Today brings two stories of interest to Leeds United fans. The first is Bates’ appeal loss in the Bates v Levi saga that has contiued to cast a black cloud over the club since it began christ knows how long ago. Then there’s ex-director Simon Morris. The man who wanted to takeover Leeds United not so long ago, but whom fans feared would only use the land to develop property. Few actually believed he had the clubs best intentions at heart, much like few believe Bates does either.

"Only one way to settle this now Levi. Put 'em up!"

"Only one way to settle this now Levi. Put 'em up!"

Everything has gone wrong for the millionaire Simon Morris recently and today sees him charged with conspiracy to blackmail. Once heralded as one of the brightest entrepeneurs in our region, and at just 32 it’s some spectaculor rise and fall from grace for the former director.

Bates’ history is well-documented. Like many businessmen, Bates has always got want he wants, irregardless of the people it affects. Much like the Leeds United ownership, his business dealings have often been shrouded in mystery and brought before the courts in bitter public feuds time and again. His outspoken antics have made him a hate figure to football fans across the country, not least, a large percentage of Leeds United fans.

Of course, there’s also Ridsdale. It’s not that the mans a crook, his only real crime was meglomania. He wanted to be the greatest chairman that’s ever lived, guiding his young Leeds United to world dominance. Shame no one taught him finanical management before he bought such unnecessary players for extortionate sums.

It seems that Leeds United just attracts the wrong kind of owners. The huge potential to make money at Elland Road is probably the magnetic force dragging vultures like Bates and Morris towards our club. Whether Bates is currently doing well or not, I remain cynical. I simply don’t trust a man who insists on hiding so much. A man who insists on airing his personal disputes in public with more bad press aimed Leeds United’s way as a consequence.

Maybe one day we’ll find our messiah. A chairman who is open and honest with the fans and who wants to see us successful because he cares about the club, rather than his own bank balance. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against someone making a profit from Leeds United, but since Bates is supposedly only taking a salary from LUFC, where the rest of the cash is going is anyones guess – and in that lies the ultimate problem. The amount of shady characters we know about who have been involved with LUFC is enough to write a book on. The ones that ultimately concern me however, are those that remain illusive.

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  1. simcol68

    A well written piece as you say this is whats all wrong with leeds utd bates taking a salary and the rest just disapearing into thin air where the hell does it all go because its not spent on players or invested into thorp arch ( another bates master piece)its like investing into bank shares and not knowing who the bank is because thats what we do in a round about way paying to go watch our leeds it will be interesting to see if bates goes to his Boss and gets some money out of them to buy some quality in january…… also just a thought do you think that the real owners of leeds utd could be ex scum etc chairman and thats why they don,t want to be revealed a very nasty thought i know but it makes you think tho ???????

  2. paull

    I’m afraid the secretive and destructive cancer that is eating away at our club needs to be totally eradicated before any new messiah emerges. No self respecting investor would risk a bent penny in any venture controlled by Ken Bates. Our club will live with the constant threat of trial and retribution while ever this man is making any of the decisions. So far we’ve been relegated once broke twice and docked points twice since his reign of incompetence began. Creditors many of whom are hardworking local people have been left to whistle for what is rightfully theirs while Bates takes a huge salary from the club. Meanwhile he’s told a court that he owns the club then the same court that he doesn’t whilst refusing to tell the fans that pay his wages anything. How anyone can still believe in Ken Bates is beyond me. Come on you whites MOT.

  3. alex

    I have a theory on the secret owner of Leeds United. Its Alex Ferguson ! The 6 million for Delph has helped contribute to purchasing Manchester Uniteds last signing :o) Simple but beautiful

    I figure we may aswell make up conspiracies if we arnt allowed to hear the truth


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