Five goals, four injuries, three red cards and a brace for Jermaine Beckford made for one very happy Elland Road crowd as the struggling MK Dons cast their thoughts to next season and the end of a disastrous run.

An early goal from the in-form Luciano Becchio set Leeds United on their way, but it was quickly cancelled out by Lewington just six minutes later. With Leeds United legend, Lucas Radebe watching on, the Whites defence once again crumbled from a set-play and gifted Milton Keynes the equaliser. Maybe we can get the Chief in to give Naylor and Collins a few pointers?

Leeds’ first goal had been created from nothing by the on-loan Arsenal youngster, Sanchez Watt dispossessing one of the Dons defenders. A similar blunder was punished again as Neil Kilkenny won possession, then found Sanchez Watt who set Max Gradel up to put Leeds back in the lead and give the youngster his second assist.

Just before half-time, the referee made an appalling decision by sending-off MK Dons Mathias Doumbe, but levelled his mistakes out shortly afterwards by denying Leeds what looked like a clear-cut penalty. Nevertheless, Leeds United headed in for the break 2-1 up and would return to play a MK Dons side ravaged by injuries, lacking a permanent manager and down to ten men. It really couldn’t be any easier.

The second half was a bit of a precession if truth be told. The Dons never looked capable of getting back into it, and as their injury crisis deepened with two more players added to the list, you had to feel sympathy for a team who looked likely to make the play-offs earlier in the season. Leeds meanwhile were having our own injury problems as Ben Parker was taken off with what looked to be a season ending injury.

Despite being down to ten men, the Dons held out and Leeds struggled to kill the game off. Luckily, we had our most dangerous weapon ready to pounce from the subs bench and his introduction brought with it a new lease of life for the Whites. Jermaine Beckford entered the field to a positive reaction from the crowd in what is likely to be his penultimate appearance at Elland Road.

The pace of Jermaine Beckford instantly caused problems for the makeshift Milton Keynes defence and it took just five minutes for Jermaine to extend the Whites lead. A cross from Bradley Johnson was pounced upon by Beckford and put beyond the Dons keeper to secure the three points for Leeds United.

Sanchez Watt’s man of the match performance was prematurely ended by injury as Leeds headed into the last ten minutes. The Arsenal youngster received a well-deserved standing ovation from the Leeds United faithful as the fans crossed their fingers and prayed it was nothing serious.

With four minutes remaining, Jermaine Beckford doubled his tally after being bundled down in the box and earning Leeds a penalty. Milton Keynes were struggling to cope with Becks’ pace and David McCrackan was sent off under the last man rule. Beckford’s penalty was a weak effort, but still managed to beat the MK Dons keeper, as the Whites put the final nail in their coffin.

All that was left was for the referee to send off his final player of the day which was Peter Levens, meaning Milton Keynes finished the match with eight men and the referee had taken his card tally to five yellow and three red. Personal best perhaps?

Overall, Leeds weren’t as good as the result suggests. Our defensive frailties were once again highlighted as everyone went missing during set-plays and we really should have had the points sealed up earlier than we did. Milton Keynes are a wounded side that never caused us any real problems. Their injury crisis, management problems and the fact they have nothing left to play for means they’re just making the numbers up at the minute and looking forward to drawing a line under a devastating season. That said, Leeds got the three points and that’s all that really matters.

All that leaves Leeds United still in second place, but since Millwall managed a late couple of goals at home to Leyton, they’re still only one point behind us. The good news is that Swindon and Charlton only managed draws leaving them pretty much out of the running now as Leeds head to the Valley next Saturday.

TSS man of the match

Simon Grayson rung the changes for this game and the one that paid off most notably was the starting place for Arsenal’s Sanchez Watt. The youngster was a real breath of fresh air, linking up well with Max Gradel throughout and getting himself two assists for his efforts. Hopefully his injury wasn’t too severe.

  • Well played lads, a few changes today and we adapted well. Good to see Watt starting and having a real impact, Beckford off the bench with devistating results for the MK defence (as predicted by me in an earlier post). Job well done, now let’s push on and finish the job! MOT

    • allenby16

      Well played Leeds.Great performance especilaly from Watt who must surely keep his place in the team at the Valley next week. I believe 4 points from our last two games should be enough to clinch promotion! C`mon Leeds we`re almost there!! MOT

      • LUFC-mac

        Not sure about great performance, but all we want now is 3 points. Luckily for us MK are going through the motions at present. The defence is very poor at the moment and against an attacking team I am worried. Hopefully Charlton will take the foot off the pedal a little now as only play offs for them now in reality. Collins and Naylor have looked dodgy in these last 2 games and still they play? Not even Lubo or Rui on the bench?

