Couldn’t help but laugh at the weather-related stories coming from the official Leeds United site and official Stockport County site over the last few days. 

"Argh snow! No one leave their house!"

 With the two sides due to meet tomorrow, Stockport County’s fans helped to clear the pitch earlier in the week so the covers could be laid and hot-air blowers put in place. However, snow and ice were still present on the stands meaning the match could still be cancelled amid fear of potential injury to fans. With the health and safety brigade sharpening their pencils and ‘no win, no fee’ lawyers setting their sat-navs, Stockport issued another plea for fans to help them clear the stands this morning

Back in Leeds meanwhile Father Bates returned from a night of delivering lumps of coal to naughty boys and girls to issue a statement thanking Leeds United’s groundsmen for their hard-work in ensuring all matches could go ahead as planned and the training facilities were in good shape. 

They did a great job, as I’m sure you’ll all agree and I’m glad they’ve got the recognition they deserve. I am quite puzzled as to why there was any snow on the pitch in the first place, given the underground heating Elland Road has, but assume it costs more than Bates is willing to pay to flick that particular switch on (or it only works when the snows cleared? I prefer my original reason).

Brolin's back!

Brolin makes Leeds United return!

What did seem a little tactless however was the photograph the offical Leeds United site decided to run with which shows a snowman on the side of the pitch (left). While Stockport are busy begging fans to come in and clear their pitch and stands, our lads have time to build snowmen? Tut, tut! 

Of course, I’m only joking. I appreciate the lads work extremely hard and would like to thank them personally for their work not only over Christmas but throughout the entire season. I’ve seen some sorry excuses for football pitches on my travels around League One, but Leeds’ always looks in good condition. Also, thanks to all the Stockport fans who have worked hard to give tomorrow’s game the best possible chance of going ahead. I know County don’t have the same resources Leeds do and it’s good to see the fans pulling through to help the team.

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  1. Dje

    I’m not that optimistic about the chances of tomorrows game going ahead. Stockport is verging on the Peak District, there’s a forecast for a widespread frost overnight, and for some God-known reason we are playing at noon – which doesn’t leave much time for a thaw. Besides, the Stockport boys seem to be short on hands – hence the recurring pleads for volunteers (I’m tempted to go myself), and they admit themselves that their anti-frozen pitch technology is effectively hot air balloons grounded and dotted about the pitch.

    So it could be a Bank Holiday off for our boys, which wouldn’t be the worst turnout considering they’ll have only finished playing their last match 43 hours before.

    • TSS

      Yeah, I’m a bit worried myself as I’m planning to drive down quite early so might not know whether it’s going ahead in time.


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