Barnard snubs Leeds for Saints

Leeds United did go in for Lee Barnard, but were beaten to his signature by Southampton.  Apparently, the reason he chose Southampton over Elland Road is because he didn’t want to move north, which would make sense. Clearly, this was never about climbing the ladder for Lee, or he’d have definitely chose Leeds. No disrespect at all meant to Southampton, who I fully expect to make the play-offs, but promotion is still a dot on the horizon for them. The play-offs are a bit of a lottery that everyone wants to avoid (especially us).

£10m bids for Beckford?

This mornings papers are claiming that Leeds may now receive offers in the region of £10,000,000 for Jermaine Beckford! I was willing to help him pack and drive him where ever when people were quoting £3m, but for £10m I’ll carry him to the next club on my shoulders. Whilst I don’t doubt the FA Cup games have turned a few heads, football will have gone to a whole new level of crazy if we get £10m for Jermaine.

Maximum impact

Max Gradel should become our first permanent signing of the January transfer window today as he undertakes the necessary medical at Elland Road. The Ivorian youngster impressed Leeds United fans immediately after arriving on loan three months ago and there’s been calls for Grayson to ‘sign him up’ ever since.

Max has clearly enjoyed his time at Leeds United and spurred on by the overwhelming love he’s received from the clubs supporters, he almost immediately handed in a transfer request on his return to Leicester.

Return of Rose?

According to The People, Leeds are preparing to make a move for former academy starlet Danny Rose, who currently plays for FA Cup opponents, Tottenham Hotspur.

Rose met his former club in Saturday’s clash and gave a pretty impressive performance throughout. However, the appearence was a rare treat for the youngster who has spent most of his time so far out on loan. It’s believed Bolton (who are coincidentally our opponents in round 5, should we beat Tottenham) are also hoping to get Danny in on loan. Rose is believed to prefer a move to another Premier League club so the chances of him returning to Leeds are slim.

Snoddy here to stay

They say always end on a high and today, that particular high is provided by Robert Snodgrass who hit all the right notes after our draw with Tottenham telling The Times that he didn’t want to leave Leeds United;

“If they don’t want to sell me, I don’t want to leave, there’s no point. This team will be there at some point in the next two years.

“Everything is set up to go right back to the top.

“There’s no point being here if you think it stops when we get to the Championship.”

Reading between the lines, that statement could be taken as a bit of a dig at Jermaine Beckford, but in another interview Snoddy defended our “lazy” wantaway striker;

“Becks is just a clinical finisher and he’s rapid. Sometimes people say he doesn’t work too hard but you have to pick and choose.

“What do you want? Do you want the goals or do you want a striker who works hard? I think I prefer the goals, to be fair.”

Goals vs work rate? Where have I heard that argument before…

  • Grumpy Older Man

    Lambert, Holt, Barnard, arguement over.

    • TSS

      What argument? …and haven’t you lot cottoned on to the idea of Hooper yet!

  • Paul S.Wales

    What a great game Saturday, only downside i was in the spurs end with my yid following mates. First 20 minutes we were asleep, but we soon got to grips with them and starting to do some damage. I think we can beat them at ER with the crowd behind us. £10,000,000 for Becks, where did you read that? The sport? I fancy Hooper would be a great signing, because we need another good striker to partner beckford, I just hope our cup run doesn’t derail our promotion charge.MOT.

    • TSS

      Was on SSN rounding the papers up this morning. Not sure which one it was in but clearly ludicrous

    • Craig

      I wasn’t too impressed with Hooper yesterday.

    • Jon

      I think that this is a misquote of SG – I seem to remember reading somewhere that he had said if someone came in with a bid for 10 million they would have to consider it….this seems to have turned into the fact that they have received such a bid

  • mikelufc

    Why is Simon talking about big bucks for beckford yet again?
    Has he learned nothing by the last 3 games we had after beating Scum?
    Is it to fuck with the teams heads just prior to the Swindon?
    I am worried about that.
    Why cant he just shut his trap and get the preparations for the League matches under way?

    • I reckon SG would take good money for Beckford now regardless of other comments to the contrary.

    • macadamia_man

      Amazing how paranoia can get hold of a fan and make him think he knows more about motivation than the man who has taken players who couldn’t or wouldn’t play for McAllister (through fear or confusion or grumpiness?) and turned them into top spot in D1 with games in hand (and sound results against 3 of the top 6 clubs in England). Please don’t confuse what you read in the tabs with what actually goes on . . . and if you must, don’t wind the rest of us up with witless scaremongering. MOT

      • Leztoomey

        Loving your work. Well said that man.

