Another absolutely dismal display in League One from Leeds United resulted in an embarrassing 3-0 defeat away to Swindon Town. Whilst none of us expected to go an entire season without some rough patches, this particular run of results would be much easier to accept if it wasn’t for the impressive performances that have come in between them away to Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup.

Managers will inevitably make mistakes and Simon Grayson’s run as the untouchable saviour of Leeds United has undoubtedly come to an end after he chose to pick the same team that battled hard at White Hart Lane for a fixture in the league just a couple of days later. Call me fickle, but when things are going well and he makes the right decisions, I’m the first to praise him. Equally, when things are going wrong and he insists on putting so much focus on cup games nobody cares all that much about, he’s going to open himself up to scrutiny and his decisions lately should be the first thing everyone points the finger at.

Last night, the team once again looked jaded and disorganised. Swindon Town, although more than deserving of the result simply aren’t as good as it makes them look. On a better day, I have no doubts that Leeds would have returned home with three points, but we lacked fight and determination throughout. Swindon simply wanted it more and whilst they gave 110% to earn the victory, Leeds gave about 40%.

For a club who allegedly has the most depth in this league, we seem to be having a hard time showing it when it matters. Teams that can afford the kind of cup runs we’re currently on have 23 players they can rotate throughout the weeks to keep the performances up, but Grayson has stuck with the same eleven far too often lately. It beggars belief that David Prutton was sent out on loan to one of our promotion rivals (where he scored) when this team is clearly in desperate need of freshening up with rotation.

I said after our last league game that the FA Cup run had come at too much of a price to our league form and I’m disappointed to be proved right once more. We have a lot of players who could do a decent job in JPT and FA Cup games, like Grella, Tres, White and Robinson, but they’re largely ignored whilst the same names appear on the team sheet time and time again. We’re at that time of the season now where Saturday and Tuesday fixtures will occur almost every week (something that isn’t helped by the amount of rearranged matches for the cups) and we have to start utilising this apparent depth or we’ll be sliding down the table faster than the interest accumulates on Manchester United’s debts.

Whilst I’m putting the brunt of the blame on Simon Grayson shoulders, the players shouldn’t escape scrutiny either. There was some seriously suspect performances last night and no matter how tired they maybe, I expect every player on the park to give 110% week in, week out for the amount of money they earn. They’re professional athletes at the end of the day. If they can’t handle three hours of football a week, there’s something fundamentally wrong with our training regime.

Coming up to the end of January now and Leeds United still haven’t won a game in the league this year. Colchester up next and a must win game now, or things are really going to start getting hairy at the top. Luckily, Charlton lost the other day to offer us some respite, but Norwich continue to perform well and for some reason, their six-fingered fans seem to have a bit of a hard-on for us and have spent the last 12 hours filling their forums and ours with endless dribble about us blowing the lead and them being superior. At this moment in time, it’s hard to argue against them, so let’s hope Simon Grayson can offer us something to fight back with when Saturday comes.

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  1. Mark Warburton

    5 days of the transfer window left…can we please have a decent winger(Chris Taylor from Oldham anyone?), some full backs, some pace in the middle at the back and start looking at strikers ‘cos I reckon Everton will be in for Beckford by the end of Jan.

    Maybe Batesy and Grayson have said concentrate on the FA Cup but the thick c****s have interpreted this as the FUCUP.

    Wycombe, Exeter and Swindon? What a balls up. Nevermind we only have Colchester next followed by away games at the likes of Norwich, Charlton, Huddersfield, Southampton.

    The way we are going we will be lucky to hit the play offs.

    The last two League games were pathetic but last night takes the biscuit.

  2. mob2kw

    Have to agree on most of the above points, Prutton was surely worth his place in the JPT instead of playing players who clearly had one eye on spurs. Really need to freshen up team in area’s , would love to see a bid for Hooper , looks a handfull and very comfortably on the ball. Im heading over from the emerald isle for the weekends now must win match so hopefully will see a reaction by both manager and players to that shocking result. MOT. Excellent site by the way

    • andylufc

      wheres the money bates,simple question for a simple answer? you cant keep it stuck up your back side forever,us the supporters are keeping this great football club alive.stop killing the fans. you have the money, now spend it on the players to get us promoted. weve been in this league long anaugh.this is leedsunited.

      • LUFC-mac

        How many times does he have to say money is available?
        How many times does SG have to say he was happy with his squad?
        Only now is he saying needs to freshen things up!!
        So i don’t believe this theory about Bates not spending it.
        Of course he will if SG identifies the players!!

  3. Henry V

    Even the great Leeds team of the sixties and seventies suffered from too many games.
    In those days we were in most competitions, and played more or less the same team each game.
    I too was worried about the effect the cup run would have mentally on the players, as well as physically.
    We do NOT have 20 players or even 15, good enough to interchange, and full back had been a problem all season.
    Midfield is too easily over-run and we need a strong leader there, who will run at the defence and make chances for the strikers. Our no1 goalkeeper Mr Higgs has been out a very long time.
    Will he be coming back anytime soon?
    Casper is a great shot stopper but he does not dominate the box as Higgs did, and the defenders are not as confident.
    The good news (there has to be some) is that it is happening this month not next, and we can bring in 3 or 4 good players to transform the team.
    Max could be a good player in the future but we need the cavalry now!!
    I am still fully confident that Simon will come through BUT he must have money to spend NOW!!
    We need another goal scorer. I know I have been saying this for weeks but it is more true now than before.
    We must practice crossing the ball and bypassing the first line of defence.
    I know it seems simple enough, but even in our better cup performances this is still a problem!!


