Today marks 12 years since the premature death of our inspirational captain, Billy Bremner. Idolised both in his time and by the generations since. Immortalised in song, print, film, the statue outside our ground and most importantly, by the thousands upon thousands of fans that will never forget his achievements.

Billy has always been remembered for his uncompromising, take no prisoners’ approach. What should also be remembered is the incredible ability and skill of the man too. He was and still is Mr Leeds United. Whilst he may be gone, his legacy remains. He’s quite simply the greatest player to have ever worn the all white shirt.

“The captain of the crew” spent seventeen years at Leeds United making 587 league appearences and scoring 90 goals in the process. He also returned for a three year spell as manager in the mid-eighties. Leeds United was quite literally, Billy’s life.

A few quotes from fellow team-mates and John Arlott of the Guardian;

“I think he was one of the greatest captains there has ever been in the Football League.” Mick Jones

“Number one greatest player of all time? I’ll go along with that.” Jack Charlton

“Billy played more with his heart than his head. He had a heart the size of Elland Road. As a midfield player, he was a free spirit who worked on instinct” Eddie Gray

Above all Leeds have Bremner, the best footballer in the four countries, if every manager in Britain were given his choice of any one player to add to his team some, no doubt, would toy with the idea of George Best; but the realists, to a man, would have Bremner.’ John Arlott

The captain of the crew

The captain of the crew

One legacy todays players should take note of is the ‘keep fighting’ philosophy Billy lived by. Such was the determination of the man, that he even had that same motto hung above his peg in the Elland Road changing room. For the sake of Leeds United, Billy would quite literally have broken himself in two. Whilst I’m sure he’d hate to see Leeds United languishing in League One, he’d also be pleased to see us fighting our way back to where we belong. So, to the modern day team, ‘keep fighting’ you have a big act to follow.

William ‘Billy’ Bremner 1942-1997.

Marching on forever.