A day that started with a tragic reminder of injustice ended with a tragic result as Leeds United were once again soundly beaten without response. Four consecutive defeats in four matches where Leeds United have failed to find the back of the net mean Leeds United now occupy a play-off spot after a start to the season that looked like we’d be going up as champions.

Friday had gone well for the Whites with Norwich being comfortably beaten and Millwall only managing a draw at home to Brentford. Saturday didn’t start off too badly either with Manchester United getting the biggest cheer of the day when they lost at home to Chelsea. Not often you see Chelsea goals being cheered in the Old Peacock but there is an exception to every rule.

Chris & Kev. Never forgotten!

Around Elland Road there were numerous people collecting in honour of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight for the childrens cancer charity, Candlelighters. Billy Bremner’s statue was surrounded by wreaths and flowers as the 10th anniversary of our fellow supporters brutal murders was marked.

The players arrived on the pitch carrying two wreaths that were laid behind each of the goals and a minutes silence preceeded the kick-off. The sickening thoughts of that night were only made worse by the knowledge that ten years on the families of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight are still without justice.

The game itself started out brightly for the Whites and the early indications suggested we may well get a result. The players were passing the ball better, getting stuck in, closing down and creating chances. For all their efforts however, the best chances fell to Andy Hughes who missed an absolute sitter infront of the dismayed South Stand and Jermaine Beckford who headed well, only to see his shot saved by the visiting keeper and former Leeds United player, Lucas.

Swindon had very little to cheer about early on as Leeds United dominated proceedings, but just three minutes before the interval with the scores still level, disaster struck. A fortuetous strike from Paynter beet Shane Higgs via the woodwork and sent the visitors into an undeserved half-time lead.

The teams returned for a second half to forget from a Leeds perspective. For all their efforts early on, the Leeds United team were behind and with confidence so notably lacking, the heads dropped and Swindon took control. With just three minutes gone of the second period, Swindon and Paynter doubled their tally and Leeds United never managed to respond.

From there on in, things went from bad to worse. The team fell apart totally and Swindon had it all too easy. Their third and final goal came just ten minutes into the second half with the troublesome Paynter once again involved and Austin hitting home to secure the three points.

It was hard to believe the same Leeds United team had returned after the interval as the differences in performances were glaringly obvious. A few players did well and earnt their wages, most notably Howson who was getting increasingly frustrated at the fickle nature of the Whites side, but the majority of players heads dropped after the first goal and remained facing downwards until the end of the game.

As the Swindon fans partied and taunted the Leeds United faithful with chants of “top of the league and you f**ked it up” and “6-0 on aggregate” the Leeds United fans vacated Elland Road wondering just how we’d managed to lose the game by such a margin. By the time Swindon had netted their first goal, Leeds really should have been infront. Their lead was totally undeserved, but as the saying goes ‘goals change games’ and never has there been a more fitting testimony to that old cliché.

The result was a hard pill to swallow after seeing Leeds so dominant in the first half. I can’t help thinking that had Andrew Hughes not fluffed his sitter of an opportunity, or had Jermaine Beckford or Jonny Howson been a little more lucky with their attempts, Leeds United would have won this encounter, but after all the hard work, one goal was enough to totally destroy the lads confidence and leave us looking like a local pub team once more.

Yeovil tomorrow in the early kick-off where there will undoubtedly be changes to the starting XI with the game coming just 45 hours after our previous one. If Leeds are to stand any chance of getting out of the rut we’re currently in and making a play for the automatic position, then they have to get back to winning ways sharpish.

  • Chris

    I think you will find that they they were wreaths, not reefs.

    • TSS

      (rolls-eyes) Will correct.

  • Surely tomorrow is Graysons’ last chance, if we don’t get the 3 points he should go immediately so we at least have a chance in the play-off – with SG’s transparent tactics and inability to motivate we wouldn’t stand a chance.

    • LUFC-mac

      It pains me to agree Harry. I was really impressed with SG earlier this season.
      However, the lack of decent signings and lack of motivation skills have really caught us out.
      He has to carry the can for lots of problems with the squad.