  4. Woodpeggers

    I think it’s easy to overeact when a team who lost 1 match all season suddenly lose 2 out of 3 league games. Our focus has completely gone from the league and it’s up to Grayson to get these guys switched on again. I simply can’t understand why they are not taking the league by the scruff of the neck after those performances against Scum and Spurs. I totally agree that Grayson should have rested a lot more players than he has for the JPT and I personally would have rested a couple for the Spurs game too.

    We absolutely HAVE to get promoted, it would be catastrophic if we don’t and the whole club would feel deflated. This is the biggest test of his managerial career and it’s a test all those players have to pass. Who knows what the Beckford situation did for team morale, focus? There’s been a couple of players who’ve come out and said it made no difference, that it’s a team effort not just one man, so it’s time now to be counted and unite as a team. I hope to god we get back on track against Colchester on Saturday and I think Larry has to be brave and drop players like Howson, Kilkenny or Snodgrass, etc if he feels they need to be. The only thing is that we don’t have the same quality on the bench, but those players will run their nuts off for Leeds (Grella for example) and that’s the effort we’ve been lacking in the League. That’s what half the battle is with League One, 110% effort gets you results most of the time. Maybe Grayson needs to sign a couple of players in addition to Gradel (a midfield enforcer and a decent striker to take the burden off Beckford as Beccio is suffering a downturn in form since his return from injury). The regualr first 11 players have let the cup go to their head, they are literally playing with stars in their eyes and they have no right to do that, we’ve done nowt yet except have an amazing first half of the season.

  5. Grumpy Older Man

    Those of us from the camp that never thought we were going to walk the division and be up by March can only suggest to the IGWT mob (and the Beckford is god mob)to get with the 2010 programme of pragmatism. In essence what looked easy is now a struggle, is the manager good enough, jury out (second year syndrome under Bates at ER seems to kick in everytime), is the squad good enough, looks tight where I’m viewing, is Bates doing all he can to get us up, is he f**k.

    Ask me to predict where we finish I say in the play-offs, ask me why and I point to 1 better team/squad (Norwich) and one better manager (Parkinson). As I have pointed out on my blog and on here, some spent so much time telling us how vital keeping Beckford was it never occured to them we might keep him and stay down, well that’s now a possibility.

    • Vic Petit

      Well I’m from the IGWT mob as you put it Grumpy Older Man. I never thought we’d walk the division, I never have thought Becks was god, (although without his goals so far this bad streak might even have been par for the season, after all we haven’t exactly played great in all the games we’ve won have we and sometimes his goals have been the only difference) but a god is someone who bangs in 35 for us this season and gets us promoted. IGWT or not, it ain’t a crime to enjoy a good spell, if for no other reason than as a Leeds fan since the mid 60’s, I’m only too bleeding aware that we are potentially never far from the next frigging disaster. I’m sure we all recognise that feeling

      I hope Larry proves his mettle, I hope he gets some fresh legs in, I wish he saw a role for Pruts but I guess that’s unlikely now, even if he has currently only gone on loan, and I agree with the thrust of the main article that Larry needs to use his squad more. We offered Grella a contract. He for one deserves more chance to prove his worth than he’s had up to now. A few snatched minutes here and there are not enough.

      We all want the same thing, lets hope we get it. IGWT. (That could always change of course but not yet.)

    • Craig

      So how does ‘second year syndrome’ work exactly? And what has Bates got to do with this newly invented condition? I want Bates out too but he can’t be to blame for everything – can he?

  6. David N.I.

    If it is the play offs and I agree it will be, the only thing turns up on the day are the supporters, as the team have yet to arrive at any venues for the final.
    Do the players wearing the shirt of LU not understand everytime you pull it on it must be 110% nothing less ???????????????????????????????????, I expect players to put their heads in wrere feet are and sweat blood for LU. Sorry but I don’t see that, they seem to turn up and expect to win because we are leeds, it don’t work like that. It’s one thing thinking you are a good team or player different thing actually being one.
    We are going to mess it up AGAIN.

    • Wazza

      I was at the town game last night and it could have been a lot more than 3, our keeper played very well. Leeds had no ideas and resorted to long balls. Beckford didnt show up amongst many others. Swindon are one of the better footballing sides around in this div but theres no excuse for that

  7. Paul C

    I take no pleasure in also being in the camp that never believed that we would walk this league as so many did. How pathetic Leeds fans must sound chuntering on about how soon we could be in the premiership ‘where we belong’..never mind the Championship. Complete nonsense.

    You only had to look at the likes of Charlton and Norwich (barring their nightmare start in the league) who had retained many of their championship squads and made additions, you only had to actually watch with a critical view our games at home against both those clubs , Leeds were outclassed in footballing terms by both at home , yet managed 4 points which was very fortunate.

    I do not blame Simon Grayson , nor do I believe in the pathetic IGWT mantra , the guy is doing a difficult job with meagre resources, he was chosen because he could achieve things on a shoestring budget. Just sometimes a club needs investment and ours needed it in the close season never mind the January window. This year had to be the year, risking another year in this pub league could have dire consquences for our club.

