You kind of have to admire the Football League’s sense of humour. Despite the 3-0 battering at home to Swindon where Richard Naylor was about as affective as a plastic frying pan, he was awarded a place in the official Football League team of the week for the Easter Weekend.

Every week, TSS receives emails from a PR company working on behalf of the Football League. One of the things TSS is sent is the team of the week for the previous weekend which is decided between a panel of “experts” from the Football League. You have to question how much notice they actually take of the games when the email contains the following quote;

This week, the Coca-Cola League 1 Team of the Week features Leeds United’s Richard Naylor. Defender Naylor is included for his performances against Swindon and Yeovil over the Easter weekend.

I do appreciate Naylor’s revival at Yeovil. He was exceptional from set-plays and undeniably won us the game, but does that really excuse the sorry efforts of our entire team against Swindon Town and merit a place in the team of the week which was based jointly on the two games?

I suppose the only one good thing about this award is that it should further add to our slowly returning confidence. Naylor has received a lot of deserved criticism over the past few weeks and the only way he can combat that is by turning in match winning performances like he did against Yeovil. He still had his dodgy moments, but at the front, he led by example. You need your key players to step up at times like this and carry the rest forward.

Fingers crossed that Naylor is up to the job.

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  1. Arniemar

    Fair dos Naylor led from the front at Yeovil, but he’s looked suspect in defence against the better teams this year and isn’t doing a good job of marshalling the back four either. The third goal we conceded against Swindon was a good example of his poor positional sense.

    I’d like to see Grayson get Marques involved in the matchday squad again, since he’s now getting a game for the reserves. Formed a good partnership with Kisnorbo at the start of the season, I seem to remember.

    • TSS

      Would agree about Marques. Think him and Kis were the best defensive partnership we’ve had all season.

      • TheReaper08

        Although a pointless comment on my part I would like to second this recommendation. Always had a soft spot for Rui.

        I also agree with TSS about the confidence thing with Naylor, let’s hope he is bouncing for the rest of the season.

        I still have a dream this year, and it doesn’t include the play offs.

      • Old Billy White

        Kisnorbo has been a huge loss, I think everyone new how good he was but unfortunately no one has filled the gap. We now need big performances from everyone, and part of that is everyone talking on the pitch.
        It looked as if Naylor had been given the hard word after he was brought off against Swindon, and he responded well. As you say lets hope he can continue, as no one wants the play offs.

      • Craig

        I would agree with the comments on Marques but I think he’s on his way out. I’m sure that he would have been offered a new contract before now if he’d been staying.

      • timm

        Me too Reaper, in my dream we finish 7th! (just kidding!)

    • Craig

      But surely you knew beforehand that these decisions are made by a blindfolded underling with a pin!

    • timm

      Totally agree re Rui, it looks like he’s another good player we’re going to lose because his face doesn’t fit? Numerous defenders have been dropped when they’ve had a blip this season but Naylor seems bombproof & he’s had the biggest blip of all. & before anyone has a go at me i’m not ‘Naylor bashing’, i thought he was great up front at Yeovil but no one can deny he’s had a shocking 2010 so far.

  2. Craig

    I note that Watt had a good game in the reserves. What price on him being the wild card on Saturday?

  3. Colin

    I reckon if we’re going to pull off auto promotion, we’re relying on Beckford. It doesn’t matter if we win just 1-0. It’s a win.

    Jermaine just need to get that 1 good chance.

    • Colin

      Oops sorry, I made a typo there. I meant to say:

      Jermaine just needs to get 10 good chances :)


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