    • timm

      It’s certainly a strange situation. On one hand we’re a team in the top 4 with only a few games left, but on the other hand we’re a team in total freefall & im not sure Grayson knows what to do? His body language yesterday was that of a man who’s totally out of ideas. The majority of the players are a total disgrace. It’s not Fergusons fault or Man Utds fault or Bates fault, it’s Graysons fault & it’s the players fault. They make me ill!

      • TSS

        Not so sure Timm. After four failed seasons under Bates’ leadership, you can’t just keeping pointing the finger at managers and sacking them when things get tough. For me, the problems go much deeper than Larry.

        • Harry

          You can’t blame Bates for a run in which we have taken 15pts from 16 games having taken 56 from the previous 23. Apart from Higgs & Kisnobro what impact have the players Grayson has bought in made – Crowe/Bromby/Vokes/Ephraim/Capaldi/McSheffrey/Dickov?

          • TSS

            No, but how long can we go on sacking managers because we can’t get out of this god-forsaken league before people address the bigger issues?

            The reason we’re being passed by these seemingly inferior teams is because they invested in their squad and aren’t reliant on free transfers and loan signings.

          • LUFC-mac

            It always comes back to Bates.
            I’m sure it wasn’t Uncle Ken who decided on all of the poor signings and loanees we have had.
            He and SG have said money is available, but SG has said he is happy with his squad.
            Then he adds McSheffrey, Dickov, I bet they are on decent wages, for what??

          • Harry

            I think you will probably find that Millwall and Swindon have not spent a lot of money. In fact when you take into account loan fees / wages I’d be surprised if either has invested 25% of the money we have this season.

          • TSS

            You see, that’s the one that really puzzles me. The bit where SG claims money was available. I’ve never known a manager not spend money that was available to them in all the years I’ve followed LUFC. Especially when he knew we needed strengthening; evident from his dash into the loan market soon afterwards.

          • Harry

            I think his mistakes were made in the summer. He believed the team that lost to Millwall in the play-off semi-final was good enough if he shored up the defence. Ufortunately it hasn’t been.

          • LUFC-mac

            I think you are right there Harry.
            However in January, when Beckford was going, why didn’t he get another goalscorer in?
            These pages were full of Hooper, Sharp, Barnard, a list of proven scorers at our level and we got McSheffrey.
            Who, 20 mins into his debut, obviously wanted away, through his comments. Thats were Sg went wrong. And his solution? Dickov, crap!!

        • timm

          I honestly think that Grayson thought if we just get loanees in to see us through then we could attract a much higher calibre of player once we’re in the CCC, & to be honest he’s right. But what’s happened is that he’s brought in mediocre players & put them straight in at the expense of lads who were part of a team flying high. I mentioned this on another site earlier but did anyone Lubo when he was in the members bar before a game & Lorimer asked him if the loan players had unsettled the rest of the lads? Lubo started mumbling & it was obvious Lorimer had hit a nerve. Our players have totally bottled it & there’s just no way SG could’ve seen it coming, & that’s why i think he didn’t make any signings.

          • Craig

            I agree with you wholeheartedly Timm. If Grayson is sacked at the end of the season I think he’ll look back and wish that the transfer window had been a month later. Seeing what he saw in early January I think he made the right call.

        • Craig

          I think you are right. There is no doubt in my mind that our glorified fund manager is a weak link. Maybe Bates’ arms-length leadership was welcome post-Ridsdale who clearly got carried away with the feel-good spirit but surely players need to be set the kind of example that can’t come from Monaco.

  • LUFC-mac

    We really need a positive response from the team now, but who else can SG bring in? Who will improve the team? The morale? The confidence?
    Where is our leader? Nayls is so obviously struggling, he shouldn’t be in the team!
    So who else is there?

    • timm

      LUFC-mac you sound like me mate, totally deflated & shellshocked by it all!I just keep looking for reasons to be optimistic but it’s getting harder.