    Cards on the table here , I despise Bates and all he stands for in football , his apparent arrogance , the secrecy and his manipulation of fans. I am sick and tired of being seen as an income stream who gets told as little as possible rather than someone with a genuine interest in the welfare of the club. Five years into Bates’ reign we are now not looking like an automatic promotion team , we look like a playoff team which is what we were last year and the year before that. So the progress is??

    I fully expect a couple of last minute loans but unless there is dramatic turnaround we will be in the playoffs and we all know what happens to Leeds in the playoffs. Might as well finish 7th! The nightmare is to continue , KPMG have a lot to answer for !

  8. macadamia_man

    Club site saw the game in a very different way to most fans online. Who’s right? Reads like we had chances to go in front early, wobbled, changed the line-up, did ok for a while and then crashed because Swindon were way fresher and tougher?

    • LU MAD69

      I was there on Tuesday and we were awful. Swindon are a good footballing side who are enjoying a good run of form and are looking good for the play offs, so why were we not up for it. They dominated the first 15/20 mins apart from JB half chance and they got there goal. We then came back ito it and Howson should have shot when 1 on 1 with keeper but crossed and that pretty much summed up first half. Thinking we would come out all guns blazing and start to dominate 2nd half was quickly dismissed as they then played us off the park for next 45 mins and to be honest we got away with 3-0 because it could have been 5 or 6.
      We did have ball in net,penalty not given and i thought there penalty looked harsh but it was not good enough.
      I now hope SG can get them back to basics and playing the sort of football that has put us where we are at the moment 2nd in league with games in hand, in JPT semi and 5th rd FAC. I think some players need to be dropped and some need replacing permantly.
      We need to get up this year as L1 is now a burden and we deserve chamionship football at the very least. MOT……..

  9. Kernow

    Very first JPT game we played with a full strength team I asked the question why aren’t we playing the youngsters – what’s the point of bringing lads through the bloody Academy and letting them rot in the reserves. Now we have become fixated on playing the same players week in, week out, what ever the contest. I want to see guys on the field fighting for their places, and fringe players should be given a chance to battle for a place in team. If you give someone the impression they’ll never make it at ER, they’ll just give up and mope around. Make it clear no is too good to drop, and every position is up for grabs, we’ll soon see who wants it most.

    • macadamia_man

      I know what you mean, but “wanting it more” isn’t everything is it? You’ve still got to beat your man, not just want to beat him more. Here’s hoping Norwich get a nose-bleed in turn soon, or their bankers get anxious and put on the pressure . . .

  10. Matt bb

    Our recent form is disappointing, but thats what it is, look at man u, there are many parallels this season, not the strongest squad, a poor run of form, but you wouldnt bet against them winning the title, why a good manager. Simon grayson is the best we have had since george graham. He will turn things round, and he will being in new players, when he sees fit. Prutton had gone off the boil and anyone who thinks he’d have won us the game last night is a mentalist of the craziest variety. Ffs getting on the teams back and the managers’ is the least productive thing to do, those guys need a bloody medal for their efforts this season. And as for GOM, Are you enjoying the slump? Youve been praying for it for quite some time? Support the team its all we as fans can offer.

  11. Choppers

    Come Saturday we will be behind the team dont worry about that. These forums are here to vent your frustrations now as opposed to doing so on the terraces.

  12. Choppers

    He needs to rotate. Let Howson have a rest, try Grella/Gradel from the start. Howson last night looked a beaten man.

    Its not all doom and gloom yet, but he needs to freshen things up and from what he says, he might be doing that on saturday

  13. Matt bb

    Yeah, i hope so, i’ll be there too sat, shouting them on, even kandol if he gets picked!! In grayson we trust, bet there will be some new squad members by saturday.

  14. Gilesleftfoot

    I don’t give a shit about the cup(s). All I care about is regaining some of MY pride in MY team and get out of this god forsaken division. How on earth was the same team who got run ragged by Spurs Saturday night supposed to compete with a team in the top 6 of this league? A cup run might fill your coffers Bates, but I want out of this division. You put us here. Now dig deep and get us out.

  15. Paul S.Wales

    Let’s not get carried away eh? Is Grayson good enough, hell yes, do we need a few signings hell yes. We need another good striker (Hooperesque)and a fullback. The team needs a freshen up. We boast a fair size squad and use the same eleven every game!!! Even in that shitty paint pot nonsense why? I expect a big reaction on Saturday and a change or two. I also think we’ll make one good signing up front fingers crossed eh! MOT

  16. Matt bb

    I bet we are going to sign sharp, i have a gut feeling on that, grayson’s signings are usually very hush hush, if not him then i suspect something special.. I’m not going to be too critical of graysons selection, there’s a good bond between him and the squad, a good manager in any business operates on a level of trust, ie i’m not going to can you as soon as you make a mistake or have a bad day, i’ve worked for gaffers in that category and voted with mt feet. I think any good manager walks that fine line, i just know that despite our parsimonious chairman and despite the doom mongers that we’ll get out of this, as uri geller might put it, let’s all think positive!!

  17. Choppers

    I noticed a change at Wycombe game, 22000 fans and when Howson scored the fans did a wahey and that was it…. zero atmosphere. I think we as FANS have a massive part to play and I for one wont have a voice come Monday morning.

  18. Matt bb

    I’ve even got the mrs to join me for saturday, and she is an expert shouter! Come on lads we believe in you!

  19. mikelufc

    Well I will be the first to offer a no confidence in Larry vote.
    “Shut That Door ” on your way out Larry.

