Jermaine Beckford at Scunthorpe, Tresor Kandol at Millwall and now Davide Somma at Lincoln. It seems whenever we loan a striker out, they go on to change the course of the respective teams season, no moreso than Davide Somma who seems to be almost single-handedly saving Lincoln City from non-league football next season.

Two goals against Bournemouth at the weekend took Somma’s tally to seven in nine games and unsuprisingly left the Lincoln City fans raving about his ability. Back at Elland Road meanwhile, Leeds’ star striker has failed to find the back of the net in over a month with Leeds’ only goals coming from Gradel, Becchio and Richard Naylor.

Whilst Leeds’ form has taken a turn in the right direction, it does seem that whenever Beckford isn’t firing on all cylinders, we invariably suffer. It’s no surprise then that some Leeds United fans think Somma may be worth recalling and given a chance in the first team. On the evidence of his two goals below, it might not be a bad idea.

His second goal looks like something straight out of the Tony Yeboah school of shooting and could well net him the League Two goal of the season award, whilst his first shows the kind of clever finishing Leeds United sometimes lack, dummying the keeper before rolling the ball home with all the casualness of a striker bursting with confidence.

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  1. Chris from Wakey

    With the benefit of hindsight Beckford should have been sold and part of the money used to buy two strikers like Ricky Lambert or Lee Barnard. I was one of many who said it was worth missing out on a payday if Beckford kept scoring – unfortunately he hasn’t and worse still he looks like he couldn’t care less. Thus, Larry’s substitution of Saturday was a masterstroke and after a s**t-boring first half we came out for the second half looking like we wanted to win. Even Jon Howson put himself about so maybe there’s more to the “dressing room unrest” rumour than was first thought. Does Larry now have the balls to put Beckford on the bench for a few games now and let the players who WANT to play for Leeds go out and have a go. At least if we don’t go up and they’ve tried there is some satisfaction to the end of the season.

    • Dje

      I’ve always thought mixing it up a bit and using Beckford as a substitute in itself was worth ago. After grappling with Gradel’s mazy runs and Becchio’s diving for an hour, I’d have thought the last thing the opposition’s centre back needs is a speedy guy coming on who likes to play off the shoulder.

      Failing this, it’d absolutely bamboozle the opposition manager and make us appear far less predictable than we usually are.

  2. Choppers

    I dont want to sit here and defend him too much, but the criticism he got from the South stand was out of order. It was the 4th cross from Bromby that was high and deep and was bread and butter for the keeper.

    Beckford is not getting any service. I would understand people having a go at him if he was wasting 10 chances a game, however I only recall 1 chance and it was a back post header. I hope people get off his back. Like Larry says it can’t help his confidence

    • Old Billy White

      I agree 100%, get behind anyone who’s in the team. When Beckford has done well, it’s been feeding off Kandol or Becchio, he’s not a target man and never has been. There were lots of hopeful high crosses even when only Gradel was in the box!
      I was in the South Stand but in the opposite side to the bunch having a go at Beckford, and I wanted him to score to see their reaction. No doubt he would have again been “fit to wear he shirt”, not sure whether any of those “fans?” are fit to wear it.
      Let’s get behind everyone, to get us over the finish line.

      • Roger the Dodger

        lets get behind everyone, i dont quite get your point. we support the team yes, not individuals who are not performing

        a striker who is clearly not pulling his weight, pulls out of yet another challenge in a must win game. what should everyone do give him a big cheer and tell him to take it easy, that seems to be your message.

        just a little point its not worked since january so 4 months down the line lets try something different and see if we can get promoted for a change

        and all this talk about service is rubbish, its funny how 5ft tall max gradel isnt getting the service but can still challange in the air and on the ground to try and make something happen

        they are different types of players granted but if you cant be bothered to challange for balls that are there to be won, dont bother pulling on the shirt, not that he will be for too much longer and therein lies the problem

        he went off, we scored two goals and looked more of a threat end of story

        quite simply he either gets told to buck his ideas up or he gets dropped the same as any other player would

      • Old Billy White

        My message is I don’t think that booing a player will make him play better, especially one like Beckford. Perhaps it makes some fans feel better, and probably gives the opposition a lift.

