Three way battle for Barnard

Sky seem to have got something right yesterday which is Leeds United’s interest in signing Lee Barnard from Southend United. However, they seemed to be under the impression it was almost a done deal. Contrary to these claims, the Southend chairman has admitted three clubs are interested, but none of them have had an offer accepted as yet.

Southampton appear to be one of the other teams interested, but shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. Barnard has a much better chance of playing Championship football next year by joining Leeds than he would with the Saints.

Leicester standing firm on Gradel

Leeds United are believed to have upped their offer for Max Gradel as the first was refused by Leciester City. The 22-year old has returned to Leicester after his three month loan spell at Elland Road but is believed to be one of Grayson’s top priorities during the current transfer window.

Heal(y) be back?

David Healy has told how he has a “huge affection” for Leeds United and would love to return to Elland Road in the current transfer window. The Irish striker, who is currently signed to Sunderland is struggling for first team action up north and has admitted he’d be willing to drop down the pyramid in an attempt to rejuvenate his career.

A fans favourite during his time at Elland Road, but the differences between his scoring record for Leeds and Northern Ireland often left us frustrated. I remember once suggesting we should play in green if it’d mean Healy could deliver the goods. A lot of the problem was the style of play under the regime at that time, but maybe Simon Grayson could fit him in better? I’d certainly welcome him back if so.

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  1. Choppers

    Get Healy back. We have been crying out for somone who wants to play for the club and he is already making the right noises.

    Definately good enough for this league. I am sure Grayson can look to Loan until the end of the season at least (wages possible hiccup)

    Good to see were in for Gradel and hope this comes good as well. It appears Papa Smurf is digging into those very deep pockets of his, shame about his short arms

  2. mikelufc

    Well I would go along with that, Get Healy back.
    If he got the same chances Beckford gets he would get better results I am sure.
    Plus, he wants to play for Leeds and that is better than a prat who listens to his agent.
    Perhaps we can make a straight swap???!!!!

  3. Paul S.Wales

    Healy gave up when we were heading for relegation, i remember watching him and could see he’d given up the fight. He didn’t hang around when we went down and now because he can’t get a game hw wants to come back. No way! Let’s get Barnard and play him with Beckford. When becks sees someone else who can bang in goals for fun it might give him the rocket he needs to get us firing again. We need two good strikers, and we’ve only got one

    • timm

      He definately looked dejected towards the end of his time with us but how much of that was due our system not suiting his style of play? I definately remember him being shoved out wide in his final months. I think if he’s coming out & saying he wants to come back it puts us at a real advantage re how much we pay him, he’d already have an idea through his agent anyway of how much he could earn at Leeds. Sometimes when a player has made a lot of money a move can be motivated by other factors. He mentioned his family when he was talking & i think that’s the key? He’s probably settled in North Yorks or Durham & a move to Leeds would mean he doesn’t have to uproot his family. I think it’d be like signing Freedman or Kevin Phillips & he’d love playing with Snoddy & Gradel

      • Leeds through & through

        i agree get him back down are way, so what if he left for a priemership club any player would do the same thing if offered the chance, with the midfield we have now he could be firing goals in for fun, dont be playing beckford and barnard togeher at all if anything bring them both in and play barnard and healy, stick beckford on the bench and make him learn that although he is a good goal scorer he has to work for it like the rest of the team.

  4. Choppers

    He was given the chance to play in Premier League or League 1. I dont care how badly you want to play for the Club at 27 years of age you might not get another chance. At the tender age of 30 he probably thinks he only has a couple of seasons left and he just wants to play, so get him back I say.

    Not sure why we are discussing it though. Like I say, wage demands are going to be massive and just because a player says he wants to play, maybe Grayson doesnt think he can fit into his plans and doesnt want to make a move

    • TheBigGeeUK

      Healy? This is the guy that voted against the CVA when we where in the brown stuff. Another sulky player too, who doesn’t really give 100%. He’s not getting games at Sunderland and see’s that we are in need of a striker, so he starts making the right noises.
      Come on guys Healy is in the past and should stay there. Lets get Barnard in, or better still Hooper.

