Only a few days remaining now of the January transfer window and things have started to liven up a little. The early part of these windows is so quiet that they may as well have a transfer day instead and relieve the fans of the panic they endure during the 31 day period.

Unsurprisingly, Jermaine Beckford is in the papers once more. This time it’s the Mirror and they’re linking him with an immediate move to Everton for £2m. It’s claimed that Becks has already signed a pre-contract with Everton, but apparently, they mean very little and with other clubs now sniffing around and trying to capture his signature they may be wanting to close the deal sooner.

On a more positive note, Leeds have finally secured their first signing of the window bringing in Max Gradel permanently from Leicester. Max has signed a two and a half year deal at Elland Road after handing in a transfer request to Leicester on Friday.

No fee is mentioned in the Sky Sports report, so you can safely assume Bates has stuck with the norm of not revealing them and Max is our latest ‘undisclosed fee’. I’d hazard a guess that we haven’t paid much more than £250,000 though so this presents great value for money for Leeds.

Gradel is clearly delighted at securing the move telling Sky Sports that;

“I’m just happy to move on. It’s a very, very big club and has massive fans. I’m very happy,

“I’m happy to be part of this club as they are very ambitious. I’m going to show my proper football now, I’m very happy.”

And we’re more than happy to have you Max. The ‘massive fans’ he refers to must have been the slightly overweight pair who were sitting in front of me at White Hart Lane the other day. They’d clearly been enjoying the Chicken Balti pies at Elland Road.

Max goes on to reveal that Nigel Pearson didn’t want him to leave Leicester, but the youngster knew first team football was the best option for his career and couldn’t stand the thought of returning to the reserves.

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  1. Paul S.Wales

    Not sure if 250K is what we should be paying for a supersub, but time will tell, the jury is still out, i’m more concerned with what striker, if any we pick up.

  2. Craig

    I’m also slightly unsure whether Gradel has proved himself. Not sure he was quite as effective when starting games for us. Still, he’s young, skillful and Leicester didn’t want to lose him so I guess that counts for something!

  3. Craig

    I have just started a debate on ‘another’ site but, unlike this one, the posts aren’t displayed before vetting. I have a question for those who see Leeds more frequently than I am able to:

    Many Leeds fans seem to be in favour of giving Aidy White a run at left back – I can’t forget the many glowing reports of his contributions when he was getting regular starts under Macalister. But what is his defending like (I never saw him play when he was in the starting lineup and when he is brought on as a sub it tends to be when the opposition is tiring and he is able to get forward more). If we all praise him for his attacking contribution, is White better suited to midfield than defence?

    • Craig

      I should also add that I think Hughes has done a fantastic job as an out-of-position left back and would like to see him replace Crowe on the right side.

    • Pete

      I saw him against Brighton last season – fantastic going forward (as is the general consensus), didn’t have masses to do in defence but seemed comfortable enough when he did have a tackle to make.

      Of course, it helped that he had Delph in front of him, who put the fear of god into the Brighton defence and midfield every time he went near the ball, so in the end Brighton just stopped using the Leeds left hand side…didn’t get much of a chance to see him have a full workout.

  4. Mikelufc

    I am more concerned at th clear lack of ambition from the top.
    of course we are doing well at the moment not counting the last 3 league games and Casper is doing not so bad but clearly (it seems to me) Higgsy is not recovering too quickly,) so what if casper is injured in the near future?
    Our direct opposition are showing more ambition, as usual we are hoarding the cash we should have in the bank, unless it is already in the accounts of Bates backers.
    Call me a cynic if you like, you are probably right.
    I am protecting myself against the likely end results.
    I might feel different tonight following a resounding win but right now after nearly a month of transfer window there is not the slightest hint of spending any money to secure our promotion.

  5. Side Before Self

    I read on vital leicester that the sum is more £200,000 but I think it’s all guesswork. If we can keep becks I think we’ll wait till end of season to get a new striker. What worries me most is our fullback positions. I know Parker is back in training and playing reserve games and that Hughes is playing the football of his life but I’d welcome a loanee at leftback (seeing as larry has little faith in White who in my humble opinion is quality). Also we need a rightback bromby is ok and it’s usefull to have him as he can play centerback aswell but I have little faith in crowe so if we are to secure another transfer I’d like a young quick rightback

    • Craig

      Surely the fact that, now fully fit, White is on the bench and comes on fairly frequently suggests he is appreciated and not far from a regular starting place? Agree about the need for a left back. Crowe is a liability.

