Some words of wisdom from Mick McCarthy after being asked about the Beckford rumours;

“Us and how many others have been linked with Beckford? Do you think his agent might be working overtime?”

Indeed we do Mick! Infact, many of us believe that his agent has been whispering in Jermaine’s ear for quite some time in a bid to engineer a move away from Leeds. After all, he’s got to make some money out of his number one client while he can. Not many people fall on their feet quite as well as this particular chancer and manage to blag there way through life on a wing and prayer.

So, day 12 in the Beckford Watch saga.

Wolves – As above, McCarthy hasn’t really confirmed his interest but does admit he’s looking for more options upfront. Any move here however sounds like it could leave Beckford warming the bench with McCarthy saying that he would suffer if any of his two main strikers were injured, which suggests Beckford would get a bit part at best.

Newcastle United – It’s almost like Chris Hughton is trying to play brag with Ken Bates and if there’s once person you don’t want to play such games with, it’s our Kenneth. Basically, the story is currently along the lines of, Leeds keep knocking bids back and are alledgedly wanting £2m, Hughton insists Newcastle aren’t the sort of club to pay over the odds for unproven players (ha), Leeds stand firm, Newcastle try to bluff by claiming they’ll go elsewhere and not wait around forever, Leeds ignore them and sit patiently waiting for bid number four…

Hull City – The fishing town of Hull have pretty much been ruled out after reports suggest they won’t be joining the race. Quite happy about that one, would hate to think we’d become a feeder club for this bunch of bandwagoners.

Sunderland – Seems to have been a non-starter as there’s nothing really linking him to them today. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was a rumour made up just to annoy the Toon fans, but much like every other team that’s been half-linked, you never know. Grayson and Bates like to do business quietly, which means someone could end up signing him with no one having a clue until the last second.

  • LufcMike

    I dont think we are going to sell him for 2 million.
    Thats just a starting bid, I reckon we want 3.

  • Grumpy Older Man

    If their is any truth to this: I may demand we keep JIB…

    • TSS

      Yeah, I read that earlier. Laughed, then dismissed it and moved on.

  • Harry

    McCarthy’s comments should serve a wake up call to Beckford. He’d be back-up to the 3 fit strikers and potentially sixth choice in a fully fit squad. Isn’t this the guy that spat the dummy when substituted for the first time in 20 matches?

  • curlycarp

    bored of becks and his agent now. I really hope this doesn’t drag on til the end of the window (or beyond, heaven forbid). It’s a shame its come to this, as I’d have been happy for him to stay this season and beyond if he could show the commitment to getting us there and up to the prem.

    can’t help feeling his agent is gonna end up screwing this move up anyway.

    Becks, time to go mate and make it snappy

  • Matt

    Please go to Newcastle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to sit on the bench for a year or two; You deserve it ;)

  • Andrew
    • Grumpy Older Man

      “I signed Jermaine Beckford about a year ago and he’s become one of my best mates so the feeling when he scored against Southend the other week was just unbelievable.”

      In my eyes proof that beckford knows exactily what he and Agent is doing and has such this just re-enforces the need to get rid pronto.

    • simcol68

      God he sounds like a clubs worst nightmare ie I like to go see my players as often as possible to see if everythings ok … yeh right in other words lets see what we can screw out of them … also its interesting that hes been beckfords agent for only a year erm so thats why he,s moving on … i think this agent should be carefull off what he says or does as some fans will take extreme offence to what he looks like hes doing to our club …

      • TSS

        “There’s a 17-year-old midfielder called Oliver Hotchkiss I look after at Leeds Academy who is one of the best prospects I’ve ever seen, a mixture of Stevie Gerrard and David Beckham.

        “A lot of footballers are young boys earning lots of money who need people to point them in the right direction off the pitch.”

        He can keep his hands off Ollie! If he wants to point him in ‘the right direction’ I suggest pointing towards a better agent that won’t engineer a move to some super-rich club so he can play in the reserves and totally screw up his career.

