The first of many rumours circulating for the last few days has proven to be true after Swindon’s prolific goalscorer, Billy Paynter signed on a three-year deal for Leeds United.

Paynter joins Leeds United at Ken Bates’ favourite price – free. A lot of fans have been sceptical about the amount of free signings we’ve had under Kenneth’s leadership, and perhaps rightly so. Especially when you consider the turnover of the club and the amount of money made from the sale of our youngsters.

That said, Patrick Kisnorbo has proven that free doesn’t always mean second best and Billy Paynter could well follow suit. The 25-year-old bagged four goals against Leeds United last season so our fans are more than aware of his potential.

Billy finished the League One season for Swindon with 29 goals to his name, but despite his best efforts, Swindon fell at the final hurdle and missed promotion after a play-off final defeat to Millwall.

Simon Grayson revealed how happy he was with the signing on Leeds United’s official site;

“He works ever so hard, holds the ball up well and he has proved he knows where the back of the net is.

“When we knew he was available we were desperate to get him. We feel he will be a good acquisition for the club and I am delighted to have got him.”

It’s hard to say whether Billy Paynter will be able to fill the boots of Jermaine Beckford, but he’s certainly capable of goals. Personally, I feel we still have to move for more strength up front as we struggled desperately whenever Becks hit a rough patch last season. The fact of the matter remains that there isn’t enough goals in this team and that’s something Larry has to continue work on if we’re to make a serious promotion push next season.

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  • Ross

    I am fairly happy with the signing of Paynter but purely because we didnt pay for him, someone who scored 29 goals last season is worth a chance on a free, worst comes to the wors he can be sold on. My only concern would be that Ken sees this as a replacement to Beckford, I would hope that LEeeds are still looking to purchase an dditional striker with some pace, as without beckford and with the addition of Paynter our attack is currently very slow and a little one dimensional.

    We would all like to see some money spent but that doesnt mean we should pass on good free prospects, or spend for the sake of it.

    • Hancock

      Good signing, now lets get his mate from Swindon, Austin. Might cost a few quid, but would be worth it.

  • whiter than white

    Can’t be bad really. 2 good signings and not a penny laid out up front (presumably). I’m getting curious as to who else Larry has in mind, and whether he will actually manage to spend any money.

  • I’m personally very pleased with this signing, he showed class during that cold night at swindon. but i do agree that we need another striker, Billy Sharp would be a perfect match to play with Paynter of Becchio. Also i don’t think larry should forget about gradel, grella and the promising signs from somma

    • Craig

      If we don’t sign another striker, or maybe sign just one more (Dickov has gone too), I think this will be because Grayson is aware of the guys waiting in the wings.

  • Dje

    Paynter as the start of a few forward line is fine – but Grayson’s press conference words lauding Paynter in the same sentence as filling the Beckford void questions better strikers coming in.

    Sure, Grayson then went on to counter himself [he’s good at it] by saying Beckford and Paynter are different players – with both strengths and weaknesses [amazing insight there] but Grayson isn’t exactly a Mourinho mind-game machine, and I reckon he sees Paynter as filling Beckford’s boots rather than being a sneaky freebie that will complement and add competition to bigger and better strikers to come over the summer.

    £2.5m for Hooper? Aint going to happen. If money gets spent, it’ll be in the midfield and at the back – where at least the money goes further.

  • If he’s one of several signings, then great, but we cannot rely on his goals. He didn’t hit double figures 2 seasons ago. We must have some money to spend, right? “Buying” players from League 1 cannot benefit us, we need seasoned Championship/Premiership players. What about raping Portsmouth or Palace?

    • Fat Freddy

      I agree Simon. We need Championship/Premiership players not league one signings. I saw Paynter at Bradford a few times when he was there a couple of years back (my ex was a city fan – the shame) and while he works hard he wasn’t what you’d call an out and striker, did ok on the right wing but slow and his footballing brain was awol most of the time. he’s an offside waiting to happen. I’m a fan of free transfers if it helps us keep out of debt but i really think Larry should be aiming higher than this. Still I really hope he proves me wrong, bags 30 goals and then we sell him when we get promoted :) I think Somma could turn out to be the ace up the sleeve next year

  • Dje

    Free transfers are never free: anyone know how much Paynter is going to be on?

    • 7 grand a week, which aint too shabby (either from our point of view or the scouser’s) ;-)

  • It was always a no brainer..we were always going to sign paynter. I agree with most of the other fans on this site in saying that I don’t see him as our no 1 striker..having said that if he gets reasonable service he should take a fair percentage of his chances. I would love a hooper, vela (on loan), boyd or nicky maynard to fill the prime spot. I wonder does simon ever read any of our rants? lol

  • Paul South Wales

    Great free signing but need another pacy striker and goalscoring midfielder because noone else really contributes in the goal department. 29 goals is a great achievement and to say he’s untested in the CCC is nonsence, Beckford was untested in league one until we gave him a chance. Surely we’re gonna pay for someone though right? Two good free signings so far though and things are looking promising. I think a big name striker is on his way soon!

    • Mark R

      Good Post Paul.

