Simon Grayson has put an end to the rumours linking him with the vacant Burnley post by telling the Yorkshire post that he’s flattered at the interest and would love to manage in the Premier League, but his dream is to manage Leeds United in the Premier League.

Although I was originally very dismissive of the rumours I got a little worried when it was suggested Burnley would offer Larry five times his current salary to leave. His interview on Soccer Night did little to reassure anyone either as he failed to catergorically rule out the move, but this is what we’ve all been waiting for and we can all sleep a little easier now.

Grayson’s passion for the club and desire to take us forward is clearly evident in the interview where he says;

“This was a fantastic opportunity and I have said all along that someone will take this club back into the top flight.

“Hopefully, that will be me.

“I am an ambitious manager but this is an ambitious football club,

“You saw the passion of our fans at Old Trafford last week and then how we got 25,000 in on a bitterly cold day like Saturday (against Wycombe).

“I am fully focused on achieving my target of getting this club promoted into the Championship and beyond.

“People can speculate with Burnley or whatever club they want but I am committed to trying to take this club forward.

“I am flattered because everyone wants to manage in the Premier League. But my ideal scenario is to manage this football club in the Premier League.”

After a dismal display in the Wycombe game he mentions, some were suggesting this may have been down to a worried squad troubled by the speculation so it was important that he came out and ruled out any possibility of a move.

Stability is something Leeds United has required for the last 7 or so years, but lacked massively. Grayson is clearly a very talented manager and every Leeds United fan knows and appreciates that. He has an opportunity to take us back to where we believe we belong and make himself a legend in the process and I have no doubts he’ll achieve that. In Grayson we trust!