With the transfer window due to open in just two days Simon Grayson may well be planning for life after Jermaine Beckford. Our number one striker has been the subject of much debate over the last week or so as the Newcastle United manager revealed he is looking into the possibility of signing Becks.

Leeds have maintained all along that Beckford will remain with Leeds until the summer unless a ‘ridiculous offer’ comes in. Whilst I’ve been adamant no club would be stupid enough to pay over the odds for a striker with less than six months remaining on his contract, this is Newcastle and if any club could graduate from the school of Peter Ridsdale financial management with honours, it’d undoubtedly be them.

That said, I guess it’s a case of what Leeds United want for Beckford. If it’s only £2-3m and not the £6m previously quoted, then it could be worth a punt for the Toon. If he can score enough goals to get them back to the Premiership, then he’d be worth every penny, but at the same time, what use is £2-3m to Leeds if we’re going to lose the only player capable of 30 goals a season?

I’ve been pretty convinced that Beckford will remain with Leeds United until the end of the season, but my feelings have changed since Hughton revealed his plans. If he does go, then Grayson will definitely be in the market to replace the goals he contributed and starting with Max Gradel is a good idea.

Simon Grayson has already extended Max Gradel’s loan to the 17th of January, bringing it to the maximum number of days allowed by Football League rules. Leicester have not allowed Max to participate in the FA Cup tie against Manchester United though, which is a bit of a shame as the lads performed well for us and the rest of the team will be talking about nothing else. Hopefully, the extension is simply to give Grayson more time to secure Gradel on a permanent transfer. If Beckford is to leave, then Gradel would be a good start to replacing those valuable goals.

Finally, it seems Grayson is also trying to secure a long term deal with Liverpool keeper, David Martin. Leeds and Liverpool have already agreed to extend his current loan deal until the end of January, but the player could be around for much longer if Grayson gets his wish. Only 23 years old and with plenty of potential, this is a good move from Simon Grayson who is clearly thinking long-term.

  • Gary Lloyd

    Mmmm, Beckford to the barcodes. Could be a possibility, however i believe (fingers crossed) that he will stay and get us up. Legends live long at Elland Road and this is his chance to become one. Newcastle dont need extra strikepower to go up, he would only be insurance and even then not guaranteed in that division. It will be an interesting first week or so in January.

    • TSS

      Harewood has returned to Villa so they need to replace him. I’d agree that Beckford could real make a legend of himself at Leeds United. He could become one of our all-time top goalscorers.

      • Grumpy Older Man

        “I’d agree that Beckford could real make a legend of himself at Leeds United. He could become one of our all-time top goalscorers.” How come, are we staying in L1 for the next 5 seasons?

        Money in, “team” stronger and just as important all the stuff that comes with him not our problem anymore. It may even come to pass his fan club start noticing the real quality in our squad.

        • TSS

          He isn’t far off 100 already in fainress. If he breaks that mark he’ll be joining an exclusive club.

          • Grumpy Older Man

            If he suppasses Allan Clarke’s 150+ in all competitions for us, regardless of what division we are in then even I will call him legend!

  • GilesLeftFoot

    Becks to Newcastle. Surely not. It would show a shocking lack of ambition if he does go. You might buy players, but you can’t replace a proven goal scorer in any team overnight, good as any replacement may be.

  • Paul South Wales

    I’ve got a gut wrenching feeling he may well go, after all Newcastle are on the march back into the premiership. Also our own idiot fans booing him may sway it. Max Gradel is no replacement and it would be an edgey second half to our so far fantastic season. It all hinges on what LUFC think is “a ridiculous offer”. I hope for promotion’s sake he stays,but it will be interesting to see how it pans out. I can’t think of anyone available who would come near him in this league, as they’ve moved up to the CCC.I just hope we don’t lose him for peanuts. Fingers crossed

  • Si

    I think 3 million is what KB and SG call Silly Money – if we get a 3 Million bid from NU and Saints agree to sell us Ricky Lambert for 1.6M before hand, we should sell him…

    Lambert is as good, if not better than Becks and his attitude is spot on

    He has scored as many goeals as JB in the last two years in sides that aren’t half as good as we are!!

  • Porterfield73

    He`s coming to us @ Sunderland, he wants to play in front of big crowds. Although NUFC get around 12,000 more than SAFC he will try his luck in the PL.
    Why stagnate at a finished club like Leeds?

