Scouts alert to Davide Somma

It seems there will be no shortage of offers if Simon Grayson chooses to sell Davide Somma during pre-season. Grimsby Town’s head of recruitment, John Deehan was in attendance as Lincoln City took on Aldershot on Saturday.

Former Lincoln manager and now radio expert for Radio Lincolnshire, Steve Thompson revealed he chatted to Deeham at the game where he revealed he was there to watch Davide Somma in action.

Leeds United recently extended Davide Somma’s deal for another season although no one is entirely sure whether he’ll be featuring in Simon Grayson’s plans if we make the Championship. The option to extend the 25-year-old’s deal could have been executed to ensure Leeds United can demand a fee should the striker choose to move on.

Grayson’s cliché-ridden speech #46

Simon Grayson’s first interview ahead of this weekend’s crucial clash at Elland Road brought no real surprises. Larry possesses a natural ability for cliche-riddled manager speak and here he shows to any wannabes how it should be done with the always popular ‘Our destiny is still in our own hands’ and the timeless what-if scenario of ‘If anyone would have offered us the chance to win promotion on the last day of the season at home, we would have taken it’ which can be found on page one of the Management 101 handbook in it’s most basic form of ‘We’d have taken this at the beginning of the season’.

As clichéd and cringe-worthy as the interview may be, it’s all true. Still… If I had to sit through Larry’s press conferences week in, week out I’d probably be on the brink of suicide by now.

Another shirt change

Finally, another year, another kit-change. As if hiking the ticket prices on the premise of yet-to-be-guaranteed Championship football wasn’t enough, Kenneth and his pals at Macron have decided the best way to milk some more funds out of us hard-up fans is to reveal yet another home kit.

No point really whining because we’ll all go out and buy it for our summer holidays, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. It goes on sale next week at the sold-out final game. I’ll see you in the queue…

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