Jermaine Beckford’s agent has confirmed on Five Live that the striker has handed a transfer request into the club just days after making himself a hero with his winning goal at Old Trafford.

"Not Leeds United's, that's for sure!"

After a year of speculation surrounding the strikers future, things began to look ominous in January when Newcastle were linked to the striker and their manager confirmed he was interested.

As well as Newcastle, other clubs can’t be ruled out with Aston Villa allegedly interested too and the bookies offering odds of 2/1 with him moving there, although these are likely to change in light of current news.

The striker, who won the Leeds United fans hearts when he dismissed initial transfer speculation a couple of years ago with the famous line ‘What shirt am I wearin’ bruv?’ has had a turbulent time since he refused to sign a contract in the summer, with the fans unhappy with his lack of commitment.

After a tough time leading up to Christmas, Beckford answered his critics in style by hitting five goals in three games, culminating in the famous goal that knocked Manchester United out of the FA Cup and gave Leeds their first win at Old Trafford for 29 years. 

UPDATE: Leeds United have confirmed Jermaine Beckford’s transfer request and issued a statement saying that although Beckford has handed a transfer request in, he will only be allowed to move if it is in the best interests of the club. Explaining that;

“The best interests of Leeds United involve receiving both an acceptable transfer fee and securing a suitable replacement to ensure his departure does not have an adverse effect on the club’s overall aim of securing promotion back to the Coca-Cola Championship”

It’s also worth nothing that Beckford’s transfer request was handed in on December the 30th, before our historic FA Cup win at Old Trafford.

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  • Grumpy Older Man

    Hero to Zero, end of.

    • Terry

      + 1

    • clive connor

      make him stay ,sit him on the bench,and let Grella and becchio have a run

      • paull

        Totally agree about Grella he’s desperate to get some first team action in the hope of making the USA squad. I think we should cash in on Beckford though. No point in paying him to sit on our bench when he can sit on one in Newcastle.

      • Cothamboy

        Here Here !!! I wouldn’t even put him on the Bench

        Why do we always end up with players who think they are better than
        the club and they then want to leave !!

        I hope Larry has been planning for this.

    • Kernow

      I heard from a Dundee fan that word on the street is their young striker Leigh Griffiths might be joining Leeds.

      But then it is silly season so who knows. He’s said to be promising, but we need a proven goal-getter with a track record.

  • Kelly_Holbeck

    Time to move on. He will never be treated with the respect and loyalty that Leeds United team and fans have offered him Bye bye!

    • DaveS

      When have we ever shown Beckford any respect? How can anyone rather have a half decent Grella in the lineup instead of a 30+ goal scorer over the last few years.

      We should be crapping ourselves that Becks is leaving cause we have nobody, and lets be honest there is nobody that can replace him. These prolific strikers don’t come around often and if he does leave then fair play to him. If you scored that many goals for a club and were still getting stick you wouldn’t hang around. It doesn’t matter how ‘lazy’ how ‘greedy’ he is, the best strikers have to be like that otherwise they don’t score enough goals! Otherwise you’d just have another Healy or Creswell. Lot of good they were…

      The inevitable has now happened, and as much as i have faith in Simon and his transfer choices I believe that at this stage of the season Beckford is irreplacable. It’s a great shame Bates didn’t put is hand in his pocket and give the fella a new contract, his goals will be sorely missed, I only hope Leeds fans remember the goals he has scored for us and give the guy some credit…maybe not a hero anymore, but certainly not zero. MOT!

  • Colin

    Gutted. I can’t believe it. Well the Beckford Bashers have got what they want – we’ll see what happens now to our form without him.

    As for the betting – I’m sure Leeds could match a contract offer from Newcastle. Maybe that Villa bet might be worth something?

    Being discussed on talksport now if you’re interested.

    • Colin

      probably be one of the discussion points on the BBC 5live radio programme at 7pm as well

  • TSS

    He was a big part of our promotion push, but one man doesn’t make a team and we’ll do it without him and in style. MOT!