    • TSS

      Hahahaha, awww, you Sunderland fans and your dellusions of grandure. I almost pity you.

  • Choppers

    Without wishing to sound Pedantic, Alan Martin already is a Leeds United player. David Martin is the GK from Liverpool. I watched him against Accrington. He commanded his box well, but there were a few little errors which I am sure were just nerves. I agree, good potential.

    I may have mentioned before, but Beckford may have a sell on clause around 40% according to the Wealdstone chairman on the radio the other week, so 3 million would be the minimum we would look to accept, like you say I cant see Newcastle parting with that cash on a player out of contract.

    I cant see who we could replace him with. Gradel and Grella are good players with good potential, but I doubt either would be looking to get 30 goals in a season. Perhaps this is where the Delph money has been hiding and no doubt there are a few irons in a few fires. Perhaps Grayson may look to a loan from A.Villa for one of there promising strikers, the links between the teams seemed strengthened after Delph moved there.

    I do trust Grayson, but like you say as soon as I heard Beckford leaving, I didnt think it would happen until last week. I got a bit worried with the wheels falling off the promotion campaign.

    • TSS

      The clause is 20% apparently. I knew what I meant with the Martin’s by the way. Someone had already pointed it out on Twitter and have since corrected. MOT

  • Ed

    Hopefully, it won’t be for the 1.25mill Newcastle are talking. They’re probably floating a low number to see if they get a reaction. Getting value is one area where Bates excels so I suspect a club would have to at least double that figure to get his interest.

    Re the debate on should he stay or should he go. We’ve had a lot of strikers at the club over the last few years and none have scored as many as Beckford misses never mind as many as Beckford scores. I reckon he’d be a big loss.

    If he goes, I’d like to see Snodgrass given a run alongside Becchio. I think he started out as a striker and he certainly knows where the net is.

  • Terry

    Parkinson said the other day that Leeds can still be caught…If Beckford leaves he wont be far wrong, for Gods sake were are we going to get our goals from, is Becchio’ Gradel’ Grella’ going to score the goals we need in every game…In our last 2 games Beckford scored 4 goals, I cant see any of our other strikers doing so…And it’s not to late to be caught and if Beckford goes be prepared for another season in this League…I hope all the boo boys are happy, Please SG dont let our prolific scorer go…

  • Yorkshrman

    I have every confidence that, if Beckford DOES go in the transfer window (by no means certain, to my mind) Grayson will have a replacement lined up. There’s always been the possibility of a January departure, and I just can’t believe that Grayson doesn’t have a “Plan B” …….

  • Porterfield73

    Mr Author, before you have a pop please remind me of what League you`re in?
    Still bitter about 1973?

    • paull

      wow a makum with a computer? whatever next.

      • Tim

        Yep, i hear they have all the mod cons in Durham prison these days!! It’s funny how Sunderland fans always have to drag up 73′ cup final cos they’ve nothing else to brag about! It must be awful to support a club where old scummers go to learn about being a manager.

    • TSS

      Kettle calling pot? Remember who started this my friend.

  • Lex

    I am a Newcastle fan and I can tell you guys our owner will not pay top price for a player he knows is out of contact in the summer . On top of that I think it would be a step backwards for both clubs if he were to swap clubs , he would stand in the way of Nile Rangers development and put a big dent in your promotion hopes. Hope you guys keep hold of the lad and gain back to back promotions would love our teams to meeting up back where they both belong in the premiership.

  • gareth furlong

    Im a newcastle fan and i am not pushed if we sign beckford.Would like to see leeds come up to the championship but we wont be der hopefully next year to play ya’s.I think holding out for more than 1.5m for a player that has 6months left is madness.You wont get a penny when he goes and you are in a good enuf spot to go on to win it with a half decent striker replacement.Oh yeah that makem scumbag coming onto saying sunderland will sign him,Shows your ambition cuz no other prem striker wud sign for ya’s.Sunderland back to the premiership with roy keane 40m.newcastle doin it with 4 loan signings price 0m.Madness!