    I hope I am wrong but I could have, and may have, predicted last nights result.
    Colchester could be a nightmare with Prutton showing Larry how bloody wrong he was.

    • Craig

      You have to be joking surely? Every team has bad patches and since our last was more than a year ago we have lost a sense of perspective.

      Prutton won’t be playing against us – it is a clause in his loan agreement.

    • Chareose

      LOL your being serious ?! Leeds fans are calling for Simon Graysons head already…. amazing….. Grayson is onwe of the best managers weve had for years. Cup runs always effect teams and Leeds have played far more games than a team from a higher division would have. The team are tired and he needs to bring fresh blood in, i think he knows it.

      • Leeds through & through

        i agree grayson is still the man for the job, no confidence vote thats a joke. its a bad patch of games thats all he will be the man to sort it out and push us on for promotion

  20. Sad Leeds Fan

    To the tune of Where have all the flowers gone?
    “Where has all the money gone?
    Ken Bates you b……d”

  21. David C

    What is all this talk of too many games? As a League One squad, I still believe that we have the biggest and overall best squad in the league. And most independent punters have been saying so all season. We have players out on loan, players on the bench and in the stands that could get into most teams in the division. Put that together with the fact that quite frankly, two thirds of the division are cr@p, we should not be struggling. So why are we? My opinions are:

    1. Grayson insists on only using his favourites. The same players week-in-week-out! The players ran their hearts out on Sunday from 17:15 – 19:15, and then 48 hours later, Grayson put out exactly the same players for a top 4 away clash! Meanwhile, good players are on the bench, in the stands or loaned out to other teams helping them to catch us!!! And that’s no different to what’s been going on all season – the same few players be used like horse meat. What’s wrong with starting some of the following in games:


    These players are being WASTED! Even if using the above is seen as not our best 11, I’m suggesting that they play in some of the ‘easier’ matches (home games against low teams) and less important matches (JPT against lower league opposition) etc.

    2. Grayson is too cautious and defensive minded in my opinion. All he talks about is not losing games, limiting the opposition chances and not conceeding goals. That’s all nice, but what about winning games and scoring lots of goals? Look how positive Norwich are! The highest scorers, positive football – and now on a roll. Under McAlister, we were positive and scored plenty of goals, but Grayson has turned our midfield into another line of defence. The gap between midfield and attack is too big. Howson isn’t allowed to get forward in the same way as he was under McAlister. How many times this season have we said that we didn’t play well but got the result? Last minute Beckford or Gradel magic. Well, now we’re not getting the results.

    3. Grayson won’t give the kids a chance. White will not start matches under Grayson. And why has he thrown out the 3 kids – Josh, Ollie etc? It’s not because they’re not good enough. It’s because he’ll never play them in a month of Sundays. All that work in bringing them through the academy for Grayson to chuck ‘em out!

    4. Why did Grayson let Douglas go and then bring in Doyle? Is Doyle better than Douglas? Well last night gave us the answer. When Grayson brought Doyle in, he actually announced him as a replacement for Delph! Are you having a laugh???? I don’t see any quality from Doyle…. just running around, giving away free-kicks and collecting yellow cards. He’s just not good enough!

    5. Grayson insists on playing players out of position. Grayson would rather pick his ‘favourites’ and put them on the pitch in any position, rather than put someone there who can play in the position. The result is that we’ve ended up with Johnson wide-left and Howson wide-right! What’s all that about???? Neither are wide players. Neither actually offer any threat going forward from that position. And the result is that opposition full-backs just push up and offer a threat against us from wide areas – and with Grayson’s ‘defensive’ minded midfield, it leaves us pinned back and too deep. At the start of the season, we had Crowe and Parker at full-backs, and both would get forward. Now we have Bromby and Hughes, with Howson and Johnson ahead of them. We’re actually a joke in wide areas now!

    I don’t want to say that everything Grayson has done is bad though. Let’s be clear. He has done a fantastic job on the defence – both personnel and organisation. He did have the players very motivated at the beginning of the season. And he did achieve very good consistency. But I fear that we have reached a turning point in our fortunes.

    We need to bring in another striker who can score goals – I would say that a loan signing would be best.

    Grayson needs to start trusting the likes of White and Robbo. And rotating a little to keep players fresh.

  22. paul h

    I was there last night, shots on gaol Swindon 13 Leeds 1. That says it all

    Look at swindons recent stats won 9 drew 1 lost 1, only 1 defeat at home back in Oct.

    They are a better side than we give them credit for. Trust me they will be there in the mix at the end of the season.

    • LUFC-mac

      I don’t think the issue is that Swindon aren’t a good side, but the lame lifeless way we rolled over in the game. If we had got beat by them but played well and gave it our all, then this level of concern wouldn’t be about. Attitude in the last few league games stinks!!

  23. Jonny

    While i agree with many points here ‘team needs rotating’, ‘focus on the league’ etc do we not need to regain a sense of realism? Acceptable that collecting 1 point from a possible 9 is not good enough for us, yet it was surely not realistic to believe that we wouldn’t experience a bad patch at some stage this season.

    While we can all sit and moan about it (and even stupidly call for grayson out!) the most important thing is that the team (grayson included) learn from this period and respond in the correct manner at the weekend.

    Football has a funny way of judging a team and its manager on the last result. I think that scottish bloke at scum can only really be exempt. Yet looking at the bigger picture grayson has done an impressive job when considering the state of the team at the end of macallister’s tenure. Acceptable that recent league results are unacceptable but lets remember; grayson is still a young manager learning; this is a tough league with a long season; and to expect that good results would always come was somewhat naive.