  • faaipdeoaid

    missed off no one in the poll, it would surprise me if we didn’t replace him directly

  • James Morris

    I have heard that Doncaster want Becchio for 500k and apparently Snoddy is on his way to Forest in a cash + player deal with Aaron Davies coming the other way. Two other targets were also mentioned but I forget who they were… (Can’t have been that good).. :@)

    Bye bye Beckford… Greedy tw4t

  • Matt

    Selfish, just like Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink. Incredibly ungrateful to the club, and most importantly to the fans. I hope he plays crap for Newcastle now :)

    • I hope so too, i said the same thing yesterday, and got the response that he wasnt ungrateful etc etc. but i agree, hopefully he will be a huge disapointment and make the same statement as david beckham (“i wish i stayed”)!!!!

  • Kernow

    It says Newcastle have submitted a take it or leave it of 1.5m. I don’t think that’ll be enough – transfer request or not.

  • Sh*te craic if true mind…

    Not sure that’s the sort of player either the selling or buying team want. Where’s the loyalty gone in football these days? Replaced by egos and a big fat pay cheque.

    • TSS

      His agents a tosser mate. You’ll find that out soon enough if he joins you and then someone else comes knocking with more money.

      • I knew his agent was behind all of this. Complete money grabbing bastard!!! I would liek to hope that if it was left down to beckford, that he would have the decency to say that he would stay with the club that gave him his big break!!!

  • Colin

    Leeds of course don’t have take any offers but would Leeds have the bottle to keep him and play him in the reserves??

  • Kernow

    Just one more point – here’s a man who has been invisible in many crunch games. Sunday was the first ‘big game’ the Beckford has actually delivered in. Now he thinks he can hack it in the Premiership?

  • tony cole

    surprised he has slapped in a transfer request that means he won’t get a percentage of the transfer fee thought he would have waited fired us into ccc and then left on a free with a big signing on fee we dont have to sell just because he’s slapped in a “request” obviously he belives in his own hype but not wanting to sound like sour grapes but he will be a bench warmer after a dozen games and farmed out after 30 games if he goes into the premiership Defenders know his temprement is suspect and the higher the level the tougher and cannier they are he will be sulking game after game he is looking for the big payday full stop Leeds united will get promoted with or without him LUFC are a team not one player he could have been a legend he could become a phariah if the barcodes get him and they dont go up it will be interesting to see his return to ER Bit like Robinson really todays news is tomorrows fish & chips paper we will always be Leeds united …..

    • clive connor

      Absolutly right! we’re a team and will go up with or without him!as i said give Grella a run.i’d be more upset if Grayson went to Burnley right now!!

      • TSS

        Not a chance of Grayson leaving!

        • Matt


    • Colin

      good point. it doesn’t make any financial sense for him to put in the transfer request. The offers were going to come in with or without a transfer request. surely it makes no financial sense for his agent to push beckford to put a transfer request in either??

      Unless becks had just had enough of some of the leeds fans cheering when he gets substituted??

      not sure. still confused.

  • Floogle

    I’ve just never understood this. Sure, his touch is poor and he is far from premier leave class but he’s been brilliant for us. Remember he’s just learning the game at this level. I heard Newcastle are offering three times his salary and they are definitely offering him a shot at the premier league. Of course he wants to go and I wish him well. We didn’t exactly make him feel loved.

    As for a replacement, whoever it is he must must have pace. We have people who can score goals but no pace an. Lot of our set up is designed to play to beckfords pace and reinventing the team style will be a lot more disruptive than losing a player

    • Colin

      Any player as good as Beckford wouldn’t be allowed by their club to come to Leeds. Either way I doubt very much whether this board would give grayson any decent money to spend anyway. If he goes, I assume Grella would take his place.

      • Dje

        I agree, I don’t think we’ll sign anyone else unless we hit the jackpot with a presumably foreign trialist. Old Kandol might come back in to the fold too.

        I think it might boil down to us spluttering our way over the finishing line this season – but then first or second place, who cares.

