Jermaine Beckford has withdrawn his transfer request and decided to stay with Leeds United until the end of the season. The striker released a statement saying;

“After a lot of thinking over the last few days I have decided to withdraw my transfer request and commit my immediate future to Leeds United.

“It was never a comfortable decision to ask for a transfer in the first place, but after the game against Manchester United and the unbelievable reaction from the Leeds United supporters in the Wycombe match I have decided I want to finish what I have been striving to do for the last two seasons – and that is to help promote Leeds United out of a division which the club doesn’t belong

“Every time I put on the Leeds United shirt I give 100 per cent and can assure the fans, the manager and everyone connected with the club that I will continue to do that”

Whilst this is clearly great news in terms of stability for the club in the immediate future, I can’t help but be a little cynical of this announcement. My initial thoughts are that maybe the offers him and his slimy agent had expected weren’t forthcoming.

I question how commited anyone can be with such a short amount of time remaining on their contract. Just because he’s here until May doesn’t mean we’re going to see the end of the speculation. When we get to March-April and the most important games of the season we’re going to be hearing rumours every day suggesting he’s signed a pre-contract elsewhere. The best way to end all this is still to sign a new contract.

On the more positive side, this will hopefully settle the team in the short term after they delivered two abject performances against Wycombe and Exeter. We need to get back on track and hopefully, this will be the boost everyone has needed.

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  1. LeedsWhite

    Would you rather he was sold and someone else was brought in, or do you see this as the preferred option?

  2. derbyshirewhite

    Whilst agents are only in it for the money I think most players do want other things as well. It’s too cynical to say that Beckford doesn’t care about Leeds enough to want success, promotion, headlines and the roar from the crowd when he scores. Sure he’ll be thinking about his next move but hopefully that will be just be the incentive needed for him to want to stay in the shop window and be the league’s highest scorer. Our beloved Chairman clearly hasn’t made him an offer he can’t refuse but maybe the fans can give him the benefit of the doubt and take his commitment at face value.

  3. Dje

    I’d put a positive spin on it too – and hopefully he’ll be out to impress potential suitors for the remains for the season. I don’t think he’ll commit to a pre-contract before June as I think the only clubs who’ll be interested in him will be those destined for another season in the Championship or the three Premiership teams that get relegated. If we’re still on course for promotion then why rule out the option of what we’ll offer him in the Summer by fopping over Burnley’s, Hull’s, or Portsmouth’s offer? If Portsmouth still exist that is.

    The other positive spin, and I reckon spin might be the right word here, is that we’ve fobbed off Newcastle and their capricious ‘yes-but-is-he-good-enough-for-us?’ fans. That seems something worth celebrating, as nobody likes to be constantly reminded that they’re a ‘selling club’ and nothing better than groomers for the likes of fat Ashley.

  4. David

    There’s now way that Becks wrote, or even thought, that stuff. It’s far too eloquent!

    The club have handled this really well in my view. Regardless of the eventual outcome it has said that we won’t be blackmailed by a player under contract-worth a lot in the long run. Why shouldn’t Becks look to his financial security, he’s not young in football terms and a late comer to the big wages of the pro game. I don’t blame him wanting to ensure we go up before signing. As for what’s gone on, it’s a pragmatic game, he needs us to put himself in the shop window and we need him for his goals. It’ll be water off a ducks back for Grayson, and now Becks really does need to perform-win win and a good outcome for me.

  5. mike

    We need to get out this league this year, and I cant see how anyone can think we would have a better chance without him. If he does move on in the summer, we will have the time to make sure we get the right man to replace him, as long as the funds are made available. And just maybe he might sign a new deal if things go well. With or without him we will move forward will he without us?.

  6. TheReaper08

    All along I believe Beckford has been getting some bad advice from his agent. I am led to believe that he has always been happy at Leeds but like any other sportsmen he would like to try his hand at a higher level.

    He now get to stay where he is settled and obviously enjoys his football and see where the season takes him. It is my firm belief that if we are a CCC side next season then he will sign a new contract, if not then he walks and get’s to play in the CCC or even the maybe the PL.

    This is excellent news and we should all get behind the entire team.

  7. Sir Quej

    Got to agree that this is excellent news. JB does have an attitude but he has always performed well for us and scored lots of goals. How could it be bad to keep someone like that?

  8. Colin

    Beckford is lazy, has an attitude, misses 2 out of every three chances, isn’t committed to the club, can’t perform at a higher level, is overrated blah, blah blah.

    Right now are the facts – How the hell we’ve got a player of that ability is beyond me. If he can score against Manchester United (and don’t tell me they put out a weak team because they didn’t) then he’s more than capable. The only reason we have this player is because we are LEEDS UNITED. We are a massive club in Division 3. There are only 2 clubs outside of the Premier League that can keep quality like Beckford. The other is Newcastle United. They didn’t show the cash and so Leeds have rightly said you’re staying here.

    We all know that there’s no way we will spend any money, whether we have it or not. We also know that with Beckford we WILL gain promotion to the Championship. So it only made sense both for beckford and Leeds for him to stay here.

    He’ll be with us next season and I reckon he’ll be up there again in the Top Scorer chart in the Championship.

    Bates (albeit I’m not his biggest fan) has said we can’t do a deal now, but if we get promoted then lets talk contracts.

    Mark my words he’ll be on a £15,000 a week contract next year and we’ll need him because it’s going to be a tough season for us next year.

    Fact is that we’ve got a striker in Division 3 who is wanted by the club that is top of the Championship and that makes me proud.

