After yesterdays historic victory when the FA Cup Minnows, Leeds beat Premier League Champions, Manchester United on their own patch I couldn’t resist emailing Scott from The Republik of Mancunia for his reaction to the game. (Scott’s the one I interviewed ahead of this tie who was hoping the scoreline ‘got embarrassing! Don’t think this is what he had in mind)

Clearly, my email was meant to wind him up a little but I asked if he had any comment to make to TSS and he replied with the following;

Yeh the best team did win. Gutted. Whilst we had inexperienced players on the park, we should have had more than enough with the experienced players we did have to get a result.
Our defence couldn’t live with Beckford and I’m sure that goal just earned you some more money for his transfer this month!
F**king livid yesterday but now I’m just trying to focus on Wednesday. It’s more embarrassing to lose to you but there is more at stake against City… they haven’t won anything for 33 years and we need to make sure than becomes 34.

Further reaction from Scott can be found here in his own match review. Clearly he was in the same mood that Alex Ferguson was yesterday when writing that.