        If any real money is on offer to bolster the squad it’ll be in the summer for next season when/if we are guaranteed Championship football and the slightly higher wage bill that it’ll incur.

  • derbyshirewhite

    The sad fact is that this club has a history of losing its best footballing talent in a manner not of its own choosing and often below market price. I won’t list them all,I’m sure you can add the details. Whatever anyone thinks of Beckford this is not the time to be switching around a winning team and we should have sorted out his contract a long time ago. Same as Thorpe Arch, we end up with a short term fix rather than a planned approach. Not surprised KB has gone on his holidays for most of January.

  • Grumpy Older Man

    As an aside, if he hasn’t gone by Saturday Grayson would be unwise to pick him, the sound of the Leeds support showing no-one is bigger than the club will be heard for miles!

    • TSS

      Oh God, definitely. It’d be suicide, I’d leave him as far away from ER as possible. I appreciate his contribution to LUFC over the last three years and although I understand his desire to play at a higher level, I don’t like the way this entire thing has been handled.

      • Phil Johnson

        yes I agree, been a total mess

  • Phil Johnson

    what a numpty !
    we give him his chance, this is how he repays us
    delusions of grandeur as usual,
    he needs to remember the big list of players who left Leeds with big ideas only to disappear into obscurity , Harry kewel , Alan Smith, HasselBANK,
    I know the lad wants to earn as much dosh in a short career and his agent will be seeing ££££ signs before his eyes ,
    The lack of loyalty sucks
    Just as things were looking up for us at last
    we get kicked in the teeth by one of our own

    • Colin

      It was sections of the leeds fans on the terraces and this chat board who gave beckford stick – they never made him feel one of us – for that reason alone he doesn’t have to show us any loyalty. That and the fact that the club transfer listed HIM at before the start of the season. He’s well within his rights to hand in a transfer request if he wants.

      • TheReaper08

        Well said Colin. The club gambled on his contract not knowing what division we would be in. When we knew and with only 12 months left we offered by our own admission a token pay increase.

        The fans (not all) then spend the next 6 months panning him on virtually forum I have read. Well now we get to find out how easy it is to acquire a 25-30 goal a season striker.

    • Matt

      I wouldn’t say Hasselbaink fell into obscurity. He did well for Madrid and Chelsea. But i get the jist :) I don’t think Beckford will cut it in the premier league. He will go to Newcastle, disappoint and sign for Cardiff or someone :)

  • Dje

    Beckford’s agent submits a transfer request to Leeds only hours after Newcastle make a take-it-or-leave-it last offer of £1.5m for Beckford, the Leeds board (rightly) expected to turn it down, coincidence? I think it needs looking into myself, as it sounds like Beckford’s been tapped up by Ashley’s boys to get him one way or another for next to nothing. Furthermore, just because Newcastle have been shunned there is no reason for Beckford’s agent to play the ‘transfer request card so soon with bigger fish than the Geordie’s reported to be swarming – Aston Villa (bizarrely) being the latest.

    I agree with some other responders, we should keep him and let his contract run its course. You have to stand up to this kind of want-away rot or else it spreads. Besides, £1.5m will hardly bring anyone else in after Wealdstone have had their cut.

  • TheReaper08

    Oh well kind of inevitable I think. Yes he wants to fill his boots with cash and play at a higher level but some of the drivel I have read about him over the last few weeks is unbelievable. I for one will be hoping for another striker that is lazy, has a poor touch but get’s a miserly 30 goals a season.

    I guess the rest will want someone who try’s hard, tracks back, passes a lot with a great touch and get’s about 5 goals.

    • Phil Johnson

      you are spot on

  • Leeds4eva

    Give the guy a break, he`s scored tons of goals for us and wants to move on. Players do move to different clubs, thats football.

    • Phil Johnson

      yes but this could be make or break for our club !

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  • Brian Shaw

    I think Simon will have a back up plan, he is not that daft, could you trust Jemaine Beckford. He would sell is granny for a tenner,

    • paull

      Dont tell Bates at that price he’ll sign her.

