Now that the hell of League One is finally behind us, I’ve opened a new TSS Poll to see what fans expectations are ahead of next season.

Back-to-back promotions aren’t uncommon, and Leicester did extremely well in 2009-10, so should Leeds United be aiming for the top few spots in the Championship, or is consolidation a more realistic target?

Few will be expecting relegation, but as with any league, you can never rule out the possibility. Without the right players, right approach and right attitude, it’s not totally unrealistic to think Leeds United may make an unwelcome return to League One after three years trying to escape.

Of course, a lot of what happens next season will depend on our activity in the summer. Simon Grayson has already said he has numerous targets lined up and is looking to strengthen his squad. Whether he manages to please the Leeds United fans with his signings is another area of debate entirely.

So, with another summer of ups and downs ahead, where do you think Leeds United should be finishing next season?

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56 Responses

  1. PeteG

    I Think we should aim to be champions as we have to start the season thinking we can compete and beat anyone on our day, if we start with that attitude then I think we will have a successful season. For me this year will be successful if we finish in the top half but there is no reason that we cannot finish top of that pile in the top half.

  2. Peter T

    I hope that Pompey Dull and Crystal palae all start with points deductions so that the possibility of relegation is removed

    I do NOT ever want to go back to Leyton Orient away etc

    I would be happy to be mid table next year hopefully with an outside chance of playoffs until late in season to keep all of us dreaming!

  3. number1inyorkshire

    championship who would thought ?
    i would like in my heart to get promo straight away to premier league.however my head says consolidation is the key finishing mid table ish would be amazin .we need some players montgomerie at sheff utd would be a great start and maybe 2 strikers hooper for me for 1 of those ?? the thing is going up a league will help us attract some better players i just hope finances allow at the club i have already heard “within our constraints” so we will see i big requirement is getting paddy back asap .ben parker can do a job colins too if we could keep him but that needs strengthening and we could attract some decent loanees although im not a fan of that we will be alright in championship ,we will not come back down but i dont think we will win it

  4. Matt BB

    Has to be play offs, Portsmouth and Forest will get the automatic spots. There are better prachute packages for Hull and Burnley too. we will also have Cardiff or Leicester, Sheffield United, and of course the Readings and QPR’s with a few quid to spend.

    Ken will need to be very inventive with his accountants to find us some transfer funds, perhaps he should stop spending so much money on Mark Taylor.

  5. kev brown

    we would all love automatic promotion next season but it would come too soon. Without a period of strenthening we would find ourselves back where we started double quick. Aim high by all means, but be realistic high mid table would give us a platform from which to mount a proper push for promotion in 2011/12 season. That way the team can mature and as we re-establish ourselves more quality players will be attracted. we dont want slide back down the leagues ever agian.

    • Yorkshrman

      Spot on , Kev …. we’ve all seen what happened to Hull, who went into the Prem with quite a few players who’d come up the leagues with them, and they just weren’t up to the job.

      A perverse part of me would quite welcome a few meaningless end-of-season games, when we weren’t either pushing for an automatic / play-off spot, or worrying about relegation ….!!!

      • Charlie Big Potatoes

        “A perverse part of me would quite welcome a few meaningless end-of-season games, when we weren’t either pushing for an automatic / play-off spot, or worrying about relegation!!!”

        Agreed!! Been on the verging on a cardiac for the last three months!

        We should go in with high hopes but “moderate” expectations.

  6. DK

    Surely Forest should be not better than us and I can not see Portsmouth having much of a team left and I would imagine a 10 point penalty should stop them getting automatic. If we can not be optimistic now dreaming about decent signings when can we be.

    • Wallacey

      Think we all have to be realistic, we made it harder than needed in league one and at times we depended on other teams being beaten, consolidation and adapting to life in the championship is what were looking at, with 4 or 5 good signings then the play offs are a realistic target.

  7. matt

    If leeds got back to back promorions it would be disastrous. Its not going to happen anyway i don’t think. Any thought on george boyd at peterborough?

    • Matt BB

      i think we need to go for players who have a record of performing well in the championship, and peterborough didnt, they sort of over performed getting out of league one. I’d like to see us buying players from clubs like Cardiff, West Brom, Burnley who have a good record of performing in the Championship.

