Leeds United games don’t come much more crucial than this weekend’s visit of Bristol Rovers. Three points for the Whites and it’s goodbye League One and hello once more to the Championship.

As crucial last games of the season go, Leeds United couldn’t have asked for a much easier ride. Since relegation from the Premier League, Leeds have played Bristol Rovers five times, losing none. Of those five games, Leeds have won three and drawn two, netting 12 goals with just 4 in reply.

Our last meeting on the 27th of October last year resulted in the following 4-0 win, with two goals from soon to be ex-Leeds United striker Jermaine Beckford. A similar result on Saturday and Leeds United are Championship-bound.


Final score: Bristol Rovers 0-4 Leeds United
27th October, 2009. Memorial Stadium, Bristol.

Leeds United goals: Beckford (9, 65), Vokes (55), Kandol (87)

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  • TheReaper08

    I maintain that if we approach this game positively with a good attack minded squad selection then we will win this game comfortably. Rovers are already on the beach, have an awful run of form and are playing for nowt.

    I do wish you hadn’t of done this whole video thing again though TSS, I am very very superstitious and the last time you ‘selected’ a game for us all to marvel about was Charlton.

    • Mark R

      Morning Reaper . Absolutely a positive approach alround – a team with an attack focus – and all our magnificent fans United as one in support of our men on the pitch.

      Beckford would be in my starting line up – unless he is not fit or carrying an injury , alongside Bechio.

      Speedy Gradel in there somewhere.

      Steady heads in midfield and defence.

      Can’t wait.


      • TheReaper08

        Morning Mark R.

        Just read that Rovers have been playing a few kids these last few games but that they will be playing all first choice players against us. Apparently it’s out of respect for the other play off sides.

        I still think we will win. Have you got a bottle of D&B on standby ?

    • Sammy Becchio

      My thoughts exactly on the “Video Flashback”, Reaper. I get too superstitious when it comes to things like this.

      Im refusing to watch this one, unlike the Charlton video, which, to be fair was 7 years ago. I’m not wanting to jinx/curse anything this week. I cant even play on my beloved football manager until next Sunday!! (When we are on a bad run/in a crunch game etc, i give it a rest) Sad i know, but still gutted.


      • TheReaper08

        It’s not sad Sammy, you do whatever works for you mate. Trust me come the big day I will be pulling all the old tricks out of the bag to try and secure the win.


      • Pete

        I’m the opposite – I can’t stop playing football manager in the build-up to a crunch game.

        I’m playing on FM07 though, and in 2017 with Leeds as the best team in Europe, so it’s hardly accurate. Although I’d quite like to see my FM07 Leeds playing at Elland Road…

        • Sammy Becchio

          Pete, you not so keen on this years FM? Im loving it, easier to navigate now. Im in 2017/2019, still got 5 actual Leeds players with me, Howson, Snodders, Lowry, Parker and Becks. Getting a bit bored now, cant seem to win the Prem, or get in the top three, so may start over again, and get Sanchez Watt tearing down the wing

          • Sammy Becchio

            correction 2018/2019

          • Pete

            It’s not that I’m not keen on it (I loved the demo), I just played a lot on FM07 and I’m proud of the side I built. Bear in mind, it’s the squad from the Championship Relegation season…but I signed Billy Sharp straight away and he’s now just broken Lorimer’s league goals record (blasphemy, I know), but I had a three-way attack at one point of Sharp and Henri Saivet from Bordeaux playing off Dimitar Berbatov, with Gareth Barry, Danny Rose and Fernando Gago supplying the ammunition…it was like watch Barcelona. In fact, I set up the system to mirror them, with a focal point in attack and a midfield pivot to ping the ball around. A little weak on the flanks, but with someone like Berbatov who is good at bringing players into the game, I didn’t need wingers. Especially as Gago’s passing stat is 20, Rose’s is 17 and Barry’s is 15. My defence wasn’t really anything special though, Gareth Bale aside. I tried to use the academy too, it’s quite rewarding bringing the regens through and either making a monster profit or watching them play in the first team.

            08 was pretty good too, Beckford was almost like having a cheat player if you set him up as target man – run onto ball.

  • Craig

    I don’t believe in jinxes so thanks for the reminder that Rovers are there to be turned over and we know how to do it – although they clearly picked up points somewhere since they are safe in mid-table.

    There is absolutely NO doubt in my mind that we are going to beat Rovers on Saturday although until that first goal goes in I’ll be as nervous as the next person.

  • Craig

    Just had the biggest laugh of the week reading the following on the Lincoln section of the Vital Football site:

    “The word is Ken Bates will loosen the chequebook and flash the cash big time if a championship berth is secured ready for an assault on a Premiership return.”

