A poll on the official Middlesbrough site has Leeds United as Boro’s biggest rivals for 2010/11, but with so many Yorkshire teams in the division, alongside a few old foes, do the Leeds United fans feel the same? The new TSS poll will decide. Vote away…

Cult heroes - Who was your favourite?

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  1. shaun

    Leeds are more thn boro biggest rival they been on lots other championship teams so nearly same as league 1 everyone what beat THE NIGHT LEEDS UNITED I say bring it on

  2. Tim

    J….All of the above!

    Personally Sheff U are the ones I’d pick if forced into one though

  3. les irwin

    forest and boro .for me you cant rule out qpr if they sort em selves wiley warnock will have a good team .for me if we finish 5th bottom il will be happy ,please dont spoil it by telling me we can go up WE CANT CAN WE ???????????

  4. Paul Gittins

    Unless Grayson signs another 9-10 players I can’t see us going up …. and if we did sneak up, we’d just be another Hull or Burnley – cannon fodder for the most part ……

    A year or two of patience, consolidation and building, for me …..

    Oh yes, the teams I desperately want us to beat ….. Sheff U, Cardiff and Millwall, in no particular order …..

  5. Marc Butterworth

    I cant beleive peaople are even considering us going up again next season. Bates is obviously going to try and do next season on the free so mid table would be a massive achievement in my book.

    As paulg said above, 2 seasons of consolidation and then a push for promotion…..MOT

  6. number1inyorkshire

    i dont think anyone thinks we will go up next season but what are you supposed to do football is about winning games so therefore we as a club support, in our heads think we are gonna win every game so does every other clubs supporter .so therfore we are goona go up simon grayson isnt stupid but he is not gonna say to his team in pre season right i dont want to go up i want us to finish 5th bottom so heres the games im gonna loose then we will these 2 before losing 2 more every team goes out to win and if not draw loosing only comes third because there is only 3 options .we are not gonna go up but the team at the begining of season will think they can

  7. zane


    Since moving down to London and eventually finding myself ten minutes down the road from them (without the courage to watch one of the many Leeds games held there in the last few seasons…) they’ve been the scurge of our team and even clung on to our coat tails to come up to the Championship to add more miserable games to a fixture list that I could almost walk to. They’re an organised bunch of thugs and I for one would be glad to get them off our list of destinations!

    why if I try and vote does it say please chose a valid poll answer for the wall?! rigged? :)

  8. zane

    actually doesn’t seem to matter who I try and vote for I get the same message! :-/

  9. Bill Fox

    I agree that promotion for us is a big call but history suggests one of the promoted teams goes close. If you start from that belief then we should be as good as Norwich and Millwall if the new signings (known and pending..(?)…) come through?

  10. craig

    I’m convinced that Nottingham Forest will be the team to beat next season. IMO they were unlucky in the playoffs, have a more settled team than we’ll have and also possess a great manager.

  11. nzstu1

    Forest for me to. Challenges all over the league – really looking forward to the season to see if we are upto it though – you cant beat pre -season optomism!!!!

  12. mike howell

    to beat forrest……. only cause my mate supports them and i’ll savour that nice cold pint we’ve got as a bet……………please


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