Gradel to stay?

Simon Grayson has revealed the club are in talks with Leicester City to discuss their options with Max Gradel. Gradel’s loan spell at Leeds United comes to an end after this weekends fixture when he will have passed the maximum time allowed for any short-term loan deal. Any further deal would have to be a loan until the end of the season or a permanent transfer.

Gradel’s introduction in games this season has often changed the game completely. He’s been a valuable asset to the club and it’s important we try to retain him until the end of the season at least.

Deadwood clearance begins

One of the worst players I have ever seen in a Leeds United shirt has left the club by mutual consent. Enoch Showumni’s time at Elland Road didn’t quite go as well as hoped and there’ll be no lost sleep with his departure. The striker is currently being linked with Scottish side Falkirk. Good riddance.

I think we were all pretty much on the same page in terms of what needed to be done in January and no one was under any illusions about the squad size. We have to get rid of some of the players which have little or no chance of bringing anything to the team and get some quality in to replace them as we look to build for the Championship.

Small manufacturing town in Lancashire

Just when you thought Old Kenneth had mellowed in his old age, he decides to take a swipe at Burnley. The soon to be ex-Premier League club were heavily linked with Simon Grayson when their previous manager departed which had some people in Leeds a little worried. Not Uncle Ken though, who in his usual charming manner said the following;

“Why would Simon want to leave Leeds for Burnley? I mean they are a small manufacturing town in Lancashire. Simon is a Yorkshireman. We have 10 times their population, 50 per cent bigger gates than Burnley and we beat them pre-season anyway.

“They might be in the Premier League now but I think they lost £9million last year and, if they come down, they will go back to where they came from – whereas Leeds are on the up.

“Simon has already asked why would he want to leave Leeds for Burnley? He wants to manage in the Premier League with Leeds United and that is what he is going to do, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

So, let’s brace ourselves for another war of words followed by the inevitable court case. Never a dull moment, is there?

“Erm… aren’t you forgetting someone?”

As for day 14 of Beckford watch, well, there’s simply nothing to watch. Leeds continue to play hard ball and no one else is saying anything. Maybe it wasn’t a forgone conclusion after all?

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  1. mikelufc

    I never did think it was a foregone conclusion.
    I would put money on him staying till the end of the season, unless the bids get high enough for the greedy bastard to accept.
    But it will not do Leeds any good and I think Simon knows this which is why he wont willingly let him go.

  2. Craig

    I predict that Beckford will be gone by the end of the month and hope that Mike Grella will be given a chance to shine in his place.

  3. Yorkshrman

    I’ve always felt that when Beckford didn’t go last Summer, he would stay until the end of the season. The transfer request just before the MU game surprised me; unless it’s his agent playing some kind of a game …..??

    I still think Beckford’s best option (as opposed to his agent’s best option) is to stay until the end of the season, see what Leeds offer him, and compare that with what other clubs are offering as a signing-on fee.

    The longer it goes on, though, the more nervous I get that there’s a last-minute move which doesn’t give us time to bring in a decent replacement ……

  4. Woody

    I don’t think Blaster’s remarks about Burnley will lead to a court case as he’s more or less stating facts, Burnley is a small town in Lancashire with a much smaller population than Leeds. I’m sure their fans are pleasantly surprised that they’re in the Premier League, but if you asked them they’d probably admit that they’re likely to be relegated this season and that the Championship is where they really belong. Leeds are on the up and Burnley is in decline compared to last season.

    • Colin

      I wish Bates would shut his face. Why pick a fight with Burnley? I don’t know anyone who would say anything other that ‘good luck to them and hope they stay up.’ They’re only doing what the likes of Fulham, Bolton, Wigan etc. have done before.

      And as for:

      “Why would Simon want to leave Leeds for Burnley? I mean they are a small manufacturing town in Lancashire. Simon is a Yorkshireman.”

      So Simon would never want to manage in Lancashire then??
      What county is Blackpool in then??

      If I was Forward Sports Fund, the only thing I’d spend money on in the transfer window is a batch of dodgy old fireworks, strap them to his back and light the blue touchpaper.

      • TBG

        Why pick a fight with Burnley? Because he used to follow them, that’s why.

        He was a regular at Turf Moor in the 60s until he fell out with the chairman, who he (hilariously, it turns out) deemed a “tyrant” who treated fans “abominably” and “destroyed” the affection the town had for the club.