        • Hotshotlorimer

          Think Lubo too unreliable/unpredicatable but can’t understand why Rui not in. I rate him highly and would have him on the sheet before any of current two. If all fit I’d say Kis/Rui partnership best we have. Losing Kis has really stressed how much depends on him for organisation as well as his own play. His absence and Naylor’s exposure since shows just how reliant Naylor was on him in the centre. At the same time Hughes in particular has gone from being looking vaguely lost to apparently being on another planet.

  • Lewis g

    very sad news for ben parker having just come back, hope its nothing too serious. cud go up next week if tranmere manage to get a draw at least against millwall and we win at charlton, if not going to the bristol rovers match on last days of season for hopefully the celebration, if we go up, i think the defence apart from kisnorbo needs a major overhaul, i mean despite michalik getting alot of critisicm he does alright higher up so cud come good in championship, naylors past it,.. in terms of midfield i believe snodgrass,kilkenny and howson could defiintely do a job at next level up with perhaps johnson and gradel maybe being able to cut it.. so id think upfront becchio cud cut it, grella should be given his chance as well as somma,… i do think if we go up then, a new defence, a couple of midfielders and wingers, and one star striker to replace beckford (who i dont believe cud cut it at championship anyways) gary hooper is top of wishlist for me

    • Craig

      Two very big “ifs” IMO. I’d rather not think about next season until its done and dusted.

    • TheReaper08

      Let’s just get up first Lewis and then over the summer we can all talk about who we can get rid of and who we can buy.

      In the meanwhile let’s treat the whole squad the same and bget behind them all for the final two games.

  • Benjamin bunny

    Two games away from the championship, what a nail biter ey lads!
    Watt sounds like he was a breath of fresh air for us, fingers crossed he’ll be back for the trip to Charlton.
    Question to someone that was at the match, how was Johnson performance? I’m a big fan of Bradley and been wandering why he’s not been playing, would be grateful if someone could enlighten me.


    • TSS

      Wasteful at times shooting from range. My problem with Bradley is his lack of defensive ability, but we had little defending to do today so hard to pass judgement really. His passing and crossing were OK though.

      • TheReaper08

        What amazes me about the lad TSS is he clearly has a lot of talent but seems to lack motivation. He started the season on fire but the last time I watched him live he looked like a slightly tubby chap that had won a prize to play for his favourite team.

        • LUFC-mac

          I’ve never rated the player. Yes, he did score a good few at the start of the season, but in open play he is very weak. Doesn’t add anything to the team. Play him at left back instead of Hughes if Parker is finished for the season.

          • Benjamin Bunny

            Would Lowry not be a better option?

          • TheReaper08

            No I think he is a good player, whether it’s confidence or something else I don’t know but he has put in some good performances.

      • timm

        I thought Bradley did ok today, he was brought in to break up play in midfield & i thought he did a good job. Great ball to Beckford for the goal as well.

  • Raph

    Great to see a good performance. I was dissapointed with hughes, he seemed like he didnt have a clue what to do when on the ball going forward, snoddys thinking was too quick for hughes to keep up unfortunately! As for brad, his shooting was awfull, johnny wilkinson would have been proud of some of the kicks! Crossong and determination can’t fault the guy though. Come on leeds…nearly nearly there!

    • Hotshotlorimer

      Raph, Have you EVER seen a good performance from Hughes. He’s perpetually out of his depth. He is always slow to react to pretty much every situation with the result that he doesn’t he see team-mates’ movements or intentions and is repeatedly caught out of position defensivley, all to frequently with the worst result. In pretty much every time I’ve watched him play he’s been THE major liability. I just don’t get it. There must be something about him I’m missing. I keep looking but I can never see it. Open my eyes someone…

      • LUFC-mac

        You are missing it!!
        He’s SG’s love child.
        THAT’s why he always plays!!