      I agree – very promising. I’m sure there are several more players to come. Knowing when to spend money is critical – and these two frees are good business. We’ll spend the money when we need to.

      Patience men .. steady away.


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  • Matt bb

    I’m not impressed, we have got to aim for players of championship class, 88 goals in 240 league games isnt brilliant. Having said that we need at least three new attacking players so here’s hoping the spending hasnt stopped. Any striker we buy needs pace, and it concerns me that paynter doesnt have that at 25.

    • TheReaper08

      I’ve got 82 in 252 with an additional 58 substitute appearances.

      I’m with you on this one, if this is to a view to supporting a quicker more dynamic forward then I am all in. If this is it then I fear for our ambitions.

      • Matt BB

        the only positive for me is that he is a player similar to becchio in style, but scores more goals. In fairness becchio was injured a lot last season, but when he did go we had little cover. fair play on the stats, sadly yours make for worse numbers..

        Perhaps he has matured as Grayson syas, it can happen, where a player all of a sudden becomes good years down the line, remember Nicky Butt in an England shirt?

  • Shaun malone

    I trust larry wiv is but I agree another striker wiv paces and goals I love sharp think we get him for million but dont think it happen we need couple for defenders wiv lad from derby problely comin wiv in week which will be good signing but I disagree wiv ppl saying we need prove championship they lot hungry players in league1 and 2 Tht love to prove there self at leeds and portmouth and palace we should look at there players to nugent be good signing but Tht wishful thinking

    • Tony Currie’s Curler

      Wiv? It’s onlt a matter of typing another letter to get to with?

      Hate this text… sorry txt writing.
      Great point spoilt text typing.

      To all… It doesn’t take that much effort to type a few more letters. Spelling mistakes I can handle, I do them all the time myself but text typing NO!

      • Tony Currie’s Curler

        See a made a typo ther! onit instead on only but at least it was a genuine typo!

  • TheReaper08

    “He works ever so hard, holds the ball up well and he has proved he knows where the back of the net is.”

    His goals to game league ratio is 0.26, our very own hold up striker with an eye for goal a certain Lucciano Becchio has a league goal ratio of 0.36.

    I hope there is a plan A for recruitment of our new strike force as this is very much plan B for me.

  • MinusAction

    So the usual negativity about free signings, how many times i have to explain that these players actually earn wages i don’t know.

    Not all strikers need pace and he will be a good addition to he squad as he has got a good scoring record. I’m confident that we will sign at least one more striker as Larry has no confidence in Grella and is unlikely to play Somma at Championship level.

    Roll on a decent midfielder, and hopefully it won’t be Doyle.

    • TheReaper08

      What has the fact that they earn wages got to do with anything ?

      Also taking out last seasons 29 league goals perhaps you could enlighten me to his goal record ? especially considering his goals to game ratio including last seasons tally, I’m all ears.

      • For God’s Sake Cheer Up

        New players brought in is incontrovertible evidence that the club is putting money into strengthening the squad. Even a free transfer means more wages paid out, and at a competitive Championship rate.

        I’m surprised you’ve failed to point out that Paynter’s lifetime professional goal record is only a measly 2.3 goals per year! His most recent form is FAR more interesting than what he achieved as a youngster learning his trade. He’s learned how to do his job, and last season showed he’s learned well. No-one knows if he can do it in the Championship for us, but apparently Grayson thinks he can – and I definitely have more confidence in his judgement than any blog poster’s.

        God, some of you lot are so bloody determined to be negative and miserable and pull the club down. I’d just think you’re a load of miserable grumpy whinging gits, if it wasn’t that I REALLY resent people putting my team down just for the sake of it and trying to undermine it’s morale. Are you lot really ManU trolls?

        • TheReaper08

          Who is putting YOUR team down ? I suggest you read a lot of the comments and then perhaps ask for a hand down from your high horse.

          I don’t need to point out the average goals record per year (but now you mention it your 2.3 goals per year is nonesense along with a number of your other points) as goals per game is a far fairer measure and is how strikers are usually judged over a set period of time.

          Opinions are encouraged in these parts and as far as I can tell most people encourage this signing as a supporting striker.

        • Fat Freddy

          Calm down dear! What comments are you reading? The only negative thing on here is you. And, did you just call me a scummer? That’s fighting talk.

      • MinusAction

        Everything. We could spend 1 million on a transfer fee, or get a player who we can pay 10,000 a week on a free transfer on a 2 year contract. This allows us to buy more players, it’s called budgeting.

        On the goal record, he scored a lot last season, therfore he is in good form at present so will be a good purchase at present due to his recent scoring record.

  • Cossie(LUFC)

    I’m fairly happy at this signing as a back up striker or at least to give competition to Becchio but still think we need another front man. Hulse has been mentioned, as has Billy Sharp, both would fit the bill and we should be able to afford either, Hooper looks out of our price range. Another couple of names to throw into the mix would be James Beatie or David Nugent, both proven at Championship level but again I think we might struggle to afford them. However 2 free signings so far and both add to the squad

  • I was really expecting montgomery to sign up – this is one piece of news that has disappointed me

  • Si

    Sharp and Hulse are not quick enough – if we sign either of those to play with either of Paynter or Becchio we will have the slowest strike force in the division if not the league.