        • Yorkshrman

          And all this comes as a surprise exactly why??!! Football agents make little or no money when their players are happy and content at a club. And they’re motivated not by what’s best for their players, but what generates the most money for them …….

          I wonder how much Delph’s agent made out of his move to Villa? And I wonder whether Delph REALLY thinks that sitting on the bench there is doing him more good than playing in a Leeds team which is top of L1??

          • TSS

            Yeah, it’s a joke of a situation. They’ll earn a percentage of a players salary all year round I suspect, but it’s definitely a joke the way they’re allowed to influence decisions so much.

        • Grumpy Older Man
    • Colin

      Hold on a minute. I was born in Dewsbury and I actually completed a Business Studies degree. Can I become an agent too??

      Right, I’ve got Enoch Showunmi and I’m starting the bidding at £100. Any offers? You’ve got till Thursday or else I’m calling Radio 5 and starting a bidding war.

      And my Mum’s got an old Telewest box made by Pace. And that’s utter sh1t as well.

      • Dje

        It is quite unbelievable – considering the amount of money in the English football game, and the fact that it is still our national sport – the sheer amount of amateur/chancer/speculator dross that clogs up the ‘cogs’ of the football industry. The only consistent professionals are the accountants and lawyers

        of HMRC.

        • TSS

          Yeah, them *&^%$ never miss a beat do they!

  • West Stand Rebel

    Why is £2million not enough for our “want away” striker? Well if we are to believe Wealdstone then 20% would be due to them for the sell on clause i.e. £400,000. Then there is Beckford’s agent say 10% that’s £200000. Vat will be payable on the remainder at 17.5% which is £208510. That just leaves a net figure of £1.19m.
    His goals are far more valuable than that if promotion is to be achieved and as SG keeps picking him for the squad he believes it as well.
    A replacement striker is always possible but at what cost and would he fit in with the current squad ? Volks didn’t and remember Lee Trundle he didn’t …SG quickly moves on his mistakes.

    • Leeds through & through

      i agree beckford is worth alot more than this to the club, he is the biggest reason we are were we are right now and for all you so called leeds fans that dont actually believe that then you should really watch the game or look at the score sheets more often, he may not be the hardest workin player in the world but the amount of goals he scored makes all the difference, without those goals we wouldnt be picking up wins we would be picking up alot of draws n a fair few more losses, get a grip n relise he is a massive part of the team without him were gunna be the same old leeds struggling in the playt offs!!!!

      • TSS

        Whilst I accept Beckford has been an important player to Leeds I disagree that we’re screwed without him and in suggesting that you’re running the risk of underminding the rest of the team. We field XI players, and much like Oldham away, we can field teams without Beckford that still get the job done.

        Yes Beckford’s important, but he isn’t the only reason we’re top of the league, he’s simply a part of it. Simon Grayson is the reason we’re top of the league and he’ll remain whatever happens to Becks and carry on taking us forward.

        • Leeds through & through

          you actually must be joking, exeter 1st game of season who scored winner in extra time? beckford. norwich who scored winner in extra time beckford no1 else would have scored tht goal without his pace, hatlepool on boxing day without beckfords 2 goals we draw 1-1 kettering 1st leg without his goal we lose and are out of fa cup,, man utd 1-0 beckford, stockport away without his 2 goals we draw agen 2-2. dont be so nieve, yes the rest of the team out great my fave player isnt bekford i have a few faves and non are him, but i do relise the games he wins for us think of all the points we would have got instead of gettin 3 points instead if he wasnt there, we wouldnt be top we would be in play offs as i said before!

          • Leeds through & through

            and also i never said we would be screwed without him i said we would be in play offs and we always struggle in them

          • TSS

            “Whilst I accept Beckford has been an important player to Leeds.”

            I accepted Becks is an important part of the team as i said originally. What I don’t accept is he is the team. What about the winners Gradel’s scored? Becks didn’t win it for us on them days, did he? Every player plays there part, but no one player makes a team and every player is replacable – even Becks!

            We’ve had all this before when players have left. Look at Hasselbaink, it was quite similar, but we moved on and continued without him. I like Becks, but he isn’t the entire team. Suggesting Leeds are only top of this division because of one player is obsurd.

