With no actual news to report, the newspapers and football websites are (as always) resorting to rumours as to who Leeds United may be looking to sign. Here’s the latest bunch of rumours, links and nonsense.

It would appear that Leeds United and Sheffield United are chasing the same players. Today’s first link is Paul Connoly of Derby County, who, alongside Billy Sharp is an alleged priority for both us and the Blades (with them hoping to extend Sharp’s deal).

The Billy Sharp link comes as no real surprise. With Jermaine Beckford all but gone, Leeds are in need of a replacement who can fill the void and Sharp seems to tick all the boxes. It’s an ongoing rumour that’s persisted for two seasons now, but with Doncaster’s £600k bid being turned down, Leeds will have to dig deep.

Sharp, who has been away on holiday, said the following;

“I’ve not heard anything from Leeds. I’ve just got back from my holiday but I heard Donny’s offer was turned down. I’ll speak to Sheffield United and we’ll take it from there.”

The prospect of us stealing Billy Sharp from under the Blades noses before the season even starts has my mouth watering. The 2010/11 fixture list throws up a few derbies, none of which will need much to spark them off, but the Sheffield one has the potential to be an epic grudge match.

As well as the battle for Paul Connoly and Billy Sharp’s signature, Leeds have also been linked with another Sheffield United player, Neil Montgomery who is currently out of contract and could sign for us on a free (Ken Bates’ favourite price).

There’s also the small matter of Sheffield United’s manager, who is none other than former Leeds boss, Kevin Blackwell. I can just see the look on his face now as Montgomery crosses from the wing to find Billy Sharp in an acre of space (Blackwell’s defence are running around like headless chickens), Sharp picks the ball up, dances around a bit and slams home to give Leeds a 1-0 lead in front of the Kop.

In other news, Andy Hughes has secured an extension to his current contract, whilst Rob Hulse has been linked with a return to Elland Road. The latter would appear to be the papers clutching at straws for even the most thread-bare links, but even at 30-years old, I’d welcome him back.

  • Matt BB

    I’m more inspired by the signing of Sharp than Hulse to be honest who has a few years on hulse and is more productive as a striker. Remember we still have Somma and Grella as potentials.

    Whether or not we get Nick Montgomery – I’m not sure with some premier league competition for his signature I think we might miss out there. Though I think he would be a good signing.

    Yes it would be good to see Mr Blackwell back at ER (in the opposition dugout) and to be honest i suspect our current lot could put three past Sheffiled United who had an awful end to the season.

    • Worksopblade

      Absolute crap. Monty not off to prem -q.p.r. or staying with Blades.

      You can have Sharp – he’s crap. Hulse – I’d have back at the Lane.

      As for 3 nil – having a laugh. By the way we had a good finish to the season – check results !!

      • Matt bb

        Not good enough though, see you guys next season..

      • timm

        My god!! The Sheff Utd fans have got something to talk about again now that Leeds are back up! Huddersfield fans did a great job of being the ones with the inferiority complex while we were down in L1 but it’s looking pretty obvious that you guys are ready to pick up where you left off! Can’t wait to hear all you cool blades fans singing about chip buttys again!

      • public enemy

        you lot will be without a manger soon aswell as a couple of players YORKSHIRES BIGGEST CLUB IS BACK IN TOWN SHAME WED WENT DOWN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN 12 POINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Swall Blade

      Crap end to the season, eerrrrhhhhhhh

      Watched you lose at home to Swindon 3-0 thats more like it, should have gone to specsavers

      • Matt BB

        yes but we still went up (wipes down bi focals)did you miss us?

  • MinusAction

    You don’t have to pay fees to get good players, look at Kisnorbo. Free transfers mean we can spend more on wages to get better players, when will people actually think about this instead of just mumbling ‘Bates’ under their breath in an annoyed tone everytime?

  • UTB

    not to pee on your bonfire or anything but stating that we are looking to extend his contract and you stealing him from under our noses isn’t exactly correct is it?!