  6. David C

    Firstly, I’m very pleased that we’ve signed 1 attacking option because quite frankly, we are woefully short. The only real threats we have are Becks, Becchio and Snods. Obviously, Grella and Kandol are ok cover – but only short term or super-subs. Larry won’t even consider Robbo – although I’m encouraged to hear Larry say that he’s not really looking to let any more of the squad go now. So before Max, if we suddenly lost 1 of our 3 to a bad injury, suddenly, we’d look a lot less potent up top.

    Max is a welcomed addition, and I hope that he can prove that he’s more than a super-sub. But even if he is, £250k is a good investment to help us get promoted this season, and if we wanted to sell him later, I’m sure we’d get close to our money back.

    I think we do need 1 more attacking option though – maybe an out ‘n out winger? Once that can go past people and deliver crosses. Or should we try and bring in a striker that can reliably score goals? Agghh… I think we need both!

  7. Peter T

    White is only 18 quick but not yet a defender
    May end up left side midfielder for me
    Glad we have Gradel at £200k worth it energetic young
    and already part of squad so fits in
    Not sure how good he is as said when he started he was not as impressive BUT he has real value when the game opens up in later stages
    High workrate and energy which is what Simon demands and a eye for goal

    Agree we still need another Striker expect it will be on loan

    • Craig

      Maybe Gradel IS that other striker – if he was played in Beckford’s position might he be a solution? He has a better first touch, is just as quick and has the eye for goal.

      • Craig

        In fact, the thought of Gradel and Grella forming a strike partnership fills me with excitement – they even have the right surnames.

  8. Terry

    With regards to White, Grayson is on record as saying they see him more as a left-sided mid-fielder than a left back.

    • Craig

      Didn’t know that. It explains why Parker always gets the nod ahead of White at left back.

  9. Grumpy Older Man

    Where to start? Firstly “apparently they don’t mean anything” is just pure wishful thinking (and a fog Grayson created, now our manager may be lots of things but a legal expert he is not and if he is taking advice from Taylor…), no case ever in English football of a bona-fida Pre-Contract being successfully broken, the only question is has Beckford signed one and with the club policy of not even telling us players have put in transfer requests it could be a day or tow before we know.

    In terms of a late Everton bid for Beckford, maybe. I suspect if it does come it will be a £2-2.5m cash plus a choice of player on loan (with Everton still paying the wages). Moyes has a couple of young strikers he wants to get decent match practice in, James Vaughan being one.

    Gradel, striker possibiliy but the question will remain till he does 3-4 games on the trot, can he play for 90 minutes or is he just a limited impact player. He as about the length of his contract to show one way or other.

    White as a left sided midfield player I can see, especially if Parker comes back and reurns to his form of the latter part of last season.

    6 days and counting.

      • TSS

        A decade or two is more likely. Grayson biography when he retires will probably be the only way we ever get any answers.

        Just watching SSN and Jack Wiltshire is in the hunt for a loan club. Probably got a million in one chance, but I’d definitely be putting an offer in if I was Simon Grayson.

      • matt

        Wenger wouldn’t let him go to a league one club in a million years ;)

      • Markus

        No, but as TSS says it’s definately worth putting an offer in.

  10. Choppers

    Parker is nearly back fingers crossed, so I can see Hughes moving to Right back in place of Crowe. I like Bromby, I think he gets better every game, but he offers nothing going forward at right back apart from his long throws.

    Gradel at Oldham I thought was fantastic. He chased a lost cause that set up Killas goal and his neat touches at the edge of the box set up Becchio. I think he can be played from the start, but he is an impact sub, so why change things.

    If Beckford does stay, as I now imagine he will I dont think we need to add any further, save the cash for the Championship.

  11. derbyshirewhite

    Pity we couldn’t hold on to Frazer Richardson at Right Back. I know he had his critics but he is still one of the best players at Charlton and is stronger than Crowe, particularly in the last 30 minutes of the match.

