Today marks ten years since the brutal murders of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight. The two Leeds United fans were guilty of nothing more than following their football team on our European adventures when they were attacked by Turkish thugs who still haven’t been brought to justice.

10 years ago at Elland Road

Today in Yeovil, myself and the rest of the travelling Leeds United fans will be turning our backs on football to show our united disgust at the contiued failure of the Turkish authorites, UEFA & FIFA.

Despite several swift arrests and an admission of guilt from one of the thugs responsible, the Turkish authorites have still failed to prosecute anyone for the vicious and unprovoked crimes. A lack of punishment from UEFA and FIFA for both Galatasaray and Turkey has not gone unnoticed either and our disgust should be noted by them all.

Ken Bates gave his support to the campaign on Saturday suggesting that a country with such a failing legal system should not be allowed entry into the European Union;

‘We were holding a minute’s silence before the Swindon match and it was silence not applause because we were mourning their lives after they were murdered in Turkey. 

‘I would use the word murder because that’s what it was.  

‘I’ve read a lot about it, and about what happened in the bar area where the Turkish thugs were following the Leeds fans. 

‘Where were the police? What were they doing? It’s supposed to be a pretty tough state – why was it allowed to get out of hand?

‘And why after 10 years is there no justice? It doesn’t make sense. 

‘It would suggest Turkey is not ready to be admitted to the EU and maybe that’s something the campaigners should focus on. 

‘It would concentrate the authorities minds, because if the country cannot hand out European justice …’  

Chairman of the time, Peter Ridsdale also added his own thoughts;

‘Some things that happened ages ago are etched in your memory as if they were yesterday. 
‘It was just the most amazingly awful experience. I don’t mean for me, this wasn’t about me, it wasn’t about Leeds United, it was about the families of two individuals who should never, ever have lost their lives.

As the appeals for justice continue from the victims families, Leeds United fans around the world are united behind their campaign. A decade on and still no justice, but the fight continues.

Christopher Loftus & Kevin Speight. Never forgotten!