Bookies favourite, Gary Hooper

SkyBet have opened the betting on Beckford’s replacement, despite no official confirmation of his transfer as yet.

The favourite is Gary Hooper at 2/1, although the odds on Aaron McLean have fallen sharply to 4/1 after rumours involving him emerged earlier. Both are proven goalscorers at this level with a decent goals per game ratio so seem to fit the bill. The full odds are as follows;

Hooper, G 2/1   
McLean, A 4/1    
Sharp, B 5/1    

Barnard, L 10/1  
Austin C 12/1   
Jackson, S 12/1   
Pericard, V 14/1   
Garner, J 14/1  
Bent, M 14/1

Boyd K 20/1  
Healy, D 20/1  
Vokes, S 20/1
Brodie, R 20/1  
Harewood, M 20/1

Eastwood, F 25/1
Camara, H 25/1  
Stead, J 25/1
Lambert, R 33/1 
Le Fondre, A 33/1
Holt, G 33/1
Hughes, L 50/1

Odds correct as of 13:50pm, 08-01-10

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    • Dje

      I’m disappointed the Leeds back-room staff didn’t manage to photoshop Beckford iton those pictures somewhere – perhaps celebrating a goal when he was on loan at Sunny Scuny, or still smirking at us as he points to his ‘Wot Shirt Am I Wearing Bruv?’ top.

    • Max.

      Not sure where it could be Beckford – Lubo is 6′ 5 and Beckford is 6′ 2, so he does look absent (as does Tresor Kandol). Ben Parker is in one of the pictures – Simon said Andy Hughes took an injury at Old Trafford so maybe he might be back Saturday?

    • TSS

      I can’t believe how quick you were to comment. I’d JUST published when I realised, literally seconds.

      As for the pics. I was convinced Becks had gone yestetday. I’m guessing it’s dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Seems odd that they’d publish such pics though.

  1. Mital Shah

    Well, good to see him missing, and hopefully means he won’t play tomorrow. Come on replacement, sign up, see Elland Road tomorrow, and get your boots on!

  2. F J

    Hang on! – you’d said he’d gone yesterday, now there’s no confirmation!! I know you want to up your hit rate and page impressions, but I’d value your site a lot more if you just stopped making shit like this up! Maybe featured something decent, like a profile of Beckford’s (ahem) agent, who’s his best mate and sounds a complete tosser…or talked to someone at ER for what kind of apology Beckford actually made after spitting his dummy out. You know, stuff not copied from news aggregators and then a few words added.

    • TSS

      I maintain he has gone. As I said above your comment – crossing the I’s, dotting the T’s. A blogs about opinion (and a forum for others to express theres), not chasing Bentley’s out of carparks.

      More to the point. All I’ve said above is there is no official confirmation, meaning neither Leeds or Newcastle have confirmed it yet. The story wouldn’t be allowed to continue if it wasn’t true (meaning Leeds would announce otherwise) – It’d be silly of Leeds for a start as any other club interested would go elsewhere if they thought he’d gone, which is the general consensus.

      • Anthony Henry

        I wish to god it was all sorted out so we can move on with our season and hopefully get out of this s@:thole league we are in. I would love to see it put to an end. I would love to get Gary Hooper in as a replacement cause I think he would be well capable of doing a job for us.

  3. curlycarp

    whoever we go for we need someone with the potential to be a Championship+ player… but of course #IGWT

    • Dje

      I fully agree – hopefully someone who leaves no doubt about future abilities at higher levels (unlike Beckford).

      If we aren’t chasing a pacey player to replace the pacey Beckford then I’d like to see us get someone with an aerial threat to them. Without pace we’ll lose our through-ball countering game so we’ll have to make more use of old-fashioned crosses. I’ve felt all season that our generous supply of crosses of high standards from Johnson, Howson, Snodgrass etc have been wasted by Beckford’s apparent inability to dominate in the air, and even Becchio seems to have lost the gift of grabbing 90% of his goals from three-yard headers.

  4. Choppers

    TSS, I like you feel that Gary Hooper is a very good player. I just think him and Beckford are too different as players and we should be looking like for like. My preference Jackson and Gradel would be good signings

    • Anthony Henry

      I just hope it’s sorted sooner rather than later cause it could unsettle everything and everyone in the squad. If he wants to go then let him go. I wish to god he’d just get lost then so we can move on. We have a great squad and I hope it doesn’t affect their focus!!

    • Grumpy Older Man

      I’d rather we didn’t sign a wasteful, non team player, gobby and with piss poor control thank you very much.