    I dont mind the signing of Paynter but not as a replacement for Beckford, as a replacement/competition for Becchio maybe.

    The next striker we sign must be pacey – is Maynard pacey anyone??

  • Will

    A very disappointing striker signing and he is definitely not the right partner for Becchio.

    A fast striker is a must. We want athletes not overweight plodding players.

    Paynter strikes me as a journeyman who will struggle at Championship level.

    So, prove me wrong BP.

  • Matt bb

    For once i’m in agreement with reaper (totally) this is an unimaginative signing, and a burden on our wagebill. Paynter tore us apart when our defence was at sixes and sevens. He wont get those opportunities in the championship. I am hoping for better signings, 29 goals whooppee hang about? They were in league one? Come on guys 29 goals in the championship and i would be excited, 15 and i would be satisfied.

    • TheReaper08

      What do you mean ? I thought we got along and agreed on a lot of things ? ;0)

      • Matt bb

        Nothing like a bit of healthy debate, it’s what makes the world go round! I’ve just noticed that i’ve been called, ludicrous below as well.. I’ll need a cup of tea and a sit down before i offer a stern rebuke to that mr south wales..!

    • timm

      To be fair Matt, Paynter did have a fantastic season & Grayson will have watched hours of dvd footage of him. It wouldn’t actually surprise me if we didn’t sign another striker? Especially when you consider the relatively successful partnership of Gradel & Becchio when Beckford was dropped. SG will be expecting Gradel to continue to improve this season, so maybe we’ll see a Gradel/Paynter partnership with Becchio on the bench? I personally would like to see one more key striker brought in, but it wouldn’t surprise me if SG uses the period up to the January window to gauge what we need?

    • timm

      But you could say that about Beckford? I know he’s had 2 high scoring seasons but it’s still only at L1 level, but David Moyes is no mug & obviously feels that he can help turn him into a top level striker? I doubt that any of us on here have seen as much of Paynter as Grayson has & im sure that no one on here knows as much about the game than Grayson does! I actually don’t care about free transfers, we’re in the Bosman age & the fact is that these players are only free because they’ve exercised their right to see out their contract in order to explore their options. Some fantastic top quality players have moved for free in recent years & i don’t think we should be looking at these players as being inferior in some way just because we haven’t paid a fee for them. You only have to look at how pissed off some of the chairmen at the clubs they leave are. I’d be a lot more worried if we were filling the team with a load of thirty something loan players.

      • Adolfo

        i reckon youre on to something there Timm… i dont see Paynter as a direct replacement for Becks but rather as competition for Luciano. so hopefully we will be targeting someone with pace and preferably a name we actually recognize. however we cannot forget gradel’s pace and the partnership he formed with Luciano.
        my footballing philosophy regarding strikers is that if you have a midfield capable of creating enough chances for the forwards then they will eventually put the ball in the back of the net. so we need to put more effort in strengthening the midfield, add two creative players to compete with Howson and Kilkenny(i dont rate him that highly) and get a bulldog like Batty to do the dirty work.
        i am however concerned that the players we have brought in and seem to be targeting are rather beardless…

        • timm

          I agree Adolfo. Our midfield really worries me. They do a terrible job of protecting our back four, & they create very little in the way of chances for our strikers. If you add to this the fact that we don’t score many goals from midfield it makes for a pretty weak area of our side. I actually believe that our midfield would improve both defensively & creatively if Hughes played in it. But i don’t rate any of our other midfielders (unless you count Snodgrass) as real quality players.

  • Irving08

    I hope Austin follows – he’s the real star. Paynter doesn’t have his pace or class; but he’s good competition for Becchio, I guess.

  • Paul South Wales

    29 goals in league one is an excellent return by any standards. SG knows how important pace is, as he had Beckford supplying it last season, so he’s not relying on Paynter to provide it which leads me to think a substantial fee (by our standards anyway) will paid for a more pacy goal getter. He’s a good start though and shouldn’t be dismissed before he’s even kicked a ball. There’s so much pessimism on here it’s frightening!

    • TheReaper08

      The point is that he is 25 and 29 goals in L1 last season is his ONLY notable return.

      The general consenus is that as a 2nd striker then this signing could be good, as a main striker operating at a higher level it’s not so good. That’s not pessimism that’s realism.

  • I hope all this ammunition is firing paynter up for the coming season..I’m with all you guys on a striker with pace..but I have a feeling that billy knows this is his big chance, so lad I hope for us and for yourself you take it with both hands!!

  • Paul South Wales

    MattBB 29 goals in the championship and you would be excited? I bet you would – Beckford wouldn’t get that. The top scorer last season was Peter Whittingham of Cardiff with 22 which shows how ludicrous that comment is

    • Matt BB

      I know he wouldnt, but we need to be aiming for a striker who can thats the point I’m attempting to make. Look, I hope I’m wrong and Paynter has his best season ever in a white shirt, but I just think we arent aiming high enough.