  • GeordieBoy

    If it is true that Villa are in for Beckford then there is no way that he will be joining us (NUFC). We consistently show our hand in order to excite the fans and end up settling for loanees and rejects, this is how Fatty Ashley operates.
    Keep the faith guys and hope you get promoted,I miss the matches between your lot and us.

  • Brian Shaw

    Jemaine Beckford handed in a transfer request on the 30th of dec 09. Why did the club let the fans down again. We thought he was a hero, but he was a judas. I m fuming, im not kidding. Marching on together.

    • Matt

      I reckon that the club will have given him time to rethink, hence the delay.

      • Colin

        Matt, I reckon you’re 100% right.

    • Colin

      No Brian, that’s good. That makes me think that Beckford was finding out just how much the Leeds management wanted him. I think he wants to be at Leeds but wants more money.

      If I was him and I knew how important I was to the club (which is very important) then I would say look if you want me then show me the money. Then I’d expect the manager to say, “No, I don’t want you to go and here’s the new contract with more money to prove it.” and then I’d sign the new contract.

      Let’s face it, he was offered a less than championship wage and he has less than 6 months left. I think he knows that Leeds can afford him and if they REALLY want him then they’ll pay the cash. Otherwise he’ll go elsewhere and get the money and also join a club that really wants him. They’ll pay him the money he deserves and he’ll do his best for whatever team REALLY wants him.

      It’s up to Leeds. I reckon they either don’t want him or can’t afford him. If Leeds give him a decent contract (let’s say £20-25,000) then he’d know that Leeds do want him and he’d sign right away. Leeds are being tight I think and playing a dangerous game.

      Let’s face it, say we get promoted and Snodgrass continues to shine in the championship (i think he will), do you reckon he’ll be around for long if Leeds are still paying him League 1 wages? No chance. The only difference is that Beckford wants the Championship money now.

      I still reckon there’s a fair chance that Beckford will be a Leeds player in February. That is if Leeds actually decide to find some cash down the back of the sofa that they left there when they got the Delph money from Villa.

      • Jon

        Problem is you offer him a really good contract and you risk destabilizing team morale with everyone else feeling hard done by

        • Timmo

          Exactly. I’m a JB backer, but…let him go on a free

  • Tim

    I don’t see what good it would do to leave him out of the side on saturday? He’d already put his request in before the scum match & he gave his all & seemed fine with Grayson & the other lads. The fans should stay off his back & realise that while he’s here it’s in his best interests to score goals. I hope he stays & leaves for free at the end of the season as promotion is worth millions to us & im not so sure that Grayson wouldn’t be looking to improve on him in CCC anyway? We shouldn’t take less than £3 million for him if he goes now bearing in mind Wealdstone will get 20%.

    • TSS

      It’d create a bad atmosphere with the fans showing their disgust. It’d be bedlum.

      • TheReaper08

        TSS is it you posting on some of the other sites with the smiley badge ? If so and you have been on the Clarkeonenil blog I like the cut of your gib sir.

        • TSS

          Yeah, that’s me mate.

          • TheReaper08

            Good man. Just posted on there but doesn’t seem to have published.

            Whilst I can’t condone the lads recent actions you also can’t deny that 30 goal a season strikers are not easy to find. He will be missed unless we replace wisely.

          • TSS

            I know what you mean and it’s unbelievable that people think otherwise. I’m just praying we can secure the services of Sharp or Hooper.

          • Harry

            Not sure we’d get Hooper unless we bid silly money (which we wont), Scunthorpe are a well run club who operate within their means and selling Hooper now would just about guarantee them relegation back to L1.

          • TheReaper08

            You can never be too certain of a clubs finances nor as we are seeing a players desire to play elsewhere. I would agree with those two.

            A mate of mine keeps going on about Lee Barnard, any opinions as I understand Sarfend are skint so a deal could be done.