        • Sammy Becchio

          Not trying to be boring here, however Alan Sheehans missus goes out in the town where i live, and i had a chat with her in Jan, just before he got sent out on loan again, and she was telling mesome of Alans dressing room stories, and Andy Hughes is meant to be one of the biggest arse lickers to Grayson, the one who picks the cones up at the end of training, and offers the gaffer a cuppa etc. I think they have something going on haha.

          • timm

            It’s a good job SG picks the team based on who can do the best for the team then isn’t it? If he based his team on who picks the cones up & makes him a cuppa then we’d have that lethal duo of Ian Miller & Glynn Snodin in the team every week!I suppose it could be said that Hughesy picks the cones up because he’s a genuinely helpful bloke & he’s not in a mad rush to get down to the porsche garage or home to play on his playstation? My mate bumped into Ken Bates near the Mal Maison hotel a few weeks ago, they got talking & Bates said that Graysons a good young manager but he’s really boring! Well i know which one i’d rather go for a pint with!

          • Sammy Becchio

            Im not for one minute trying to slate Hughesy,at the end of the day he’s playing in White, however, Becks got dropped for not scoring and slightly off form recently, which was completely the right thing to do by Larry, so surely Hughes should be dropped for being consistantly one of our worst performers, and prone to giving the ball away etc. I just agree, along with HOTSHOTLORIMER and lufc-mac
            that Hughes place in the team seems to be set in stone,for a very strange reason.

  • Timmo

    Is this the quickest TSS match report ever?

    • Mikelufc

      It may well be the quickest TSS report ever and it is up to the usual high
      standard, thanks TSS, I depend on you to give me a balanced report. Not being
      able to get to games
      We remain in a greatandenviable position with only the lions and
      ourselves able to deny us prmpomotion.

    • TSS

      Cheers Mike. Had a bit of a hangover from the night before so head home straight after the game.

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  • TheReaper08

    Back to the article in hand and what a result. I wasn’t there so I can’t comment on the performance but I trust TSS so I will go with the above.

    What I can comment about is the result and the scoreline and what a boost of confidence for the last two games today was. I alos l like the fact that the 3 main strikers all scored.

    • timm

      Crowd played their part too today, stepping up when it mattered. Only slight disappointment was that we couldn’t manage one or two more goals to get the goal difference up. Probably sounds a bit greedy considering we won 4-1 but we did miss a couple of sitters.

  • Timmo

    Just glad we won so I didn’t have to wait till Wed for the report. Avoiding football specifics, gonna be a long two weeks.

    • timm

      It may not take that long? I really fancy us at Charlton, & i reckon Millwall have got a very tough game on their hands at Tranmere. Just look at Tranmeres league position.

  • timm

    I see Somma scored again! I know it’s in L2 but the lad’s looking a very good striker

  • Yorkshrman

    Anyone else think that the ref and linesmen were possibly the worst officials ever to grace the field at ER?? When the ref produced yet another red in injury time I thought we was going to send Collins off ……

    • Mikelufc

      who gives a flying F?
      3 points more and we are level on GD
      It is rely ours to lose

      • Yorkshrman

        Strange reply …………

      • TheReaper08

        Mikelufc I think yorkshrman was just making refernce to the standard of officials nothing to do with the performance or result. It is right to note these things as we may be on the end of some or all of these officials in the future.

  • KNick

    Hey guys, I’m from Leeds but living in South Korea…was wondering if anyone else is having problem with LUTV? Even though South Korea is meant to have the quickest internet in the world, last night while listening to the game, the commentary was being ‘ buffered ‘ every 5 seconds! i got maximum of 10 mins out of the second half! it’s been pretty much the same for months and even watching the highlights is a nightmare!

    Anyone else having problems with LUTV? or know if there is anything I can do, it might well be my connection…on a brighter note, great result last night even if the performance wasn’t great, that’s not important at this stage! I wouldn’t care if we fluked it till the end of the season. MOT

    • spanish white

      Had the same problem in spain last year with lutv, so I’ve not bothered this year as it was useless.ButI do think it might be our feed.On the other hand KB does not want us to enjoy watching or listening to the game cos we only paid £40 per year!!

    • Colin

      Hi Knick. I have LUTV in the UK and have no problems.

      The match feed is provided and managed by a company which is part of Sky (UK Sky). I know for example that the Leeds live match feed is done by the same company who also provides West Ham match feeds – I think all the big teams use this company.