      • LUFC-mac

        Well timm, I feel more deflated at the current situation than through any of the recent relegations, awful play off games or Wembley losses.
        I have always thought that we were not quite as good as the league table said, however the confidence was such that I always thought we would pull something out when it mattered.
        Now, I don’t know where the next goal will come from.
        I’m as shot away as most of us are!
        If only all of the players showed as much desire as we all do, I know it’s only a job for them, but they all talk the talk and then go through some pretty poor motions!!

        • timm

          Yep, it ruins my week. I could’ve wept when i got home yesterday.

    • Craig

      Has Monday been a turning point for Naylor? The reports are full of his leadership credentials.

  • I feel sorry for Grayson, who obviously wants the team to go up. Just a shame he could not have got more players in with grit and determination and will to succeed, before the rot set in. It doesnt take many players for this to happen, if a few of our players are not pulling their weight, it is hard to beat a lesser team who are.

    • Harry

      A couple of players with grit and determination – what about David Prutton or Andy Johnson? Or even Jonathon Douglass?

      • LUFC-mac

        Prutton? Douglas? Robinson?
        We got Doyle, B.Johnson, McSheffrey.

        • Harry

          At least Bradley was banging in the goals earlier in the season, do you think SG has forgotten that fact given we haven’t scored in 4 games and he keeps persevering with the prolific trio of Doyle, Howson & Kilkenny?

          • LUFC-mac

            Yes, he was scoring I know, but what does he give the team if he isn’t scoring? Nothing.
            Apart from running up blind alleys and shooting (poorly) cos he thinks he is good at it, he aint!!

          • Harry

            After 4 games without one I’ll take a goal any day, and once he’s scored it he can run up a blind alley to a bar of his choice where I would be happy to buy him a beer. I work with a Norwich and Millwall fan and this is agony, I’m convinced they’ve spent the easter holidays trying to bring a Swindon fan in on loan.

      • timm

        Totally agree Harry, Grayson talks a lot about players making poor decisions, he’s guilty of some terrible decision making himself. His loan signings have been woeful. I know Mcsheffrey’s come in for a lot of criticism & that’s fair enough but im sure all of us fans expected him to play up front & not left wing? We have a problem getting the ball down in midfield & we had 2 midfielders in Robinson & Prutts who like to get the ball down & play! Shipping players out because their face doesn’t fit is narrow minded. Wise did it with Sullivan & Wilko did it with Cantona & Sheridan. If Grayson’s still around he’ll do it with Casper too.

        • LUFC-mac

          Do you really think SG will go if we lose at Yeovil?
          Who do we get in now?
          I don’t see the coaching staff helping him too much!
          It looks like the rookie manager just didn’t quite work out for us!

          • Harry

            I personally don’t think Bates will sack him. I think it will be a case of promotion (even via the play-offs) or the sack at the end of the season. There’s no way he will be given another season in league 1.

          • timm

            I think if it had been a season where we’d been on the fringes all season then got beat in play offs he might have got til xmas next season. But it’s the way we’ve collapsed which will see him gone at end of season. Even if we go up i still think Bates would look at it at xmas

  • After sitting through that 2nd half display on Saturday I just dont see how any manager, let alone Grayson, could lift a team from the depths we are in at the moment. I really do fear the worst.

  • Matt bb

    Belief is the issue, once it goes it just doesnt come back, we’ve all lost ours and so have the players, the cards are all with the manager, he actually got them playing but all it takes is an opposition goal and….. This is the point when as a manager you start thinking differently and making tactical sunstitutions and having flexible plans to inspire your players….. Well we’re still waiting. Try playing doyle, collins, parker, lowry at defence? Kilkenny, howson, snoddy, johnson mid, and beckford, grella up front.

    • TSS

      Not so sure about Grella. Besides being offside everytime the ball was played to him, he did very little to standout. That said, Dickov did even less.

      • timm

        I agree, no denying Grella’s a great prospect but he doesn’t look a striker to me? There were too many attacks yesterday where ‘big Micky Doyle’ was our target man & Grella was nowhere. Im not having a go at Grella but we do seem to have a few players at moment who look like they might be better in a different position.

        • LUFC-mac

          yeah, division 4!!

