Simon Grayson's next target?

The strangely named Norwich City site, ‘The Pink ‘Un,’ is claiming that Norwich midfielder Darel Russell could be lured to Elland Road with the offer of a better contract than Norwich can provide.

Despite being brought into the game by Norwich City, and re-signed by them in 2007, Russell is thought to be considering a move north to join the Championship campaign at Leeds, where he’ll be set to face his current club next season.

It has all the hallmarks of a Grayson/Bates target too. With the midfielder’s contract set to expire at the end of the month, he’ll be free to discuss terms with other clubs. This also means that any transfer he does make won’t incur a fee, which should keep old Kenneth smiling away on his Monaco balcony. That’s not to say this won’t cost us mind. With an offer already on the table from Paul Lambert, Simon Grayson will have to get out his calculator and draw up a lucrative contract to entice Darel to Elland Road.

Meanwhile, in a related twist, Paul Lambert could set his sights on Michael Doyle, who spent last season on loan at Elland Road from Coventry City making 42 appearances during the campaign. Micky Doyle was hoping to secure a permanent contract at Elland Road over the summer, but with Simon alleged to be looking elsewhere, Norwich may move in for the kill.