Simon Grayson has done his best to play down Beckford’s strop in yesterdays post-match interview where he told the waiting reporter that;

“I’ve had a brief chat with Jermaine and I will speak to him again on Monday. We will deal with it internally and get to the bottom of it but these things happen all the time”

Not sure this is the kind of thing I want happening all the time, but hopefully Grayson has made Beckford regret his actions. No word from Jermaine as yet and since he rarely does any interviews at all, I aren’t holding my breath for a public apology.

A lot has been said about the fans reaction to his antics, but the fans are well within their rights to boo a player who has shown such disregard to the management. This isn’t the kind of behaviour that will be tolerated by the Leeds fans, and whilst I accept the strop may have risen from passion and frustration, it doesn’t make it any more acceptable. Beckford isn’t bigger than the team. He needs to learn that.

Anyway, the highlights of yesterdays action are below, including Beckford’s reaction to his number coming up.

  • Craig

    I’ve always been quick to support Beckford and I’m not too upset by this story – why shouldn’t he be upset to be taken off? However, if the story about Fulham is true I think Grayson should use the opportunity to break his promise that Becks is staying and sell him. He’s clearly not going to stay next season and we could do with the funds to strengthen in the summer. We aren’t a one man team and have a points cushion that should give Grella time to step up his game.

    • Craig

      It seems Grayson might agree with me. Just read the following on ITV’s website: “He will probably be leaving in the summer unless a stupid offer comes in for him in January. I am quite happy when some players come off disappointed. We don’t want them laughing and joking when they are taken off.”

      The mention of ‘silly money’ has to be an invitation to a club struggling or needing an extra boost in the PL.

    • Dje

      I’d reluctantly agree about taking Fulham’s money, although I’d question how much would go to Grayson to find a replacement for Beckford – £1m, £1.5m tops? And then there’s no guarantee that you’d get an adequate replacement either.

      What I’d like to know though is when sorry, if, we get promoted, how much money is going to be available to Grayson for the challenge of the Championship? Obviously Bates-haters would say nowt, and the old ghet will pocket any profit, but Leeds is infinitely more valuable on the market to Bates as a Premiership team than a Championship one, so there might be some money made available. If so, a better contract to Beckford could be on offer come March or April if we are as good as home and dry on promotion from League One.

      • Craig

        I’ve said before and still believe that Bates has offered money to Grayson but Larry hasn’t taken it. He knows the current squad, with some class loanees, is good enough and is keeping the cash for the summer. The logic behind this opinion is exactly as you state.

        This doesn’t mark me as a Bates supporter – the best way to get him out is to gain promotion. Surely at his age Bates must be looking for an exit sooner rather than later?

  • Dje

    I’m a little more worried by one of Grayson’s other press conference comments:

    “What happened makes no difference to my thinking about Jermaine’s future at the club. He will probably be leaving in the summer unless a stupid offer comes in for him in January.”

    It sounds too much like an open invitation to other clubs for me.

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  • derbyshirewhite

    We need Beckford and Grayson knows it. His reaction was unacceptable but as long as he scores the goals we need to get promoted lets cut him some slack. Hopefully neither party will be influenced by some fans who would no doubt give Thierry Henry a similar level of abuse for his lack of effort, poor attitude and apparent laziness. Incidentally, after 45 years watching Leeds I still don’t understand why, if he had taken out his frustration instead by hacking into a Saints player and got a red card, he’d have probably got a standing ovation from the crowd.

  • Heather

    Beckrord’s strop yesterday was not acceptable, full stop. Neither was the reaction of the crowd cheering when his number came up. But booing him when he refused to shake Simon Grayson’s hand and walking straight down the tunnel was the right thing to do as it showed him that he is not indespensible and that the fans are not stupid. We know he is not pulling his weight and hasn’t been for some time. He seems terrified of any physical challenge and will not jump for a ball if the defender is throwing his weight around. Beckford either turns up or he doesn’t and yesterday he might just as well stayed in bed.

    If Fulham offer decent money I would have no problem if we sold him, provided we bring in someone else first to replace him – someone of the caliber of Grant Holt (Norwich), or Ricky Lambert, who was wasted yesterday due to Southampton’s negative approach to the game. Both have more goals than Beckford this season. There is no point keeping him if he doesn’t want to play any more, and yesterday he didn’t seem interested. If he throws the teddy out proper tomorrow when he meets Simon, it wouldn’t suprise me to see him back on the transfer list by tomorrow evening.