    • TheReaper08

      Isn’t Boyd at Forest now ? I thought I saw him on the bench last night.

      • Matt BB

        i stand corrected you are right he is at forest. Adam Boyd is at Hartlepool. Knowing us we will go for the one at Hartlepool.

      • Sammy Becchio

        George Boyd was/is on loan at Forest from Posh until the end of the season, Forest paid around £500,000 just to loan him until the end of the season. Hes a tricky player, good natural footballer.
        We have a chance of getting him, didnt really impress at Forest though

    • matt

      Well if forest took him on board then he must have something going for him in the championship. I dont’t think we’ll get anybody from teams like west brom and i’m finding it really hard to think of players who could hack it at this level who we aren’t going to be priced out on.

  8. Tim Campbell

    Next year is so important for many reasons. I honestly feel the most important thing that can happen over the summer is a change of ownership with much needed investment taking place. I feel its time for Leeds to kick on after this promotion, we are a ‘big’ club and I believe we are certainly worth investing in. As for signings (money permitting) Hooper, Paynter, Montgomery, and a couple of decent full backs..any ideas?

    • Tony Curie's Curler

      Won’t happen mate. Bates may stand down (mainly due to the new rules the FA will apply) but the ownership wont change, why would it?

  9. Mark R


    1.Beating Man U & drawing at Spurs away, unlucky vs.Liverpool.

    2. Achieving automatic promotion with injuries to key players throughout the season affecting results in the 2nd half of the season – we still made it in the 46 game season.

    3.SG’s tactics & management – which incidently were good enough to see off Ferguson – and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat last Saturday in a biggest game at Elland Road for years.

    4.A more experienced Manager whose heart is in our club, his club.
    Incidently he’s a similarly aged in hi s30’s as was Don Reive when he
    built our club back in the 1960’s.

    5.We will have a more experienced squad for those who remain – and those who do stay – already stood up well vs. Liverpool, Man U & Spurs.

    6.Opportunity to recruit a better quality of player

    7.A club that is more attractive to investors.

    8.Last and by no means least our magnificent support.

    It’s all about us fullfilling our obvious huge potential.

    We have every reason to be optimistic about the forthcoming season.

    If Blackpool can make the playoffs & final on their resources I believe we have a great chance to push on.

    The glass is more than half full !


    • Tony Curie's Curler

      I agree with all you said, but would those players be able to cope with promotion into the premier?

      It’s not this coming season but the season after, that we should be wary of. Optimism is great but we must be careful not to get too carried away and expect too much too soon.

      • Mark R

        Morning Tony Tony Currie,

        As you say it is ultimately down to investment in the squad and team over summer.

        SG appears to be under no illusions that we need several additions – and I agree and believe he will deliver.

        We have a good core of players who I think could more than hold their own:

        Paddy K

        Possible potential to become a regular : Somma,Grella,Aidy,Johnson

        On loan : Sanchez Watt


        Probabley need 4/5 players .

        My wish list would be for a
        – a fast right back – we need our fullbacks to be attacking ones – it’s all part of the modern game.

        -Another quality central defender to partner Paddy.
        -2 Speedy midfield dynamos – big personalities.
        -1 speedy quality striker./ ( 2 would be better)

        Plus Sanchez on season loan.

        Understand what you’re saying about the season after next and the risks in developing too quickly, but for me once a team has momentum push on and keep the energy flowing.

        The great thing about football is everyone starts at the beginning again come August and optimism is part and parcel. Ill be down with everyone if/when we lose a few matches.

        At the moment I’m in a Town called Euphoria.

        By the way Tony , I remember you giving Alan Ball & Southampton a torrid time in a Milk Cup match at Leeds in the late 70’s. Quality.


      • Chareose

        With the current squad and some decent championship cast offs Leeds wouldnt survive in the premiership….. We arnt ready for promotion and your all missing the big point…. Leeds need a core of talented youngsters to come through to ensure transition from second class champ club to attractive prem club. Remember any player who could cut it well in the prem wont come to Leeds when they ar in the CL. So its youngsters we need and im sorry Parker and howson dont fit that bill.