  • Timothy Wilson

    CC top scorer had 25, If he hits 20 I’ll be happy, we need others to step up an bang some in. The Geordies top scorer had what? 17. They also had two others who hit 15+. Jus sayin, 100 point season

  • Paul South Wales

    Yes that’s right we don’t get many goals from other areas of the park and that has to change. We still have a few players to get in fingers crossed

  • superhoops

    This will be a second striker signing. Paynter is like a young Emile Heskey and a better player than Becchio.

    I’m certain we will see a pacy striker come in, worry not.

  • Peter T

    Only is a replacement for Kandol IMO
    We need to get rid of TK wages

  • yorkieboy

    some people on here take stats too much to heart stats count for nothing goal ratios etc etc this is an opinion site not a site for opta ,paynter is now a leeds player he should be welcomed that said we do as many have said need another striker and a scoring midfielder .iam alarmed that we are scouring for free transfers the only thing i will say in the defence is that both our frees so far have been chased by others or wanted by the club they are at already .but at some point in the near future, aside from wages grayson is gonna have to spend some money .we need ,a left back .a right back another striker (not mcsheffrey)and another centre half and 2-3 midfielders so thats 5 or 6 new players if he doesnt spend some money we should all stop going he gets plenty from us and he has been bragging about how much he has coming in from sponsors ,box sales .season tickets and memberships lets see the colour of it .i read all about free transfers down the road at bradford etc not at elland road

    • TheReaper08

      I never take stats to heart yorkieboy, I take them to my head to make cold calculated decisions based on fact.

      • yorkieboy

        i didnt mean anyone in particular but if u like your stats thats fine they do not mean anything he scored what 29 last season he might get none next season .i know what your trying to say though .football is becoming stats mad .did you know last season a manu player ran 12 km in a f a cup game but the main stat and the only one that does matter in football is he scored no goals .we all know who did .

    • Uncle ken says hes encouraged by the uptake of season tickets and hospitality boxes. He also says he wants us to be pushing for the premiership this year. Like yorkieboy I find it impossible to believe that with all the money pumped in to the club over the past year, that there would be none available for transfer fees. I honestly believe there are a helluva lot of quality players out there who would sign for us at the drop of a hat, but would require us paying money up front. All said and done two good squad players brought in on frees so far..BUT!!! to quote a line from Jerry Maguire Uncle Ken ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!’ LOL

      • Adam James

        Have a tremendous amount of optimism about Paynter and Kasper, but I can’t help but feel that getting them on a free can go two ways. Either it shows Grayson has a great eye for freebies, and is carefully holding onto the available funds to sign someone brilliant- or Bates is refusing to cough up any cash and Grayson HAS to get players out of contract/low budget.

        Hope it’s the first, but our financial track record isn’t consoling… That said, while Beckford certainly left a hole in the front of the squad- I don’t think qualifying for Everton’s bench shows his boots are too big to be filled by another Lg 1 top scorer. We just can’t afford to break even- we need someone who scores like that in the Championship/Premiership, end of story.

  • we hardly struggled for goals when beckford lost his touch. as soon as larry realised he wasn’t in form and played max and lucy from the start, we started scoring again. no coincidence.

    having said that, paynter can’t be a bad signing. especially at free. it means if hes garbage, he can go out on loan at january and we can bring someone else in.

    keep em coming larry, we only need 6 more.

  • Hotshotlorimer

    He’s signed and we’ll back him. Competition for Becchio can’t be a bad thing, even though I think Becchio was actually one of the players of the season.

    Controversial thought: (Dare I say it) Is an external replacement for Becks actually what we need as much as another in Becchio role? Perhaps we do need to invest big in a speedy out and out goal scorer but then maybe the thinking is that the best way forward is how to bring out the best in the talent we have at the club. Risky perhaps, and perhaps tight-arsed, but we’ve still kept on the likes of Grella, who I think is maturing fast, Somma as well as Gradel who can play centrally. Perhaps SG thinks these can step up to the plate in coming season.Might be surprising as didn’t figure much before but has shown enough faith to keep them under contract. Presumably that’s because he sees them contributing. Not saying this is way forward but just putting it out as possibility that if SG thinking this way might not be so tragic as first impression.

    I feel more urgent need is more ability throughout what is weak defence with only three decent players (Kis obviously, a fit Parker and a maturing White as overlapping full-back). I’m disappointed Rui gone as thought was best partner for Kis. In any case very little at back.

    Also need a replacement or at least strong competition for Doyle, not only for defensive midfield improvement but for distribution to spread goal-scoring opportunities beyond strikers.

    I think SG made good calls on who to let go though I would also have let one or two more go from midfield who will not or rarely get games and where we are in market.

  • lufcboy

    Billy Paynter – shows lack of ambition and cash or both. Adds nothing to the squad and is no better than anyone already at the club. Just a kick in the teeth for the likes of Grella and Somma. Not good enough Larry!!!!!!

  • Karl

    1 thing Paynter gives us that we havent had in a while is some1 that can take a proper spot kick. i see him as 1 of 2 strikers being brought in and the next 1 2 be pacy like alot of u are saying. Sharps not that fast and we all no hulse never was. I can see it being some1 thats not been linked with the club knowin the hush hush policy. but then again who hasnt been linked!

