Jermaine Beckford

Can’t do a deadline day write-up without including the number one talking point of the last month or so. Some stories are still suggesting Beckford may leave today which I guess no one can rule out until the window closes, not least Leeds United.

If there’s no planned deal already – and some papers would have you believe he’ll be at Everton by tomorrow – then there’s always the possibility of a last second panic buy from any club who feel they haven’t quite brought in everyone they’d have liked. If that’s the case, and he does leave, then he leaves on the back of one of his finest displays against Colchester where he forged an instantly brilliant partnership with McSheffrey.

I’m torn as to whether I want him to stay or not. One part of me says no player can be fully commited with one eye on moving come May, whilst another part of me can’t help but think we need him to do what he does. Leaving today would be especially hard on Leeds as I doubt we have any replacement lined up, after Barnard snubbed us for Southampton.

Either way, whatever happens, I’ll hold no animosity towards Jermaine. He’s done well for Leeds United and no one should be criticised for wanting to excel in their career.

The signings so far

The only permanent addition thus far was that of Max Gradel, which will have delighted Leeds United fans after the youngster had an impressive loan spell with the club. He’ll now be fighting for a regular place in the first team and I wouldn’t bet against him after seeing him run the show away to Oldham earlier this season when he played for the entire 90 minutes.

Then there’s the loan signings, who in all fairness are easy to praise after their impressive contributions against Colchester. That said, I think if you’d have asked any Leeds United fan the areas we needed to strengthen in January, a lot would have suggested the full-backs needed sorting and I know many thought another attacking threat wouldn’t hurt. In Lowry and McSheffrey, Simon has delivered both. Whilst neither of them are permanent transfers, they’re both quality players who attracted a lot of interest from Championship clubs, and who Leeds have done well to acquire.

So, anyone else want to join the party?

Other than Simon Grayson suggesting he may be bringing others in, there’s very little been said about other possible additions. It’s hardly surprising really considering the way in which Leeds United have conducted business in recent years, but it does make TSS that little bit harder to write when no ones got a clue whats going on. I guess we’ll find out by the end of the day either way.

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  1. Andy Barnett

    BBC Sport is reporting alleged interest in Blackburn striker Jason Roberts. Big, powerful and probably a real handful for League One defences. He would offer an alternative to Bechio and perhaps more of an immediate goal threat to supplement Beckford and hopefully McSheffrey.

    I still feel were a little light upfront, especially in the event of any unforeseen injuries. To lose Beckford in any manner, whether transfer or injury, would be a massive blow for Leeds at this point.

    Leeds must have accumulated somewhere in the region of £500-£750,000 from their cup runs this year. So there must be some funds in the pot to reinforce any promotion bid. What price a late couple of loans or undisclosed fee purchases?
    I understand the need to have a potential pot for Grayson to invest in team strengthening for next season should we make the Championship, but the challenge in hand now is League One and the absolute must of getting up and out of this division now.

    The defence has conceded only 19 goals so far despite the lack of quality at fullback. Lowry would appear to be a welcome addition as Crowe appears to convince very few.

    Ankergren has played well in recent weeks and we have Martin as cover. Higgs is an ongoing concern especially in the light of his solid start to his Leeds career.

    In midfield we appear relatively strong. Snodgrass remains a creative force and potential goal threat and Howson, Doyle and Kilkenny should be good enough to lift us out of the division.

    Norwich are a runaway train at the minute and Leeds will do well to focus and hold onto their shirt tails. Charlton have faltered slightly but there are palpable threats in Colchester and Swindon still.

    Leeds must play every game as a cup final in the pursuit of the necessary points to confirm guaranteed promotion and hope that the chasing pack take points from each other so as no one team builds momentum towards the final weeks of the season.

    • StigOfTheDump

      Andy Barnett. You can treble your estimates of what we’ve made in the cup! We got £1.3Million from the Man Utd game alone! (£144K TV Money + 45% of 76,000 times £30+) We should have about £2.5M in the bank. Now I wish we’d make a statement and sign the likes of Wes Hoolahan (Best player I’ve seen so far in this division) BUT, SG and KB (Especially KB) being more ‘bigger picture’ I think some quality loan signings are the answer. We’re not guaranteed promotion, although we’re obviously one of the favourites, so why spend a load of money and increase the wage bill when a slump in form could mean 3rd division footy again next season. Why not bring in Premier League fringe players like Lowry and McSheffrey, to ‘do a job’ at this level and, if they prove to be quality you can offer them a permanent deal next season with the lure of Championship football. I don’t expect any permanent signings today. I don’t think there’ll be many across the UK, such is the state of finances at the top!