        • Harry

          I feel sorry for Grella, since coming on and banging in 2 goals against Kettering last year he has hardly had a look in until now. Given his lack of game time in the English game it’s no surprise that he is struggling in a team that is totally devoid of confidence. I said in January that he should go out on loan for a month or two to get games, had he done so at least he would be match fit now and might have more confidence. Maybe his best position would be behind the front two as we lack both creativity and goals from central midfield and he might be able to provide both.

          • Craig

            I’d like to see Grella at the front of a midfield diamond. I’m convinced that is where he’ll shine in English football.

  • Matt bb

    Well noone can have an opinion on watt…. Yet. I’ve always wanted to see snodgrass up front.

  • Matt bb

    Grella is a bowyeresque winger, not about winding runs, but purposeful, try him on the right.

  • Last chance for SG to motivate the players tomorrow. What amazed me again on Saturday was the time we took to pass the ball forward. When we arrived in the final third Swindon had 10 behind the ball. Swindon kept it simple, ran at us with the ball with pace, and exposed Naylor .
    Any rumours on possible takeover? One or two seem to be circulating about a possible bid in the summer? Appreciate we’ve heard it all before but Papa Smurf wont want to go on for ever!!

    • timm

      We looked neat & tidy knocking the ball about at back & in middle but a good organised team will let you have the ball there all day. As soon as we got into final third they broke up our attack That’s what we were doing up to new year but not anymore. I can’t believe what’s happened to Naylor! Is Rui injured? I’d go with Collins & Bromby tomorrow.

  • RoystonLUFC

    on the question of sacking Larry, it’s worth recalling that Gary Mac was sacked after losing 4 consecutive games. I think Larry’s just achieved that amazing accolade too. Admittedly they were all to the top-most teams but, nonetheless, losing 3-0 at home to anybody is unacceptable. Smurfy will be weighing up his options right now, guaranteed. Anything other than a crushing victory will be P45 time, I reckon.

    • spot on , but who would we end up with..Dennis the menace again?
      Hopefully we’ll bounce back strongly today!!

      • timm


        • TSS

          Isn’t O’Leary looking for a job? I’ll get my coat..

          • Craig

            It should be part of the etiquette of this site that this particular joke never sees the light of day again.

  • Mike

    In my eyes SG has simply made the error of bringing in two many loan players when they were simply not needed, the balance and most importantly UNITY of the team has been lost.

    What exactly was wrong with the team at the end of December to require so many changes.

    I am guessing now – but if I was on xyz and I saw a few Prem loan players come in on lets say XYZ then professional attitude or not its at the back of your mind.

    Its easy to knock them, but when your careers got an average span of 10 years – most people would make hay whilst the sun shines.

    Whatever happens I think I would like to see SG stay – he’s made a mistake or two (as above)but generally we all learn from our mistakes. Problem with Leeds United is the manager never gets the chance to redeem.

    I think he’s a good manger who will get better and will learn from the last few months. Why start again with a new manager and go through it all again,who the hell wants the poison chalice anyway!

    We all new it would go wrong – its written in our history, then again so is fighting on when alls lost. Remember 92 with 4 games to go!

    We can still do it – but you can bet we will need a win on the last day

    Marching On and On

    • Mark R

      A good post Mike.

      Totally agree that the balance of the squad was affected with all the loanees brought it . Add to that publicily delaring that no contracts would be renegotiated until the end of the season – SG should have kept those thoughts private .

      SG qill learn from this and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes , however I think the nature of being a manager at a club with our heritage – is the pressure and expectation to deliver tangible results within 1 year to 18 months .

      If SG has said he has money to spend and has not spent it when possible , then he’s perhaps been a little naieve in believing he had longer than 18 montyhs to deliver results.

      As you saw , remember 1992 .

      It’s not over until it’s over ..MOT.

    • Craig

      Why O why do we doubt the statistics that point to managers needing time to build from the bottom up? I agree with you that at Christmas Grayson believed promotion was in the bag, albeit with a few blips, and he was keeping the money tightly locked away for a tilt at the CCC.