    • Tony Currie’s Curler

      Micheal Owen?

      He’s a millionaire, so pay could be minimal he doesn’t need the money, but he could do with a good platform and regular football.

  • Remis (South Africa)

    Great signing and he will impress, soon everyone will love Billy Paynter!!!I think Grella and Somma will definately get more chances next season and Gradel has pace! We will be fine if Somma or Paynter get 20 goals next season and 2 other players get 10 or more as well as single goals from various other players! I still rate Somma and believe he is definately one to watch!!!

  • Paul South Wales

    And don’t forget Reaper 50% of statistics are a load of bollocks anyway!

    • TheReaper08

      And opinions are like buttholes, every one has one and no one needs someone else’s.

      Your point is ?

      • timm

        Actually Reaper, i think Uncle Ken may need one? A lot of people on here keep referring to the fact that he has a ‘tight arse’!

  • Craig

    Maybe it would be helpful to remember that the transfer window doesn’t open until July 1st so, until then, all we are going to get is transfer-listed, out of contract or pre-contract signings. On Paynter, I am currently in Port Vale-land where Paynter started his career. On mentioning to a local PV season ticket holder that Paynter had just signed for Leeds he assured me that the player was very strong, held the ball up well and had an eye for goal even in his younger days. Fret not. It is going to be a long summer…

    • Yorkshrman

      That’s a fair point re the transfer window.

      I think we have to put these things into context. General concensus is that we need at least 5-6 players to come in over the Summer. I very much doubt that we have the cash to pay big bucks for all of them …. so anybody decent we can get on a free/Bosman means SG can concentrate the money he DOES have available. Always assuming that he and Cuddly Ken haven’t been lying for the last 18 months in saying that there IS money to spend …..

      And for me, Schmeichel was a huge plus, both in terms of the profile of the player, and the fact that he didn’t cost a fee ……

    • Matt BB

      thats a fair point, i guess if there is money to be spent then we cant see it until July.. we’ll spend £5M then.. erm.

  • tim campbell

    Progress report so far – two signings in and as freebies go two of the best available – they have only strengthened our squad not weakened it. As others have said give these guys a fighting chance to prove themselves and let’s get behind them for all you know they could be reading our comments and seeing our reaction to them

    • TheReaper08

      It does very much depend on how you would view it.

      We have lost Beckford and told Kandol to clear off, in return we have gained Paynter, has that strengthened our squad ?

      • The coming season will determine that point reaper. As I’ve said in other posts I don’t believe Paynter should be our first choice striker; I still believe we need a top end quality striker such as Nicky Maynard, Gary Hooper or even Carlos Vela on loan. But I believe we were caught short last season when beckford was’nt around. I really believe Paynter, with the right sort of partner, such as those above, can form a prolific partnership and score many goals in the championship.

  • Colin

    My concern isn’t with Paynter himself, it’s with the coaching team. I think Paynter needs to develop to do well at this level and I’m not sure whether SG is a developer. I think he’s a good manager and motivator but I don’t see him as the sort of person who brings players on. Because of that I think SG needs to bring in high quality players that don’t need to be developed but that means money.

    I think Beckford alluded to it in his final interview – he said that when Wise came in he sat him down and told him where he was going wrong and what he had to do and he developed his skills. When asked what SG did when he came in, he said he lifted the dressing room and motivated people. I think Gary Mac was a developer too – I think he was bringing Delph and Howson on very nicely and they became better players under MacAllister.

    I’m just not sure whether SG can bring on Paynter and improve his skills in the way that some other managers can. I just don’t think he’s that sort of manager.

  • gbrads

    I reckon billy paynter will be a good team player unlike beckford, the only way leeds will get back up to the prem is by playing together and simon g creating a team i.e blackpool – west brom (no scorer in top ten)who’s strikers never set the championship alight last season but still both went up.
    Cardiff had the top scorer and fifth top scorer and won @+ all !.

  • Matt bb

    Lets put my comments as regards a 29 goal ccc striker being something that would excite me in proper context, i dont see it as ludicrous.. We are leeds united, we need to be in the premier league, and yet we either let our best players leave, fail to spend any money where it counts on top quality players, and then wonder why we are where we are. We need to dig deep now, in many ways. Buying a player who has had one good season in league one isnt ambitious. His strike partner austin would have been more like it, pacy, prolific and young. I keep hearing the old, i wont sign players for the sake of it.. But to me paynters more of the same, better than becchio? Grella? Somma? Gradel? Maybe? But we need a sound yes to that question. We need to grab our opportunity to get back into the top flight and all i see is us chasing free transfers, well hold the front page, agree there are some good ones, but for f@@ks sake look at the player first not their price tag, maybe a couple of times. We have more cash now due to releasing players, selling players and getting out of league one. I dont want to see bates spend like a drunken lottery winner, but lets see intent.

    • Mike Kraczkowski

      I completely agree with you, squad player. I don’t think Grella has been given enough oppportunities to show his true talent as he has always been a sub, he is a skillful player, somma; well he set league two alight but i could probably do that, grayson gave him a new contract so believes he can do the job in CCC. Gradel is a winger but not a striker. We need somebody who can race past players and put it in the net!