      • Craig

        I really can’t see Wes Hoolahan signing for us the way Norwich are going at the moment!

    • Ash

      I am a die hard leeds fan and i have grown up in liverpool 4 23years and as i talk 2 everton fans in work they have all said that they dnt want beckford! They would rather have snods!! I agree i dnt think snods has got enough praise this season as i think he has been r best player, i wud also like 2 c us sign a midfielder or another striker, i wud love 2 c ant stokes from hibs he is a natural goal scorer, quick and strong. Also as a midfielder i wud like 2 c sum 1 like wes hoolahan larry signed him 4 blackpool from the irish league so surely he must be close 2 the gaffer in sum way!! Wer in 2nd place who gives a fuk wer super leeds and wer goin up!

  2. tim the white

    I don’t think Beckford is replaceable. He brings something special with his pace and gave Brown and Evans a torrid time over the hill. I watch a lot of Premier on the TV and I don’t understand why some prem clubs have not come in with a good offer. He could have got a bundle for Arsenal yesterday for example. However, I think he will stay now and maybe even beyond the summer. I agree we need a bit more muscle upfront but apart from that with Ben Parker to return and Aiden White coming along we should be about set with plenty of cover at the back. We need to watch those yellow cards stacking up though. Just wait and see, Norwich will have a blip yet.

    • Paul Smith

      no player is bigger than the team, and the reason premship clubs havn’t made a bid for beck is because his overal game is rubish.. his first touch and link up play are awful! saying that he scores goals when you put it on a plate for him…. would hate to see him go but i think there are other strickers who would be better and score more put in the same situation as beckford.

      • Nicholas

        Is this ever going to end? Did you not watch the game this weekend where his ‘overall game was very good, first touch good, link up play good…’ I know 30+ goals a season isn’t that impressive, but there are no strikers, available to us that can replace that number of goals. You can pull out all the names you want that have been bounded round in the last few weeks but NONE of them are available to US. Lets be honest if he goes in the summer then fine but wouldn’t you rather have a player who doesn’t link up well, doesn’t have a first touch but gets us promoted with his goals, than another out of form striker from a division above who scores a couple of goals before warming the bench for us. what use is that? Promotion has to be the only priority now, and Beckford, as much as it may pain you is crucial to reaching that objective. After that, we’ll see….

      • Chareose

        completey agree, I hear this still from many Leeds fans. The secret to Beckford is his movement off the ball, his pace, his positioning and simply because he is a natural goal poacher…. On the evidence of the FA CUP he possibly could hack the premiership and there arnt many strikers that will be as effective

  3. Tim

    @ Andy Barnett – we still have 2 games over Norwich remember. Win them and we’re back in front with them looking over their shoulders.

    Roberts would be a massive coup for us, but I just can’t see it happening, if only because of the fact it’s in the papers and most of our targets tend to be aquired on the QT nowadays

    • Craig

      Only one game over Norwich I’m afraid – we beat them with a last minute Beckford goal last year. I had the joy of watching the match in a Norwich pub!

      • AndyS

        No it is 2, they’ve played 29 and we’ve played 27. Just hope we’ve got our momentum back because they certainly have

      • Craig

        Apologies, I misunderstood the original post – I thought the poster said we had 2 games WITH Norwich to come!

  4. Lewis g

    jason roberts wont be coming after signing mcsheffery who i reckon if promoted will sign on a free at the end of the season when his contract with birmingham expires. lowry will go back after a month when hopefully parkers back… i still think we need 1 more signing whichll hopefulyl be a covering Central midfeilder

  5. David Coleman

    TSS, I can’t believe that you’re still thinking that Backs might not be committed after the weekend’s performance! I think SG has played the situation very well. He’s told Becks that the world is his oyster, and that he needs to show what he is all about between now and the end of the season in order to secure the best club/deal for next season. I don’t think we’ll see Becks coasting. Ok, he may be doing it for himself and not the club, but to be honest, he’s always done it for himself and not the club. But the club is benefiting from it. So there’s no doubt that what’s best for us is for Becks to remain put!