  • EYLeeds

    Does anyone remember Bates showering Grayson with plaudits at the beginning of the season for not spending his transfer budget? It worries me that SG’s reluctance to strengthen the team in January was to earn further brownie points from Bates and in doing so took a gamble that we could secure promotion without spending any money.

    It is fairly obvious that Bates’ motivation with Leeds is financial, and whilst I prefer that than the inept Ridsdale type running of the club, Grayson feeling that he needs to earn favour by not strengthening the squad highlights his inexperience.

    Can you imagine Fergie choosing not to strengthen his team to keep in the good books of the Glazers?

    Grayson needs to toughen up and stop being manipulated if he is going to be successful at Leeds, and we should back him all the way because he is one of our own.

    • Mark R

      Good points EY.

      As I reponsded to Mike in the post above , SG’s been naieve in thinking longer term than 1 year to 18 months in advance. Football managers today need to show results within this time frame of joining a club.

      He should have been stronger and taken the opportunity to spend when he had the chance.

      SG is one of our own and a little less ‘nice guy’ and a more pragmatic approach will help him get us out of this rut.

      Starting with Yeovil it’s a 7 match season , 4 away matches vs.Yeovil , Carlisle , Gillingham & Charlton , & 3 home vs. Southend , MK Dons & Bristol.

      I think these are all winnable , with perhaps the matches with Charlton and MK Dons being the trickiest.

      Come on Super Leeds !

    • timm

      Like i’ve said before, i believe it was Graysons intention to spend big on a better calibre of player WHEN (!) we got promoted. I’m not sure if im 100% right on this but haven’t just about all his signings been players who play in a higher league but can’t get in their teams? I think this is significant.Apart from Kisnorbo, none of these players have done the business for us, yet when you look at our 2 best players in recent seasons Snoddy came from Livingston & Beckford from Wealdstone & neither were signed by SG. Maybe he doesn’t have a eye for emerging talent? or maybe we have useless scouts? Charlie Austin’s come from Poole Town, Lee Barnard was in a very ordinary Southend team, Rickie Lambert & Billy Paynter have both floated around football league clubs but apart from Barnard (who wouldn’t move north for family reasons)we haven’t been in for any of them. I’d rather see us signing players who are shining in teams around us or below us than players who can’t get a kick at teams above us. Im not sure if this is relevant but i’d be far more satisfied if we signed Rickie Lambert than if we signed someone like Jason Roberts from Blackburn Rovers. The hunger’s just not there. Im just trying to think about where it’s all going wrong & i think this is one of our problems. Also, the fact that we have by far the highest wage bill in the league goes to show that we’re not trying to do things on the cheap, we’re just picking the wrong targets. I read last week that Anthony Kay at Huddersfield (a player who’d walk straight into our first team) is on 79k a year, Andy Robinson is on 520k a year! I know he was signed by Mcallister but it was Bates who backed him. Bates tight? or Bates throwing too much money at players? Kay plays with hunger, Robinson’s on loan at Tranmere because he couldn’t get in the team!

      • Craig

        It is a tricky choice isn’t it? On the face of it, it seems the wisest ploy to go for players who have proved themselves at a higher level but you do wonder how much fight and mental toughness there is left in a player that has had his payday by signing for a PL club on a long contract (even if he’s still young). I think it is a sign of too much money in the game and I predict we’ll be saying the same thing after the World Cup.

  • Mike

    I am looking forward to see the latest set of accounts. I have no idea of the cost of running Leeds United, but I would like to know where all the compensation and previous years profit went.

    But one greater mystery is Dickov – if ever there was a player to split a team its him. I mean when was the last time we booed a player on, Dare I say he looks out of his depth

    Only 11 and a half hours to go

    I cannot imagine a defeat at Yeovil – its embarressing going to the ground I have see local rugby clubs with better stadiums.

