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The fans and chairman of Wealdstone will be watching the Beckford saga unravel with high hopes of a lucrative sale that would see a sell-on clause – believed to be 20% – head their way.

20% of the lowest quoted figure of £1.5m would be a massive windfall for Wealdstone and be a big help in securing their long-term future, but the Wealdstone chairman isn’t convinced the striker will depart in the January transfer window.

In his blog, The Electric Chair, Howie writes that;

“Will he go in this window? We don’t know. In fact our latest inside information, so to speak, is that it is still unlikely he will move during January.

“Of course the fact that Leeds appear willing to lose him for nothing in the summer still beggars belief but it may be that Jermaine’s own people have their own plans which include staying until he can negotiate a lucrative deal somewhere in the summer. But now I am falling into the trap of speculating.”

Although he seems quite convinced that Jermaine won’t leave until the summer, the Wealdstone chairman does go on to expain how the money would be used for the long-term future of the club, rather than any short-term gains.

I’m still of the belief that Beckford will leave for Newcastle during this transfer window, but whatever happens, I wish Wealdstone and their chairman the best of luck and hope any monies received helps the long-term future of their club.

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  1. Jeffrey Hulatt

    we have to do what is best for leeds, getting another striker in now would mean a settling in period which we do not want, we need to push on a get promoted asap, i feel sorry for wealdstone but thats life, you have to look after number one, like all the clubs that voted against us did, i wonder how many regret that now.the futures bright the futures white MOT

  2. KeepFighting...

    It beggers belief for Howie as he must be rubbing his hands (rightly) thinking of the sell on money. Frankly, with our upcoming fixture list (Away at Town, Charlton, Norwich, Saints, Swindon etc all included), it beggers belief that we would cash in and gamble that a replacement will do the buisness. We are NOT a one man team, but he does make a difference…

    • All white on the night.

      I wrote a whole diatribe in response to “beggars belief” then realised how much wine I’d drunk and how little sense it made.

      In short. It is easy to have the belief of a beggar when

      • All white on the night.

        Nope. Still drunk after the scum game.

        I’ll get me goat!

  3. Paul South Wales

    I just hope the situation reaches its climax sooner rather than later, as i’m sick and tired of the constant speculation surrounding our star striker. The way the papers have covered it you’d swear the goal against the prawn again christians was the only one he’s bagged. He’s been doing it week in week out for a few seasons now. All of a sudden he’s the new shearer (not), Whatever’s going to happen let’s get it over with. I’ll be gutted if he goes,but i think it’s inevitable.It reminds of the Ferdinand saga, but if he won’t sign he must be sold.Then again has Bates upped his initial offer? It makes you wonder eh. His agent is only interested in the wonga,not his prospects,so it is what it is,but whatever it is lets get it sorted ASAFP.

  4. Bob East Coast

    I actually hope we dont sell Beckford this January and let his contract expire, who knows come the end of the season and hopefully promotion Uncle Ken will sort the boy a decent deal to stay. What will actually happens if we let his contract expire and then resign him? Does it mean we keep the player but avoid paying any fees to Weldstone? Almost sounds like a plan!

  5. Bob East Coast

    When I put “resign and avoid paying Wealdstone” Im actually assuming any sell on clauses disappear with the expiry of the original contract leaving Leeds to benefit from any future sale. Just a thought.

    • Gledders

      You got me wondering now. That would lose the moral high ground for us next time Chelsea or Everton poach an academy youngster.

      • TSS

        I’d be extremely unhappy if Bates tried to use such tactics. If we do profit from the sale of Beckford, then Wealdstone are more than worthy of their cut. it would keep them in business for years and they were the ones that discovered him after all.

    • Yorkshrman

      Doubt it. Becks was given a new contract along with Kandol in the early part of the -15 season. I presume any “sell-on” clause would apply to any future sale – otherwise every club would be able to avoid it by simply cancelling a player’s initial contract and replacing it with a new one.

  6. Bob East Coast

    Your not cancelling his contract, or renewing an existing one, its expired! simple as, if its expired, its dead, null and void. No contract, no sell-on clause! Shorely any sell on clause dies with it otherwise any club that takes him on at the end of the season has to take on the financial liability to Wealdstone! – Only asking the question, I not saying its right (contractually or morally).
    It’s MR BATES were talking about here, would anybody actually be surprised if something like this happens, this is after all the same man who puts us into administration on the last day of a season, when we were as good as relegated anyway, buys it back next day, incurres another -15 on top of the -10 from the previous season for not doing things “as they should be”, sell Delph and then doesn’t take up an option on “Thorpe Arch” etc etc etc…..
    The other obvious thing is surely Beck’s has a much better chance of negotiating a “bumper” contract when ‘no fees” or ‘sell ons” are payable …

  7. Kelly_Holbeck

    I think we are all forgetting that Beckford asked to be put on the transfer market last summer after his goodself and the greedy bollocks agent decided he was worth 33% a week more on his wages. 8 offers were put in but Bates and Grayson did not want him sold. What a great marketing move by Beckford and the agent to publically announce that he wants to stay, so in the event that he does leave, all the vitriol and hatred will be directed at Bates and Grayson, back room staff etc.
    I doubt very much if Wealdston do have a selling on clause in the contract after this length of time and they were never in the position to negotiate terms when he was purchased as a young pup.
    I just hope we keep the winning form, keep supporting our club and plan B in case something does arise (injury is a possibility, red card(s)) will be sorted in the fantastic was Leeds has been connducting itself.
    Never been prouder to be a Leeds fan.


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