    As for Jason Robberts….. well, I would be hugely impressed. But Blackburn have just let McCarthy go. Do they have any other strikers? Unless they have a couple of signings lined up, I’m not sure they’ll let McCarthy go? And then there’s the issue of whether he’d come to Lg 1. But, you never know and it would be a superb acquisition if we could pull it off.

  6. Mikelufc

    Today looks like being as quiet as yesterday, I suppose we are all holding our breaths waiting for 5-o-clock and Becks still with us…..

  7. Choppers

    I think were covered up front now. On saturday I thought central midfield was a bit light and Howson gave the ball away a little.

    I think McSheffrey dropped in from the left to lend some support and the midfield really started to crackle from there.

    I think Howson is in need of some rest. He looks short of pace at the moment and making some poor decisions in the middle.

    Beckford did well linking with the midfield and chased some balls around the pitch. I cant see how another striker is going to add much to the team, another midfielder might help

  8. mikelufc

    If we can keep becks till the end of the season and Larry can get the best out of the squad then we are sufficient.

  9. Norwich all the way

    no matter what you lot do or say you wont ever have the sqad to keep up with us before the end of the season is done, were gunna run away with this league now and destroy you when we meet again, your all a big waste of time all moaning on here about beckford hes your only good player, who else was the last to socre for you when it mattered lately! get a grip you lot

    • Dean A Walls

      We shall see won’t we, and don’t worry as your blip will come soon enough, we have had 2 blips this season so far and will still go back top when we win our games in hand. You have obviously no idea how the relative squads stack up, as if you did you would clearly see that we have a stronger squad. But that is all on paper anyway so you just keep talking your crap and we shall see what happens come the end of the season. If we do both end up in the Championship next year (and I honestly hope so despite what you have written)then we shall see who has the stronger squad! Best player you have ever had was Darren Huckerby (Leeds reject I believe!)

      • Andy

        Agree with all you say, Dean, and the Norwich writer’s just a thick WUM, except… you may be forgetting that Martin Peters played for Norwich. Huckerby was a good lad, but nowhere near that good.

    • Paull

      Is it true that when Delia offered to send your squad on holiday to Florida they said they’d rather go to Blackpool so they could see what it felt like on an open top bus?

    • Tony Currie's Curler

      Your juvenile rant is everything I hate about football ‘fans.

      If you want a structured debate then write something slightly constructive or at least worth reading instead of the usual our’s is bigger than yours clap trap. In this league as we’ve learned the hard way. It isn’t always the biggest or the best that gets out but the most determined. That’s what we’d lost before the Colchester game and found it again. I believe Leeds and Norwich will be first and second. But quite frankly I don’t care in which order as long as we get into the Championship for next season.

  10. Mikelufc

    Well my Chirruping Canary, lets wait and see shall we?

    In any case, second place is good enough.
    But of course you have’t had your blip yet have you?
    apart from the 7-nil thrashing from Colchester….
    But good luck anyway.

  11. Tony Currie's Curler

    Jason Roberts is the modern day Cyrille Regis and a great foil for Beckford. I’ve always liked him as a player. Another that’s slightly out of his depth in the Premier though, but he’s fast, powerful and knows where the goal is. He would be a menace in league 1 and if it was a long term loan with a view to signing him in the summer then that would be a real coup for Larry!

    Regarding Norwich. They’ve won eight in a row which will be impossible to keep up. They will drop points, and a quick look at their coming fixtures suggests they may slip up sooner rather than later.

    By the end of February I think we’ll know where this season will be going. Also the transfer deadline isn’t that big a deal because I’m sure we can still get players on loan for a while yet. And after all, in the position we are then loan deals are the most logical way to go – with a view to signing them at the end of the season if they prove worthy of course.

  12. Norwich all the way


    • Paull

      If you look to the left of your keyboard you should find a Caps Lock key. If you ask a grown up to use one of his thirteen fingers to press it for you your posts may be more readable :-)

    • Dean A Walls

      You can’t even spell you silly boy! Have the Norwich sites nothing vaguely interesting enough to keep you from ‘contributing’ to other teams blogs? Guess not then! Oh well, we hope you enjoy conversing with the big boys.