    I feel its the defining moment – if we go 5 points behind 2nd place we will need a small miracle and if we have Charlton, Millwall and Swindon in front of us; they surly wont all cave in with 6 games to go

  • tim the white

    I keep saying this club will not survive in it’s present form for another year in League 3.The revenue streams will just not be there. I heard Norwich have sold 19000 season tickets already and Leeds have sold 2000. I we lose today – surely we can’t? then SG has to go. The team needs a new impetus for the final games followed by promotion and then a BIG BIG CLEAROUT. SG is not anywhere near the best manager in this League when you see what others achieve feeding on scraps with poor facilities. Short term contract for Gary Johnson who by his own admission throws hand grenades into the dressing room!

  • Will

    *IF* we do get promoted, how much confidence would any of us have in Grayson being capable of managing the team sucessfully in the CCC?

    This is not a Bates and money issue in my view but down to the simple evidence we have been seeing every 90 minutes since Xmas.

  • Lee B

    There’s been a lot of talk about the loan players not being up to it, and despite the last 3 months there are many fans that still think that SG would be a good manager for Leeds in the long term. But what about the short term?
    What about bringing in just one more loanee – but this time a loan manager/assistant, just to shake things up. Sgt Wilko is the obvious name that springs to mind.
    If SG were to bring Wilko in for that last few games and stand to one side while Wilko kicks a few @rses, maybe we could still get out of this league alive…
    Thoughts anyone?

    • Mark R

      Lee ,

      A creative and original idea . I think that’s a great call.

      Wilko’ is experienced & pragmatic , a good motivator . Perhaps he may have been out of the game for too long ?? Then again who else is instantly available – a good motivator ?

      I hope SG & Bates or someone at the club reads your post as it’s a great idea Lee.


    • timm

      He did it at Sunderland with disastrous results. I think the game’s passed him by?

      • Mark R

        Fair point Timm. He has been out of th egame for a while .
        I still think the idea of an ‘Advisor’ or ‘Assistant’ with experience to help SG is a positive one.

    • Craig

      If Grayson has to bring someone in from the outside to do the tough business he’ll only find that his own respect rating will fall through the floor. It would be a bad move.

  • mike

    Tim the white – good point

    I keep forgetting we are millionaires compared to most teams in league 1. I got a reality check going to Tranmere. A stand thats never cahanged since the day it was built and then you read their managers programme notes and their effectivily having a bring and buy sale to raise 10k to bring in a loan player. strange taht taht player turns out to be Andy Robinson…… now there goes a bloke who wished he had stayed at Swansea, looks like he’s complrtly out of the picture

  • Ollie

    Come on lads, we’ve had a very hard run in of games against teams that are in top form and I think on another day we could of won 2/3 out of those games.
    Personally Grayson has let me down with some of his decisions, but at the end of the day its down to the players to get the results. No point in blameing anyone yet, we’re still in with a good shout for automatic and 20 other teams would snap your hand off to be in your position.
    Come on lets be positive and get behind the players and the manager, 4-0 to the Might Whites today.

    • timm

      Well said Ollie. 6 points from these 2 winnable games & the confidence is back.

  • RoystonLUFC

    the Yeovil resutl is a mighty relief, rather than a celebration. I just looked at our run-in fixtures and some are tricky. Swindon, on the other hand, look like they’ll clinch six wins from six, given their fixtures. We’re now in the unfortunate position of depending on other team’s failures, rather than on our own prowess. I’m already resigned to the play-offs, I only hope we don’t slip below the lottery line 6th place. Gulp. Where did we go wrong? What happened to our prolific goalscorer from Wealdstone (2 £million for him, anyone?)? No more JPTs and trips to Southend, please. Come on Leeds. MOT.

    • Dje

      I feel compelled to be more optimistic – but more through heart than head, and to-day at Yeovil the vulnerabilities in the team were still evident. But one game at a time and all that…

      Six wins and I reckon that’d put us second, and up. But I don’t think we’ll get six wins, or anything near that. What is perhaps more important is re-finding our form so that we go into the playoffs with the best possible chance of overcoming our jinx. I think Charlton are there for the taking, and Colchester too – as long as they see off Huddersfield. My biggest worry is Millwall and/or Swindon, both of whom I reckon would be too strong for us over two-legs. Huddersfield in the playoffs would be another hard-tie as, to be honest, they’ve had the upper hand over us in the games between us in the last couple of years.

