It’s being reported (albeit by the Mirror) that Burnley are set to offer Simon Grayson five times his current salary to replace Owen Coyle.

Whilst I’ve been very dismissive of the rumours, on the grounds that Simon Grayson is a Leeds United fan and clearly loves being at Elland Road, money talks! Not only does it talk, but it puts your kids through university, pays for luxury cars and secures you the mortgage on a detached six-bedroom number in a leafy suburbian paradise.

Loved by the fans and in fine form at Leeds United, with a record that challenges most managers, Grayson couldn’t have it much better. Of course a pay-rise would be nice for all of us, but his current deal only runs for two years so at the end of this season Ken Bates will undoubtedly be looking at an extension, with which, Grayson will definitely be awarded with a better salary. 

Whether all this will be enough to keep Simon Grayson at Elland Road is the focus of the latest poll (below).

Confidence in Ken Bates?

  • 5 - Total confidence (1%, 42 Votes)
  • 4 (1%, 26 Votes)
  • 3 (3%, 106 Votes)
  • 2 (5%, 157 Votes)
  • 1 (15%, 466 Votes)
  • 0 - No confidence (75%, 2,384 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,174

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I’ve said before that the bookies usually know first and luckily for us, the odds are currently in our favour with Grayson an outside shot on Betfair at 17/1. Brian Laws is the favourite at 2/1, followed by Paul Jewell at 4/1 and there’s another four favoured managers before we get to Larry.

20 Responses

  1. James Morris

    I doubt Grayson would leave. He is a Leeds fan and he is halfway through doing a job. Managing in League one and the Championship is different to the Premier League and I doubt anyone would take a punt on him.

    But as you say ‘Money Talks’

  2. chris

    i heard a strong rumour that nigel pearson at leicester was a strong candidate for burnley. i would be very very surprised if larry even considered leaving ER for anyone other than villa and thats not going to happen

    • Tim

      Would Larry leave for Leiceter though to replace Pearson?? He spent a fair while there as a player…and they’ve a chance of going up to the prem.

      ooh….I shudder just thinking about a Leeds without Beckford or Larry. Hopefully come 1st Feb we’ll still have both!!

  3. TheReaper08

    He won’t leave,there is no logic to that other than to manage for a short term stint in the Prem. Coyle knew the score,Burnley simply will not be able to have a sustained run in the prem due to finance restrictions.

  4. Acid

    Larry isn’t going.. so no panic guys..
    He said why would he leave the club he always wanted to manage.

  5. Craig

    There’s more chance of me finding he Loch Ness monster than Grayson leaving for Burnley, a struggling team that may well be in CCC next year with us, whilst we are on the up they are on the way back down (although there are a few teams i’d prefer relegated than Burnley), as he’s stated this is his dream job and I believe we have a better base than many teams including Prem teams and i would be nonsensical for him to leave after the job he’s started

    • James Morris

      Hopefully they will ge the Norwich manager and they will fall to pieces.. :@)

  6. tim the white

    I am not so sure. He is bound to have been tapped up already, lives within 20 miles of Burnley and money TALKS. I think his mind may be elsewhere at the moment. I fully expected Leeds to come out after a half time rollicking and score another two goals but it didn’t happen and they were worse. The SG and JB scenarios worry me. That shop window against salford may come back to haunt us. Grayson has to be at the top of the Burnley list. It promises to be an interesting week!!

  7. Max.

    This would be “cash-strapped Burnley”? e.g – they all combine those three words in that order. I can’t see them offering a package (including money to spend) that would be more attractive than e.g. going back to Blackpool.

    The main risk is that they take a manager from one of the decent sized clubs where he has an emotional attachment (which to my mind are Leicester, Villa and Blackburn; so Leicester is the main risk) and THEY come in for him with a bit more money. But I’d be surprised if someone wanted to leave Leicester for Burnley, despite the (brief, doomed) chance at the Premier League. And I’m not sure Simon would even then go to Leicester unless he felt we were genuinely stuck in L1.