    The fact is Billy has constantly under achieved with us, we sent him to Donny to put him in the shop window and then they expected to get him on the cheap, hence why we turned down there offer. SUFC have already stated they will be looking to recoup most of the £1.5 we paid to scunny.

    so its a bit more like your after our sloppy seconds, your welcome to have players that can’t get in our team.

    • Side Before Self

      Your right not much victory in taking a player who can’t get in your team. Montgomery on the other hand, now there’s a man you can’t call sloppy seconds. Your player of the year, now that would be a nice bit of business

      • timm

        I seem to remember a young Chris ‘Elbows’ Morgan being rejected by Leeds & he ended up a deedah didn’t he mi duck? & what about Gary Speed? You lot must sit & wonder what it must’ve been like to have him in his prime?! Don’t get me wrong, you’re a good little club, but let’s not be getting carried away now.

  • Mark

    Cheers UTB. I remember a certain Gordon Strachan who could not once get in a Man Utd team but he was not a bad signing really was he. Obviously Blackwell has no clue how to get the best out of him and O’Driscoll does or do Donny also have a better midfield than you. By the way you might of also forgot your manager was not good enough for Leeds but he is for u!!! MOT

    • TSS

      Blackwell struggling to get the best out of some of his players? Surely not! ;)

      • Fugu Blade

        Montgomery crosses from the wing! Thanks for making me laugh mate. You clearly haven’t watched him play.

        As for Sharp. He doesn’t suit our style.. and in my opinion he wouldn’t suit yours either. He has no pace whatsoever. I prefer what we have already.

        • TSS

          Both will play better when freed from the constraints of Kevin Blackwell’s tactical black hole.

        • timm

          Sharp doesn’t suit your style because you don’t have any!

          • Pete

            I thought their style was ‘route one to make even norway and wimbledon fans blush’?

            Sharp doesn’t suit that style, no. But then again, only a certain type of striker does. 6+ foot hulking brutes with turning circles to rival a supertanker and the first touch of a hungry lion tend to do well in that system. Suprisingly, Billy Sharp isn’t that kind of player…

      • Matt BB

        look – theyve got computers in sheffield!

  • saltburnwhite

    please god not ROB HULSE! it would be a step backwards if we sign him over rated , over paid , underskilled and over the hill!
    new era = new young hungry players not a journeyman like hulse ….what next thomas brolin???!

    • Mark R

      Yes Saltburn White .. it’s leftfield I give you that … but…..
      THOMAS BROLIN … it’s brave .. it’s audacious… it’s the kind of ‘out of the box’ thinking that we need from SG.


      • Charlie Big Potatoes

        Last I heard he was selling hoovers, he’ll have a job to get match fit! Lol

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  • Foreverablade

    If Montgomery leaves Sheffield United then it will be for what he believes to be a better club.

    OH BOY ARE YOU IN FOR A SPANKING IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP – as they say, it’s a league apart


    • Tony Curie’s Curler

      Leeds Born, Leeds Fan. Thanks for looking after him. But it’s time for him to come home now.

      All these Sheffield Fans on this forum, I smell a touch of the old inferiority complex kicking in again.

      Notice my tag? TONY CURRIE’S CURLER? Great player for both clubs but he left the blunts to better his career. So he came to Leeds – hurts doesn’t it?

      Yes we’ve had it tough these past few years…

      • Mark R

        That one curled into the top left corner.

        Nice one Tony.

    • public enemy

      THE BALDES ARE GONNA STRUGGLE NEXT SEASON TOO NOT MAKING PLAYOFFS WAS A BIGGY FOR THEM I HONESTLY THINK WE WILL FINISH ABOVE SHEFF UTD unless mr blackwell goes losing your player off the season to us will not help wonder if you can take us to court for that

  • sez

    My mate forrester is a stoke season ticket holder and says rumour is Huth is on his way to us in exchange for Kilkenny and £500k.

    • mattyg1889

      Huth dropping a division for £500k? Dont make me laugh, he’s their first choice CB alongside Shawcross.

  • Mark R

    What the crocodile rock is going on here ?