      So fingers crossed. Maybe we win all six and go straight up, football does weirder things. Failing that I’d settle for Charlton over the two-legs and any-comers at Wembley for a flukey Naylor winner after we’ve been utterly out-played for 90 minutes yet again.

      After that there’s the headache of the Championship to consider…

      • Great to see Gradel ( or Grey-dell as Sky kept saying) playing well; he was a handfull. Expect more twists and turns; Swindon do have the luck going for them at present but can they cope with the pressure of second place? Bromby may not be the best RB but his long throws caused problems again.
        Yet again not quick enough getting forward today but begining to create our “luck” again. Stay focused and ensure we are the 12th man on Saturday once again.

  • Colin

    I’m not sure I share the confidence of some of the posters here. Both Millwall and Swindon have better run ins and are in better form. Today was a win, but towards the end it was real nail biting stuff. Southend is going to be a tough scrap as well with them fighting for survival.

    For me, I think Will makes a key point – let’s say we get promoted, is SG the man to successfully lead us in the Championship? One of the problems that Bates now has is that players will have become disillusioned and bids will come in for Beckford and Snodgrass, players that we can’t really afford to lose. If a new man came in now then you could have a chance of keeping them under the guise of ‘Under New Management’. The name I heard mentioned as a potential replacement was Steve Coppell.

    The Yeovil win was 3 points but it wasn’t convincing. If you’re Bates and Leeds do get into the CCC do you trust him with the money or do you get a new man in now?? If I was Bates and Coppell wanted to come back into football with Leeds, I’d be seriously tempted to snap him up now.

    I like SG. I really do, and I’d be okay with sticking behind SG all the way if he said he knew what the problem was and how to fix it. But he comes out with the usual we’ve just got to keep working etc. Against Swindon, the team gave up. That shows there is a problem. If SG doesn’t know how to fix that or more importantly, actually acknowledge it, then that doesn’t bode well for next season.

    If Leeds were in the CCC and we had a similar blip, then Leeds would be in danger of relegation and SG would get the sack anyway, so is it worth getting someone in new now?

    I’m not sure. I think we will stick with SG but I’m not sure that is the right decision??

    • TSS

      Not sure how you’ve come to the conclusion that Millwall and Swindon have better run-ins. Both Millwall and Swindon have to play a Colchester side chasing the play-offs. Millwall also have Huddersfield who are in the same position and Millwall and Swindon also play each other on the final day. Aside from Charlton, Leeds have a good run of mid-lower table teams with little or nothing to play for.

      Anyway Colin, chin up mate. We’ve been through the mill lately, but recent performances (depsite the results) have been an improvement and that all came together for sixty odd minutes in Yeovil. We somehow held on for the win and that should boost the confidence ahead of Southend this weekend. Keep fighting!

      • TSS

        Millwall of course beat Colchester yesterday. Was travelling home and totally missed the results. Would still take our run in over the others

      • Craig

        I took a look at the fixtures a few weeks ago and felt then that MillwallvSwindon on the last day looked tasty. How about them beating six bells out of each other only to draw and us pipping them both to automatic promotion?

  • Andrew Deuchar

    As a Swindon supporter, I do feel for you…I know what hell it is to sit through such an awful dis-spiriting period, especially when for so long it all looked sewn up….made worse for you, I guess, by the (rather boring from other supporters’ point of view!)expectation that so many of your supporters have just because of your history. All I know is that it is not over til the mythical fat lady sings! Swindon have had a really good 2010…far better than anyone in or out of the club expected…but we’ve had onbe or two apalling results too, and whilst the morale is sky high at the moment, it would be so easy for one game to go wildly wrong and then LUFC, Millwall or Charlton would leapfrog. We will all be on the edge of our seats!!!! And I will shout as loud and as long as I can for Swindon, as you will for Leeds and at the end of the day, two teams of five or six will succeed and the others won’t….and who would have football any other way. I certainly don’t want any other league to be dominated by three teams as in the premier League….its just boring. All the best…and may the best team(s) get there