          • Tim

            I was wondering about Barnard too? I read he’s bagged 17 goals in his last 26 goals which is impressive, article said only other clubs sniffing round him are Coventry, Millwall & Colchester so i reckon we’d be in pole position to get him. Other thing is he’s out of contract at end of season so he’d be cheap. Does anyone know anything about him?

          • Colin

            I’m not sure whether it would be worth getting Barnard. I reckon Grayson will go hunting for an out of favour striker on a 6 month loan deal – someone like Beattie or maybe even David Healy??

          • Harry

            I don’t think Grayson would be interested in Healy, he’s overpriced and overrated. His goals per game ratio in league football is 1 in 4 (83 in 320 games), and in 42 PL games he’s scored 5 goals – not even an average return.

    • Harry

      The difference between the Scum game & Saturday is the fans now know he’s asked to leave. If they get on his back he’ll get frustrated, spit the dummy and more than likely get himself sent off – probably speeding up his exit in the process

  • mark s

    Van nistleroy?

    • TSS

      Nah. Could get that Wayne Rooney bloke though I suppose. He looked almost as good as Beckford on Sunday and certainly runs around a lot more (which I know pleases Leeds fans)

      • TheReaper08

        Apparently Rooney and Berbaflop are already at Thorp Arch, they are currently being surgically removed from Paddy and Nayls pockets !

  • halifax white

    ahh sod it!! let him go!! give the main striking role to snoddy and beccio! give the others a chance to prove themselves to SG and prove that we are LEEDS and bigger than any one player!!

    • Cothamboy

      I agree give Snoddy a run with Beccs we have enough cover in Midfield

  • Johnny Bangkok

    I think there is a major point being mistaken by the writer: According the the BBC website it says Beckford handed in his request days BEFORE the FA Cup game. It wasn’t after the game. Personally I think that is good news and may mean it is already being ignored by the bosses, unless they get silly money as Grayson has said. 1.5 million is not silly money and I for one think this is just internet journos looking for a story where there really isnt much of one.

    • TSS

      “It’s also worth nothing that Beckford’s transfer request was handed in on December the 30th, before our historic FA Cup win at Old Trafford.”

      The BBC story didn’t exist when I originally wrote this. I think myself and Clarke One Nil beat everyone (going off Newsnow) and like me, the BBC, Sky etc. have all updated their own versions since.

  • Lee S

    Does Beckford real think he is Premiership quality? If Newcastle do go up, does he really think he can cut it in the Prem and that Newcastle will agree with him? He could have a bloody good season with us in the Championship next season or a season on the bench and then transferred back to League one.
    Personally I feel he aint Premiership material.

  • Sir Quej

    I cant get over the fans moaning about the club not telling us about the transfer request sooner? Why would they? Having this news public immediately puts us in a weaker position so damn right they should have kept it secret.

    As for Beckford, what he has done is totally disloyal, but why should he be loyal to us? He has had to put up with fans cheering his substitutions and moaning about him being lazy for some time now. If my customers at work spent all thier time saying how crap I was, I would want to move as well. He owes us nothing and we are not his “Boyhood” team or anything so he has made what he deems a good career move. That’s life, get over it. He will be missed, of course he will. How can you not miss a 30 goal a season striker. Anyone who claims we wont miss him, I want a pint of what you are on.

    And let me clear something up…Grella IS NOT a replacement….Gradel IS NOT a replacement…. Kandol…I wont even comment.

    I we dont BUY a good replacement striker, we may miss out on promotion this year. I am not saying he is the be all and end all, but he is a damn good striker in this division and we need to replace him….simple as that.

  • Tim

    Sorry, meant to say 17 goals in 26 GAMES!

  • plus barnard can take a penalty, unlike beckford.

  • Yorkshrman

    Some interesting stats (from the ESPN Soccer website) comparing Beckford and Barnard – all games, current season:

    Beckford – 96 shots, 45 on target, 20 goals
    Barnard – 39 shots, 21 on target, 17 goals

    Now clearly there are lies, damned lies and statistics ….. but that does kind of suggest that Barnard has a great record in an average team, whereas Beckford has an average record in a very good team ……!!