      • TSS

        It doesn’t help at all. I think most fans have played football at some point in their lives with varying degrees of success and I’m no different. I remember vividly how difficult it was to perform when you’re taking a lot of flak so can’t even begin to understand how difficult it must be for Becks.

  3. mikelufc

    Larry does not have the balls to drop Beckford.
    He did not have the balls to sell him when newcastle would have paid 1.8 million for him. What is the point of keeping a player who refuses to sign another contract.?
    There was a second opportunity to get rid in January and still collect. Now he is pleading with the fans to get off his back.
    He does not appear to have noticed the difference it made to the team when he was substituted.
    The rest of the team will despair again when the see the lineup for tomorrow.
    Me too.
    Somma is the last straw.
    Larry out whether we get promotion or not.

    • TheReaper08

      He subbed him after 58 mins which is arguuably worse than not starting him so I don’t believe what your saying.

      If you don’t start a player you can dress it up however you like, different tactics, I am giving you a rest etc.

      If you sub a guy at the start of the second half you are effectively saying you are not cutting it and need replacing. Doesn’t sound to me like he doesn’t have the balls more that he has an unswerving belief in our top scorer of the last few seasons. Not saying that’s right but I think that is what he believe’s.

    • Craig

      The question is whether Beckford wanted a move to Newcastle in January when Everton were interested at the end of the season. My guess is that he preferred a signing-on sweetener which Everton would have put his way for saving them a transfer fee. You can’t sell a player to a club unless he is willing to sign a contract.

  4. Craig

    Two great goals I agree. Both, however, were on the break where it looked like Bournemouth had committed themselves to attack and left space at the back for Somma to run into/contrive a wonder-strike. This is also the kind of scenario Beckford loves and where he looks most dangerous.

    Unfortunately very few teams play against us in this manner – certainly at ER. They tend to pack the defence and try and catch us on the break. On the occasions where the opposition are on the attack they rarely do so as a team and we seem unable to attack at pace and too often resort to the long ball.

    All I’m suggesting is that, were Somma to come back, we’d not necessarily see him have the same impact.

    • TSS

      Not sure they’re one in the same Craig. The intelligence he shows in the first goal is not something I’ve ever really seen from Beckford. He’d have just smashed it into the corner I expect (He’s also missed a fair few one on ones). The second meanwhile was a long ball that he latched onto, which is something you’ll never see Beckford do. He’s only any good when the balls on the deck, which is why he hasn’t been scoring with the hoofball nonsense we’ve insisted on lately.

      I know what you mean by them being able to hit on the break, but Bournemouth still have plenty of players back in the second goal. I guess we’ll not know until we see him in white, but things are looking promising as far as I’m concerned.

  5. mikelufc

    What I ment by the last straw is that I now have no faith whatsoever in Larry’s management and think He should be sacked at the end of the season regardless of whether we achieve promotion. His tactics are poor, his imagination is none existent, his man management leaves a great deal to be desired. fuck it I am gonna switch to manu :-)

  6. Terry

    There is a magnificent article in the latest Square Ball about Beckford that to me sums up perfectly the enigma that he is and I wished I could have written it. I don’t know if it’s available on line but if it is I’d urge everybody to read it. It’s hard to think of any other club where a twenty to thirty goal striker would be held in such contempt by a large percentage of fans. If others in the team had done their jobs half as well as Beckford’s done his this season we’d be up by now. As for replacing Grayson, even at the end of the season, well, words fail me. Most of his substitutions this season have turned games, even if he doesn’t always get it right and he did have the balls to take off his leading goal-scorer on Saturday, rightly in my opinion, and that subsitution won us the game. It also showed us that there is life after Beckford as well.

  7. mikelufc

    Life was better without Beckford.
    Stuart Hall on Radio 5 live was commenting on the sarfend match and referred to Beckford as useless. He is no longer a 20 to 30 goal scorer for Leeds United.

    • Craig

      Do you mean the Stuart Hall who is oh so well known for his balanced + thoughtful opinions?

    • Craig

      Life before Beckford, as I recall, included a season where the team who took him on loan got promoted due to his goals and we lost out in the playoffs.

