TSS, flying the flag for England

I’ve laid off the World Cup updates for the last couple of days because, quite frankly, words fail me.

After another dismal performance from the England team, we were left with one game to decide how early our flight home will be. A game against Slovenia no less. A team we’d usually beat as routine, but after a storming qualification campaign where England finished as top goal-scorers in Europe, the usual media nonsense has led to in-fighting and a desperate attempt from players to undermine the manager’s authority.

The usual “superstars” are involved of course, led by none other than disgraced former captain, John Terry. Wherever there’s trouble, John Terry never seems to be too far behind. His entire career has been marred by controversy, arrogance, selfishness and egomania. A thug on the pitch, and not much nicer off it. Whoever thought it was a good idea to take this self-obsessed idiot to the World Cup after his constant attempts to upset team harmony wants shooting.

Anyone who has ever been in a position where they managed a group of people will tell you that things like the Terry/Bridge incident aren’t forgotten quickly. Even if Bridge isn’t in the squad, many of the lads that are will be his friends. They’ll hold grudges against Terry that will surface in times of turmoil, much like what seems to be happening at the moment.

Terry’s impromptu gathering of players to slate the manager not only undermines Fabio Capello, but it also undermines the authority of captain, Steven Gerrard. Furthermore, the fact that there was only a handful of players in attendance, shows the rest of the squad don’t have the respect for Terry he wishes they did.

Make no mistake, there’s a divide in the squad, and it’s no surprise Terry is at the centre of it.

So to summarise our campaign so far, the team failed miserably against the Yanks and Algerians. In a desperate bid to find an excuse, some turned on Capello. Unsurprisingly, the arrogant, troublesome bully that is John Terry, was the first to go public – no doubt spurred on by the loss of his captaincy and sulking because his South African holiday isn’t all he expected. The manager is then forced to respond, escalating the situation further. Meanwhile, back home, the papers are having a field day tearing apart yet another manager because of the arrogance of our supposedly “senior” players. And the solution is… Bring back the WAGS! Words truly fail me.

Another World Cup ruined by the pettiness of our squad and the media nonsense that enables it all.

So, tonight, Spain look to right the wrongs of their campaign so far as they meet Honduras in Cape Town. Tomorrow, Mexico meet Uruguay in Johannesburg, and Wednesday, England will meet the French squad at the airport – Always finish on a joke. The English team certainly seem intent on doing so.