  • derbyshirewhite

    With the extra FA cup and TV money we’ve banked this year we should be comfortably ahead of the revenue budget Bates will have set at the start of the season. Add to that the Delph transfer and also, arguably, cash ‘saved’ on the Thorpe Arch repurchase and there can not be any budget pressures on the club to sell before the season ends. Hence Grayson’s prepared comment about ‘ridiculous offers only’ which was made, I think, BEFORE we drew the financial winning ticket in the FA cup 3rd round. So it’s more likely to be a question of the player’s attitude than the cash on the table.

    • TSS

      Definitely made before that point. He said it in the summer and again when QPR and Wolves were being linked in October(ish)

  • Sir Quej

    I cant believe the amount of so called Leeds fans saying they would be happy to see Beckford (our top scorer) leave in January ???? It’s astounding….. I cant imagine any other fans in the country would be happy to let their top scorer (for two seasons) leave…. Why do us Leeds fans need to have someone to hate? No wonder the guy wont sign a new contract….I wouldnt either… The fans should be begging him to stay. We should be singing his name every week to let him know we want him (and his goals) here at Elland Road.

    And to the Sunderland fan….get a grip m8. The fact is that leaving Leeds in division 3 to join Slumberland in the Premiership would still be a step down…. We are just playing at being a nothing team for a short time….to you guys, it a profession…

  • Porterfield73

    Behave mate, you`ve had your time. Mainly for cheating, diving, kicking & paying backhanders! Decades on everyone still hates Leeds.

    • TSS

      Do you seriously think we care if everyone hates us? We actually find it pretty amusing, especially when teams like Sunderland that absolutely no one could care less about try to have a go. It’s hysterical.

  • Porterfield73

    2 Leagues difference. 37,000 average.

    • TSS

      Eh? What’s that supposed to prove? We’ve had attendances of that size and our ticket prices are on a par with yours! Are you just a complete muppet? I suspect so…

    • TSS

      What’s it been now since you won a League title anyway? Didn’t you win all yours back in the days when there was no one actually playing the game? (For the record, we won our last top flight title in 1992.)

    • Tim

      Stop bugging us mate,just because you support a team that nobody gives a damn about, go & find a Newcastle fan site & pester them instead.

  • halifax white

    is it beckford or is it his agent? does the lad want to leave? if he does dont stand in his way!! cant be doing with the teddy out the cot every time he gets substituted. but does SG have a decent striker in mind to replace him thats the question. id rather get someone who is willing to play for gods footy team and fight for the cause, than have someone who goes thru the motions!! and why has nobody mentioned our biggest game for years!!! weve just got to put one over the dirty scum manc sheep shaggers!!!! wot u all say!!

  • Repeating myself but how many years has Beckford got left in the game? Six or seven? He hasn’t earned big money yet so if Leeds aren’t prepared to put him on a big number then he will take a signing on fee and salary hike at the end of the season.

    For him to jump ship now, he would want the equivalent of a signing on fee which will make him even more expensive. Maybe that’s why Newcastle are floating 1.25mill cause they now Becks wants a mill for himself.

    Who can blame Becks, I don’t. He is entitled to bank as much as he can whilst he can and if Bates won’t match the offers from rival clubs then Becks is off and he goes with my best wishes. Good luck lad and thanks for the goals.

  • Grumpy Older Man

    The Sun suggests Boro want Snodgrass for £3m, that would upset me more than Beckford going.

    • TSS

      Totally agree. Snoddy would be a major loss to this team, but he does seem happy at Leeds and this is the Sun we’re talking about so you have to take anything they say with a handful of salt.

  • alex

    yes your all crazy…. desperately trying to make yourselves beleive that Beckford going isnt really a bad thing. Do i rate him ? he has an eye for goal in the same vain as Andy Cole but goes missing alot.

    If he leaves it will seriously damage our promotion chances. If there were better players than Beckford available to Leeds why would Newcastle not be more interested in them ?

    Stop being delusional, Beckford going would hurt us whether we want to admit it or not.

  • DubaiWhite

    Should we even be considering selling Jermaine Beckford? Answer: Only if we can sign Rickie Lambert in replacement. We don’t currently have ANYBODY who can replace his goals – who could you play alongside Becchio and would get 25-30 goals a season – NOBODY!! I don’t care that Beckford is lazy, at the end of the day Becchio runs his tits off every game and still doesn’t score as many as Beckford. How much did we struggle to score goals when Beckford was injured last season!?

    Unless we can replace him with a proven scorer i.e Lambert then i don’t even think its debatable