    • TSS

      It’s when someone at Burnley retaliates and he starts throwing wild accusations about the court caae will start. (I’m half joking)

  5. Woody

    Anyone noticed that Max Gradel’s not being making much of an impact lately despite being used as an impact sub? A couple of good 15 minute cameos don’t make him a player you’d want on a full time basis. If he can’t play well for 90 minutes why bother? After all, we’ve still got Robbo who’s a similar type of player.

    • Craig

      It has to be about confidence. I’m sure Gradel hoped that his first few successful off-the-bench appearances would get him some starting places but I guess that now he sees the way things are he is less enthusiastic about coming off the bench.

    • simcol68

      yes the last time he came off the bench and did anything was the huddersfield game i think hes gone off the boil like you say 10 or 15mins impact isn,t good enough we need him to be able to play more like that over 90 mins .

      • Craig

        Well he changed the game away to Stockpprt we were 2-1 down, when he came on he scared the hell out if the defence and changed the game and was quite rightly applauded as that should have been his last game. No one can be critical of Gradel, as a 15 minute impact player we expect too much he can’t score or be amazing for every 15 minutes he’s on the pitch, in my opinion his only bad game was Wycombe but I couldn’t name a single good player to be honest. He can be criticised if he gets a run of games, I don’t see why he can’t start against Exeter on Saturday and give Howson or Snodgrass a rest.

    • Matt

      Yes i have, and i’m not sure we should take a risk on him when his decent performances have been from the bench with 20-30 minutes left. Tough one.

  6. Craig

    Erm I’m not the same Craig as above, however after reading a few articles from Leicester today it is reported that Gradel will be allowed to leave for £200k!! Holy crap Mr Bates pull out your cheque book and sign him up please, if not I’m sure we could get a whip round at ER if we all pop in £10 I’m sure there will be more than enough to buy him

  7. Dje

    I’d like to see us secure Gradel on loan until the end of season – perhaps with a buying price clause affixed to it.

    I’m not entirely convinced that Gradel has quite enough to offer us if we are looking at a top six finish in the Championship next season. Sure, he’s been a great impact as a substitute when he first arrived, but that explosion of energy, that nothing-to-loss attitude in being dumped out on loan, and the desire to impress a potential employer have all waned of late, and I don’t see how securing him on a long-term contract would add any more fire to his performances. Tell him you have 20-odd games to demonstrate that you can be as useful for 90 minutes on the pitch as you’ve been for twenty minute substitute stints and your new home and healthy contract is waiting for you here at Elland Road, and see what reaction we get.

    Having said that, Leicester are apparently open to him leaving for £200,000 and could do with the cash to finance their own transfer targets during the January window, so they might prefer the selling option rather than the loan deal. If it drags on into the last few days of January then I reckon we could secure the loan option and save ourselves £200,000 – at least for five months. That’s £200,000 less of a reason for selling Beckford.

    I’m glad Showunmi’s gone too; but I’d like to add that I reckon he should be able to get his career back on track at Falkirk and could be pretty useful for them – it is only the Scottish Premier League afterall!

    I’ve never enjoyed seeing the relish that some (of our) fans display in denigrating our fringe players – ‘Ey-orrr’ Showunmi etc – except when the player is clearly not interested in playing for the club or not putting in enough effort. Not being good enough to play for a quality Leeds United team this season is not in itself a crime, and it was in everyone’s interest that he got chances elsewhere and we freed up the wage bill a wee bit.

  8. James Morris

    Apparently there was scouts at the reserve game on Tuesday. Hopefully this will get rid of some more dead wood. The likes of Robinson and Prutton for starters.

    I am Soooooooo glad Eeee Orrrr has gone though… Well done for taking the number one spot in the ‘Worst Leeds Player Ever’

    I dont think we will sign Gradel permanently I think It will be a loan thing.

    • Dje

      I am not 100% sure about Prutton, but Robinson’s excessive wages will be a major deterrent on anyone coming in for him, IMHO. He’s hardly been in outstanding form for the first team this season and (hopefully!) our days of supplementing the large proportion of our rejects wages are over.

      Again, I’m not 100% sure but apparently we wanted Showunmi to go to Falkirk on loan, not to release him and let him sign for them. As Showunmi preferred to sever his ties with Leeds entirely and is now looking to rebuilding his career north of the border, I take it that this termination of his contract didn’t cost us his future wages – or else it would make no financial sense not to just loan him to Falkirk and see what is what in the Summer. In which case, it could have been one of Showunmi’s more significant contributions to the Leeds cause this season.