      • Leeds through & through

        the only thing i agree with there is getting hooper

  5. Peter T

    Get Barnard
    We need aproven goal scorer
    No Beckford No Goals
    Beckford is obviously distracted so not performing and without his goals we can not win matches

    If Gradel comes great but Papa will npot pay over odds so see stalemate until last day of window that dose not suit us two important games next week
    Swindon and Colchester

    I would take healy on loan
    Sunderland are stuck with wages so payinmg 205 of wages will proabably do

    He would prefer to move to a club where he does not stay away from family get some football and then have chance to get a job in the summer as he has been in the shop window so he could earn a contract with a championship club (Not us)
    This is the reason for the love leeds crap
    He is a Manc
    But not a bad option from bench

  6. Mikelufc

    Whats happened with clarkeonenil???
    Hope he hasn’t topped himself over the bad run of results.

  7. Harry

    Healy hasn’t started a league game for 18mths and was recently dropped by NI, there’s no way he could be match fit or sharp enough to deliver the goals we need. He has also never delivered more than a goal every 4 games at any club he’s played at (can’t have been played out of position at all of them) but strangely can get 1 in 2 at international level. I think he would be a big mistake in this window. It looks like Barnard is the favoured option as he will be cheap and has a better than 1 in 2 strike rate in this league at this moment in a team struggling in the bottom half of the League. He is exactly what we need, someone to score the goals to put the pressure on Becford. I think we could clinch the deal by offering them Grella on loan, it would do Grella the world of good to get a run of first team games and who knows he may even score a few against our promotion rivals

    • TheBigGeeUK

      18 months? didn’t realise that too!

      Harry you talk a lot of sense in that. It would definately benefit Grella, he just needs a few starts under his belt and I reckon he has the potential to become a good forward, he just needs that opportunity.

      • Leeds through & through

        also agree with all your points, after reading what you have said i think i change my mind

      • Lufcboy

        I live near Southend – Why would Grella even consider that, Southend is a run down dump with a very long pier and Southend is a run down football club. Grella would be mad. Send them Somma instead he would fit in well.

      • Harry

        I thought the atmosphere inside Roots Hall was excellent earlier this season. I don’t suppose Grella would mind living at the end of that very long pier if it meant him getting a run of four or five first team games over the course of a month.

  8. David Coleman

    Personally, I wouldn’t want that joker back. Poor striker, poor footballer – and would be way too expensive. He’s only talking about us because he can’t get a game anywhere else!

    • matt

      He’s not a poor footballer at all. He’s technically great, and some of the goals he did score for us were great. I wouldn’t want him back but not because he’s a ‘poor footballer’.

  9. mikelufc

    What we really need is Lambert AND Barnard.
    Southampton are not going to get promoted no matter what.
    I think Lambert could be tempted.
    Beckford can go hang.

    • TheBigGeeUK

      We should have gone for Lambert before Southampton. As the Saints paid a million for him doubt they’d take anything less which rules out Ken Bates going for him which is probably why we are being linked more with Barnard than we are Hooper as he would cost too!

  10. Paul S.Wales

    Stuff Healy, he only wants to come back because he doesn’t want to uproot his family. He had his chance and we probably had his best years out of him, although he never really pulled up trees did he! Barnard would thrive at Leeds, and could form the ultimate partnership with B$ckford even persuading him to stay??? (not). We need another striker like Heather Mills needs another leg, and talking about legs, let’s get him in before the second at Carlisle away!! Also good point Harry about Grella loaned out, great idea and a win win situation, but need a quality midfielder too, not sure about Gradel could be a 15 minute wonder.

    • timm

      No way! That bastard used us to get fit & then pissed off! Great point by Harry re Grella going out on loan to clinch us the Barnard deal. Harry, are you Eddie Gray in disguise?!!!

  11. Colin

    Leeds have had their new striker signing already and that’s Beckford being convinced to withdraw his transfer request.

