Billy in way of Chelsea Village, Leeds

TBG's 'Visit Beeston' campaign

Old Kenneth has been busy annoying the Leeds United faithful again with his plans for the East Stand involving moving Billy Bremner to a “temporary location”. The Beaten Generation and Love Leeds Hate Bates have vented their outrage at proposals to stick the statue of our clubs hero in a carpark opposite the East Stand so Bates’ builders can get on with the job at hand.

With the anti-Bates feelings once again growing amongst Leeds United fans, his sheer disregard for our clubs heritage and lack of concern for supporters feelings is demonstrated quite spectacularly once more. His hotel aspirations on the side of a stadium the club doesn’t even own are once again taking precedent over the teams future. Friends of the site at The Beaten Generation have long been protesting for a Ken Bates-free Leeds United and their most recent campaign ‘Visit Beeston’ couldn’t have been timed much better. The campaigns slogan ‘Build us a team, not a hotel’ sums up current feelings quite perfectly.

Full plans for the East Stand can be seen here on the Leeds City Council’s website.

That Sky apology

The ruthless, money-hungry, monopolising capitalists of Sky Sports have issued an apology via the Yorkshire Evening Post over their failure to show the one minutes silence for Chris and Kev at the Yeovil game on Monday which reads;

“We always try to give the utmost respect to a minute’s silence, or applause, before a live match.

“But we were not aware that there was going to be any tribute at (Yeovil].

“Nothing had been mentioned to our production team and our reporter at pitchside was also unaware, as were match officials and club representatives.

“We can only apologise to those upset by this turn of events.”

Despite the contempt I hold for Sky – mainly because they charge me a fortune and have the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered – I am willing to accept their apology, especially since a spokesman for Yeovil admitted the remembrance was ‘fairly impromtu’.

I know a lot of Leeds United fans have remained angered despite this apology, but I honestly don’t believe Sky would be stupid enough to offend so many fans by deliberately ignoring it. Furthermore, the production team did show pictures of our ‘turn you backs on football’ campaign and made sure to inform the audience at home of its significance. Normally, everyone does hate us (and we don’t care), but Sky simply want your money and would do nothing to deliberately jeopardise that.

Thanks to Yeovil Town

Nice to see a lot of Leeds United fans have been writing to Yeovil Town this week to thank them for their support in remembering Chris & Kev. Both teams wore the black armbands once again and the minutes silence was carried out by the club and impeccably observed by both sets of fans.

The club and its fans deserve all the credit they receive for ensuring the official 10th anniversary of Chris & Kev’s murders didn’t pass by without recognition. Yeovil was one of the friendliest and most family-orientated clubs I’ve visited this season. I’m sure I speak on behalf of all Leeds United fans that made the journey when I thank Yeovil for their efforts regarding Chris & Kev and the friendly welcome we received before and after the match. I wish them the best of luck for the remainder of this season and for the future.