        • macadamia_man

          Ta. Swindon surely didn’t boost my argument on the face of it but MOT from the fans is the key if the lads are running scared of injury, success or hard work in D1. Four managers, three seasons and god knows how many players have appeared to bottle it under the weight of serious expectation, so what’s the common element? Might just be us . . . ?

  • Choppers

    I am glad about the Barnard thing. I did not fancy him at all, but I agree we need another striker.

    I cant see Holt wanting to leave, as he fancies getting up with Norwich.

    I watched Hooper yesterday and I didn’t see anything special, however it was against Man City so not a lot you can take out of that.

    Noticed Rob Jones was playing. We had a bid turned down from Hibs, looked rather competent, shame we missed out on him

  • tony C

    Think SG is trying to offload JB while his stock his high then it can be used to Buy Hooper or the like wht else does he keep mentioning a fee of over 2 million im sure a wolves or a Burnley would risk that for premiership survival worried about the amount of games and bookings we picked up will impact on the holy grail of getting promoted

    • Craig

      I agree with you Tony – and I think Grayson is playing it just right – again.

  • Henry V

    We do need another good goal scorer.
    I like Simeon Jackson, and we could get him.
    Hew reminds me of Rod Wallace!

    Also Luc’ Beccio is getting stronger and will soon be up to match pace!!
    I would hate to have to mark him!!
    We have really missed him!


  • derbyshirewhite

    No doubt there were times when the Don could have sold Alan Clarke for a bag of gold. At the end of the season most of us will look at the league table to measure our success this year, and it won’t be listing which teams have had the strongest cash flow. Still in the Third Division but what a balance sheet! Hope not.

    • matt

      We wont sell Beckford, there isn’t enough time to replace him.

  • mikelufc

    Then how come we have thrown away the lead an lost points entirely (in my view) due to talking up beckfords value and not concentrating on what is REALLY important, winning League matches week after week not.

    • Craig

      Ah, but is ‘your view’ the way it really is? I think we have thrown away the lead due to Beckford putting in a transfer request (which wasn’t revealed until after the ManU game remember)which has unsettled the team and led to him thinking of pastures new rather than our next game – except when that next game is Spurs on TV and it suits him to put in a good performance.

      That is why I say “let him go” so the lads that remain can get their heads down without the distraction of Beckford saying he is ‘committed’ to the club when everyone knows he is just waiting for the payday at the end of the season.

  • David Coleman

    Listen…. get real! NO-ONE is going to pay £10m for Jermaine Beckford at this point. No-one even wanted to pay £3m! Any club that can afford to take a £10m gamble would surely be big enough to attract him for free in the summer – or more to the point, could afford a tried and tested big name striker.

    Why SG is talking like this is a mystery. The only thing I can think of is to pump Beckford up so that he believes he’s a £10m player, and plays like it for the rest of the season. It fits because SG was saying that JB should prove his worth for the rest of the season and would get offers from far bigger clubs than that being talked about (Everton).

    So all this talk is a clever ploy by SG.

    • Craig

      As I said months ago, there may be a club out there prepared to offer silly money if it is a gamble that helps them stay in the Premiership or get promoted. It wasn’t Grayson who mentioned £10m – he said ‘silly money’ which, with only 6 months left on his contract and a week left of the transfer window is more like £3m tops.

      • Craig

        … and following 3 goals against top PL teams £3m is no longer out of the question.

  • cossie(LUFC)

    Beckford needs his head examining if he leaves now! We have a cup replay against Spurs at a full Elland Road with a potential 5th round tie against another top flight team. Plus we are at the top of our league fighting for automatic promotion (therefore by implication winning more than we lose). Why swap that for a team fighting against relgation who will probably lose more than they win. If he continues as he has been going and scores another 15 goals for us he might be able to choose the team he plays for next season!
    One thing he should do whatever happens is to change his agent! I think he seems to be messing about far more than the player

    • Craig

      From Beckford’s perspective I agree – which is why I think Grayson is trying to talk up his value and see if a big club wanting to get into the PL top 4 might take a punt on him.

  • mikelufc

    We will find out if it is a clever ploy by SG tomorrow night against Swindon. Where will the lads heads be?
    I remain unconvinced.
    I am worried at the moment.

    • Dje

      Considering the timing the of Beckford’s transfer request and when the date that we played Man Utd, I’m as yet clueless as to whether our dip in from and results (aside form the FA Cup) is because of Beckford’s transfer saga or because of the adrenaline-fueled rapture associated in beating the Scum and then being drawn to play Tottenham.