    Leeds played with Beckford and Becchio all last season (when fit) and they’re the choice partnership for Grayson again this season. In addition, we’ve got Kandol and Grella as cover. It’s hard to do any deals in Jan at the best of times, but let’s face it there’s no way Bates is going to spend any money on a fifth striker when the club are in League 1. We had five before (inc. Enoch) and that was too many.

    4 strikers is easily enough for a League 1 side. Bates would never buy a fifth striker on a permanent contract which is what Lambert, Hooper, Barnard would all need.

    Never going to happen. Wouldn’t surprise me if Leeds made no signings in this window. If you’re Bates and you know the current squad had got you to the top of the table are you really going to listen to Grayson if he asks for more? Doubt it.

  12. David Coleman

    Colin, I think we can sign some players in this window. Grason said that he was negotiating on 2 or 3 additions. But I do think that we would need to release or loan out a couple too. I think we would do with another striker that can score goals. We MUST get promotion this season and I must say that I am not feeling that confident at the moment.

    I would like to see a new striker, left winger (I’m not so keen on Johnson) and a central midfielder (I’m not so keen on Doyle).

    As for Healy, forget that joker. Ok, he’s scored a few lucky goals for NI. But what has he EVER done for ANY club at club level? Just not dangerous…. no threat…. offers nothing!

    • Colin

      Mr Coleman – 100% agree with you on Doyle and Johnson – i think they’re the sort of players that shine when the rest of the team play well, but struggle when judged as an individual.

      I’d love to see us sign some decent players but I just can’t see this board or any other board to be fair, spending big (which is what I think we need to do to get quality) when they’re in League 1. To be fair, I don’t think any other of our competitors will spend big either.

      I just think that in this climate everyone’s sticking to what they’ve got. We all know that teams like Watford and Crystal Palace in CCC, who are better than us, are just struggling month by month to survive. And because of that the Leeds board would be foolhardy to spend something like £2m when you can’t guarantee promotion to the CCC. For example, if Leeds spent £2m on players in January and didn’t get promotion, then that would be a backward step for Leeds because you’d have £2m less and have more wages on the books.

      Furthermore, if you spent £2m now, and we did get promoted, then it wouldn’t buy you anyone decent for the CCC.

      It’s a big gamble for any League 1 team to spend any money in this transfer window. And Leeds don’t do gambles under this management.

      We have to remember (Arrrgh!) that we are a third division clubs and there’s a lot better footballing teams than us who are close to going under in both CCC and PL.

      I think some of our posters think that because we are LEEDS, we can dictate and pillage players from whoever we want. Fact is, we’re not the Leeds we think we are. Fact is we’re a third division club and we have been for quite a while.

      • TheReaper08

        Southampton are spending and don’t show any sign of stopping, just heard that Barnard isn’t interested in moving north and will also sign for the Saints.

      • Colin

        Yep, okay they’ve signed Jose Fonte for £1.2m, who is an average Crystal Palace defender.
        And they signed Otsemobor on a free from Norwich, so Norwich obviously didn’t rate him and remember they’re going for the title too.
        And they’ve signed Danny Seaborne, who was on Exeter’s books and was that good that they let him go on loan to Clyst Rovers, Tiverton Town, Taunton Town and Dorchester Town.

        Ooooo scared.

        No, not really.

        All I can say is go ahead Southampton and spunk you’re money on Barnard as well. Southampton do not have a Beckford or Becchio. We have.

      • TheReaper08

        Fonte is not average overall let alone an average Palace defender, he has played nearly every game for two seasons at championship level and has been a stand out for Palace. My best mate is an Eagles fan and they have one of the best defensive records in that league,he is gutted.

        Danny Seaborne was subject of two failed bids by Norwich and Southampton are viewing him as a prospect.

        Dean Hammond was Colchester’s player of the year and captain.

        They have had a bid for Brian Stock rejected and look like signing Barnard ahead of us although Pardew may read your pearls of wisdon on Fonte and change his mind, as you know best.

      • Harry

        Southampton don’t have a Beckford but they do have a Lambert – and he has scored more goals.