      • Dean A Walls

        I agree, thought Crowe was starting to be a liability towards the end of the Spurs game. Definately a weak link.

  12. Matt bb

    Perhaps that result highlights three area in need of investment… Defence, midfield, attack..

  13. David C

    What was Grayson doing picking exactly the same side that worked their socks off only 48 hours ago?

  14. mark s

    Here we go, wobble wobble! Surely the FA cup is a massive distraction? Fucking canary berNard mattews delia patridge colemans insurance bastard piss faces chipped in with a late win as did carlise and prutton scores for colechester!!

    What’s the mood out there boys?

  15. David N.I.

    The wheel has come off big time, SG has a week to get Pappa Smurf to put his hand in his deep pockets. We must have funds Delph, the cup run, tv money & loyal big crowds, if no money in the kitty then we should all give up or has that already happened. Read back through TSS and you’ll see I predicted this. We need quality players and we need them NOW [there is a week left] what we have is not good enough by a long way. Nothing will change my mind in that Pappa Smurf is happy for us to stay in L 1, Premier League crowds @ Premier League prices, paying L 1 wages, he’s happy. Watching LU live in L 1 we have been piss poor and lucky to be where we are in the league.
    We are well Fecked guys & girls, prepare for another few years in L 1.

    David N.I.

    • Dje

      Forget about bringing people in, it aint going to happen. If we are so hard up on the wage bill that we have to loan out Prutton to one of our promotion rivals (who’re getting closer to us by the game), then there’s nowt in the coffers.

      On the upside, and hopefully not too knee-jerking in reaction to tonight’s latest disaster, the boys seriously need a rest/to-be-dropped for a game. At home to Wycombe was the ideal chance to do this, but we blew it. A full week or two off after the dizzy-heights of Old Trafford would have been enough to wet their appetite for football field once more – albeit the JPS Trophy or away at Exeter.

      The reserves could easily have been doing as good a job – or no worse – than we did tonight by 63 minutes (ie. 3-0 down). What happened to all that hot air wasted by Grayson on the need for having competition for all places to stop players feeling complacent that their name was already on the starting XI? Jesus, surely calling it a ‘rest’ after the game against Tottenham would have cotton-wooled any frail egos.

      I find it hard to believe that White, Grella, Kandol (if he’s even still in Yorkshire these days), Prutton (if we hadn’t flogged him off out on loan) Somma, Robinson and perhaps one of the kids (Whitwell?) wouldn’t have had something more to play for, something more to prove to Grayson and the fans, something that was so naturally absent tonight. If we have the largest squad in this league, we should at least fucking use it once in a while.

      Finally, I am completely at a loss as to why we keep naming Robinson on the bench. Under what desperate conditions is he there to be utilised? Or do we have to be 3-0 up before we bring him on? Seriously, if we aren’t going to use him or play him then we might as well not mess everyone about by naming him on the bench.

      Marching Off Together

  16. Matt bb

    The truth is that we dont have a worse squad than a month ago, they are just tired, and now their confidence is dipping. We need to fall on our sword and gracefully field reserves in greater numbers for fa cup and johnstones paint trophy, ken needs to send the squad off to tenerife for a week to train as a reward for their hard work. Its how you respond to challenges as a manager that defines you as good or not. Blackwell and mcallister choked, wise ran away, simon grayson will get us there. I expect him to do the right thing and i’ll be there shouting them on to victory against the titanic colchester.

  17. paul

    What a golden opportunity to go 6 points clear of Charlton with a game in hand last night, 1 point from 9, dear oh dear relegation form!!
    Since man u we have had our head in the clouds, thinking we are better than we really are, also talking of goin straight through the CCC to the prem.
    Leeds fans i’m talking to are starting to mention play-offs. The chants of Leeds are going up always worried me.

    There should be an electrifying buzz around Elland rd at the mo…there is a strange feeling at the moment maybe a mix of well were still ok but…what if we don’t pick things up!

    Lets start on sat with 3 points, and for gods sake lets get out of the FA cup and JPT then maybe the players will realise which level they are still playing at!


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