  • Colin

    I am afraid people it is time for Mr Beckford to part company sooner rather than later.I have watched his antics and observered his body language over the last few months and he has done nothing to inspire faith.He has become greedy,lazy, suffers from an over inflated ego,and thinks he is bigger than his team.Harsh words… yes maybe although I cant help thinking that we the fans and the media are somewhat to blame by biggin” him up so much.I think he is now getting dejected at spurning so many chances in front of goal which is starting to frustrate him.Give him a rest to rebuild his hunger for the game,put in Kandol and bring him back for the United game in the new year ,see how he does.

  • memphis

    ive a feeling hes been tapped and a deal done,hes playing like he does not want to step on a mine.could be gone in for the bates issue…not a sausage will he give of his own..past issues prove this issue.if we return to the premiership…THERE IS A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY TO BE PAYED TO SOME OF THE CREDITORS as agreed when the share was given back.the other issue we should be looking at is the purchase of elland and not at the mid-night hour.why wont bates go to the city council and ask for there assistance in the buying of er as know we are a good and proper club.well….ohhh..if we do get automatic will be freebs,on loan,donkeys,once again.bates…thorp arch gone very quit…leeeeeeds.

    • Dje

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen Beckford throwing himself about – with the exception of the odd illicit elbow into an opponent’s face.

      That’s an interesting point about the creditors receiving a big payout if we get back to the Premiership, I’d forgotten about that. I’ve just had a look at the last agreement (but there could well be some unknown alteration that we don’t know about!). It says that it is only enforceable if we return to the Premiership in the next five seasons.

      That agreement was written-up in 2007, so I reckon that could refer up until the 2011-12 season. It would be an odd position to be in if we’re in the Championship in the 2010-11 season and not actually wanting to get promoted for a year to avoid creditors. But then I wonder if Bates has three to four years left in him to sit it out?

  • Matt

    I can’t believe anybody with a sane mind would actually support Beckford in this case. He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his ridiculous antics. Sell him ASAP. Howson set a fantastic example of how he just got on with it and left the pitch with nothing to say. Beckford, however, is a delusional, moody, and arrogant footballer. I hope he got an absolute bollocking from Larry.

  • Terry

    Not two week ago I was on this very site explaining how Beckford was getting lazy and arrogant, and got shot down for it, glad his true colors are there now for all to see, In Becchio, Grella, Snodgrass and Johnson we have some great attacking talent. Good call from Heather above on Grant Holt, get rid of Beckford in January, and when we get promoted and leave Norwich behind, bring Holt in to do the business in the CCC

    • TSS

      Becks has always been selfish, most the good strikers are. I refuse to criticise him for that, but his attitude needs addressing. Maybe it’s just frustration with so many fans on his back, but he needs to gain some professionalism and get them back on side if he does stay.

  • Gledders

    This attitude thing isn’t that important. If I met the person I was in my twenties (I’m 44 now) I wouldn’t like me. Arrogance is something that age and experience tends to beat out of you. We’ve all had a strop, just not usually in front of 30 000 people! Beckford scores goals and that’s what we need right now. He’s a brilliant League One player, maybe higher. But Leeds are in League One remember and we need his talent right through to Summer. We’d be cutting our noses off by selling him. As for the attitude, I’ll send my Dad round. He’d sort him out. (probably give him a clip round the earhole.)

  • Its a Bonus

    Ok so Beckford threw his dummy out, he’s going through a lean time in front of goal, its frustrating. He’s a young lad with huge expectation on his shoulders, his attitude is just like Wayne Rooney’s, how many times have we seen his petulance at being subbed. Grayson isn’t daft, his style of man management has paid dividends in the last 12 months, I’m sure he will deal with it.

    Were the fans cheering Beckford off, or Gradel on??

    • TSS

      Becks was visibly getting wound up and whinging about everything so I think it was probably him going of. It seems to have been ignored that many were trying to show their support for him too by chanting his name – at least until he snubbed Grayson anyway.

      • The Original Colin

        Derbyshire white got it right. Some Leeds fans don’t know how good they’ve got it. If he’s got himself red carded he would have been applauded.

        Beckford will be with Leeds until the end of the season. He’s just an emotional player, so I’m not worried about the strop. He’s too valuable, along with Snodders and Kisnorbo – those 3 are always going to be on the team sheet.

        At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how Leeds get promoted, as long as they get promoted.
        I reckon the odd strop shows passion and that’s no bad thing. Remember, when we were full of all the old has beens who were there just for the money but never really there for the shirt – Cadamarteri, Kevin Nicholls, Clarke Carlisle etc.

  • The Original Colin

    Slightly off topic, I love the Snodgrass celebration in that video – what he means by it I’ve no idea but it looks funny.

    And Max Gradel looked quite pleased as well. Seems like he quite likes being at Leeds doesn’t he??