul bravo was a hispano! And he was pretty good.

  27. paul oshea

    Yes of course he was, I remember now we had him on loan from Real Madrid (and he was shite as far as i can remember

    • TheReaper08

      I think you may have the wrong Roberto Paulo, the one sent to us was Bravo and yes he was shite. Mattbb is talking Roberto Carlos and he was a real legendary swerving thunderbolt free kick specialist.

      • paul oshea

        Yes I can remember Roberto Carlos huge thighs, bald head in the same team as Ronaldo (the best Brazilian striker since Pele)

  28. TheReaper08

    This is priceless, we sign a Derby full back who had been languishing in a struggling team, who quite frankly many had never heard of and who Derby wanted rid of and everyone was delirious with joy.

    We then sign a left back who Barcelona must have considered a prospect, has just spent two seasons playing in a team at the top end of the Championship and who Swansea wanted to keep and everyone’s moaning.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  29. paul oshea

    I think everyone’s moaning about the fact that he has a history of injury and is just an ok player, nothing special. The latter I gleaned from a mate of mine who lives in Swansea (but supports Leeds) so fairly unbiased really. Larry must have seen somwthing in him though, oh yes he’s fee! Still all that wonga left for sooper Hooper!!

    • Matt BB

      Kisnorbo had an awful injury record at Leicester, and he’s been a good signing for us, although, saying that hes… injured at the moment. I think he’s what we need an attacking full back who can put good crosses into the box for our new and less mobile strike force..

  30. paul oshea

    Less mobile at the moment, but hopefully very mobile come beginning of July!!

  31. Matt BB

    One thing people didnt really appreciate about beckford was his height, and I believe he was 6ft.. whomever we get has go to have some pace and some height, gradel’s fast but i imagine he’d probably have to cart around a stepladder to get on any crosses.

  32. Joe

    this is what a swans fans said on his website:

    “Numpty Jenkins wants to realise that the Swans are in a competitive market and if they want to keep their better players, then they must try harder to keep them and not just think they should sign for us because we gave them the chance to play in the English League

    I’m not expecting Orlandi to sign either but don’t see him as much of a loss as Bessone, as I felt he was too lightweight for the Championship and always seemed to get himself injured. Whereas Bessone had come on in leaps and bounds from the first game I saw him play in and suspect that Simon Grayson will play him wide in midfield and not as a fullback as he was one of the few players I saw in the Championship that could beat a player on the outside and then put over a decent cross”

    so he must be half decent then.

  33. Matt BB

    i dont think he will play on the left of midfield, i imagine snodgrass will get that job. Though it does show that we have some pull for being leeds united which we all doubted at the start of the summer when montgomery bottled it and stayed at the blades.

  34. Matt BB

    were that the reason given – hes definitely bottled it, i believe his family are mainly from Leeds, and come on.. you wouldnt move your family from sheffield to leeds if you moved between the blades and united, its a matter of 30 miles!

      • Matt BB

        Well i cant persuade mine to change the tv channel most of the time so i sympathise, but playing for sheffield united? Awful

  35. Benjamin Newsome

    Weren’t we saying in an earlier blog that we needed players that were tried and tested at Championship level? Well we have one now! So stop moaning! The worst of his injuries may be behind him for all we know. Looking forward to seeing who starts as the 2 centre back, especially with Kis out until Oct. Ummm I wander. Lees wants to break into the first team, is that possible at all? What you think?


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