  5. Max.

    Newcastle Chronicle reckons deals not done and will not progress over weekend – I’d prefer Sharp + 1 other (not sure Becchio will be playing in 1st team at end of season – he’s there because Beckford needs someone to do his running for him, in my opinion).

    If McLean is any good, and for sale from Peterborough (he had a transfer request accepted in December), can’t see why Ferguson Jr wouldn’t take him to Preston. And, by the way, McLean is 5″ 7′ so a very different style of striker from Beckford (having said which, Sharp, Hooper and Barnard are all under 6′).

    • TSS

      In response to the story on Newcastle Chronicle (and to further add to what I said to F J) this doesn’t surprise me, but doesn’t mean Beckford hasn’t gone.

      Signing a player has a lot of legal stuff involved. There’ll be endless details to iron out and Beckford will have to agree terms too, but he’s still going, whether it’s finalised and confirmed today, tomorrow, monday, next week or yesterday, he’s gone.

    • Peter Chapman

      Re: Max – “not sure Becchio will be playing in 1st team at end of season – he’s there because Beckford needs someone to do his running for him, in my opinion”

      Are you kidding me? Becchio is vital to Leeds, with or without Beckford.

      • Harry

        Becchio’s hold up play and knock-ons are exceptional which is why I think we need a pacey player to compliment him. Hooper or Barnard would fit the bill although I also think Becchio / Sharp would be a good pair. With Beckford gone we are going to need a couple of strikers for the CCC as we’ll need at least 4 good strikers to mount a serious challenge at that level – so any one of Hooper / Sharp / Barnard would be a good start. I really hope we don’t go down the road of the 1 in 4 over-rated strikers such as Feeney and Healy that have been mentioned in the past – proven goalscorers with a near 1 in 2 record only

      • chris

        if we had signed feeney earlier in the season i think beckford would have gone then, he was still on the transfer list then. he only came off it when that deal fell through

    • Grumpy Older Man

      That comment on Becchio more than any other I have read shows just how much crap pro Beckford supporters can come up with.

      • Max.

        Thanks for that remarkable insight. It’s not intended as a pro Beckford comment. Gary Mac (who signed Becchio) said on a commentary early this year that (if I remember it right) LB was short on pace and technique but given his energy/stamina could do a job. I think that’s exactly what Beckford needs, as he does relatively little in the area where LB plays.

        I’m not saying chuck him, I’m saying that with a more balanced replacement for Beckford, there’s an opportunity to play a different type of striker as complement. Anyhow, we’ll see, won’t we.

  6. Harry

    ” I want to be here and fighting to stay in the Championship,” declared Hooper to the Telegraph.

    Comments from Hooper in todays Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph:-

    “I haven’t heard anything at the moment – I am just focusing on my football at Scunny.

    “I want to stay at Scunny, but it will be in the back of everyone’s head that I will be going there.

    “But I am staying at Scunny and playing at Derby tomorrow hopefully.

    “I would be keen (to stay) but if a big club comes in, you never know.”

  7. LufcMike

    Daily Mail at 12.28
    Furious Simon Grayson tells Jermaine Beckford to focus on Leeds – not Newcastle
    By Sportsmail Reporter
    Last updated at 12:28 AM on 08th January 2010

    Simon Grayson has ordered Jermaine Beckford to continue doing his best until Newcastle match Leeds’ valuation of the striker.
    Grayson is fuming that Beckford’s camp have leaked the news he has put in a transfer request.

    He said: ‘It’s not ideal that its come out. We didn’t want to make it public knowledge because we didn’t want any disruptions.’

    I see no evidence that he has gone and unless Simon says ok then he is going nowhere.

    • Colin

      I reckon Grayson has made a rod for his own back by saying that Beckford would be in the first team against Wycombe. If he’s not there, then that sends a clear message to Newcastle that Leeds will buckle and take their offer. If he plays then he could still be at Leeds. If he doesn’t turn up, then he’s a gonner.

      Also if we’re looking at new strikers. If you were a striker would you come to Leeds if you were offered League 1 money? ie. to get a decent striker you’d have to pay them more than we were paying Beckford. The striker’s agent knows Leeds are desperate to fill the Beckford shaped hole and therefore will ask for a high wage for the player.

      Typical Leeds, we’ll let Beckford go for £1.75m and sign someone for £4m and pay him higher wages than what Beckford wanted. And then he won’t score as many goals as Beckford.

      • Dje

        The weather may well save everyone the headache of what to do with Beckford against Wycombe, as I can see it being postponed if there’s even a moderate additional amount of snow around Elland Road.

        Either that or there’s always the subs bench – it’s only Wycombe at home, afterall. If Beckford’s off, and he is – it’s just a matter of time now, then a good earful every time he gets sent out to warm up would appease a considerable proportion of our fans.