    Worksop, Swahili,UTB, Fugu & Forever Bladies….on TSS ….

    Let the banter begin ……

    The first match I ever attended at Elland Road was to see the Mighty Whites on Saturday Septmber 21st 1974 vs. S***F Utd.
    A glorious 5-1 victory . Clarke 2, Yorath, McQueen & Lorimer .


    • mattyg1889

      If we’re reminiscing – I remember going to Elland Road a few years back and seeing the Mighty Blades crush Leeds 4-0, even Monty scored!!!

  • Si

    lol – i rememeber it well Mark – seeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Raph

    Bring back yeboah!

  • Si

    For the record – there is only one or two strikers that will do for me and that i bleieve can get anywhere near Jermaine’s 30 goals a season…

    One of them is Ricky Lambert and seeing as money bags Southampton dont need to sell, thats a non starter.

    Garry Hooper for me. Affordable and would walk to Leeds i am sure

    Sharp – no thanks, too slow
    Hulse – loved him when he was at Leeds but a step in the wrong direction.

    My money is on us baggin Hooper and the Steel City derby taking place in League one the season after this one. Shit ground, brainless fans and the leagues worst tactically (lets play Hulse up front on his own against Watford) inept manager in the CCC

    • Matt BB

      I have to disagree, their ground isnt sh1t..

  • Arnie

    A colleague went to the England match the other night with the lad that covers LUFC for the Yorks Post and he told him Grayson has no money to spend (translation: Bates won’t give him any!)
    It’s clear already from the speculation that I’m afraid we’re looking at out-of-contract players, or those nearing the end of their contract, and bargain bucket/frees.
    I’m worried by the calibre of some of those suggested to replace Beckford and don’t believe Leeds will have the clout to compete with some of clubs with bigger budgets in the division.
    The quality of his replacement could make or break how well we get on in this division year.
    Si, it would be great if we could get Hooper as I rate him (scored a cracker against us when they went up the other year, but don’t see it happening espeically as I’ve seen £1.5m-£2m quoted for him.

    • Matt BB

      i’m not sure the yorks ep has the sort of inside knowledge on leeds that it used to, though it comes as no surprise to hear that bates will try to get us promoted on the cheap, and will subsequently fail.

      You just cant do it unless you spend some money on transfer fees. When Blackpool went up they spent £500K on Chalrie Adam, and a combined total of around £400K on tothers, you just cant do the championship on the cheap and it really makes me angry to think that hes going to try and do this again.

      No improvements to the ground, no transfer fees, I know running a club isnt free but where the h*ll is the money going?

      • Pete

        Maybe Grayson/Bates have already agreed some payments and there’s nothing extra after those?

        No money available doesn’t mean no money was available.

    • public enemy

      quite frankly Y E P would not know that info there has to be some money there we all know we need to strenghthen bates aint stupid he knows too

  • steven LUFC

    I can see us spending around 2-3 million, which is not being too greedy just enough to bring some quality in, Hooper and Hulse together would be a valid replacement for beckford.

  • steven LUFC

    bates need to stick he stumpy little arms in his deep pockets and give us someone who can take the club forwardwe got 6 million plus for delph have not seen a penny of that, on tele 6 cups matches ina row, plus cup money, high gates at er all season. promotion must equal some money, really pissing me off where the F**K is it all going????????

    • tony c

      steven LUFC Easy mate your not allowed to ask where the monies gone from the sale of Delph or the luring away of the lads to Chelski and Everton put to one side for the (non)buy back of T.A You will incur the wrath of the BIG (Bates Is God) squad only time will tell if the money will be available or we are shopping in the bargain bins i would rather have a young guy with ambition than a known name with a reputation on their way down looking for one last pay day. what will happen to the likes of Kandol Robinson who still have time left on their contracts if they don’t find new clubs will we end up in the Fowler Viduka situation where we are still paying their wages to play for someone else

  • steven LUFC

    and as for hulse hsi past it now, might aswell play kandol up front!

