It’s nice to feel the love building up to the big match tomorrow. Felt the need to repost a video I noticed on The Republik of Mancunia blog for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, who are these “scum” they refer to? Surely they know that they’re infact the scum? We’ve been telling them for years after all.

Secondly, “30 years, f*** all!” 30? 18 actually. I know many Manchester United fans forget life existed before someone had the brilliant idea of renaming Division One “The Premiership” but if you all check your history you’ll find that football was indeed played in England pre-1992, and in that final year of proper football (before Sky intervened and ruined the competitiveness of the game) Leeds won the top flight. So, for those of you without a calculator to hand, that’s roughly seventeen and a half years.

NOTE: Probably best not to watch the following with kids in the room. It’s offensive on several counts, but for one it contains swearing and worse still, it contains Manchester United fans. You have been warned.