  13. Colin

    And I’m not saying that we will beat Spurs (we could we could!!), but the odds today are drifting on Spurs and shortening on Leeds. Okay we’re still the outsiders but has TSS put some massive wager on a Leeds win??

  14. Colin

    You’re right – I do know best :)

    We’ve got enough quality across the first team. While I wouldn’t put my house on a bet on winning the title, promotion is ours, especially with our run in.

    Calm down dear, we’ll do it this year!!

    • TheReaper08

      I really want this to be the year Colin so I so so hope your right. It’s just the years have taught me that a kick in the teeth is only just around the corner.

      I would have liked to have signed Barnard (we still might) largely because I agree with your post about spending money and he was available on the cheap. I still think we need a few fresh faces just to inject a bit fresh impetus into the campaign.

  15. carllufc

    healy would be worth a loan he is an impact player could get 8 goals in first ten games we need this now we dont want play offs but we also need a striker for chmpionship quality barnard or hopper give the team a lift pay out the money ken and show our aims are serious.

  16. David Coleman

    I don’t think it’s all about how much money is spent. In Lg1, there are many players that are free or fairly cheap (under £250k). It’s only the occasional hot striker or attacking midfielder that cost more than that. Look how good Kisnorbo is and he was free! I’m more interested in having the right players than how much money is spent.

    As for Southampton, don’t forget that they are re-building. They went into administration last year. That effectively wiped away a lot of debt and they only had limited time to get players in the close season, and now the window is open, they are bringing more bodies in.

    As for us, I would like to introduce Grayson into the debate. Going back 18 months, we were superb going forward under McAlister, but shocking defensively. Grayson came in and fixed the back four, but I feel that he has also made us a little more defensive overall as a team. The midfield sit a little deeper, Grayson prefers Johnson rather than Robinson, Howson doesn’t get as forward (and never beyond the strikers). Grayson is focussed on not losing and is always talking about that fact that we’ve only lost 2. Liverpool lost 2 all season last season and didn’t win the league… because they drew too many. Draws are dropped points too!

    While making some SUPERB defensive and goalkeeper signings, the only signing of an attacking player that Grayson has made is Gradel! And that’s debateable if he is only a 15-minute man. And it’s not looking good as regards getting him back.

    So where does that leave us? With McAlister’s attacking players still! And very FEW attacking options! If Snods is injured or loses form, the answer is to play Howson out of position wide right! I don’t know what he’d do if we lost 2 of his 5 favoured midfielders. No doubt Prutton would be on the pitch. It’s just not good enough!! Why won’t Grayson look at Robbo? And if Becks isn’t scoring, I just don’t see goals reliably coming from anywhere else!

    In my opinion, we need another striker that reliably bangs goals in. And we need another attacking option from midfield – even if we get Grella. And I would like to see another central midfielder that can actually drive forward with the ball. Do you remember some of Delph’s goals, picking up the ball and driving forward? We see nothing like that with this midfield now! Having said that, I have more chance of winning the lottery than Grayson bringing in a central midfielder.

    I don’t want to sound ultra negative about Grayson. He’s done a superb job defensively, and his overall record is excellent. But I must say that I am worried. I’m worried that Grayson cannot do the same job on the attack that he’s done on the defence. I’m worried that being so concerned about not losing will actually lead to too many draws while our competitors get wins. I’m worried that we’ll end the season on over 90 points and find that it’s not enough. I worried, but obviously I’m hopeful that Grayson and the boys will come through.

  17. Jo

    What is Malcolm Christie doing now he is fit anyway?

    Agree with the general sentiment Healy only wants to come back because he can’t cut it at a higher level, not what we want. I really hope we get another prolific forward. If I was trying to get a team up with no cash I would focus more on loaning in young talented players from the reserves of premiere league squads.

  18. mark s

    Come on, 3 poor games, 1 a JPT game, all after a man u win, with spurs coming a distraction, its been a hell of a month but chill out boys, this was never in the bag and we can’t win all our games. Not worried at all. We’ll get back to it after the spurs game, perfect tonic for the club and back to normality after.