  10. Tony Curie's Curler

    I agree with Matt. If we were promoted it could be disastrous. It will take two – three seasons to gather the quality we need to be able to cope with promotion into the premier. I’d hate to think we became another WBA! up and down like a whores knickers!

    Regarding the parachute payments to Hull, Burnley and Pompey? The money will be sucked away by their debts. They’ll lose any semi decent players they have so I don’t think they’ll be as big a threat as the more established CCC clubs. They’ll do a Bradford and go back to they true level.

    Of course having said all that if promotion comes then you take it. But I’d prefer to finish just outside the play-offs. We must be careful not to fall into the trap of being impatient and build with care.

    • Tim Campbell

      Agree with you on that pal, it would be nice to think we could have a chance of play-offs anyway, it would certainly generate interest as the season went on. Another point to consider as well are the wage limits we will have to keep within. That in itself might restrict us as to who we can attract. Obviously money talks, but after past disasters its understandable we should be careful.

    • Yorkshrman

      Burnley don’t have big debts ….. although I work with a lot of Burnley fans, and they all recognise that the club over-achieved in getting into the Prem in the first place. But you can’t bracket them with Hull and Portsmouth.

      • Tony Curie's Curler

        True, Burnley may not have great debts. But they don’t and will never attract true quality players. So I believe they flirtation with the Premier will not be seen again. They will lose any quality players they have. And will end up going back to a level they’re more used to.

    • ph

      with regards to hull’s parachute payment, apparently they’ve already spent a large sum of it so i can’t really see them spending big in the summer. they’ll want to get rid of a few players too so hull will finish mid table if not worse.

      • number1inyorkshire

        if the rumours are to be believed arent hull going into admin
        i hope they dont but with hull .palace and pompey to name but 3 in admin with a minus points start next season surely we should finish at least 4th bottom

      • TheReaper08

        Palace and Pompey would need to exit administration without a CVA in place before any minus penalty is applied. In the case of Palace I believe there debt to HMRC (who sually instigate the collapse of a CVA) is not substantial and it was a seperate creditor that applied for them to be put into admin.

        Pompey look odds on to start with a minus as the HMRC are fighting them very hard.

      • Tony Curie's Curler

        And they won’t have a team or a manager of any sorts. All sound too familiar doesn’t it?

  11. ph

    i’d definitely prefer and i think it’s more realistic to expect a few years of consolidation rather than doing a burnley or hull who have overachieved and are now being relegated again. having said this, we need to be careful not to do a sheffield wednesday and after a few years get relegated again!

  12. Brendan Staunton

    When you look at the Championship table, a large number of those clubs would traditionally be underdogs at Leeds. Properly managed, we should always be in the top 8 minimum.

    Personally, I don’t think there is such a leap of class between the top of League 1 and the lower end of the Premier League.

    But the leap after that is vast. Spurs showed that at Elland Road. We’re a proud club and losing 8-0 to Chelsea would damage morale. What’s more, we don’t want to get into buying players on the never never.

    I’m happy where we are for now. A strong season in the Championship might be for the best.

  13. Mattwhite

    I think the playoffs are doable. Leeds are a big club who are on stable (dare I say it, for now) financial footing, which makes us a damn site more attractive than many other Championship clubs in terms of signings.

    Sure, there will be Burnley, Pompy and Hull in the league, but so what? Burnely are the only one of those three who will keep their core players. The other two will need a complete rebuild.

  14. number1inyorkshire

    there is i hear ,if not now in the past .a thought of having 2 premier divs.some clubs although there on merit are just not prem clubs ,hull burnley ,wigan etc a second tier is once what was mooted. dont really hold with big clubs there are plenty of those what you call big clubs in league 1, big crowd dont mean big club ask newcastle ,the concensus on here seems to be hold our own for a season or 2 i agree then move it up a level what we have at leeds is potential we are 1 football club in a massive city we will need to buy some championship players .who can play at the top of the champs/bottom of premier to move smoothly up we have done our absolute worst when we have had lots of loans ,team swapping to a degree thats a little what happened this season on our poor run .
    stability in the playing side is as important as stability on the financial side if not more so .a big bank balance will not get you promoted goodluck to all of us

  15. Henry

    The problem for us is that we have a 1st Div squad.
    Even our better players are unproven in the Championship.
    There is a big difference in quality/squad strength.
    Paddy is injury prone & ‘Nails’ would struggle with the pace.
    Even small clubs like Blackpool have a much stronger squad than us.
    A squad is 16 players minimum!
    Bringing 4 players in will not be enough!
    I am sure Simon and Ken know this!!
    I can’t wait for next season!!