    • Mark R


      You mean Kandol & Dickov mate.
      What a formidable pairing !

      And Thomas Brolin playing in the hole.


      • Matt BB

        Yes he always looked like he was stood in a hole the short a2se.

  • tim campbell

    I’ve been on a few other sites and dare I mention they speculate the return of the prodigal son – a certain Mr A. Smith!!!

    • timm

      If he comes back i’ll buy a shotgun & become the Elland Rd sniper! From what i hear from my Geordie mates, he’s finished there. I bet he wishes he could come back? Now that would be a prime example of a sub standard player looking for a final big payday.If he offered to play for us for nothing i wouldn’t want him back!

      • i would still have him back, loved him when i was a boy, i hated him for moving to united then found out the truth behind it all, would welcome him back!

        • timm

          The truth behind it all was that Man Utd & Everton both bid the same money for him, but the scummers offered him more money so he went there! I don’t subscribe to any of that ‘taking one for the team’ crap! We don’t want any more unrest when it comes to our players, we had enough with Beckford to last for years! If Smith came back it would just split the fans again. & he’s shit!

          • there was a statement on the Leeds website which cleared all of this up. smith had no choice where to move, it was because scum were offering the money up front and Everton wanted to do it in instalments and we needed all the money as we were in debt. im sure he could do a job for us

          • public enemy

            would be a good midfielder although not a striker

      • TheReaper08

        True, what position does he play these days ? Like every poor forward he seems to to be migrating further backwards, wouldn’t be surprised if he started in goal for someone next year.

        • TSS

          I did wonder how long it’d be before Smith was linked. He’d be welcomed home by me, but I’m sure it’d be a controversial move and can’t see it happening.

          • TheReaper08

            He’d be welcomed home by me as well, I need someone to clean my cars before I give them back.

  • Paul South Wales

    Smith! No way, so too Hulse, had their day not the players they were. We need fresh hungry players, not necessarily expensive players but quality. This is where our scouting team prove their mettle. There are good players out there for instance in the SPL who could really make an impact, as well as youngsters ready for the challenge of the CCC. Time will tell how much ambition misterbates (changed A for E)really has. If we go down the road of old players past their prime then we’re in for a torrid season, but surely SG will know what we need to not only compete but challenge for a play-off place. Bates needs to put up the funds or things are gonna go tits up quickly!! MOT

    • Matt bb

      The smith rumour surely is just that.. He’d only end up ousting howson or kilkenny and upset the dressing room. So not a good buy, he’s already shown he didnt want to play for us once, even before he went to the scum he made som awful speech about how he had all hi career in front of him so wasnt prepared to play in the championship. Hulse too is not a worthy successor to beckford, we need to be watching the lower leagues in spain and portugal they’ve always produced some good strikers for us, becchio, hasselbaink to name well two.. Two good’uns!

  • Adolfo

    been reading this site for a while now and i thought i’d join in… being icelandic(the volcano is not my doing, honest!) i thought i’d mention that Burnley released Joey Gudjonsson. he does enjoy a tackle and he has a mean strike on his right foot. i think he could do a job for us as the anchor in midfield.
    the striker situation is kind of a priority innit? i dont want Hulse back, he’s too similar to Luci. and knowing Simon (which i don’t) i think he will not sign anyone who has been mentioned in the press.
    i personally would sign someone with a beard, cause i’ve heard it enhances balance while shooting and more importantly, beards are cool…

    • timm

      Great post Adolfo. Your English is far better than my icelandic! I agree with you on the beard issue, im actually thinking of growing one myself. I fancy one like the guy from Band of Horses? As well as the issue of balance, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that a substantial beard will house a good number of energy drinks, & this could provide us with a vital advantage during those crucial early season games which are played under the blazing sun (unless of course, the sun is stuck behind that damn volcanic ash cloud!).Im just glad to see someone on here addressing the real issues for a change, instead of all that nonsense about who owns the club & is Beckford staying & Bates…Blah Blah Blah…!