    Have you ever read anything so funny!

    • TSS

      Not since I saw ClarkeOneNil’s slanderous remarks aimed at yours truly, which I’ll reply to in due course. (the comments are unsurprisingly turned off in case anyone disagree’s with him… and he has the cheek to call Ken Bstes a megalomaniac!)

      • Craig

        Don’t take them seriously. You operate a great site here and I’d hate for you to descend to their level. TSS: The Mild Mannered Alternative

        • ian

          I totally agree with the above comments. Half the time you read Clarkeonnil you come away wanting to slash your wrists!!!!

          The match analysis and even handedness given on this site are in my opinion far superior to the constant negativity on clarkeonenil. I notice too that comments are closed on that site.

          Keep up the good work TSS

      • West Stand Rebel

        Yes I’ve read it too and can’t understand such a vitriolic attack on you …puzzling!

      • TheReaper08

        It’s called a dictatorship and you are absolutely right, for one who so despises Ken Bates so much that site doesn’t half act like him.

        Obviously oblivious to all the disagreements on all things Ken Bates as well although I did have wry smile at your comments about LLHB smearing Bates. I often point out that there is little fact behind a lot of the anti Bates campaign and too much emotive comment only to be put down, usually by yours truly TSS !

        • TSS

          Haha, I make no excuses for it either. Nor did LLHB. My point was that it was unproductive – as Im sure LLHB realised – and the TFK way seems to be hitting the right notes.

    • Pete

      If we get Billy Sharp and/or Gary Hooper out of it, along with another Kisnorbo-standard defender and a midfielder like Andy King at Leicester, then I don’t mind if we don’t sign anybody else.

  • les

    clarkeonenil firstly is not a blog site when i contacted him regarding something you had to email him comments are always off
    he dismissed my contribution basically by saying “i dont agree with what your saying so youre wrong and as you are wrong we will not post it here and if you dont like it go elsewhere” i did reply telling him ” thats not how to deal with a debate ” he hates bates .fair enough. but his dictatorial ,regime over there is as bad as he says bates is .

    tss encourages debate ,a laugh and a moan and a cry at times thats what its about

    its not your fault your all wrong LOL

  • Timothy Wilson

    Miserable bugger. Anyhow who cares just checked the telly schedule over here in the US, live Saturday morning “FA CUP Soccer” Leeds v Bristol ;)

  • Ross

    anyone else getting really nervous yet! I see Ken is preparing and we can all apply for our play off tickets!

  • Mark R

    TSS – this is an interesting site, decent opinions and after a while it’s like having a discussion with some mates in a pub.

    It’s relatively new to me – only 2/3 months and I read it more now than the LUFC site.

    Rise above the noise.

    Well done on the site – keep up the good work.

    48 hours to Bristol….Come on you Mighty Whites !



    • TSS

      Hi Mark, cheers for that. I’m already above it, I actually thought it was quite funny but the temptation to respond to his comments is hard to resist. The difference with mine and CON’s views on Leeds United is that mine come from following them up and down the country. To my knowledge, the author makes very few games these days as he lives quite a distance from Leeds so maybe the “in-depth research” is required for him, but in my mind, I’m living it.

      Me and the author have always got on well (he used to write for TSS) and our disagreements aren’t uncommon. I hold no grudges whatsoever as he’s as entitled to his opinion as anyone else. Shame others aren’t allowed to respond with their own views.

      • TheReaper08

        I can’t remember the last time I witnessedso much sucking up, it’s like national kiss ass week !

        Only kidding, I agree with with Mark R and a lot of the other posts, coming on here feels a little bit like that Betfair front room advert only we wll support the same team.

        A few good folk debating the rights and the wrongs of LUFC, many different opinions and good banter, all we are missing is a few beers and some peanuts.

        Personal question TSS, do you work in IT and what is more popular, the site, facebook or Twitter ?

        • Craig

          How about me giving my address and you can send the beers round Reaper? I’d hate you to feel like you’re missing out on your round!

          • TheReaper08

            I always buy my round Craig, don’t worry about that. First to the bar me, not last.

            If we ever meet, my shout.

          • TSS

            More retail management than IT, but it’s a job I got because of a background in IT. Kind of long story, but I went where the money was.

  • timm

    Blimey! I,ve been working away for a few days & just got home to see all that Clarkeonenil stuff. Now there’s a bloke who takes himself way too seriously & actually thinks people give a toss about what he thinks.

    • Craig

      The Clarkeonenil site is down at the moment – maybe the author has well and truly taken his ball away!