      • Norwich all the way

        hahahahaha thats it keep the comments flowing brilliant what ive started

  13. Choppers

    We dont bite we just enjoy the banter

    Where are you? Let’s be ‘aving you. Come on! in the famous words of your director

    • Norwich all the way

      haha choppers you make me laugh you little girl. and as for the caps lock thing take more time to read it and you may get sumwere. keep ya comments coming boys im loving the attention hahahahahahahahahahha

      • Pete

        I’m sure you are loving the attention. Coming onto a Leeds blog to wind up Leeds fans…over the internet too.
        I’d happily bring you to Elland Road in your Norwich shirt as a guest of mine if you’re willing to put a face to your comments and repeat them…

        As for Norwich, I hope they do get promoted, along with Leeds. And I even hope they keep Grant Holt – it’s good to see Wednesday’s rejects doing well for a change.

        If you want to get all puerile…You lost 7-0 to Colchester at home, we beat Colchester 2-0 at home, so that makes us 9 goals better than you. You can’t argue with ‘facts’…

      • Norwich all the way

        yes cos doing resluts on that basis is exactly how the league is won isnt it ermmmmm no wait its not!! yet again another senseless comment from another leeds fan

      • Paull

        Oready? sumwere? resluts?
        I believe the medical experts refer to it as NFN, Normal for Norfolk. MOT :-)

      • Pete

        I thought that it was pretty obvious that my tongue was firmly in my cheek as I typed the last comment…obviously that completely went over our canary friend’s head…

  14. Mikelufc

    I would say the canary is 14 going on 11…..
    Isn’t he supposed to be at school?

  15. Jo

    Norwich all the way where? At the very best to the lower echelons of the premiere league where after scratching around there for a while all their best players will move on to bigger clubs and they will get relegated.

  16. Mikelufc

    I think we can now all start to breathe again and look forward to storming back to the top, no activity apart from Huntington going at the last minute.

  17. Matt bb

    I can see at least one more signing being made, with a minimum 2m from the cup runs and prutton and huntington gone there is plenty in the pot. I suspect that will be up front, i think jason roberts is an excellent prospective signing, amusing seeing our rivals looking at the leeds blog n’est pas.

    • Colin

      Where’s Huntington gone?

      The important thing for me was Leeds keeping their best players and they’ve done that!

      And as for Beckford to Everton – if Leeds get promoted I reckon that Leeds will splash the cash on a new contract for him and he’ll turn down Everton. He’s happy here and as long as he’s on the right contract then he’ll stay.

      His commitment to stay here until the end of the season proves that. Does anyone actually believe that he wanted to up sticks and leave to move him and his girlfriend to Newcastle?

      Sure, his agent wanted him to move on but the LEEDS FACTOR made him stay.

      I’m also surprised that no-one put a cheeky bid in for Jonny Howson. He seems very James Milner-like to me and he is going to be very good in the future.

      • Craig

        I wince whenever I see ‘Beckford’ and ‘commitment’ used in the same sentence. Sorry, but there is no way Beckford is committed to Leeds. If he was he would have signed the contract in the summer knowing that further supplementary contracts/ pay rises would be offered him as he continued banging in the goals. The idea that ‘commitment’ = putting in a transfer request and withdrawing it when it was clear Everton wanted him on a free at the end of the season is also laughable.

        I’m not blaming the lad, just recognising the facts.

  18. Colin

    And Higgs has lost his place. Casper is the No.1.

    No matter what anyone says, he is Leeds’ best Keeper.

    • DC

      Wouldn’t agree with that Colin. He’s done brilliantly of recent I must admit, but I’d still say that Higgs is our best. Casper is still likely to flap at crosses I think.

  19. DC

    Why is Delia coming onto our site? Hasn’t she got anything better to do? With all that debt that Norwich have, you’d think she’d be out there flogging cakes and stuff to drum up some cash to keep them going. Selling her body clearly didn’t work.

    Let’s be ‘aving ya!

  20. White, Yellow & Blue

    I’d rather we had Delia on our board than Captain Birds Eye. At least she’s on the same side as the fans.