    We’re going places with quality of the likes of Beckford and that’s exactly what we need if we get promoted to the Championship. Because it’s going to be a tough ask to even stay in that league with the players we have.

    With Kisnorbo, Snodgrass and Beckford we have a chance of CCC survival, but apart from that then I’d question whether we have CCC quality.

    • Colin

      Becks is the club’s leading goalscorer with 20 goals so far this season. In 135 appearances since joining from Wealdstone, Jermaine has scored 74 goals.

      That’s awesome. That’s some record.

  9. Mike

    Lets have some predictions for the Spurs Match – I think the Beckford discussion should end – its driving me nuts.

    0.1 to Leeds

    • Colin

      Mike, currently you’ll get 9-1 on a Leeds win. If you’ve got big enough balls to go for it, then you’ll win big time!!

  10. Mike

    I am going to the Spurs Match – does anyone no the most appropriate pub for Leeds Fans near WHL

  11. dave

    Ipicked up an agent who used to play for crystal palace in my cab he told me off the record that there has not been a single bid for JB thats why hes come off transfer list dont know how true it is.

  12. halifax white

    jobs a gudyun!! mighty happy the lad has decided to stay and try and get us promoted, would have rather this had been settled a few weeks ago, judging by the last 2 performances this has effected the dressing room, and to say the least we have been crap!!! lets hope this draws a line under the sorry saga!! (unless barcalona come in with a ten mill bid!! (ish!!)lets hope the lads get a grip and start to perform, if not the canaries will overtake us! (and i rate them the best team in our div!!)

  13. Tony Currie's Curler

    Has JB seen the light?

    It’s the first time that JB has actually been quoted. I think he’s realised himself that his agent hasn’t got JB’s best interests at heart, only his own. Rubery only thinks of Rubery!

    Maybe in the summer he can review the money situation, but as a career move he knows he’s no better off at Newcastle.

    Noe lets get this season back on track and now we can stop the is he isn’t he. We are more than good enough to win the league at a canter and even give Spurs a good run for their money in a one off game. Spurs are notorious for only playing half a season. COME ON LEEDS!!!!!

    • timm

      If he wrote that i’ll show my arse in Marks & Spencers window! I reckon Grayson’s dragged him in after seeing the disruption him & his agent have caused to team morale & told him we’ve had no acceptable bids so he either knuckles down & gets himself a dream move at end of this season or he can play in the reserves where all the decent clubs will forget about him.Well done SG for taking hold of the situation & putting it to bed. If it was up to Beckford to make a statement it would probably have been ‘I is staying innit bruv’! Time to move on now. I’ll take a narrow defeat at Spurs this weekend followed by promotion & a JPT final. We’d still take 35,000 to Wembley!

    • macadamia_man

      And with Liverpool rocking and Arsenal playing the kids, Spurs have some big bickie big cup distractions of their own to cope with . . .

  14. jo

    i still wish we had bought lambert for 1 million, for all the talk of beckfords amazing scoring record has anyone noticed lambert is in fact the top scorer in the league and plays in an average team, beckford also has a terrible attitude

  15. David Coleman

    I agree with David. The club have written JB’s statement in an attempt to settle things down for the remainder of our campaign. Why do people think that JB will not be committed? He still needs to get a contract with someone at the end of the season. If he has a bad second half of the season, he’s bound to turn off some potential clubs. However, if he has a storming second half, he’ll have options come May. And don’t forget, if we get promoted, I don’t see another club that would be more attractive to him in the Championship. The only issue would be wages – which I think has been the problem all along. JB wants Championship wages, but we can’t offer him that while we’re in Lg1. My guess is that the club have told him that he’ll get what he wants if we go up. So he has EVERY incentive to get us up, and he will be FULLY committed.

  16. Leeds through & through

    well best news iver heard in a couple of weeks concerning leeds, 2 shocking results in a row needed something to cheer me up, still think my prediction will be correct, got the first bit right that he wouldnt leave this month, and im still sticking to him signing a new contract in the summer if not before to keep him at leeds, especially if we get promoted.

  17. Harry

    The statement from Leeds said that discussions had been ongoing with him and his agent since he put in his transfer request so I’d be surprised if they haven’t agreed some sort of financial incentive for him to stay. Maybe an amount per goal and bonus for promotion, whatever it is it will be worth every penny if we go up.

    • Craig

      The stories about Beckford going to Everton in the summer are far more likely to be the real reason for withdrawing his transfer request. Everton pay no fee, thus maximising Beckford’s sign-on fee. ‘Committed to Leeds’ my arse!

  18. Ade

    The whole move to Newcastle thing has seemed a little odd to me. It is not in his financial interests to leave now when a fee for his services would be required.

    Therefore there could only be 2 reasons for his transfer request,

    1. He thought he had the chance ofsCCC/prem football in the near future and is impatient or
    2. someone without his best interests at heart is advising him.

    I believe JB when he says he was “uncomfortable” asking for a transfer cos it really didn’t make sense.

    Of course JB didn’t write that piece but I would think the sentiment is genuine.

    As for Grayson giving out ultimatums, I doubt this to be true, The feeling of being wanted should not be underestimated and I think this may have had a lot to do with his decision….That and an obvious financial reward for being a free agent at seasons end of course.

    That said just cos he’s off the transfer list does not mean he can’t be sold this window.

  19. TheReaper08

    Another game,another shocking result. Now we face Spurs in a cup we can’t win which could be a cricket score.
    After making way way toomuch of the Man Utd game it looks like we are now starting to implode. Melodramatic ? Perhaps, I wouldn’t be half as worried if Norwich and Charlton were poor.


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