    Henry. Happy as Larry.

    • Tony Curie's Curler

      All valid point, which emphasis the need to consolidate and build over a few seasons.

  16. Matt BB

    I dont think our players are that far off where they need to be, itst eh depth of the squad that will be an issue. With Beckford gone we have only one striker worth using in the championship. Somma and Grella are just potential, Kandol isnt good enough.

    In midfield, Howson, Snodgrass, Kilkenny can perform at a higher level, and maybe Gradel, but other than them where is the depth?

    The defence is a worry as well as we’ve picked up only Kisnorbo is good enough for the championship.

    There will be some serious investment required, but I think we probably do have better squads than the ilk of Doncaster, Scunthorpe and so forth. Blackpool prove that you dont need superstars to get into the top six.

  17. Tim Campbell

    There might be one or two bargains to be had from the clubs dropping down from the premiership and from those relegated from the championship, such as sheffield wednesday or even from those clubs facing administration…there would be a certain poetic justice about this as we had to flog all of our best players in the past for next to nothing!!

  18. Tim Campbell

    Now the season is over; and so successfully, i can reflect on one of the sweetest moments of the past year, namely going onto the manc site prior to our cup game and telling them not to count their chickens. Some of the sicko replies i got defied belief, but i enjoyed it all the more going back on after the game..the silence was deafening!!

    • timm

      I couldn’t get past the moderator after the match! They can give it but they can’t take it!

  19. Paul South Wales

    The good thing is we should be able to get premiership players who can’t get in their sides, on loan. Also David Nugent would be a good shout, as well as McSheffrey who would be a great aquisition with time. Two midfielders and a shitload of defenders are needed (Keep Paddy of course). Play-offs at best, back to back promo’s? Frightening, don’t think we’d have the resources to cope, but you never know do you?

    • TheReaper08

      I think there will be quite a few players available and a lot of them on a free. Take for instance Nick Montogmery, been a lot of publicity about him joining lately and has has deliberately run his contract down and is available on a free.

      Would like us to splash a bit of cash though if not to show the rest of the league we meen busines.

      • Tim Campbell

        Only concern i still have reaper is that Master-Bates is still as tight as a drum and that (i hope i’m wrong), unless a new owner/investor comes along we won’t be spending too much on transfer fees

      • TheReaper08

        Secretly I have been hoping that the strategy has been to get out of L1 with minimum investment. Upon reaching the CCC we will start investing in the squad, push on and reach the real promised land of the PL.

        Who am I kidding, it’s loans and freebies again next year.

      • number1inyorkshire

        ohh no to be honest i was thinking the same about why we had no investment this season since chrimbo hoping it would be to spend millions this year ,sadly i think it will because kenny wants to build his new pavillion .and refurb east stand etcetc

      • number1inyorkshire

        i would like montgomery too although apparently warnocks after him the smoke might be a new challeng although he could stay put (home)and play for leeds
        according to bates on website the plans are in place for team building there will be some good freebies .but i would like to see him spend some cash we could do with a championship BIG NAME and if beckford leaves which looks likely we need a 20+ a season goal scorer cos becchio god bless him will not do that i personally think we need 5-6 permanent signings a 2-3 season long loans WATT WILL DO AS 1 OF THOSE PLEASE. WE PAY GOOD MONEY AT LEEDS THERE IS NO REAL EXCUSE WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK OF BATES

  20. Colin

    I think it’s easy to look through rose tinted glasses now that we’re promoted. Fact is Leeds’ form from the start of the year was not good.

    26 games:

    11 wins
    7 draws
    8 losses

    Step up to the CCC and it’s going to be tougher.