      There’s a couple of things to check – do you have the same problem streaming/playing things like YouTube clips? – if so then your internet cache maybe full. Before the match, try turning your router off and then on. Likewise, turn your laptop on and off – this should clear all the crap out and should help.

      If YouTube does work fine, then did the LUTV stream only start playing up recently, ie. was it okay before? If so, then there’s been a few Microsoft patches recently (definitely for Windows XP) so type in windows update in google and download any important updates. Then you’ll need to make sure you have Windows Media Player 11 – again google this and download. It’s all free as long as you have a proper copy of Windows and not some dodgy copy. If you’ve got a dodgy copy then don’t do the above.

      If there are streaming issues then they automatically open Yorkshire radio and allow it to stream the game (it’s normally not playing the game). There’s a file that I can give you more details on if you think that’s worth having a go. Let me know if you want me to explain it. However, if you’ve been having streaming problems all the time then I doubt this will help.

      Lastly, I think there’s a Help tab on the LUTV website – follow the FAQ’s and see what they suggest. I’m pretty sure there’s an email address where you can contact them (the Sky company) and so drop them an e-mail.

      As long as you’ve got a half decent internet connection then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work outside the UK.

      Hope this helps!

      • KNick

        hey there,

        thanks for your feedback guys, I’ve installed the windows updates and tried to install a version of media player (11) which is older than the one I already have! not sure about the commentary obviously, but the video is still not working on the highlights! lets see what happens on match day but I might try this other file if you have it. thanks for your help guys. Nick

        • Colin

          What’s the error that you get when trying to play the video??

          As for the file – go to

          and click on the listen live option. You should get a box that says having problems click here. Click on that and it will download or bring up a file. Save this to your desktop.

          Then right click on it and open it with your preferred music player (Real, Media Player etc.) and it will play Yorkshire Radio.

          But it sounds like this won’t make any difference to be honest. You should definitely be able to play the videos.

          Stupid question but your subscription is still valid? Just checking in case you’ve paid for monthly and it’s expired.

  • Craig1919

    My big worry is our lack of ability to defend against set pieces, Carlisle, Gillingham, MK Dons you wouldn’t exactly call them a threat however 3 goals in 3 games from set pieces isn’t good enough, what exactly does Grayson have the lads working on in training? If we are to win on Saturday which we can we have to be very tight in all areas and our leaky defence who simply look ordinary without Kisnorbo needs a lot of work to keep Charlton out. I don’t want Saturday to turn into us having to rely upon our strikers to get 3 goals back in the second half like Gillingham which is a possibility unless the basic principles of defending are sorted out.

    • Mark R

      Yes Craig 1919 , defence is a concern , especially now Parker is injured. Very soft goal conceded vs.MKD.On set pieces everyone should have been drilled on where to be and how as a team we defend balls into the box. Training ground is where it should be happening -repetitive drills until it becomes second nature.

      Personel changes don’t help , but still no excuses for conceding as we did vs. MKD.

      SG must work harder on the defence.

      Still it’s 3 points closer & 4 goals so onwards to Charlton .


  • matt

    I must say, I thought bradley johnson had a great game, and he looked a little like the player he was at the beginning of the season.

  • macadamia_man

    Don’s goal looked pretty unrepeatable (which isn’t quite the same as lucky) to me on the Sky highlights. We didn’t pick the cross’s line and as awlways someone could have been in a different spot, but what the hell, 4-1 says a lot more about spirit and finishing than I expected to hear . . .

  • Fucking unbelievable…. We ar sat in second place having just destroyed the MK Dons (regardless of how bad they were) and still there are fans (And I use the term loosly) on here who only seem to want to slag off individual players…. The TEAM has not been playing great lately but we have won 4 of the last five and are sat in 2nd.

    Personally, I expect Millwayy will pip us to it but lets not sit here and single out individual players for a linching just yet. Hopefully, the guys will prove me wrong. They have shown great character to get the poor form turned round just at the right time. Yes, they do lack the killer instinct as proved so horribly at Gillingham but they are giving it as much as they can at the moment and should be supported whilst doing that.

    Instead of critisizing, why not break the habbit of a lifetime and actually try showing them some support…. Showing them that we appreciate their efforts will help urge them on…

    Comon the whites….


    • TheReaper08

      I totally agree Marc, 2 games 2 wins and we are there. Let’s leave the afters to the close season.