    • timm

      I think we really have to hope that Robinson & Kandol don’t dig their heels in & sit tight next season too. The pair are costing us somewhere in the region of £1 million a year & they still have a year to go. No club is going to be able to pay them even half of what they get at Leeds, so why would they leave? I think we’ll end up having to pay them off, & that’s money we could be using to pay new players, or transfer fees, or for debt repayment.

      • TheReaper08

        I think Charlton might come back in for Kandol but we will have to give him away and may need to subsidise part of his wages for a year.

        • Matt BB

          The Swindon chairman was whining that we pay three times as much as anyone in league one, and based on a £7k a week pay packet for Paynter… it shows we arent perhaps as mean as we all think.

          Kandol and Robinson are earning good money and could well sit out their contracts, but they would be destroying their reputations if they did. I suspect Kandol will go to Charlton or Millwall, and Robinson to another league one team, but yes its a concern.

        • timm

          I fear your right Reaper? I thought the days of paying players who no longer play for us had gone, but Millwall, Charlton & especially Tranmere won’t be able to pay anywhere near what these 2 are on at Leeds. Regarding reputations Matt, i can imagine Robinson doing a deal now with Tranmere for the season after next & beyond, but he’s on 10k a week, so he’ll happily sit on his arse & make the right noises about fighting for his place! As for Kandol? Well he just has a reputation for being an idiot.

  • I certainly think its an unfair comparison but remember Wenger transformed the pacy winger Thierry Henry into the loadsa goals striker my gooner cousin loved so much – is there a case for Gradel? I wonder

  • joe

    watching graysons interview on LUTV he does hint that another 1 or 2 strikers will be coming in so i dont think this is it in terms of the front line. He must know that we need pace up front aswell, but i do feel paytner is a lot better player than becchio and a better team player than beckford and his 2 years younger than beckford aswell and he seems to be developing abit latter than most strikers i.e his mid 20’s, hopefully next year he can continue improving and i think if up front with the likes of maynard then that would be an unstoppable strikeforce in the chanpionship, after another striker is brought in i feel the defence needs some work done, read today david right from ipswich could be coming on a free and being a leeds fan living in ipswich i know this player quite well and his a very reliable right back and him being free suits uncle ken. There is also a few trialist going on tour with the team i think so maybe one of them is the pacey striker we are all looking for, i would prefer a proven championship player though. cant wait for the new season to start, hopefully beat these tractor boys down here so i can give em some stick!

    • Colin

      I don’t understand why we need a right back – SG’s re-signed Andy Hughes and that’s the only position I can see him playing, and we’ve got Jason Crowe, who I think is quite good personally and I think he should be given a chance.

  • Colin

    Quick question – i’m not a season ticket holder or a member – have I got any chance on ever getting a Leeds away ticket when they travel down south (where I’m based) or is it a case of having to sit in the home end (as I have done in the past)?

    • timm

      I think you’ll have to sit in with the home fans Colin? Especially now we’ve been promoted. I doubt you’ll be alone though?!

    • TheReaper08

      Where about’s down south are you Colin, got any juicy games to look forward to on your doorstep ?

      • Colin

        I live in Chelmsford – so I was thinking Palace and possibly Ipswich. Not really close but not too far on the train.

        • Colin

          and Wembley – League Cup final or FA Cup final – not bothered which one :)

          • Mike Kraczkowski

            can’t you get away tickets when you’re a member? thats about £35 ain’t it, i’m midlands based and was thinking of games like leicester, forest etc.

      • Craig

        I live a bit north of you Colin and have had to enjoy/endure being with the home fans for many years. The last two seasons at Colchester were fun – when Leeds scored their first in each game I estimate that around a third of the home end erupted! The home fans were OK about it though.

  • C’mon tony lad you’re avin a laugh..sorry having a laugh lol

  • Matt BB

    Look, I’ve just looked at the leeds website and seen paynter looking as pleased as punch with his white shirt, it always gets me.

    Good luck to you my friend, there are many doubters but prove us all incorrect!

  • Ross

    Anyone know what happened to Simeon Jackson in the second half of the season at Gillingham? He was linked with big moves early in the season to Everton amongst others I believe, and with his pace could be a worthwhile cheap addition to the squad now Gillingham are down?

    • Matt BB

      I think I’ve had enough of cheap additions.. he is a good player but it is a question as to whether he is better than gradel or grella? he did ok in league two but didnt score many in league one.

  • hampshirenige

    you’ve only got to look at lambert last year, 30 goals with a rubbish team, this year top scorer, my friends at st marys who watch every week, say he’s one of the laziest players going, if paynter gets 20 goals being lazy, he’ll be no worse than beckford, let’s get behind him, no doubt larry has his eyes on torres, but ken won’t let him buy him, don’t forget money doesn’t bring success ,just remember brolin !