  8. Colin

    The question is this – if we’re in the playoff final against Huddersfield Town, and you’re in SG’s shoes, who do you pick? You’d have to be very very brave to not pick Beckford. You drop him and lose against Town, then you’re sacked.

    Beckford has scored 27 goals.
    Your other strikers – Becchio, Grella, Kandol, McSheffrey, Showunmi, Vokes have scored 25 between the lot of them.

    Whether you think Becks is lazy, has lost form, has lost interest, it doesn’t matter, you just can’t drop him from the side.

  9. Matt bb

    Amazing, a story about davide somma degenerates into the beckford debate.. For my thrupence i reckon they should bring somma back from lincoln now, his goals look well above league two standard, he has option to leave us end of the season for nothing. Beckford? Well he’ll now worry that everton wont want to sign him and raise his game, we dont know whats been bugging him so leave him alone guys, if we get behind him he may just get better.

  10. Benjamin Bunny

    Even if Somma is recalled, it’s very unlikely he’ll even make the bench, he’s competing against:
    Kandol(once he’s back)
    Grella(made some starts at this level)
    Dickov(experienced, knows how to think a game)
    Gradel (MOM 2 games in a row)
    Becchio(Hardest worker in the squad apart from Snoddy and Howson on a good day)
    Beckford (our leading goal scorer)
    Whitwell( Academy prospect if I remember rightly, doing pretty well, think it’s Whitwell anyway)

    So Somma has no chance of making even the bench, so I say keep him on loan for the resta the season, depending on where we are next season then he could be very valuable for us, fingers crossed were in the Champiuonship though. When does Somma’s contract end?
    Who agrees/disagrees with me?

    • Craig

      I agree… up to a point. Somma has a track record elsewhere and is surely ahead of Whitwell in the pecking order. Kandol is out for 4 games (I think) which, barring major injuries, rules him out for the season and possibly means he is on his way – second identical offence for a fringe player must count for something.

      The only value Somma may be to us at this stage in the season is as a surprise package. The fact that he probably won’t be recalled reflects the fact that he’s also a surprise package at ER.

  11. White to the core

    Leeds have an option on davide somma’s contract at the end of the season. If we want to keep him he will be a white, if not he is gone for nowt. I’ve been mighty impressed with his attitude, confidence in his own ability (remember this man bought himself a one way ticket to the UK he was so sure he could make the grade) and undoubted ability under pressure in a team at lincoln who not only faced relegation but faced losing their place in the football league. The financial implications to go along with that adding to the pressure. Not an easy task! I say he’s a player we must not let go, one for the now and future. As for Beckford. We should have sold him in january but hindsights a wonderful thing! I think he doesnt help himself with his nonchalent attitude on the pitch. If he was seen to be giving his all im sure goals or not we would all get behind him, but here in lies the problem, since new year hes barely broke a sweat!

  12. Benjamin Bunny

    I’d like to see Somma in a white shirt next year too, or atleast retain him and loan him to maybe a League one squad for 3months or so to see how he does. Meaning if we’re in the Championship next year this is. If were still League One then Pre season will be a big time for Somma, depending on who’s manager too. If it’s Grayson then Somma may get a go but if it’s not then the new manager will have his own opinion on what strikers he wants at the club.

    Off topic a little but I don’t understand why Johnson isn;t getting many games, wasn’t he banging them in for us earlier this season and didn’t USA squad scout him as a potential squad member? I’m sure he had a major part in our excellent run, tell me if i’m wrong please though. Just doesn’t seem right that he’s not playing?!?!

    • TheReaper08

      You are absolutely right and if I am not mistaken he is still our top goal scoring midfielder. He appeared to go off the boil a bit though and then the last time I watched him play he looked dreadful, those that go to games more often than me will be able to tell you if that has improved.

      • timm

        Im afraid it’s not good news Reaper. Not so much poor as just anonymous really. He was brilliant until he was out injured for a short time & he just hasn’t recaptured that form. I like Johnson though, he’s strong & quick & has real potential. Definately one to hold on to in my opinion.

  13. Benjamin Bunny

    Whos playing in his place? Didn’t Grayson like swap him around abit from LM to CM? Maybe he’s playing the wrong position. Oh I dunno. End of.


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