      By the way I wasn’t slagging Johnson above as I think he is a good player but he could be better and more consistent. I haven’t watched him recently enough to comment but the last time I did see him he wasn’t very good.

      This pattern has occurred after every game, win or lose there is always at least one player that is targeted for grief.

    • Hotshotlorimer

      It’s a fair point, Marc and I’m guilty myself re Hughes. What happens with me and maybe others who are still completely behind the team, is that nerves and frustration can get the better of us and when you see repeated basic errors it’s hard to avoid the ‘for f**k’s sake what are you doing?’ reaction. I would never get on players backs or boo from the terraces though.

      And you’re right – 4 from 5 has brought a great recovery after the four straight losses but like you, I still think Millwall are favourites. By the time they play Swindon the odds are Swindon will have just learned they’ve nothing to play for on their last day of the season. Points in the bag for Millwall. so assuming they don’t slip up against Tranmere I reckon we HAVE to win at Charlton who will still play while they still have small chance.

    • timm

      Come on Marc! Millwall aren’t going to pip us! We’ll beat Charlton next week & Beckford will score. Tranmere will beat Millwall & then we’ll all celebrate at the Bristol game. It’s in our hands.

  • Leeds4eva

    Our defense needs to be at their best against Charlton cos they were`nt convincing against a lame mk dons.

  • Irving08

    Bradley Johnson played fine. With the right coaching he could go a long way. He’s strong in the tackle, has a good engine, is a good header of the ball, and has a kick like a donkey. His underperformance is due to the mediocre coaches we have at Leeds – copupled with the manager’s inability to decide upon his best team and stick with it. And Bradley himself needs to work harder and decide for himself what is his best position. Personally, I think he could be a very good left-sided central defender, or one of the two in a 4-2-3-1.

  • West Stand Rebel

    I don’t normally comment on referees performances but have to say this was some of the srangest I’ve seen at ER in 44 years. The decision not to award a penalty when Gradel was brought down by their goalkeeper was bizarre.
    If Gradel dived then surely he should have been booked. He had booked Johnson earlier for that offence.
    Two of the sendings off looked well frankly silly.If we had been on the receiving end of such decisions I think there would have been a riot.
    Mr.Tinkler was a positive genius in comparison with this set of officials.
    Anyway good result. Lets hope we have “good” officials for the last two fixtures!

  • Timmo

    Just got to watch the highlights, Dons were bloody awful, hopefully we made em play that way. Nice finish bt JB

  • Ross

    Why do some fans put forward this myth that in order to be a loyal / good supporter you cannot be critical? I consider myself someone who gets behind the team and a positive supporter. This however does not mean that I am blind to the fact the Hughes is not a avery good fullback or that Naylor has been in poor form since coming back from injury this season. Being a fan and being able to review a game are not mutually exclusive. Yes get behind the team, but surley post game discussion and opinion is as much a part of football as going to ER on a saturday.

    Cheers Ross

    • Hotshotlorimer

      Well said, Ross. Not betrayal of the team or lack of support – just (sometimes impassioned) review/pleading/exasperation re certain players or sometimes selection or tactics or whatever. Anyway, just to let you know a little secret I’ve heard through the ER grapevine: LUFC has hit lucky and made a deal with my Aunt Nel to replace Hughes. It’ll be a like-for-like swap. She doesn’t have a clue what football is and has long since forgotten about positions, but she only wants a fiver a week to supplemet her pension.

      • TheReaper08

        My problem as with most discussions on here is the key point is always overlooked. Did Andy Hughes ever say he was a left back ? No. What he is is a pretty ordinary right footed defensive midfielder. What the fella does is play the position, never moan about it and always give 100% even if that 100% is say 60% of a decent left back.

        What cracks me up is I read some total bollocks about Beckford not making an effort blah blah blah. Here we have a model pro playing totally out of position and never moaning even though he must be aware of some people’s opinions of him.

        There is an argument that the lad deserve’s a medal not a bucket load of grief.

        • timm

          Totally agree Reaper, his 2 faults are that a, he tries to play a bit too much football instead of putting it in row Z, & b, he sometimes gets caught square. Both of these problems are purely down to the fact that the lad’s actually a midfielder who’s playing out of position because he’s happy to play anywhere in order to help the team. It amazes me how many times people come on here & talk about team spirit etc.. & then go on to slag the one bloke who shows more of it than the rest of the current team put together! If we were talking about someone who professes to be a defender but gets run ragged every week (Naylor perhaps)then it would be a valid argument. On the whole, Hughes has done a good job for Leeds & he always gives everything.