    • TheReaper08

      Beards are cool, I don’t have one as personally I would look like a tit. Would love a big ZZ top style beard.

      • Adolfo

        i actually have one so i might be a little biased on that issue… sported a Ian Rush like mustache by 8th grade which i was extremely proud of at the time… didn’t really impress the girls though, which i thought was strange… they must have liked other girls… seems like the only logical explanation don’t it?
        i actually thought about something football related to say for about 20 minutes… i have nothing! curse this blasted time of year!

  • mikelufc

    welcome adolfo
    nice post, cant wait to read what you have to say when there is actually something concrete to say. I dont accept your refusing responsibility for the ash….

    • Adolfo

      cheers mate… well you got me! i was playing with matches and the volcano just sort of caught on fire! serves me right… mum always told me not to play with matches near volcanoes that haven’t erupted for a thousand years… well all i can say is i won’t do it again!

      • timm

        Matches & beards are a dangerous combination Adolfo!

  • Certainly do not want Smith back…isn’t he the one who kissed the scum badge?…plus he’s shit…always was. As for Hulse; well Champman was at a similar stage in his career and he did a job getting us up, why not Hulse? Big dozy, bustling ‘old sytle’ centre forward?

    I’d fancy Hooper, Lambert or Paynter from Swindon if I had hold of Batesys’ cheque book but I’m guessing it’s safely tucked up in bed in a vault in Monaco.

    If we try and get up ‘on the cheap’ I for one will be throughly pissed off.

  • Matt BB

    if we want midfielders then there are better places to go than Mr Smith, montgomery would be a great addition, though as mentioned i dont think we will manage to prise hiom away from Sheffield United, I’m shocked we havent tried to buy Smithies from Huddersfield for goals.

  • Matt BB

    Just signed Kasper Schmeicel in goal, pleased with that! another dane called Kasper in goal, we wont be able to tell the difference.

    • timm

      That’s a seriously impressive start to things! i read that Premiership teams were after him, & he was on huge money at Notts Co, so definately showing the ambition we want to see. Pity about his dad though!!

      • Charlie Big Potatoes

        Defo pleased with Kasper Mk2! Young and very promising, a definate signal of intent. Superb shot stopper.

        More of the same please Simon!

      • Dje


        I was getting worried with us being reported in the Daily Mail that we were stumping up £1.5m for Hulse, but the signing of Schmeichel is great news and a real step in the right direction of ambition. More of the same, please.

        • Pete

          I’m suprised we got him. Pleasantly though.

          Premiership standard keeper IMO. Good bit of business, and no transfer fee so a bit more to spend on wages.

          Let’s hope for Montgomery now, and Gary Hooper. Then we’d look like a good CCC side.

  • timm

    Let’s hope for Montgomery & Hooper next? I’d be delighted with that.

    • Adolfo

      is Kasper going to the World Cup? wouldn’t mind him getting some games there and returning fit and sharp for pre season… so next on the agenda: a bulldog in midfield. at the risk of repeating myself i wouldn’t mind seeing Gudjonsson come in.


      in the second video his goal is on the 35 second mark.

    • Charlie Big Potatoes

      I’ll second that!

      • timm

        Great minds think alike Charlie!

  • steven LUFC

    Great signing, free aswell, he has got to be worth 2-3 million, just been watching come clips of him on youtube, made great saves against the likes of arsenal and man united. Brilliant first signing, makes me happier than i was yesterday.

    • timm

      Once saw him have an amazing game for Falkirk too. I wouldn’t mind knowing how much we’re paying him?

      • steven LUFC

        well reports say he was on 15,000 a week at notts county and they relesed him as could not afford his wages. so much be a fair amount i would imagine.

  • Colin

    I agree – great signing and what’s even better is that no-one saw it coming. Hopefully the players we’ve been attached with through rumours are all a smoke screen and we’ve no intentions on the hulse’s or harte’s.

    • I’m really hoping this signing signals our intent thru the summer – interesting what kasper said, that leeds are still in his opinion one of the countries top clubs – lets hope that more of his quality think alike