  • Karl

    Love to see us offer one year deals to kevin phillips and lee carsley, not exactly ones for the future but definitly players that no the league inside out and in my view would add to the squad big time. theyre both free too as far as i no

    • hampshirenige

      last year we had who in pre season ? thats right nobody, at least to me it looks like we’re being positive ,send a message to the league, we’re back and we’re not going to sit down..MOT

  • Pete

    If Billy Paynter hits 14 league goals, he’s outscored Rob Hulse’s best tally for the season with us. I fancy him to do this.

    The more I think about it, the more sense this signing makes. He’s hungy to try himself, he scored a hatful of goals last season (he outscored Beckford in the league, remember) in an unfancied side and he’s confident. He also got goals at Elland Road and the New Den last season, anyone who can do that as an away player is worth looking at…

    Just hope that we sign a nippy partner for him. Gary Hooper would be beyond our wildest dreams, but after Kasper Schmeichel I’m never saying never…

    • Will

      Agreed he should be hungry, but can he live up to the billing.

      Can he raise his game from that require din the village of Swindon to that required in fron tof 20,000 fasn who, let’s not argue, are very very quick to crucify new players and destroy their confidence? Can he cope? We’ll see.

      • Matt BB

        He did ok in front of us last time!

  • timm

    Just read Eustace giving his reasons for not joining Leeds. It roughly translates as ‘i saw their training ground & realised i was totally out of my depth’! He’s probably a near neighbour of Kevin Nicholls down there?

    • TheReaper08

      Sometimes people choose to stay with there nice comfortable lives going unnoticed with no real challenge or expectation placed upon them, step forward Mr John Eustace.

  • Will

    Colin made a very good point about SG/backroom coaching staff not developing players.

    Can anyone actually single out one player who is now better than when Grayson took over a strong team, albeit slightly disfunctional?

    Johnson started last season very well having said that but he has not maintained that level in 2010.

  • Si

    Bit confused re all the doubt about Paynter – the guy scored 29 goals in League one last year, 2 short of Beckford!
    If thats what a supporting role striker does, bring him on!!!

    • TheReaper08

      I think the questioning is coming from the fact that he is 25 and has only achieved over 20 goals in one season despite being a pro his entire career.

      Beckford has achieved 20 goals or more in 3 of his 4 full seasons as a professional footballer. Not really comparable is it.

      • Matt BB

        thats spot on, it concerns me that its taken till he was 25 to have a single good season, if managers like peter taylor think he is a good footballer i take that as a good sign, but he didnt deliver for him? saying that he will have good service from snodgrass howson and kilkenny.

    • Timothy Wilson

      Doom an gloom. It comes with the shirt.

  • iBuckets

    Can anyone here estimate what our net financal position with regards to weekly wages is since the end of last season ? What I mean is we’ve shed a few players and sent a few loan guys back to their own clubs both of which will have contriuted to a saving of X quid per week, and then, so far, picked up two new players at a cost a Y quid per week. This will (hopefully, surely, but then we are Leeds !) have left us with a surplus which, when added to the increased (guaranteed) TV money from being a Division higher, gives us the remaining fighting fund for this close season.

    • Matt BB

      yes but what about £100K for a new pitch amd god knows for the new pvalion we are seeing on the website, thats not by accident its showing us uninitiated that there are more ways to spend money than on players!

      • Colin

        I think the pitch needed to be re-seeded especially as I don’t think it was too great last season – apparantly it will be much better this season.

        Re the Pavilion – Ken said the money for this came from business profits and doesn’t affect the pot for football players.

        I think some of the TV money will come in dribs and drabs rather than a lump sumas well.

        Leeds will definitely have a profit but I don’t think it will be a huge amount. I do know that income from Netflights as shirt sponsor is going up as we’re now in CCC, the new home shirt is out so i see that making more revenue plus i can see us getting more from Macron.

        • Matt BB

          revenue will definitely be good, but remember when we post our accounts for the last financial year they will show a healthy profit. Our cash position now though will be weak given no gate receipts or tv money, and just wages going out and expenses. This is a difficultt ime of year for a football club.

          • West Stand Rebel

            Not convinced on that one MattBB. Season ticket money from many supporters will be coming in over several months on the finance scheme. No doubt TV revenues will also be paid in arrears so will be coming in about now. Membership renewals will also provide a source of income as will shop sales, banqueting and conference facilities. Meanwhile apart from players wages and other staff, costs should be fairly low over the summer.

  • Colin

    There’s another player on the radar – Ken’s said “There is one player we are quite keen to sign. A deal has been agreed in principle but we can’t finalise it because the player’s agent is in Spain and you need face-to-face meetings to resolve a player’s signing.”

    I think the agent is in Spain because he’s on holiday rather than the player being Spanish.


    • Matt BB

      i suspect that its paul connolly, he has been on our radar for about 2 weeks now and nothing seems to have happened, come on wayne/gary/quentin whoever, put your sangria down and get back to the costa del yorkshire you l*zy b*stard.

    • Pete

      Can’t we just dream that it’s David Silva?

      • Matt BB

        yes we can! no law against it!

    • Dje

      ‘Agent on holiday in Spain’, ‘can’t get it concluded until he returns’ – it all sounds very 1970s. Christ, Monaco is only over the Pyrenees!

      Or have the volcanic ash clouds cast an Iberian shadow?