    However rather than jump on the band wagon of some of the negative people on this site… i predict results and performances will improve starting at the weekend and we will get promoted at the end of the season. Don’t expect it to be easy though!

    • Craig

      I’m sure Grayson learned a lesson from last night – he is a thoughtful guy and he must be reflecting on why the whole team weren’t up for it. All that we can hope for is improved performances – other teams must be watching us and feeling that we are no longer invincible and they will up their game accordingly. It is up to us to learn to play with belief and spirit and, if we do I am convinced we’ll go up this season.

    • Craig

      Just read Grayson’s comments and it indeed seems like there may be some team changes.

      • LUFC-mac

        We got to remember SG is really a novice manager growing with our club.
        He will make mistakes along the way, hopefully he will be learning and improving all the time.
        He will still be a great manager in the Championship next season!!

  24. TheReaper08

    The measure of someone is not how they do when things are going well but how they pick themselves up from a fall. Changes need to be made but it’s too early to shoot anyone let alone the manager. I live in Swindon so have had a nightmare 24 hours but I will be there on Saturday, several hundred mile round trip and I will barely be able to speak after the game such will be my support during the 90 minutes.

    For the record I do agree with a lot of the points above but let’s leave it a few more games before yet.

  25. Henry V

    I am still full of confidence in Simon.
    What has worried me is that when we were doing well we were winning when we did not deserve to.
    Last minute goals against the run of play.
    Having to rely on a substitute to snatch victory.
    I felt that once our luck ran out, we would be in trouble.
    It troubles me that these smaller teams, in terms of squad, support & money could outplay us so often.
    How they could over-run and out battle, and out think us so often.
    Makes no sense.
    So for me this is the situation I have been dreading! The cup games have been our best performance.
    The other teams out play us too often.
    The teams come out and kick off and you know we will be under pressure from the off.
    So it’s not a question of returning to great form, but returning to ‘lucky’ form a lot of the time!!
    I am still hopeful and will give my 100% backing, as we all will – and pray!


    • LUFC-mac

      You’re right Henry, been feeling exactly the same.
      Late goals have saved us.
      However, so has a solid defense, always got a chance of knicking something when you have a clean sheet.
      But what has happened to our rock solid defending??

      • TheReaper08

        Stability and probably a rest is all that’s required.After all these are the same defensive players that up until recently had the best record in the league.

        All good teams are built on a solid defense, if you don’t concede you can’t lose the game.

        As for late goals,well that’s the mark of a good team that plays until the very end.

      • LUFC-mac

        That’s right, so can’t see all the talk about new players.
        Nayls missed a lot of games early season, missing Parker, but he’s been out for ages now.
        I think perhaps the tinkering in front of the defence has affected the strength there.

        All this doom and gloom, a couple of good results and we will be Marching on together again!!

      • TheReaper08

        Good man LUFC-mac, nobody said it would be easy. After all it wouldn’t be our beloved club without a few wobbles and stressful moments along the way.


  26. LUFC-mac

    HAHA, you wouldn’t be a true Leeds United fan if you thought we would pull 12 points clear and cruise through to the end of the season beating all these so called little clubs.
    Major ups and downs are what we are!!

    Wouldn’t it be great though, just for once if it was that easy!
    I think we deserve 1 somewhere along the line.

    Let’s all pull together (yes, I know we all will) get behind the players, whoever SG puts out and roar the lads on to the promotion party (Elland Road March 8th).
    See you all there MOT

  27. Brian T.

    After leeds beat Man U. the whole focus turned onto the transfer request of Beckford and I believe that is has upset the team and their form. They are struggling to get it back because the focus is still on whether he is staying or not. The rest of the team’s morale has suffered.It might have been better perhaps if he had gone…they need to waken up fast or it will be another year in league one.

  28. Dean A Walls

    Most of you guys on here are acting like total tossers! Grayson out, WTF! You are showing yourselves to be as fickle as some of the other teams supporters out there. I had a right go at scum fans after we put them out of the FA Cup as they were going on all doom and gloom about exactly the same shit that some of you are going on about. Don’t get me wrong as I am as frustrated as any bloody one of you and it is not just an irritation in my life, it is my life, but just listen to yourselves! Pathetic! Leeds fans are better than this are we not? Just sort out the bloody whinging and let Grayson do the job that he has been doing a hell of a lot better than any bugger else has in a long time. A little more rotation would be a good thing and there are many players that I would like to have a run out but lets leave that to the boss and just support the bloody team before other teams fans think that we are turning against our own team.

  29. super alan mayes

    You were off colour last night and looked tired. It happens.

    The players have got quality, but they looked off the pace. We doubled up on Beckford and a lack of invention in midfield cost you.

    You seem to be calling it crisis because it’s ‘just Swindon’, but we’re the form team in the league. Only Norwich are getting better results. We’ve won 6 on the bounce at home. No-one in this league is going to turn up and batter us. None of them seemed to have prepared for a well disciplined and attacking team in good form.

    The problem with your cup run isn’t tiredness, it’s that it’s pumped up your egos and given you a taste of being the big club you want to be again.

    If the players and fans of Leeds Utd turn up at games with an attitude that suggests that playing in League One is beneath you, you’ll get turned over game after game after game.

    See you in the playoffs.

  30. Mike

    I think February will sort it out, Leeds will get back on track.

