Some words of wisdom from Mick McCarthy after being asked about the Beckford rumours;

“Us and how many others have been linked with Beckford? Do you think his agent might be working overtime?”

Indeed we do Mick! Infact, many of us believe that his agent has been whispering in Jermaine’s ear for quite some time in a bid to engineer a move away from Leeds. After all, he’s got to make some money out of his number one client while he can. Not many people fall on their feet quite as well as this particular chancer and manage to blag there way through life on a wing and prayer.

So, day 12 in the Beckford Watch saga.

Wolves – As above, McCarthy hasn’t really confirmed his interest but does admit he’s looking for more options upfront. Any move here however sounds like it could leave Beckford warming the bench with McCarthy saying that he would suffer if any of his two main strikers were injured, which suggests Beckford would get a bit part at best.

Newcastle United – It’s almost like Chris Hughton is trying to play brag with Ken Bates and if there’s once person you don’t want to play such games with, it’s our Kenneth. Basically, the story is currently along the lines of, Leeds keep knocking bids back and are alledgedly wanting £2m, Hughton insists Newcastle aren’t the sort of club to pay over the odds for unproven players (ha), Leeds stand firm, Newcastle try to bluff by claiming they’ll go elsewhere and not wait around forever, Leeds ignore them and sit patiently waiting for bid number four…

Hull City – The fishing town of Hull have pretty much been ruled out after reports suggest they won’t be joining the race. Quite happy about that one, would hate to think we’d become a feeder club for this bunch of bandwagoners.

Sunderland – Seems to have been a non-starter as there’s nothing really linking him to them today. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was a rumour made up just to annoy the Toon fans, but much like every other team that’s been half-linked, you never know. Grayson and Bates like to do business quietly, which means someone could end up signing him with no one having a clue until the last second.