As Leeds United’s fans celebrated around the world last night with parties extending long into the night, so too did the players. Unlike our parties however, the drunken ‘ten-pinters’ were replaced by a bevy of hot women and the only thing that had 1664 written on it was the date of the finest champagne.

Who da man?

The new Leeds United cheerleaders. Might have to lose the red mind...

No less than the players deserve, although I’m sure there’s a few more out there feeling a little bit jealous. Anyone who wants to subject themselves to more of these snaps can do so here.

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  1. Leeds4eva

    Stunning but id have to dump`em with all that red, just not good enough. ;)

    • TSS

      That was the one we’d designated for you as well. Ahh well, fight between yourselves, but leave the blonde girl on the left of the top picture for me.

      • TheReaper08

        I am busy that night or at least don’t introduce me until I am hammered.

        Looking through the rest of the pics you linked to first dibs on the long reddish haired girl, now she is smoking….

      • TSS

        Yeah, you’re not kidding. Must be hard being a footballer with so many choices…

  2. Dje

    I seriously can’t recognise many players once they’re out of their shirts.

    I wish I had chance to assess whether this is the same case with some of those women.

  3. Hotshotlorimer

    I’ve been in ecstacy anyway, bevvy of beauties lacking. Still, if pressed…

    • Colin

      Further breaking news…
      They are our new signings for next season.

  4. Colin

    Another example of typical Ken Bates cost cutting – won’t even pay for them to have a pair of shorts each.

    How degrading that in this modern age we’re still promoting women wearing skimpy tops and wearing tight pants. I’d send a letter to the Government and complain but it’s closed at the moment.

    But what you can’t see in the picture is that just off camera Ken’s saying “ladies, now come over here and sit on Santa’s lap. Tickle my beard and you get a present.”



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