      As Beckford withdrew his transfer request and we still played shite against Exeter and Carlisle, I reckon it is more the cup run than anything to do with Beckford and Rubery. The cup games distorts the whole team’s mindset, will-Beckford-wont-Beckford can’t effect ALL of them in ALL our matches, surely?!

      • Dje

        *….our dip in form and results….

  • Jo

    This isn’t rocket science, SG is just a fairly straight talking guy and when asked he said we would only be interested in a crazy bid like 10 mill… who wouldn’t be? i hope we get another good striker in but I’m not sure its going to happen, Grella looks good but after beckford all the rest of our ‘strike-force’ put together has scored about the same as bradley johnson… worrying, but great performance v spurs

  • Craig

    Check out the ITV podcast – about 6.30 mins in. Beckford’s agent reveals that a deal has already been done for a summer move.

    • TSS

      Yeah, it was said last week that he’d already signed a pre-contract with Everton. They’re hardly worth the paper they’re written on though, which is why the transfer speculation continues.

      • Craig

        Sure, but signing a pre-contract indicates where Beckford’s heart is. Now that is clear I wonder if we’ll get the best out of him in games that aren’t televised.

  • Matt bb

    I dont really think there is any desire to sell beckford, and that is simply due to the fact that a replacement would cost £2m^ and bates wont spend more than 500k on players, at most. Simon grayson knows the realities of football though and has an idea of how much money there is in the bank, well lufc’s bank not kens guernsey acct, he is being honest if a really stupid bid came in 5m or over they would take it, that wont happen though for a player who will be a snip at £0.00m in five months.

  • West Stand Rebel

    According to the Yorkshire Post Beckford is on about £5k a week at the moment and I know in terms of the salary I earn that’s an absolute fortune. However the BBC suggested that Rooney is earning £120k a week or 24 times as much as Jermaine. In this daft world of football where greed is good it looks like our top striker is anything but greedy in comparative terms.
    I just hope as well after Sunday’s result we give this guy a break and stop the kind of vindictive abuse he has received on this and other web sites.

    • Craig

      A good point well made. If any of us were in the same place we’d do just what Becks is doing.

      • Craig

        Good luck to him… we Leeds fans are notoriously hard to please.

  • West Stand Rebel

    Sorry that should read Saturday’s result

  • TheReaper08

    It’s not apparently on the Barnard thing, I reported this the other evening and it’s fact that he wouldn’t move north. Don’t fret over this one there is nothing we could of done. Be interesting to see how they play together though as two star strikers doesn’t always work.

    The Beckford for £10m is just a statement, it say’s don’t be bothering us unless you are bringing the big bucks. We would still sell at much less than that but it would also need to be more than £2m. I think the club, Larry and Ken should be applauded for the handling of this situation.

    As for Snoddy well the longer he stay’s the better, enough said.

  • Chareose

    I have only been able to see Leeds 3 times this season and Beckford missed one game. Ive heard the same stuff from leeds fans ” Beckford has poor touch, hes not that good etc”. After the last two cup games id disagree, his touch maybe poor but he is pacey, his movement off the ball is supurb and position is good and his record proves he is a natural poacher. Grayson knows its better to keep a proven goal scorer that gives you promotion rather than take a gamble on another striker. Get off Beckfods case.

  • OneTonyCurrie

    Couldn’t agree more with WSR (and Craig). Enoch was a trier, bless him, so was Dicko. And if I needed my cow’s arse struck squarely with a small stringed instrument, I’d want Becks to do it.

    • Craig

      The mind boggles!

    • Craig

      Of course, what we could really do with is a reincarnation of the great Tony Currie. The more inventive the midfield is the better – even lesser strikers like Enoch + Dicko would achieve decent striking stats!

      • TSS

        Aside from blasting the ball off Enoch’s enormous frame and hoping it deflect into the net, there’s very little you could do to improve his striking stats.

        • Craig

          Like playing billiards on a football pitch! You may have discovered a new tactic!

  • tim the white

    Don’t forget Tresor. He can have a big impact when he returns to the end of the season. Barnard and Hooper are not for us in my opinion but I am glad about Gradel coming. Expect a surprise before the window ends! Pity Max can’t figure against Spurs, but I’m telling you all; if we get a result (win) tonight we can enjoy the two cup runs and promotion will be a done deal. However, I will take a draw if need be. COME ON LEEDS!

    • Craig

      Why can’t he figure against Spurs? has he already played in the cup for Leicester or did they refuse to allow him to become cuptied whilst he was on loan? If the latter, surely he can play for us now he is our player?