Big Brother for me has always been a tedious show that takes over peoples lives and fills far too much airtime. It’s Celebrity spin-off isn’t much better either, with a bunch of largely unheard of “stars” desperate to re-ignite their careers.

For the above reasons, I’ve avoided Big Brother like the Plague since it’s introduction however many years ago. This year however, I’d heard a rumour that Vinnie Jones would be entering the house after the C4 show offered him $1,000,000 to appear in it’s final series, so couldn’t help but tune in for the launch show.

"Who are ya?" Ronnie Wood's ex-missus, apparently!

Over a hour passed and we’d been introduced to the usual eye-candy, with Katya who is famous for sleeping with pensioner rock-star, Ronnie Wood (of the Rolling Stones) and Nicola who is a page three model and missus of former Leeds United player, Simon Walton. Whilst both girls fill the role of CBB babes nicely, they really aren’t celebrities. I’d never heard of neither of them and nor had anyone else from what I could gather.

Of the eleven celebrities that did go, I was familiar with three. The first was Stephen Baldwin who appeared in the film The Usual Suspects. Apparently he’s a born-again Christian type now and is sure to bore the rest of the “celebrities” to death. The second one I’d sort of heard of was Sisqo. I didn’t recognise him at all and have probably never laid eyes on him before in my life, but do remember ‘The Thong Song’ which was a cheese R&B hit a few years back done to death by Radio One.

By now, ten people had entered the house which seemed like a round enough number so I assumed the Vinnie Jones rumour wasn’t true and that the show was ending, but then Davina finally brought in the one everyone had been waiting for. Looking stylish with his top-hat thing and being greeted with a chorus of “Vinnie, Vinnie, Vinnie…” he was clearly the big draw for CBB.

Whilst I’m a little disappointed a Hollywood actor and ex-Premier League footballer of Vinnie’s calibre  has joined the CBB house, I think I’m going to have to watch it now out of curiosity. Chatting with other Leeds fans on Twitter during the show we hit upon a few lines he could throw into the mix from his films. If, by any chance, someone didn’t know who he was and decided to ask, he could reply with “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” (X-Men) and when he leaves the house, I’m kind of hoping he’ll do it Lockstock style with his final line “…and one last thing, it’s been emotional!”

Davina intoduced Vinnie as a ‘British institution’ and he’s clearly got the support of the public. Already favourite to win with the best odds I can find at 5/2, followed by Basshunter at 4/1. I think he’ll win it and hope he does, but as an outside bet I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chav lass, Lady Sovereign win it. History shows that it’s usually the biggest freak that wins these things, so don’t be surprised to find your Mother, Girlfriend or whoever phoning up to place their votes on “Sov” in a couple of weeks time.

Here’s a little reminder of why we all love Vinnie, with him singing Marching On Together at Lucas Radebe’s testimonial.