  9. Colin

    Dang! I never put that 6-1 bet on for Becks being at Leeds at the end of the transfer window. Odds are now 3-1 and Newcastle’s odds are starting to drift from 3-1 ON to 4/9 :(

  10. James Morris

    I too think Beckford will go, probably next week. I just hope it isn’t having a negative impact on the team and the performances. We were shocking last weekend and I hope that we never play as bad as that again. I might be setting my standards too high now with expecting to win every game. I hope it was just an off day.

  11. TheReaper08

    Whatever happens with Beckford I hope it happens soon as my main concern is the disruption.

    The reason why we shouldn’t sign Gradel on a permanent is because he has proved nothing with a few cameo appearances. Sure he has changed a few games but plenty of fans will tell you about the player they signed that was amazing on loan/trying to earn a contract and turned out to be no good. Worries me that Leicester seem keen to do business at £200k so take him on loan till the end of the season and make a call then.

    As for Bates well I hold him responsible for the war in Afghanistan, global warming and the state of the economy (Did I miss anything?). I for one won’t rest until all of the characters are driven from football and the game is run by people like the chairman of Burnley, you know old whats his name.. ;o)

  12. East Coast Bob

    Off the subject slightly, but this gives an insight into Becks agent:

    Quote from Nick Rubery (Beckford agent) in the Yorkshire Evening Post 29 Aug 2007

    “There’s a 17-year-old midfielder called Oliver Hotchkiss I look after at Leeds Academy who is one of the best prospects I’ve ever seen, a mixture of Stevie Gerrard and David Beckham”.

    Leeds Official Website 13.01.10: Midfielder Ollie Hotchkiss has had his contract terminated by mutual consent.

    If Becks agent has built him up like he did this lad, then no wonder he thinks there isn’t a club big enough for him.

    PS: Hope it works out for Hothkiss at Mansfield, he’s a good lad, maybe not a StevieG or DavidB but good luck to him anyway …

    • TSS

      Certainly not a Stevie G or Beckham, but I’ve seen him play a few times and thought he was destined for the first team. Shows what I know! Young players are seemingly impossible to judge.

  13. Andy

    It really pi$$e$ me off when other Big Clubs come poking their noses in to rip off our talent.

    ManUtd did it: Jordan, McQueen, Cantona. Tottenham did it: Poyet. Newcastle are trying it with Beckford. There have been too many other examples.

    And Burnley tried it with Grayson. Flashing the cash and pushing their weight around thinking they’re bigger and better than us because they’ve got a temporary place in the Premiership. Well $od off, I say.

    I really want our chairman to stand up to all such smug ba$tard$ and send them away with their noses bleeding.

    Bates is on our side. I’d rather have him than any of the crap losers who ran the club down the toilet in the last 15 years.

  14. mark s

    Don’t be too alarmed over the wycombe game lads, after a monumental victory over Man Who, its not surprising the team were a bit shell shocked or not firing on all cylinders. This weekend will see us back with 3 points.

    Beckford, it was nice while it lasted, thanks for the goals, wish you well, let’s give grella our full support as we push for auto promotion and he pushes to guarantee a place in this summer’s USA squad.

    200k for Gradel? Have it.

  15. mark s

    Another point, for all his misgivings, bates is running our club well in my opinion, some have very short memories, we are in recovery still and there is still much to do before we get into the Prem.

    Don’t can characters like bates, it would be a sad place if no one was outspoken, controversial or unafraid of speaking their mind. Keep it up bates!

    • Craig

      Whilst Bates speaks his mind which is refreshing he clearly lacks a bit of decorum, yes he’s clearly saved the club however he is tighter than a nuns bum when it comes to making money available for transfers, how can he possibly deny monies is available after £750k from Manure? I doubt he’d had that as part of his financial planning at the beginning of the season when he gave Grayson some cash and planned his money for wages, that is unless you add oracle to the long list of names we have for him

  16. mark s

    True, possibly a punt, but we have a squad of class payers with or without beckford most league 1 managers would kill for, so keeping cash in the coffers for the summer may be a shrewd move, there are probably some decent loans out there to tide us in. I’m not suggesting the league is won but our progress has to be incremental, and the big push will have to come 2010/11 season where we will attract a better class of player.

    • White, Yellow & Blue

      Is that saving the Delph money, the Beckford money, all the cup run money or the TV money for summer? Forget it. All gone to the Cayman Islands by now.

  17. Leeds through & through

    gradel for 200k we should snap that up in my opinion,
    i still think beckford should stay and will, too big of a role right now to let go,

    • TSS

      You’re definitely not going to agree with this mornings post!

      Agree about Gradel. For £200k, it’s hardly even a gamble.


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