          • Leeds through & through

            not at all you fool, so other ppl have won us mayb anoth 5games but not thhe amount beckford has, i never said he was the team your just putting words in my mouth with that, i said he wins us games which he does.

          • TSS

            No, what you said is one player makes the difference between several places in the league. It’s total nonsense. Beckford’s replacable, as is every player and are we really so immature you can’t comment without resorting to petty name calling?

          • Leeds through & through

            hmm yeh 22 points from 1 players goals isnt the difference between were we are n down the league yes thats right…….NOT!!!

          • TSS

            God, do you just never listen? He’s replacable! Yes he’s scored the goals, but there’s 100’s of teams across this country with players that do the same job. What you do, is you buy one of those! Simple really.

          • Leeds through & through

            if its that simple to get another goal scorer with a record like his then why dont we have 2 in the team?

          • Leeds through & through

            end of day i prefer gary hooper to beckford any day of the week, but what would be the harm in having both? its not like we cant afford him without selling beckford,wegot enuf for delph didnt we?hooper n beckford would be fantastik

      • andy

        BYou give beckford too much credit, Leeds have scored in more games without beck ford as with, beckford has only scored 16 out of our 47 goals this season so please bear that in mind, last season he played for leeds, this season he is playing for himself and his agent, good riddance

        • Leeds through & through

          what an idiot you are good ridence are you stupid? if you want to throw facts into it then how about the fact beckfords goals alone have won us 22 points oredi this season without them 22 points were does that leave us idiots!!!!

          • TSS

            I do admire your ability to debate. Anyone who disagrees with you is either an idiot or a fool? How old are you? 12, 13? I feel as though I’m sinking to your level by giving you the courtesy of replying, but as someone who has seen a lot of “irreplacable” players come and go, I assure you we’ll be fine with or without him.

          • Leeds through & through

            because its fans like this guy that will slag beckford off all day and say good ridense n all that but then when he scores the winner on match day go mental and are saying how good he is.

          • andy

            No stupid no, i believe you are stupid if you think a fool like beckfwho has no intrest in playing for our club, who shunns every charity event that the club does and refuses to sign autographs for the kids who support him, HE DOES NOT DESERVE TO WEAR THE WHITES, and YOU should feel just as strongly as I do and most fellow supporters i’ve spoken to

          • andy

            I apologise for the typographical errors in my last coment its my damned keyboard playing up

          • Leeds through & through

            i agree with you that his attitude is rediculous towards things like that but it wouldnt be good to say good rediense at all, you must relise it will be a far easier task to go up champs with him rather than without him

          • andy

            Oh and by the way I do cheer when we win games and im a regular at eland road but im afraid i allways feel the same about beckford, he lols about on the pitch and does very little most of the game but tries to score and screwes up 75% of chances handed him on a plate and if you dissagree with that then you are not watching him during the game but only when the ball reaches his feet, i watch every player on the field and I think that there are others like, Grella, Gradel, Beccio to name 3 of 6 possible replacements that work harder and given the oppertunity WILL do better

          • Leeds through & through

            they are given the oppertunity every week when they start the game just as beckford does, gradel will be going back at the end of the month, beccio will never score as many as beckford, but grella i agree is class and with expoeriance will be brilliant at leeds, yes beckford is lazy veryyy lazy but he doesnt miss 75% of chances id say more 60% goals are goals they win you games n he scores plenty of them if thats puts us up a division i couldnt care less

  • TBG

    Isn’t it pretty unlikely that anything’s going to happen on Beckford at least until Bates returns from South Africa on the 20th? Some of you had better grab your antihypertensives if it runs to deadline day, because Beckford might have 5 more Leeds games left in him yet..!

  • TheReaper08

    Evening all. Anyone read Hughton’s comments about Leeds ‘facing reality’ ? What a moron,if anyone needs to face reality it’s ths clown. We have something Newcastle want, we aren’t obliged to rollover and let them tickle our belly just because they are Newcastle and Beckford supposedly wants to play for them. Get real pal we have what you want and he is under contract, cough up the dollar or take your shrapnel somewhere else !