  21. Leeds through & through

    who is this norwich fan that just thinks that he can come onto a leeds site and get hyped up over them winning a few games of late and going top of the league after playing 2 more games than us? if you remember my un intelligent boring repetative friend we beat you earlier in the season, winning is winning doesnt matter how we won the game we took the 3 points and you took none, the same will happen when we clash again, only this time your gunna be embarresed you ever commented on this site, your the 1 who needs to get a grip and relise just what your saying and who your saying it to. weve just had are blip for the year and and still in a position to go above you when we win are games in hand. go play on your own site with the rest of you idiots that think you are going to pip us to the pole!!! dont even bother to think it!!!

      • Leeds through & through

        yeh it did but now he just bringing back down to reality and putting in his place. but agreed it was a laugh

  22. Norwich all the way

    ahhhhhhhhhh so we do av a leeds fan that actually can talk abit of sense with out putting in a sly comment? still to me loserrrsssssssss

    • Craig

      Listen pal, some words of advice – if you really feel the need to bate Leeds fans on a popular Leeds site I suggest you find something worthwhile to say, learn to spell and get some grammar lessons – although, as a Norfolk dweller myself, I do understand that the way you write passes for good grammar in these parts.

      When I watched the Leeds v Norwich game in a Norfolk pub last year I was deeply impressed at the fairness of the Norwich supporters who, without knowing I was a Leeds fan, admitted that we deserved the win, despite the soft goal at the end. It was the best league 1 match I have ever seen and I predict that, if current form persists, Norwich will probably take 1 or 3 points off us at Carrow Road.

      See “Norwich all the way”? The above is an example of giving due respect to fans of another club who are probably going to be playing you in the Championship next year – get used to it and let your club’s football do the talking.

  23. Choppers

    I dont care first or second I will take either. No-one looks at the winners of league one its not exactly historical greatness. 5 points over 3rd with a game in hand is the biggest thing for me!!

  24. Leeds through & through

    To be fair most of the comments you have recieved from the rest of my fellow leeds fans make sense too, maybe not the cheap jokes that just lower thereselves to your level which by the way is rediculously low, why are you just sat on our site waiting for people to write back to you, do you have no friends or no life, abit like your team by the sounds of it no ambition to go anywhere!!! the comment about you been 14 going on 11 seems about right to me now, why dont you just hush up sit back and watch leeds run the show!!!!

  25. Choppers

    I dont understand why Norwich fan feels a need to come on our boards. You have been above us for a week and only that is because you have played more than us.

    • Leeds through & through

      totally agreed choppers this guy must have been waiting for this all season long

  26. mikelufc

    You have to bear in mind that many of the norfolk folk are inbred so be kind please.

    • ramblinjohn

      Yeah at least if theyre on the internet theyre not molesting goats or whatever there is to do in Norwich

      • Craig

        I’d hoped Leeds fans might rise above the depths our friend from Norwich took us – but, there again we are talking about football.

  27. Lufcboy

    Just read the open letter from “Prutts” on the Leeds website “What a guy”

    “Dear All,
    It’s been one of the privileges of my life so far to have played for such
    a world renowned, highly respected football club.
    The friendships I have made, the memories I hold dear and the sheer
    pleasure of being a Leeds player will stay with me for a long time.
    Leeds United gets under your skin (as I’m sure all you avid fans know)
    and there will be a part of me that will always be Leeds.
    I am proud to have played a part in bridging the gap between an
    uncertain past and a no doubt glorious future.
    Leeds fans are loud, loyal and passionate. Make no mistake, you are
    the lifeblood of the club and forever will be.
    You were always fantastic to me and I hold that in my heart as I move on.
    Thanks for everything,
    David Prutton (aka Prutts, aka ‘Jesus’)”

    • Craig

      Can’t imagine Beckford managing anything so prosaic can you?

      I loved the “You’re not Jesus anymore” song when the shorn Prutts came on at Colchester.

      • Colin

        Craig, I love the sentimentality, but it’s all about facts. Prutton was never going to get into the first team on a regular basis and Beckford is the first on the team sheet.

        Leeds also said something not so prosaic to Beckford before the start of this season – “You’re transfer listed”. Most players would have said in return, something beginning with F and ending in Off. But he didn’t, he just gets on with his job. Give the lad a break.

        Oh and say goodnight to Prutts for me when you creep into bed with him tonight and whisper prosaic sweet nothings into his ear :)

      • Craig

        I assure you that I’m not sentimental in any way about the departure of David Prutton. I was simply commenting on his ability to string words together in a form that was impressive for a footballer.

        The chant when he came on at Colchester made me laugh.

