Simon Grayson has put an end to the rumours linking him with the vacant Burnley post by telling the Yorkshire post that he’s flattered at the interest and would love to manage in the Premier League, but his dream is to manage Leeds United in the Premier League.

Although I was originally very dismissive of the rumours I got a little worried when it was suggested Burnley would offer Larry five times his current salary to leave. His interview on Soccer Night did little to reassure anyone either as he failed to catergorically rule out the move, but this is what we’ve all been waiting for and we can all sleep a little easier now.

Grayson’s passion for the club and desire to take us forward is clearly evident in the interview where he says;

“This was a fantastic opportunity and I have said all along that someone will take this club back into the top flight.

“Hopefully, that will be me.

“I am an ambitious manager but this is an ambitious football club,

“You saw the passion of our fans at Old Trafford last week and then how we got 25,000 in on a bitterly cold day like Saturday (against Wycombe).

“I am fully focused on achieving my target of getting this club promoted into the Championship and beyond.

“People can speculate with Burnley or whatever club they want but I am committed to trying to take this club forward.

“I am flattered because everyone wants to manage in the Premier League. But my ideal scenario is to manage this football club in the Premier League.”

After a dismal display in the Wycombe game he mentions, some were suggesting this may have been down to a worried squad troubled by the speculation so it was important that he came out and ruled out any possibility of a move.

Stability is something Leeds United has required for the last 7 or so years, but lacked massively. Grayson is clearly a very talented manager and every Leeds United fan knows and appreciates that. He has an opportunity to take us back to where we believe we belong and make himself a legend in the process and I have no doubts he’ll achieve that. In Grayson we trust!

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    You had to spoil a decent article with that “In Grayson we trust” bullocks. What is this need to over praise about, he has a decent record of his own without yours and other blind cheer-leading. In fact he doesn’t need it, what would be better for him to develop (and he still needs to develop) is a more critical friend approach, one that recognises when he gets it wrong (Hereford, Leicester, Millwall in the play-offs last season, Dickinson striker version, defending Beckford and picking him Saturday) and isn’t afraid to state that.

    IGWT is the philiosphy of the intellectual eunuch and completely out of place for Leeds United. As soon as the results turn, which they will do one day, you expose him to the emotions going to the other extreme. You are right about stability but in order that Grayson can use the relativily stability (no such thing as ultimate stability for a manager in a Bates run club) he needs a realistic approach to what he is, what he might be and equally as important what is isn’t yet or is alwyas unlikily to be (i.e Wilko or the Don).

    Large chunks of this will appear in todays Sniffer (great minds think alike, only apprach from different angles). I still say a official approach from Burnley with compensation attached and Bates will let him talk to them and he will talk to them.

    • TSS

      Fuck that, we need someone to believe in with the current board/owners and the crap we’ve been through. Grayson is the little bit of hope we’ve craved for so long and it’s great to see a manager so adored by the fans. IGWT my friend, IGWT!!!

    • Paul

      Stikc to your own inferior blog you *rse – this was a well written article – your blog is poor in comparison

      • TSS

        Bit harsh Paul. I don’t mind taking criticism, that’s why I leave the comments unmoderated and open to all. We all have different opinions and for the most part, me and Clarke One Nil tend to be on the same wavelength. Aside from Beckford, anyway.

        I kind of appreciate his point as well to be fair. We have a habit of setting people up for a massive fall and there’s a danger we may be doing the same with Grayson, but I think the fans of Leeds United need someone or thing to believe in and for now, we have that.

    • TSS

      PS. Just read a bit in the paper about Coyle complaining he was one of the most underpaid managers in the Prem! Talk about getting above yourself. They’re better off with out him, he sounds like a right prick.

    • Pattaya Rag

      GOM – A bit harsh. SG is the best manager on results we’ve had since, since… well I’m not sure but he has brought a noticeable improvement in our fortunes so for that I will be grateful.

      It’s all about enjoying the moment, particularly with Leeds, so let’s praise him till he loses 5 on the trot !!!!!! Can’t see owt wrong with that. MOT (can I say that?).

    • ramblinjohn

      Jesus you are a grumpy old sod. Grayson has a brilliant record not a decent one! We need him to stay and, remember, although Bates got it right this time he got it very very wrong with Wise and McAllister! Let’s hope he doesn’t have to interview again!

      • Sarah

        It think GOM is just grumpey. I think it is great that the Leedws fans, after so many years of negativity, have something positive to chant and cheer about. Nobody said Grayson was the next wilko or revie, but he does give the fans that kind of hope that we are finally on our way back to the top.
        Especially in these times i.e. recession, we ordinary folk need something positive to keep us going, get off your horse GOM and get positive.

        IN GRAYSON WE TRUST!!!!!

        By the way good blog, TSS

  2. Mikelufc

    Dead Grumpy like his pal Michael.
    Negativity oozes.

    We need to get Bates to offer Larry a 3 year contract on double the money, he has nothing left to prove, I personally think he fucked up on saturday and blame the poor game on his not slapping down the rumours about Burnley straight away.
    But everybody needs security and as far as I am aware Larry has only half a year left on his contract.
    He is amongst the best we ever had, right thre with Revie and Wilko.
    Lets do the right thing by him and Leeds United and borax to th GOM.

  3. Mikelufc

    Sarah, I would put Larry right there with Revie and Wilko.
    They occasionally fucked up too.
    Wilko let Cantona go for prsonal reasons, the tw@t.
    Fergy does also and he is arguably the best ever, like it or not.

    We have to get Bates to offer Larry long term security.

  4. Harry

    The Burnley job wouldn’t make sense for Grayson. They have over-performed this year just as other clubs have when they are riding the rollercoaster of promotion to the PL (Hull last year for eg). From Coyle’s comments there is not a lot of money being made available so they will inevitably go down eventually losing their best players in the process. If Grayson took the job he’d be relegated with them and then at best be amongst the Championship play-off contenders, and he would always be unfavourably compared to Coyle.

    Although I believe Grayson is fully committed to Leeds, I also do not believe for one second that he would not be tempted by a PL opportunity with a more established club if the opportunity arose, but Burnley is not the job to tempt him.

  5. Yorkshrman

    I’ve been going to Leeds for over 40 years now, and countless times I’ve ended up standing or sitting next to one of the GOM brigade. Last time was against Southampton, just before Christmas; I’d gone with a friend, so moved from my usual seat. Ended up sitting in front of a GOM ….. absolutely nothing Leeds did that day was right, and none of the Leeds players (or Grayson) got anything but criticism throughout his non-stop commentary. Snoddy seemed to be a particular target that day – the GOM would have had him off 20 minutes before he scored the winner …..

    You just have to accept that, for some people, nothing is EVER right at Leeds ……


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