        Still, I’d take ninety minutes of verbal abuse for three years of triple pay.

      • Harry

        Colin, I’m pretty certain that CCC wages are not treble L1 wages – and it seems that’s what Beckford (or should I say Rubery as I’ve no doubt he’s spoken to NUFC) has been offered at Newcastle. If that’s what Beckford wants then let him go. SG has already said it is highly unlikely that he will stay no matter what they offer so it’s thanks and goodbye.

      • Colin

        Harry, I never meant that the wages would be tripled, bust that we’re going to sell Beckford for £1.75m and I reckon it’s going to cost us about £4m to buy someone of a similar calibre. I get your point though.

  8. Colin

    Ooo, Gary Hooper – I really don’t see the point. Why not stick it out with the strikers we have and buy a decent player when we get to the championship?

    There’s no point buying a striker now unless you think he’s a top end CCC or potential Premier League player. Otherwise you might as well go for a player on a 6 month loan.

    Hooper is not even top end CCC. I say give him a miss.

    • Harry

      Colin, are you a professional scout as you seem to have written off a player who is averaging a goal every two games in a team that is punching above it’s weight and currently plays at the level above us. Or are you just the sort of negative person who can’t muster a bit of cheer despite the fact that we are 8pts clear in our league and have just beaten the Scum at OT. I suspect the latter. Hooper is highly rated and at 21 is a good prospect – SG will be the judge of whether he is the right man for Leeds.

      • Colin

        Harry, you don’t need to be a scout to not rate Hooper as highly as Beckford. If he was as good as Beckford, then why don’t Newcastle sign him if he’s so great. I don’t hear as many clubs being linked with Hooper as they Beckford?

        Are bookies offering bets on where Hooper will be in Feb? No, that’s because he’s not as good as Beckford.

        All I’m trying to get across is that if Leeds want to put up a good shout for doing well in CCC next season then they need someone at least as good as Beckford and ideally better. I really don’t think that Hooper is better than Beckford.

        Beckford’s a player who wants to play at higher level. If we get Hooper, then he’s a player that’s happy to drop to a lower level – it doesn’t inspire confidence.

        I’ll tell you what – If Leeds do get Hooper and you’re so confident that Hooper is great, then I’ll bet you £50 that in the second half of the season, he doesn’t score as many as Jermaine did in the first.

      • TheReaper08

        Not a far bet Colin and you know it. It is reasonable to presume Hooper would need time to adjust but he could be the answer.

        He is only 21 and has a very good goals to games ratio. I also like what people are saying about the lad, particularly those that have seen him play.

      • Harry Smith

        Colin, at Hoopers age Beckford was unheard of. He has developed into a decent player but not the geat player he and a lot of others believe he is. I’ve said it before – Lambert (£800k), Holt (£400k) and Barnard (Free) have all scored as many goals as him in less successful teams. Is he irreplaceable – certainly not. Beckford is a good player at this level – Leeds are a great team at this level. Personally I would be more upset if Snodgrass or Kisnobro were leaving.

    • TSS

      He plays for a struggling side though and is only 21. One in two under current circumstances is immense and he can only improve with age on his side and a better squad behind him.

  9. Stuart79


    Thought I’d come and have a look at your site as you’ve been on our NUFCBLOG.

    Nice site mate.

    What makes you so convinced it’s all been arranged/agreed? This is NUFC were talking about here. Their never that prompt in transfers ect…

  10. TheReaper08

    I have been researching Gary Hooper since TSS mentioned it the other day. Young, progressive, decent goals to games ratio and apparently with good pace.Sign him up I say.

    As for not signing someone wasteful, non team player, gobby and with piss poor control I can only say this. I would rather sign the devil himself if it meant getting 30 goals and getting back to the promised land !

    • danny

      reaper i dont think beckford is signing for newcastle after all maybe he just went shopping around the toon then got mad with it in the bigg market!

      • TheReaper08

        Hey danny, he will sign don’t worry about that. As mentioned previously I think they are just sorting out the finer points.
        You are a big club with a great chance at getting back to the prem first shout so it’s a done deal in my eyes.

      • danny

        im not sure ive seen this all before with newcastle they all catch cold and before you know it beckford will be elsewhere i think beckfords agent could b using us to get him a prem club

      • TheReaper08

        Beckford agent his not a very nice person. I think he is behind most of this so nothing would surprise me.

    • Harry

      Reaper, not sure if you were at the Scunthorpe game at ER last year but if so you would have seen all those qualities in the great goal he scored against us in the 3-2 win. He terrorised the defense all day and in the end we were fortunate to get the win.