      • Matt BB

        he cant be too good an agent if hes only on holiday in spain, the money they’re supposed to be pulling i’d be concerned if this players agent was on a junket to Fuengirola.

        • Pete

          18-30 maybe?

          He might be an agent, but chances are he’s still a total wideboy who thinks 18-30 is the best thing ever.

          • Dje

            Yeah, the type that lists his hobbies as “getting lashed up with his clients on a weekend”.

            Oh, and twittering:

            “Whoooow! What a session ‘avin tonite! Me & Ashley are off r faces and just started spit-roasting some latino G.I.L.F. Send yers all pics laters peepz!”

            Or is that all just a relic of the Dennis Wise era?!

          • Pete

            It can’t be, no mention of lamping taxi drivers or breaking team-mates’ jaws anywhere…

    • Dje

      If the agent is on holiday then it seems more likely that his player isn’t a free transfer – ie. the agent wasn’t expecting any business to be done right now. To some extent that could mean Connolly or maybe even McArthur. Either way, you’d have thought the agent would gladly fly back to Yorkshire for a day to cash in on his transfer fee.

      • Jon

        We should be able to work it out fairly easily – if someone can find out which agents are in Spain on holiday at the moment the mystery will be solved!!

        • Dje

          I’m sure there’s an appropriate ‘App’ for the iPhone… ‘Agent Finder’ [It comes complete with GPS locating software and a breakdown of the nearest agents successes in securing ludicrous contracts for their clients]

          There’s also a prototype ‘App’ being worked on that locate your nearest owner of Leeds United FC. The designers say that they are having some technical issues with this one – which might be interpreted as aggressive legal action – and it isn’t expected to be available until 2018 at the earliest … and strictly not available in Monaco or the Caribbean.

          • Pete

            There’s also an app in the works called ‘Ludilink’ – it basically trawls the PFA players list and links us with a random one every day.

  • Theres been a few guys questioning why billy paynter did’nt score as many goals in the seasons prior to last, it was interesting to here his interview and perhaps the following goes some way to explaining why…..

    ‘I’ve always scored goals and I’ve always felt comfortable about my finishing,” said Paynter, “but this is the first season when I’ve scored so regularly. There’s a reason for that. In the past, I’ve concentrated as much about creating goals as scoring them.

    “In the last year when I played with Simon Cox at Swindon, he scored 32 goals and I scored 12 but I can take the credit for laying quite a few of his on. That’s what partnerships are about.’

    Perhaps this will help answer a few questions

    • Matt BB

      i thought it was interesting that he mentioned he laid on most of simon coxs goals, who then scored 9 for west brom!

      • I’m just unsure what role graysons sees for him this year matt, as an out and out goalscorer or some guy who does the donkey work for someone else

        • Matt BB

          i think if he has decided now that he wants to score goals as a centre forward thats a positive move! but there are always the type of striker that provides more than scores. I suspect Grayson will use him as an out an out target man, we have lots of providers in our squad.

    • TheReaper08

      And it’s really good to be really positive and I hope that’s the case, it does only account for two seasons though. Am I equally right to be concerned then that he must have done neither in the other years ?

      It could be that last year he really finally clicked to be the player he was always destined to be. I can tell you from the local press down here though that the Swindon fans think he is just about good enough to join our bench (and that’s not just coming from the bitter one’s).

      • Matt BB

        He was also in the last season of his contract, always a good opportunity for someone to improve!

    • Adam James

      Frankly, Becchio, Snodgrass, and Howson are already incredibly unselfish players and fantastic playmakers. Gradel’s a shooter, but obviously doesn’t have ‘Championship Poacher’ stamped on his forehead. If we had a goal for 50% of the beautiful crosses we had, we might have broken 200… Every successful team has a good balance of playmakers (who knock in a few) and one or two great finishers (who knock in the many). God bless if he creates goals- but we need someone to finish what the above mentioned players start

      • Pete

        In that case, William Louis Sharp (thank you, wiki!) would be the perfect signing…

  • TheReaper08

    Latest statement from the bearded one…

    Bates hinted that the club were looking to add further to their attacking line with a possible foreign purchase.

    He added: “We are planning to bring in a number of trialists from overseas in the second week of July and, who knows, we might even find another (Luciano) Becchio on the pitch out there.”

    Well if ever there was an indication that it won’t be Billy Sharp, Gary Hooper or any other paid for striker here it is. Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of Becchio but this really is straw clutchhing. Paynter and Becchio up front next year it is then.

    • tim campbell

      What type of players are these trialists – out of contract? – players that are crap and their clubs don’t want them any more – to say I’m perplexed is an understatement – also I can tell you that there are a lot of fans from other clubs who are totally p****d with our club because we’re being linked with every player out there – however if ken bates comments are to be believed we are going to sign at least one complete new team over the summer lol

      • Pete

        It isn’t too difficult to stir up a bit of interest though. I bet I could get something in the papers by ringing up a club and saying I was a particular player’s agent who was being hawked around.

        In fact, where’s Charlton Athletic’s number, I think we should try and get shot of Kandol…

  • Colin

    charlton managers number 07858261349. all the best.