  • Colin

    Still reckon Becks is going nowhere – I can’t find the betting for Becks’s next team? Has that been removed? I know he was 6/1 to be at Leeds the other day.

    Anyone got a link?

    • Colin

      got it. Becks still 6/1 by the way.

      • TheReaper08

        I still hope your right in him staying and I know I will get murdered by some for saying so. Whilst we are certainly not a one man team it’s hard to put a value on a 20 goal a season striker.

        Personally I think the lad isn’t the brightest and he is receiving very poor advice from his snake of an agent.

        • Leeds through & through

          exactly hes not the team but he is our game winner

      • TSS

        His value is whatever it costs to replace him. If Hooper is who Grayson wants and they say £1.5m then you sell Becks for £1.5m and bring in someone who has a long enough contract not to leave us in this mess and who wants to play for Leeds United.

        • TheReaper08

          Techically the value of something is the amount the purchasing party is willing to pay. However, in this case we hold some of the aces as we have to decide if the sale value is worth more than that of CCC football.

          The actual club quote is that he wouldn’t leave until a replacement had been sought and confirmed, the quote was not that we needed the Beckford cash first in order to replace him, big difference.

          The club have set a price believed to be £2M and they should stick by this and make the purchasing party dig deep if they want him.

          • TheReaper08

            I just want to point out that it is not my opinon that we ‘t make the CCC without Beckford. More as I have said before that 20 goal a season strikers are not easy to find and we will need a main goal scorer if JB departs.

          • TSS

            I agree we need to replace, but he isn’t irreplacable. There’s some quality strikers around that would love to play for Leeds, such as Hooper, Sharp and Jackson and they’d all get the job done. Beckford wants out, so it’s silly to keep him.

  • Paul South Wales

    This is starting to turn into the Jermaine Beckford show, hope it’s sorted out ASAFP. While i agree we have a good team, if he goes and isn’t replaced who the hell is going to score our goals? Bechio? Never, Snoddy, a few, perhaps Kandol, but play-offs will come calling again, where we get to them but can’t score Why? because we sold the only out and out striker we had. Hughton, either pay up or shut the F*%k up. You know the price take him or leave him either way just sort it.

  • West Stand Rebel

    TSS I really must take issue with your comments above about Hasselbaink. We bought Jimmy for £2m in 1997 and sold him in 1999 for £12m. You may remember after that we threw money like confetti at all manner of players including strikers so any comparison with todays situation is completely fatuous.
    If Beckford goes for a meagre £1.5m or £2m after the deductions I mentioned above the club will receive very little certainly in terms of his comparative worth.
    The other strikers at the club score far fewer goals and Gradel will probably be gone anyway by the end of the month.
    So you don’t like his attitude well live with it I can live with a guy who has scored 74 times for the club in 104 games.
    His goal against the s**m was worth a million pounds alone.

    • Leeds through & through

      exactly my point, no1 else is the goal scorer need to keep us were we are wake up TSS you arnt always right although you may think it.

  • Mikelufc

    I have never thought he was going and stick by that.
    Larry knows his worth well enough and it is more than 2 million.
    Whether he can or can not hack it in a higher league is irrelevant.
    We are a 3rd div club looking for promotion.
    Give him a bit more money and shut the fucking parasitical agent up.

  • Bobbyleeds

    Well he was spot on with Hithkiss – he’s just been released!

    A real eye for talent this dude. What a clown.

    • TSS

      LOL. I thought he was gonna be good too. Although, I’m not an agent so all’s good.

      • Dje

        I’m surprised we’ve let Hotchkiss go so easily. On all accounts he’s been enjoying playing full-time at Mansfield but I doubt he’d so readily have given up the chance to play more for Leeds. You hope to God that Rubery didn’t recommend to Hotchkiss that he demands for his pay to be tripled by Leeds [on account that his agent “reckons he’s the best player he’s ever seen and what does Grayson and Leeds know anyway”].