    I think Grayson has to and will be tough on the team and it will not look anything like the team of this season.

    Anyone who’s not figured in at least 10 full games this season will be gone. And that leaves you with still a high number of players who won’t cut it.

    Hate to say it but it’s the end for Hughes, Naylor, Robinson, Crowe, Kandol, Doyle, Casper, Michalik.

    And it’s not that they couldn’t do a job as subs or reserves, it’s just that you can’t afford to keep them on their contracts when you’re trying to get new players in. Add up their wages and it’s probably at least £30,000 a week. Over a year that’s £1.5m.

    Leeds would rather sell them on for free rather than keep them on.

    • Colin

      And if you want any chance of playoffs first time up you need players who could maybe do a job at the low end of the Premier League and that means you need better quality than the likes of Higgs, Kilkenny and Becchio. I don’t think they’ll go but they may become subs.

      Remember everyone said that 31 goals a season Beckford couldn’t cut it in the top flight. If that’s true then there’s no hope for 17 a season Becchio.

      Harsh yes. Realistic yes.

      • Chareose

        To be brutally honest I only see Snodgrass as having the raw talent to become accomplished in the premiership. Bechio could certainly play a role but the rest ?? way off the mark…. I dont see our current owners ever injecting the sort of money that could build a decent preiership team so you have only a few choices ; Find new owners or push our youth system.
        To my mind we are atleast 2 seasons off having a team that could cope in the premiership but if we leave it too long the momentum could die and we could be stuck in the CL like Birmingham city were.

  21. Joey Class

    Just want to say that I frequent all the Leeds sites and this is by far my fave, thatnk you for the great reports and updates. So I’m putting my superstition aside and going to start posting (I blame my first post on Team Talk for ending our great run in the minus 15 season).

    Thoroughly delighted we have finally escaped that grim division. The thing I am most looking forward to, next to an influx of quality players and our destined return to the prem, is watching us play good football again. The Championship produces some fast paced, skillful matches. I live in Blackpool (unfortunately) but having seen them numerous times this season I must admit that their passing out of defence and movement off the ball has left me even more frustrated by the nervous punts upfield we have become accustomed to. So here’s hoping we start playing how I think we can and how Gary Mac wanted us to – just prematurely. Mid-table to play-off finish I’m thinking.
    Marching On!!!

  22. Louis Finn

    Why are they dumping casper? Does grayson not remember his solid fa cup run? im gutted for him, he turned down first division football in denmark to play for us as well. he will be sorely missed. good luck casper

  23. Louis Finn

    Just read on that were after ian harte, wtf? arent we supposed to be moving forward? hope its bollocks or hes gonna pay us to play!!

  24. Will

    TSS write: “Without the right players, right approach and right attitude….”

    And in a nutshell, there lies the problem we will face next season.

    I do not trust Grayson to bring in the “right” players, or to ensure the “right” approach.

    Our target for next season must be 50 points. That’s all.

    To hear Grayson talk about The Premiership is delusional – he thinks he is a better manager than the evidence so far suggests.

    Although willing to give him the chance (as he is with some players), if by Xmas we are down in the bottom five, then he must go and any Jan cash goes to a new manager.

    As for cash =- we have no spare cash available as the recent accounts revealed. I will not be surprised if we do not spend any money on fees.

    I see Claridge on the BBC website sayng we have £10m to spend on new players thanks to Delph’s cash and the FA Cup run! LOL! We have zilch!

  25. Bobby McDonald

    We’ll be lucky to stay up

    Bates isn’t going to put much of OUR money back into the squad. He’ll be happy with 20-25,000 paying well over the odds and simply hope we stay up

    But even if we go back down, his business model allows him to make money, so it’s all good for him

    Any talk of promotion will seem very silly next February when we’re getting beat 3-0 by Leicester in front of 19,000 at Elland Road

  26. Henry V

    Don’t rain on my parade Bobby!
    Give Simon and Ken a chance!
    I am in’ wait and see’ mode now, and hope abounds!!
    It will not serve the Chairman well if we struggle!
    How could it?
    The world is our ‘lobster’ now Bobby!



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