    I couldn,t give a stuff about Norwich, as it stands all that matters is the gap to third.

    You have to be realistic, any other season and a team with our results would be 10 points clear still,We will go up and I think we will have our 6 point lead back before the end of February.

  31. Mike

    Against Carlisle – it should be a team of reserves, we can use the FA Cup to visit Wembley!!

    • Craig

      Not sure I agree. I think Grayson should mix the team more but I also want to win the JPT. I think he should use the competition to integrate a few fringe players into an unchanged core. In any case, there are restrictions on how many squad players that can be used in these games.

      • David C

        I agree Mike. What’s the point in having a squad if we’re not using it? Send out the squad players and rest the best for the league matches.

  32. tim the white

    Grayson isn’t walking on water any more and if he doesn’t sort it out from Saturday onwards he will be sinking fast. It’s a bit rich to say he is hoping to bring a couple of players in now. The business should have been done days ago – this looks like panic to me. Prutton going out to Colchester, just like Tres went to Millwall; how utterley stupid is that?
    As I have said before, if the manager and coaching staff can’t get the players focussed for EVERY game then questions need to be asked!
    I say shut down Thorpe Arch, save some money and go in with Leeds Carnegie. Most other teams manage better than us with much less facilities. Maybe it is all too cushy for the players. I do not care about Bates Motel, shopping arcades,press halls for 2018 or any other of the graniose ideas. JUST CONCENTRATE ON GETTING LEEDS OUT OF THIS DIVISION WITHOUT THE PLAYOFFS.

  33. paul

    Good point Tim about it been too cushy, they have premi facilities and probably think they are there already. Other teams in this division are practicing on cow fields or indoors like Wycombe were before they outplayed us!! I hate been negative but i’m nervous about sat, Preston put 7 past colc, Norwich put 5 past them, can we infiltrate their weekness….lets hope so. Knowing Leeds we will win at hudd, norwich, charlton and South’ton, job done!

    • tim the white

      I am pretty confident we will win against Colchester, but Ady Boothroyd will have them up for it. The problem is that I don’t recall the last time we killed off a game in the first half and we need to start doing that. I would be very happy to see Danny Rose come in on loan and Billy Sharp signed on. That would give us some options and put some pressure for places in the squad.
      Grayson needs to start using Aidan White more. With him and Parker back we could start giving the front lads something other that scraps plus of course Max.

  34. Mikelufc

    Maybe I am being a bit hasty in suggesting Grayson should go but another couple of the same results are entirely possible and then I would suggest that vieqw may not be very much in the minority.
    Before the Swindongame i posted my worries regarding Grayson and his concentrating too much on beckfords value and not enough on preparing the team for league opposition.
    So far Larry has shown much promise be achieved nothing at all.
    Compare that with Lambert who is also a new manager.
    In charge of Colchester they thrashed Norwich 7-0 first game of the season.
    With largely the same Morwich team the have soared through the ranks to the top, yet he is still reinforcing.
    Larry is looking for loanees.
    Why the fuck does he not tell Bates he needs some cash now and real cash not the piddling 200.000 he spent on Gradel.
    Why did we not buy Lambert, why did we let Barnard slip through our fingers. Why let Prutton go to our direct competition?
    There are far too many questions to be asked of Larry.

    So I will say again Larry is not good enough if only because he doesn’t appear to have the balls to tell Bates the way it is.

  35. Mike

    We are in danger of playing into the hands of Norwich and Charlton. If as Leeds supporters we take all these issues into the coming games and it results in booing (say another defeat on Saturday- which we dont need)then we are making it all the more difficult for the team.

    If ever there was a time to draw a line in the sand its now. the season begins on Saturday.

    Anyway we new there would be a kick in the teeth at some point – where Leeds United after all!!

    Marching On

  36. Choppers

    Put things in perspective. We have lost 3 league games and 2 cup games all season. We are playing bad at the moment true, but we have the players to get out of this mess.

    I for one will be lumping on a big win on saturday 4-1 Leeds

  37. David C

    Henry V… fully agree with you mate:

    “…when we were doing well we were winning when we did not deserve to”

    “Last minute goals against the run of play.”

    “Having to rely on a substitute to snatch victory.”

    “once our luck ran out, we would be in trouble.”

    “these smaller teams, in terms of squad, support & money could outplay us so often.”

    So for me this is the situation I have been dreading! The cup games have been our best performance.

    “The other teams out play us too often.”

    “The teams come out and kick off and you know we will be under pressure from the off.”

    “So it’s not a question of returning to great form, but returning to ‘lucky’ form…”

    Unfortunately, these are realistic words! If we’re honest, there was a lot of luck involved with our early results, and now that luck has run out. There have only been a few games where we’ve actually played well this season. And too many games where we didn’t play well but got the result.

    I disagree with Grayson that this is a “minor blip”. If it was a minor blip, why did he feel the need to have a meeting with the players? 1 point from 9, no fight, no desire and the need for a team meeting is not a blip.

    Of course we are still in a good position. And of course we still have good players. And of course we can turn it around. But we need to get to playing positive football, trying to get on the front foot, trying to score goals.

    Let Robbo play even if he doesn’t track back like Johnson. Give White some game time even though he’s young. Fortune favours the brave.

    I don’t want to wait around until our ‘luck’ suddenly returns!