      • TheReaper08

        No I missed it. Never seen the lad play but am willing to trust the opinions of respected fans. He seem’s like the best option but will we get him ? I understand he put out a bit of a mixed message on the Scunny site earlier so there may be something in it.

      • danny

        hooper scored twice against us they beat us 2 1 he looked alright

  11. danny

    alright reaper now ive just heard from my mate beckford apparantly on his way next week with nile ranger going to elland road on loan

    • TheReaper08

      That’s what I would have expected danny as faras timescales. Don’t know much about Ranger, is he rated by you guy’s ?

      • danny

        ranger is deffo one for the future he is big strong target man he can hold the ball up head the ball very well and is very quick he just needs a couple of goals alan shearer gae him a three year contract so he obviosly saw something in him

  12. Colin

    Great. Now Nile Ranger is getting mentioned. No chance. Nile Ranger, however great he may be in future is no use to Leeds. We need a goal scorer right now.

    Please give Hooper a rest. He’s not the player that Leeds need. Hooper’s a striker for a struggling club trying to fight for their lives in CCC.

    When will you Beckford boo-boys admit that there’s no-one out there that Leeds can feasibly get who will be as good as Beckford.

    Leeds had the chance to keep him and tossed it away. Now he’s gone, and Leeds are looking at inferior players to fill his place.

    Surely the only option is to stick with what we’ve got, which I think is either Grella or Kandol, and show our muscle in the CCC next season and buy an ex Prem striker.

    If Leeds want to go places (ie. Premier League) then we shouldn’t be taking gambles on strikers who maybe good in the future. Once in the CCC, you need a guaranteed scorer and that will probably come from one of the relegated PL teams.

    I think give Grella a chance – all these posters are talking about players they’ve never even seen on the pitch. Everyone rates Grayson (so so I) but Trundle and Vokes were disasters.

    Becchio is a good player but PL, no he is not. We need a proven scorer up front.

  13. Colin

    Reaper – you said it wasn’t a fair bet of Beckford in the first half versus Hooper in the second half of the season.

    It is fair. Fact is that Hooper is a CCC player which is one league above Beckford, so in theory he should surely walk it if he dropped a league in class.

    Harry wants to bad mouth Beckford with good riddance to him, but I’m just saying that I’ll see your CCC player (Hooper – a league above) with a League 1 player (Beckford).

    A player who drops a league, as we all know should absolutely walk it in a lower division.

    TO HARRY: The bet still stands Harry. Put your money where your large mouth is.

    Either accept that Beckford (league 1) is better than Hooper (CCC)or take the bet that he scores more than Beckford did.

    I will pay and I’d be happy to if he achieves that but we all know that he won’t.

    So either put up or shut up. Harry admit to me that Hooper is no replacement for Beckford or accept the bet – simples :)

    • Harry

      Colin, not only are you extremely rude but your logic is all twisted. For a start you are looking for a proven scorer from a relegated PL side. I can guarantee you that any PL side with a proven scorer will not be relegated.

      Also, as I said above Beckfords done a good job but not an outstanding one, he’s not even top scorer in our league and we’re 8pts clear at the top. Barnard has one less playing for Southend. I like Beckford but his record in big games, and there’s been no bigger games than the play-offs for Leeds over the last few years, has been poor. He panicks and snatches at chances, probably because he’s desperate to do well – no bad thing but proof he’s not the finished article and still to prove himself when he steps up a level.

      I have seen Hooper on a number of occasions as I am from Scunthorpe, he has a lot more to his game than just goal scoring (despite his impressive 1 in 2 record). He is a powerful runner who can take players on and beat them with more than just pace. You talk about commenting on players who we have not even seen play but my suspicion is that is exactly what you are doing. Had you seen him at ER last season you would not be so concerned, the goal he scored at the start of the second half to level the scores at 2-2 when he picked the ball up just inside our half, ran powerfully at the defence and finished from 18yds was exceptional.

      I like Beckford as a player and would have been delighted if he’d signed in the summer and chosen to move up a level with us. Fact is he didn’t and now he wants to go. History tells us that there is no value in keeping a player that doesn’t want to play for your club. You could argue that his performance in the first half of the season contradicts this but the simple fact is there was no interest in him in the summer so there was no option but for him to stay and perform. Now the club at the top of the CCC is offering to treble his wages, we can neither compete with the wages or offer him the prospect of PL football next season so on many levels I fully understand his decision.

      I believe any one of Hooper, Sharp or Barnard will score goals at this level (already proven) and have the potential to do the same in the CCC. Of the three I think Hooper has the best all round game and, at 21, the most potential.