        I am pleased that a honest player such as he is likely to get into the first team at Colchester and I wish him well.

      • Andy

        Forgive me being a smartarse, Craig, but I’m guessing prosaic doesn’t mean what you think it does.

        Cambridge Online Dictionary defines it as “without interest, imagination and variety; boring”!

        It’s odd, I know. You’d think it would be a word for good prose, but it means the opposite. I blame the French, myself – for most things, in fact.

        Maybe eloquent?

      • Craig

        You are a smartarse. I forgive you. Thank you for adding to my education.

        For the food? The wine? the cheese? the cars… I guess you can take everything just a bit too far!

      • Andy

        Well, there’s also the Americans to blame everything else for. I’ve long thought that one of the worst things that ever happened to the world was when we lost the War of Independence. The yanks can have the blame for the food and the cars.

        Wine? Who needs that when we’ve good English beer and Scottish whiskey?

        Cheese? Too much French stuff smells and tastes like it’s been matured in an old woman’s knickers. I prefer English cheese myself.

        And the worst car I’ve ever owned was a Citroen. Reverse threads for no reason. Special tools when a spanner should have been enough. Perverse through and through – i.e. French. Never again.

        Yes, French food is superb, and France is delightful, and the French are okay once you get away from Paris.

        Nevertheless, they foisted a wierd language upon us.

      • Craig

        Whilst we are being pedantic, don’t you mean ‘weird’? Not just did the French give us words that don’t mean what they ought to mean, they have also bequeathed us words that are’t spelt as they sound!


      • Andy

        Oh yes, weird. I did that on purpose so you wouldn’t feel so bad about prosaic. Honest.

  28. Choppers

    Fully respect Prutts for what he said.

    I doubt he would have got stick, but he is likely to come back to a great applause if we meet Colchester again, for which he deserves.

  29. DC

    Does anyone think that the Jason Roberts deal could still come off? I know that Blackburn obviously lost McCarthy. But did they sign any new strikers? I’m not aware of any. It looks very unlikely that they would let him go if not – and that’s if he would come anyway. It was a nice dream.

    I still think we could do with another striker though. Only Becks up there can reliably score goals. And granted, he’s looking very confident at the moment. But what would happen if he picked up a little injury or lost a bit of form? We’d only have Becchio (who’s currently in a dip of form), Grella – and possibly McSheffrey. But wouldn’t we seem a bit light up top?

    Havig said that, I also agree with Choppers and think that our central midfield is lacking something. And I think it’s drive. When we had Fab, he was prepared to put his foot in, but once on the ball, he could play long, short or drive forward with it. With Doyle in there, ok he can put his foot in, but it’s then a 5yd square ball. Predictable. I would love to see another central midfielder come in.

  30. TheReaper08

    The original story of Jason Roberts signing started off in the Mirror, if you need anymore evidence that it’s a load of old tosh than that then you would clearly believe anything your told.

    • Craig

      Someone out there with more time on their hands than they know what to do with should do a study on the accuracy of the transfer predictions from these disreputable rags. Less than 10% I’d guess. They may even discover in whose basement the randomly generated transfer story machine is located and pull out the plug.

      • DC

        Yeah, you’re right. Most of the ‘links’ between player and club are a load of old tosh.

        Have you heard the latest SG press conference though? He does say that went after some really big players that would have “dramatically improved us”. Who they were will remain a mystery I guess.

      • Andy

        There’ve been a few occasions when I’ve been in the know about things reported in newspapers, including the Mirror. In every one of them what was printed was significantly different from reality.

        I think (a) most journalists are dense, (b) they make things up for a better read, (c) they tell lies to suit their owners and advertisers and (d) they believe it’s legitimate to make up a story which then becomes true because they’ve told it, i.e. to create the news. The Mirror’s one of the worst in all those ways, in my opinion.

        Newspapers? No; they’re comics and propaganda channels. It’s years since I bought one. The Mirror’s a waste of trees and only really thick people could ever unquestioningly believe a word it prints.

        I don’t include Deirdre’s Photo Casebook in my general criticism, though; that’s got to be for real.

  31. Choppers

    Totally agree DC were missing a ball carrier from the midfield. Somone who can drive the ball with pace. Snoddy can do it, to a degree! I guess McSheffrey may have been brought in for that very role


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