  19. tim the white

    Healey and Gradel would be great for us. Not sure about Barnard though. I would rather see Billy Sharp come. I get the feeling there is not much money out there this year in any division. A lot of clubs will go into admin or worse this year and we will have a chance to pick up some good players in the summer. Out time is coming.
    As an aside did anyone see the article by Carlos Tevez on the beeb website calling scumbag Neville a moron and and a boot licker? – Lovely!!

    • Pete

      Good old Tevez…looks like he’s been beaten with a frying pan, but can’t half play football, and indulges in one of our favourite pastimes…Neville-baiting.

      He’s right too…Neville IS a boot licker and a moron. So much of a moron I think he could be classed as a cretin.

  20. Mikelufc

    Excellent post by David C and I concur totally.
    Grayson is very much like most managers and has his favourites, when somebody is having a bad time we should be putting on others.
    Since when was Prutton or Huntington not good enough to have a game?
    Kandol is not too bad either.
    We have a large squad but it is not utilised very well.
    Grayson also seems obsessed with Beckford.
    Also with not losing…. as was pointed out a draw is 2/3 of the way to a loss.
    You could not lose all season and still get relegated with 46 points.

  21. Grumpy Older Man

    Barnard signed for Southampton according to Sky Sports News. I think TSS you under-estimated the pull of geography and over-estimated how much the rest of the football world thinks we are defo going up.

    Given the amounts talked about for Barnard was £150k the suspision Grayson has no real money lingers.

    • Pete

      But, just as Barnard didn’t want to go too far north, it could mean that it’s easier to sell ourselves as a proposition to Hooper.

      It could be that missing out on Barnard is a blessing in disguise…when one door closes, another is opened and all that.

      Anyway, all noises from the Walkers indicate we’re going to sign Gradel full time by Monday, since he’s put in a transfer request…Larry and Ken were probably more concerned about sorting that out.
      Becchio and Gradel together could be a decent pairing…Becchio flicks the ball into space, and all of a sudden Gradel would have a run on goal…he is quicker than Beckford, after all…

      • Dje

        Is Gradel faster than Beckford? I’d be interest to know if there’s any ‘time trials’ on that.

        Gradel’s little legs always seem to be busier than Beckford when they’re sprinting, but then Beckford’s a tall lad and would be covering a bigger stride, no. And Gradel, a bit like Grella, always seems to run a bit funny too – sort of listing from side to side – and one minute looks highly skilled with the ball at his feet, and the next looks ungainly and desperately struggling to dribble.

        ^^It’s a harsh critique of the lad though, and if he is indeed about to be our newest permanent recruit then good luck to the lad. Let’s hope we can draw more of an important impact out of him than just being an ‘impact player’.

    • TheReaper08

      Can I just clarify I told everyone last night that Barnard was going to the Saints and it was purely down to geography. I know this first hand as my brother-in-law has a strong connection to the Saints as well as a few other clubs and heard it first hand from connections at the club.

      Whilst I am also keen forus to splash a little cash this is one occasion that money would not have helped.

  22. Matt BB

    Totally agree, the fact we were beaten to the punch over the matter of perhaps an additional 20 or 30 thousand is awful. Bates has raked money in in huge amounts over the last 18 months, and none of it is invested back into the squad or our facilities, so where is the money going?

    Barnard would have been a good signing, I can only hope they have other options and that Bates proves me wrong. A player like Healy, Sharp or Hooper could do a job in the championship alongside gradel. Lets hope we see some investment soon.

  23. David Coleman

    Does anyone agree with Grayson that we have played “well” for the last 3 games but didn’t get the breaks?

  24. TheReaper08

    Just seen that we have agreed a fee with Leicester for Gradel,it’s a start but still want to see a couple more just to freshen things up a bit.

  25. Colin


    Anyone doubting Beckford now?!?

    It was one great goalkeeper, 9 defenders and Beckford tonight.

    Beckford was awesome!!

    • Craig

      You have to be joking of course… Beckford got terrific service from Killa and Snodgrass.


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