In the aftermath of Saturday, thousands of Leeds United fans that have grown more used to failure than we have success will be checking the various media outlets again and again just to make sure it wasn’t a beautiful dream.

Amongst those thousands of congratulatory posts, there are thousands of images that will be forever engrained in our memories as we re-live our escape from the gloom of League One in years to come. One of those pictures, which shows the Leeds United bench celebrating also captured a hasty retreat from the ageing linesman. I bet he’s hoping this picture isn’t remembered for quite as long as some of the others…

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  1. Mark R

    Or…Top Trumps … Fastest & smallest Linesman over 10 yards…

  2. timm

    Bates having a laugh at a private party is an embarrasment to the club etc.. but a match official & opposing team players running like hell in fear for their own safety is a comedy moment! What’s this then? One rule for Bates & one rule for the ‘fans’? Im not being a killjoy, just putting a different perspective on it.

  3. Oranje_White

    It looks like Dusty’s channelling Bruce Lee and preparing for a ninja kick of epic proportions! No wonder the poor bugger’s running like hell!

  4. Matt BB

    Not surprising given the shocking decisions he and the prime idiot made on Saturday making a tense situation worse.

  5. TheReaper08

    If I am not mistaken isn’t that Paddy in the foreground doing a very good impression of guy without an achiles injury ? (That’s a joke before I get lynched)

  6. les

    that was funny to see him leg it like that i dont know if any one saw it on football league show but i “in my opinion only “for the benefit of not upsetting any one .thought that the linsemen at millwall would have beat him in a straight race he fair took off too at the final whistle


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