Well, if the morning rags are to be believed then I’ve been way off the mark in my thinking that Jermaine Beckford’s move to Newcastle United was simply a case of crossing the i’s and dotting the t’s.

Although it’s hard not to be a little sceptical of these rumours, it’s hard to ignore them when so many teams are being linked. Over the summer there was plenty of teams linked too, but with everything quiet in Newcastle, this would seem an obvious explanation as to why. Ken Bates may have started a bidding war.

The major difference between now and six months ago would be price. In the summer, Leeds had Jermaine tied down for another twelve months so could afford to wait for a good offer. With Jermaine requesting a transfer and Leeds pressed for time, a cut price deal could now be struck by one of these clubs.

You have to also consider the teams current positions. Six months ago, Bolton, Hull and Wolves didn’t know they’d be fighting for survival with a lack of strength upfront. Sunderland meanwhile are probably just in it to annoy Newcastle, but if Jermaine could produce the goods at the highest level, it could make the difference between a top half or bottom half finish for them.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of links this morning has spawned so I really don’t know what to make of any of them. I remain unconvinced as to whether Jermaine could cut it at the highest level, but if the scouts think so then you have to trust their better judgement.

January is a crazy time when clubs have just 31 days to strengthen their squad for the final push each season. With that in mind, I honestly think anythings possible. Some of these clubs could have only just noticed Beckford from his goal at Old Trafford and figure he could produce that week in, week out in the Prem.

I still think the lads hearts set on Newcastle. Over the last few days it’s seemed like both he and his agent have been trying to engineer the move, so it would seem inevitable. If Bates thinks he could get more money by Jermaine going elsewhere though, he could be in for a battle.

The easiest rumour to dismiss is that of Wolves. It’s claimed that a deal involving Sam Vokes plus cash has already been rejected by Leeds. For me, that’s an easy link and lazy journalism at it’s best. Seems like this is going to run and run either way.