  38. Choppers

    I don’t think you can spend your way out of trouble. Bringing in too many players upsets the balance of the team. I agree a fresh face or two is needed, but not an entire team. Maybe a holding midfielder and a forward.

    Has anyone else read the articles from Doyle begging Coventry not to price him out of a deal with Leeds? I am hoping Coventry ask us for £5million just so we send the lad back!

    • Pete

      I’d like to see us put in cheeky bids for Nick Montgomery and Billy Sharp from the Piggies…Montgomery would add a healthy dose of aggression, and Billy Sharp is a good, proven goalscorer

  39. David C

    QUESTION:- Who said this:

    “We know that if we keep clean sheets we’re gonna get opportunities to win games because of the personnel that we have in the team….”

    Yes, it was Simon Grayson. And I think it tells everything about his philosophy on how he wants to achive our goals. It’s all about being hard to beat, keeping clean sheets, limiting chances, and then relying on individuals (namely Beckford, Snodgrass and Gradel in the last 15 minutes when we’re desperate) to produce some magic and get us a goal!

    What kind of a strategy is that? Since when has anyone ever won anything like that? Everyone knows that if they stop those players, then we’re basically lame.

    The only saving grace is that two thirds of the division are cr@p, so hopefully we’ll somehow get enough magic to get us up this season. After that, I agree with Mikelufc.

    • Joe Black

      McSheeffrey seems to be on board – on loan (of course) until end of season. SSN announced it as adone deal and it’s on the club website. Should be a useful addition.

  40. MikeLufc

    It seems that Leeds fans are collectively holding their breaths.
    Even TSS has nothing to say, me neither hence this pointless post….

  41. Mike

    Looking at the ticket sales for Colchester we may need a few fans painting onto the seats

  42. Mike

    Supposed to be working but cannot concentrate – I just want 4.50pm to come by with a resounding win

  43. Mikelufc

    I am tired of Ken Bates and his antics so I am considering a Petition online.
    If I set this up will it get signatures or am I wasting my time.
    The petition to read more or less as follows….

    [b]We the undersigned request that attention be paid by Lord Mawhinney and the board of the Football League as to the True ownership of Leeds United Football club and to confirm that the present Chairman Ken Bates has been declared a “Fit and Proper person to hold that post.[/b]

  44. Mikelufc

    Further to my last post, I have no wish to stir anything up at this dreadful period but I am convinced that if we had a proper chairman who invested reasonably in the club we could be doing better.
    I see no prospect for improvement in the future either, I believe the club is just a cash cow for Bates and his cronies.

    • LUFC-mac

      What do you actually want Bates to do??
      All along there has been money available, but SG has been happy with the squad.
      All this talk about good Div 1 players we need, and now what??
      A Prem player and prem wages!!
      Money is available for players and wages!!
      Get off the Bates bandwagon and start supporting the Club!!!!!

  45. Henry V

    I don’t think we want Lord Macwhinney to be poking round our club.
    We will suffer not Ken!
    Remember what he did to us (not Ken) last time.
    We need to be on an even keel right now and Ken is our chairman.
    The sooner we get promoted the sooner the money men will take notice.
    I understand how you feel Mike, but I cannot see how it helps us.


  46. Mikelufc

    Just feeling desperate.
    We need a good win tomorrow and all will be well with the world.

  47. Mike

    I think Ken Bates has it all covered…. I am fairly sure that if Lord Macminus 15pts had any inkling of wrong doing at Leeds he would be in like a shot…. especially after the way Ken Bates slated him constantly after the points deduction.

    If Lord Mac gets pissed off easily then I dont suppose he will want to do us any favours after 40,000 booed him at Wembley. No doubt a few of our lunatic element have done worse to him.

    I am back to moving on a win on Saturday and another on Wednesaday and the topic of conversation will be differant – plus no bloody transfer window
    Marching On

  48. Henry V

    I feel the same Mike.
    Today is agony!
    We have to stop the roll that Norwich are on by winning and picking up momentum for the run in!!
    simon will come through for us.
    Just returning Lord Mac and the Football League.They punish the club and fans NOT Chairman and Directors.
    No matter how incompetent there are they are allowed to move to other clubs and balls them up as well!!
    Meanwhile we are left with the mess AND the 25 point deduction.
    At least we are a club in profit.
    There are a lot of clubs on the brink of disaster just now in every league.
    I will watch the Rhinos on Sky to-night to take my mind off tomorrow!!!
    We must keep our nerve and back the team 100%.
    Booing WILL NOT HELP!
    Come on the boys!!!


  49. Mike

    I am going to drink a few tonight – got to keep my voice in fine order – dont want a dry throat on Saturday.

    We defo need two first half goals to settle things

    Maybe we will get the 5 or 6 to nil that leeds have threatend all season -that is before they switch off at 3.0!

    I dont no what it is but it feels like the build up to the second leg of a playoff…. you know when your 1.0 down from the first leg.

    This game really does mean so much, a win and a Norwich draw or defeat would (ideally regaining top top spot)really set us up for Wednesday.

    I really fancy leeds to win home games after the Tottenham match we just need to sort it away

    Why has the clock stopped moving!

  50. Joe Black

    Gary McSheffrey seems to be on board – on loan (of course) until end of season. SSN announced it as a done deal and it’s on the club website. Should be a useful addition.

  51. Mike

    On paper thats a good deal – only concern is why has he only played 3 games all season

    • Craig

      Yeah, how fit is he? It would be ideal if he could slot straight in for a few games to give others a rest but we can only afford that if he is up to the pace.