        On the other hand, you’d hope that Bates hasn’t used Hotchkiss as a pawn in the chess game with Rubery over Beckford’s future. It’d be a bit harsh on the lad.

        • TheReaper08

          Hotchkiss is 21 and played 3 games on loan whilst at the Stags. I think if SG thought he was really the footballing mix of Beckham and Gerrard (Quote the agent) we would have seen him by now and he wouldn’t be going anywhere, particulalry for free.

          • Pete

            Footballing mix of Beckham and Gerrard…so “won’t ever beat a man for pace or trickery, won’t outmuscle anybody, will spend all his time looking for killer 60 yard passes rather than the simple 5-yard pass to the man in space, won’t use his left foot or head, will think he’s bigger than the team and shirk anything resembling a tackle…but can at least take a half-decent free kick and corner.”

            Admittedly very harsh on the lad who looked like a good prospect in the reserves, but mine is more a comment aimed at Nick Rubery than Ollie Hotchkiss.

            PS – to Jonathan Webb, Josh Falkingham and Ollie Hotchkiss, best of luck in your future careers, it wasn’t meant to be at Leeds but many youngsters have left leeds without ever playing for the first team and gone on to achieve great things elsewhere

        • Harry

          Dje, I don’t think Bates would have had anything to do with the Hotchkiss decision, he’s not even in the country. If Bates was making those sort of footballing decisions Grayson wouldn’t stick around. Might be better if Beckford buggers off so he can’t influence any other youngsters to sign up with his idiot agent.

          • Dje

            You’re right, and I did use Bates’s name too loosely in my reply. I didn’t realise Hotchkiss was already 21 either.

            I just thought the timing of Hotchkiss’s release was a bit strange – 24 hours after Rubery announces that he’s got Hotchkiss on his books and reckons he’s better than a Beckham-cum-Gerrard – ie. infinitely better than Beckford too (“so watch out Leeds I’m going to be a bigger thorn in your side soon enough”). Letting Hotchkiss go on a free is a great way to say ‘Fuck you, Rubery. You don’t have a clue about football and we’ll do our best to blank you’. And a free transfer signing to Mansfield can hardly have brought about a bumper pay day for Rubery!

            It’s a cynical take on Hotchkiss’s release admittedly, and obviously the Leeds coaching staff had it in mind to release him anyway, and perhaps only the timing of it was brought forward to make any sort of statement of intent to Rubery.

  • Toon Toon

    NUFC have bid a final ‘take it or leave it’ £2m bid for Beckford.

    He’s desperate to join Newcastle this window as he thinks we will have changed our targets once in the Prem.

    Would you guys accept £2m?

    • danny

      i would go elsewhere beckford sounds like a lazy wanker who thinks hes better than what he is if he was that good at 26 you should be playing in the prem a few seasons ago not in league one lets face it akinbiyi jason lee even shola ameobi could score twenty goals in league one hes out of contract in summer hope no one wants to sign him and leeds fuck him off especially when i hear he doesnt sign autographs for kids what a twat

      • Dje

        At least you know he’s not a kiddie-fiddler.

      • Yorkshrman

        Jason Lee must be getting on for 50 now …… think he might struggle to score 20 a season, even in League 1 …..

    • Dje

      Leave it. Next?

  • des

    im very glad that SG is our manager and none of you lot who clearly lack in understanding of football and goalscorers.
    AS SG has stated JB is a natural and he wants to keep him but also do whats right for our football club. Its not fifa10 where you replace a player with another, this is reality. This is football. This is Leeds United.
    In SG I trust because i have to.


    tss you seem to understand that this is a business so if you were JB and you were not getting offered the going rate would you not want to go?
    We dont know the facts of what deal he is on and what he is offered. You automaticaly side with Bates angel on this. Remember Ridsdale? . Blind following of him led us where. And with Bates what has happened to TA amonsgt other things. Who owns our club?
    I think a lot of this Beckford hate is latent and repressed anger which should be directed elsewhere. You lot give Bates such an easy ride. He must be laughing.