          • timm

            And if we want to talk about the one player who consistently gets beaten by players, has a shocking pass completion rate, plays schoolboy style head tennis instead of bringing the ball down & gives our team absolutely no extra dimension, then i give you Mr Johnny Howson! But that’s enough of that because he’s from Leeds, he’s a boyhood fan & he’s ‘still only young’!

          • Craig

            I will not easily forget the huge game Hughes played against Man U. I began that game aware that Hughes was a potential weak link but simply took notice of the number of times the commentary team praised his interventions.

  • Matt BB

    When our squad have confidence they can beat anyone. It seems to be working with Beckford as well which is a pleasant surprise, I guess his brief appearances need to count, does anyone think he will want to stay if we get promoted?

    • TheReaper08

      I think it depends what offers he has. I don’t think it is all about the money for him (I have no foundation for this only opinion) more the opportunity to play at a higher level.

      Thinking other than as a Leeds fan I don’t blame him for wanting to try his hand at the highest level he can.

      • Matt BB

        I cannot see that Everton would really be a good opportunity for him to be honest, he’s up against Yakubu, Tim Cahill, Louis Saha, that bloke with the fluffy hair I think he’d find himsefl sat on the bench if he was lucky each week? Our only competition really is therefore CCC clubs, and if we’re alrready in the CCC, why go?

  • Si

    It is surely primarily about money though isnt it? Not blaming the lad at all but think we would pretty stupid to think that he would choose location over cash….

    • TheReaper08

      I think it will be a combination of all three but slightly more weighted towards level of football/money.

      As for choosing location over cash well it is likely Barnard did that very thing in January.

  • Dje

    I’ve never seen Beckford linked with a move North (well more north than Newcastle) to-date, but I’ve a gut-feeling that he could end up with purse-pinched Celtic, or even Rangers.

    Considering the amount of dismissive speculation he gets from fans (ours as well as Newcastle’s, Everton’s etc) about him unlikely to be able to cut-it at the top level in England – largely on account of the number of foreign imports [see Matt BB’s point about Everton’s pecking order of Yakubu, Tim Cahill, Saha, and Fellaini] – and no better than a League One or Championship player, I reckon Scotland would be a tempting alternative.

    Better wages; guaranteed European football for a round or two; as many goals as he is already scoring (cos of the shiteness of the SPL), and the subsequent hero-worship that the hoops or ‘Gers fans adorn their goalscorers with would all sit well with the sort of player/person Beckford is.

    Paul Lambert’s first signing as the new Celtic manager? Beckford to become the New Henrik Larsson anyone? Got to be worth a quid or two on an accumulator.

    • TheReaper08

      That’s a good shout Dje, the SPL is no better than League 1 (It might not be even that good).

      • timm

        As a regular attendee at Ibrox i can confirm that it is dreadful at the moment! I think Rangers v Leeds would be a close game this season. Leeds v Celtic on the other hand would be Leeds easiest game of the season! It is a very good point you make Dje, he’d look good in the SPL & probably bag 30 goals a season & he could earn himself 25 grand a week. The fact that he’s a bit of a hermit would help too, as you run the risk of getting a good beating if you play for an old firm team & go out on the town! He’d certainly go with my good wishes, as long as it wasn’t to Celtic!

        • Dje

          Personally I’d prefer him at Rangers too, but, and with a bit of the Gok Wan here, I think the Celtic kit would be more flattering to Beckford so I can visualise him playing there more than at Ibrox (“there’s just absolutely TOO much blue, honey”).

          Silly as that sounds, I’m sure that what with image rights these days and the preening ego of top players, how the kit looks on a player has to have prevented some big money transfer take place at some point already (I’d lover to hear if anyone knows of one).

          I’m hoping that Beckford’s agent, Frank Ribery (or whatever his name is), devours TSS on a regular basis and I’ve lit a lightbulb in his head with my talk of a potential Celtic move. Hopefully he is entering ‘Parkhead’ into his Satnav as I type. If you are reading this Ribery, just remember that you saw it here first so I want my cut of Beckford’s signing-on fee! About 0.5% will do nicely to be honest – should get a nice conservatory knocked-up out of that.

  • Anonymous

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