  52. Mikelufc

    Well we have Mcsheffery on board and starting tomorrow and maybe Lowry not to mention the probable start Of Naylor so we have good reason to be hopeful, more than this morning anyway.

  53. David C

    I’m not with you on this one Mikelufc.

    We have a big squad, lots of good players. Many could be at clubs in a higher division. There’s nothing wrong with KB. Larry just needs to use what we have properly.

    McSheffrey – I’m hugely impressed. He hasn’t been playing so his match fitness might be a problem initially, but as the season goes on, he’ll be tremendous.

    I posted earlier that we don’t have enough striking options, and this loan signing is fantastic. McSheffrey has pace and can score goals. He can play up top or wide left.

    Good move Larry.

    • Pete

      I agree. McSheffrey…quality Championship player. Possible permanent option too if we get promoted…

  54. Mikelufc

    David, if you are referring to my post about the petition, forget it, I have been having a bad day considering a further losing game.
    I do believe the club is only a cash cow though for Bates and friends anonymous and Larry will have to continue indefinitely with loanees.

    I do think Larry fucked it with Beckford and funds should have been available to buy Lambert for example as a replacement regardless of what we get for beckford.

  55. Mike

    What has always amazed me over the last few years is all the billionaires (some of which no doubt owe more billions than they actually have in the bank!)seem to come in and buy up all sorts of hopeless cases like Pompy and Notts County plus many more.

    Just taking my Leeds hat off for a second – I do find it amazing that no-one has had the sense to look at us and consider the situation 2-3 years downline (maybe 3 -4 years after saturday!). crowds of 21K (AMAZING considering the teams that constantly come and hoof the ball in the air)- large crowds of 35K plus as required! One of the biggest fan bases in the UK and a decent few expats as well.Plus we must surly be making a massive profit now.If we get to the 5th round we will have raked in over a million in TV rights and gates

    We must be availble at a reasonable price and represent long term value. I mean you could buy Wigan and no one outside of Lancashire would give a hoot. but if you bought leeds everyone would know – EXPOSURE or what.

    I would be surprised if no one comes in after the F.A Cup results…… may be they already have but uncle Ken wants a Premiership price to move on.

    I dont think think you can knock the guy too much – he has rescued Leeds after all (with a few blips on the way)- its now that real money needs putting in – we may be league 1 but with money now or especially next year – we could be back where we belong quite quickly.

    maybe the – we all hate leeds attitude expands to the rest of the world!

    As everyone – I have had enough of playing outside the prem – we have to go up.

    Leeds hat back on

    Its still friday and its doing my head in

    • TheReaper08

      The fact the likes of the jokers that took over Pompey and Notts County have not come in should be a relief,certainly not a cause for concern.

      I believe that we will be taken over for all the reasons that you state above, plus we are a one club city.

      Ken has put the foundations in by ensuring the club is run prudently (some would say too prudently) ensuring everything is done one small step at a time. Those advocating big expensive purchases should look to South Wales and note the inspirational Peter ‘The Riddler’ Ridsdale is again demonstrating what living beyond your means can bring you.

      Also worth considering is that Ken is not in this for small change,the odd payment here or there even for a couple of million is not why he is doing this. Bates wants the big bucks and he will only achieve this upon our return to the PL,only then will he get the price he wants and the reward he thinks he deserves.

  56. David C

    Mikelufc, yes I was talking about the petition.

    Actually, I’m quite happy with KB. I think he’s put us on a good footing. Financially sound now, making a profit. I don’t know why people think KB won’t spend money. We have a very big squad and probably have the highest wage bill in the division.

    As for spending big and buying players…. just think about that for a second. It’s very easy to sit there and say let’s spend big and get out of this division. Well…. we’re in League One! There aren’t many players we can buy in League One. How many players want to sign permanently for a League One club playing the likes of Wycombe and Exeter? The only players that’ll do that are other League One players and cast off Championship players. Most of the good players are settled in the Championship or hoping to move up to the Premier League! The likes of Hooper, Sharp – why would they drop down to a League One side paying League One wages? Of course there are some such a Kisnorbo – but we didn’t even need to pay a fee for him! And as for Lambert, do Southampton seem like a club looking to sell? This is the team that beat us to Barnard!

    And don’t forget, if we buy Hooper, Sharp or a Championship cast off, if/when we get promoted, would these be good enough for us to push on for promotion from the Championship? No they are not. And if they are signed up on 2, 3 or 4 year contracts, how will we get rid of them? We’ll be stuck with them. And the “spend money” brigade will be calling for us to spend more money again to buy players that we need for the Championship!

    The facts of the matter are that we can get good quality loan players – better players than we can actually buy right now! The loanee comes because they get to play for us (we are an attractive club to play for) without committing themselves to League One and League One wages. Then if we go up, they can consider a permanent move. It makes much more sense all round.

    Then, when we go up, we will not have wasted our cash, and can spend money to have a serious crack at getting out of the Championship.

    What’s wrong with this strategy?

    • Craig

      This is exactly how I see it and I’m convinced it is the strategy we should be following. Buying players in haste just commits us to long-term wage bills for unused players.

    • David C

      Mikelufc. I don’t understand what you are saying. We’ve just brought in 2 premiership players on loan. Would you rather buy CCC players than loan PL players?

  57. Dean A Walls

    Mikelufc, I am sorry fella but you don’t half talk some total crap. Keep taking the tablets!


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