      Your bet is unrealistic for a number of reason not least because the second half of the season starts tomorrow and Hooper wont be in our team. I will however see your £50 and raise you to £100 for the following if we sign Hooper:- Hoopers goals plus assists in the games he starts will beat Beckfords pro-rata goals plus assists performance in the season to date.

      If you understand that bet then let’s get it on, otherwise ask your mummy to explain it to you when she pops in to put your dummy back in.

      • Colin

        Honestly I’m not meaning to be rude. Never have been and never will be. Neither do I think that my logic is twisted.

        And that is why I accept your £100 bet. I’m sure that we can contact TSS and give him our details and he can manage the bet.

        As it stands Beckford got 16 goals and 3 assists (as per ESPN stats) in the league, so let’s call it 19. I appreciate that some of the second half of the season has gone, so if we do sign Hooper, then I’ll let you have a combination of 17 goals or assists. If he hits it, you get £100.

        So take it or shut your face. It’s your call.

      • Colin

        And when I win the bet I want a serious apology from you on this website. Leeds have 23 games left. If you think that Hooper would get 17 goals or assists in that time then you’re a lunatic.

        Mark my words, you’ll regret saying “If you understand that bet then let’s get it on, otherwise ask your mummy to explain it to you when she pops in to put your dummy back in.”

        You’re an absolute idiot-hole and I want your £100.

      • Pete

        Colin, the bet is this:

        Hooper’s goals plus assists divided by number of starts to be more than Beckford’s goals plus assists divided by the number of starts.

        so that’s 16 goals plus 3 assists divided by 21 which gives 0.90 goals or assists per start.

        If Hooper’s ratio was more, you would lose the bet – personally, I reckon if Hooper signs, you’ve just blown £100

      • Harry

        Colin, I goal and I assist for Hooper today in a CCC away game and nothing for Beckford at home to a relegation threatened L1 team. I make that at least 2-0 to me without even any sort of weighting for Hooper being in the league above us. Are you still confident?

      • Harry

        As I said last night get your mummy to explain the pro-rata for Hoopers starts to you. I’m not sure you’re old enough to bet or you can save enough of your pocket money in time to cover it.

      • Pete

        Harry, if Leeds get Hooper I reckon that’s the safest bet you’ve ever made.

      • Colin

        If we agree to take Pete’s pro rata rate of 0.90 then that’s a fine bet by me.

        Using the same pro rata system, Defoe comes out at 0.83 and Rooney comes out at 0.84.

        0.90 goals or assists is a tough ask for any player.

      • Pete

        Just as a comparison, Hooper is currently on 7 goals plus 3 assists is 17 games – that’s 0.59. Albeit in a crap side with a level of service that Ryanair would find appalling, where Hooper and Woolford are the only two players that don’t look out of their depth.

  14. Colin

    This is
    This upsets me about Leeds – we have great players, only for so called fans to have a go at them and moan at them as if Becks’ 70+ goals counted for nothing.

    These “fans” are the same ones who called Alan Smith a Judas even though he was only doing the right thing for the club by bringing money in through his transfer.

    Sometime we’re amazing, but sometimes our fans make us look like complete tools.

  15. Pete

    Disclaimer: This isn’t fully accurate because I’ve weighted sub appearances to count the same as a start, but this is my provisional ratings system just in terms of games played, goals scored and assists made. It doesn’t take shots attempted into consideration, if it did it would certainly change a few ratings. Just as a small comparison, Jermaine Beckford scores 1 goal for every 4 shots he takes, Billy Sharp’s ratio is 1 goal for every 2.3 shots.

    My full analysis of the pro-rata ratios:

    Rickie Lambert – Southampton – 1.04 (Anything over 1 is seriously impressive at any level)
    Jermaine Beckford – Leeds – 0.9
    Deon Burton – Charlton Athletic – 0.83
    Grant Holt – Norwich – 0.79
    Billy Sharp – Doncaster Rovers/Sheff Utd – 0.71
    Gary Hooper – Scunthorpe – 0.59
    Max Gradel – Leeds – 0.5 (Fantastic return from the bench)
    Bradley Johnson – Leeds – 0.5 (Fantastic return from midfield)
    Jamie Ward – Sheff Utd – 0.44
    Aaron Mclean – Peterborough – 0.33

    From this, it looks like Billy Sharp is statistically the best bet – 10 goals and 2 assists in 17 games for Doncaster. At Leeds, I have no doubt that he’d bang the goals in, remember, the season before we were relegated he hit over 30 goals – some of them in partnership with one J. Beckford it must be said!


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