    Otherwise, this feels like the Daily Mirror up to its usual tricks.

  8. paull

    There may well be more riding the JB decision than we realise. SG has stated time and time again that he wants to keep him. So is Uncle Ken up to his old tricks? Has he promised Simon to make JB an offer he can’t refuse? I for one am in no doubt that this is SG’s dream job and I don’t believe that he would leave just for the money but if he begins to feel that the board aren’t serious about backing him then he may well look for pastures new.

  9. simcol68

    more chance of me losing 3 stone for me wedding .. is that a knock at the door brill currys been delivered lol

  10. derbyshirewhite

    The only thing likely to prise Larry away from ER is if he feels that his Uncle Ken is not playing straight with him or is preventing him from using available funds to improve the squad. And that’s not going to happen is it. Is it?

  11. Sarah

    You haonestly dont believe simon would abandon us when he could potentially be managing one of the biggest teams in the Premier league in 2 years time!? if man u keep going the way they are going then we could be bigger than them in 5 years.

    Not a chance simon would leave. if he does I will….. well I will die!

  12. MikeLufc

    I was very disturbed at the lack of response from Larry about being offered 5 times his present salary after hearing Paul Lamberts response to the BBC on the same offer
    “All you need to know is that I am going nowhere, I like the club, the city, the fans and the players” or words to that effect.

    No response from Larry.
    Is this what caused the totally shit play from our players.?
    No matter how he tried he couldn’t change a thing.

  13. LufcMike

    He has finally responded by saying he is flattered.
    I am worried, his response is not certain enough for me, he needs to tell them to forget it.
    Here is what he says…

    Leeds United manager Simon Grayson has denied reports linking him with the manager’s job at Burnley.
    The Premier League outfit are looking for a new boss after Owen Coyle left for Bolton.
    “It’s just speculation and I’m the manager here at Leeds and I’ve only been here a year,” Grayson told BBC Radio Leeds.
    “I’m fully focused and committed to taking this club forward and getting them promoted.”
    Grayson’s stock has risen after guiding Leeds to the top of League One in only his first full season in charge and masterminding their FA Cup third round win over Manchester United at Old Trafford.

    “I’d be flattered [if approached by Burnley] because everyone wants to manage in the Premier League,” explained Grayson.
    “But my ideal scenario is to manage Leeds United in the Premier League and I think over the next few years I think there is a real possibility of us achieving that.
    “You can’t stop speculation and you are flattered when you are linked with jobs in the Premier League.
    “But it has to be the right circumstances and right the club to do that at.
    “Leeds is a fantastic football club and I’m just focused on achieving my targets here and I’m committed to this job.”

    • Yorkshrman

      I think you have to read SG’s comments in the light of his post-match interviews. He’s always pretty moderate when speaking to the Press – I’ve never heard him comment on a referee’s performance, for example; when we win he’s always keen to play it down, and when we lose he doesn’t over-react. Also, I think he understands the danger of saying “never” – as in Alan Smith’s “I’d never go there” comments …..!!

      And I do think that if he went to a Prem club he’d want one with a bit more scope than Burnley.

  14. Jonny

    I personally think that Grayson is as professional manager you are likely to get and as such he is likely to respond in such a way as to consider his comments professionally. Deep down however I believe his passion for leeds combined with the real opportunity he has to cement himself as a great manager by delivering leeds back to where they should be will mean he will not leave. Anyway leeds are bigger than burnley!

    I’ve said this for a while now that the key person leeds need to keep is not beckford… but Grayson. Why not break the mould and give him a very long contract and see what he can do?

    Also just like to say really like the website and have enjoyed reading the articles over the last year.

  15. MikeLufc

    you ave settled my nerves with your common sense and Jonny is spot on with regard to the contract extension, maybe we need a petition to send to Bates, Larry no longer has to prove a thing.

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