After Saturday’s Beckford-gate saga, Grayson said he’d be speaking to the player Monday morning and that the matter would be dealt with internally. Sure enough, Grayson confirmed he had received an apology yesterday morning and the matter was now done and dusted. He also confirmed Beckford would be back in the squad for the Boxing Day clash against Hartlepool United.

In a statement released on the official site, Grayson said;

“We had a chat first thing on Monday, Jermaine explained and apologised for his actions which I fully accept.

“I made it clear that I don’t need it to happen again and he’s bought into what I’ve said.

“It’s been put to bed now and I expect to see Jermaine in a Leeds shirt on Boxing Day looking to knock the goals in over the Christmas period”

I’m glad Jermaine has seen the error of his ways and been big enough to apologise to the manager. Whilst I understand his growing frustration lately, it’s not the kind of behaviour I expect from anyone wearing the Leeds United shirt. I hope Becks responds in the right way on Boxing Day and plays a blinder to silence his critics in the right way.

I think this problem has probably escalated from the growing number of our fans insistent on putting him down for everything he does. Only a few weeks back a lad in the Kop received a two fingered jesture from Becks for his constant abuse aimed towards the striker throughout the game and although it’s not the kind of behaviour I expect from a Leeds player, I fully understood Beckford’s reasons. The abuse has become ridiculous and needs to stop. Whether you like him or not, he’s a Leeds United player and deserves the same respect offered to all of the team.

The fans have a right to be annoyed at Beckford’s attitude sometimes, it annoys me too, but it’s a vicious circle where both parties need to behave. On the one hand Beckford is becoming more and more frustrated when he can’t find the back of the net – such is the overwhelming expectation we put upon him – whilst on the other hand Leeds fans are getting annoyed at his apparent disregard for the club and lack of effort of late. Each one fuels a reaction from the other and for some, it’s escalated into a hatred of our own player.

Whether Beckford leaves in January or the summer is irrelevant. Whilever he’s playing in a Leeds shirt, he deserves our support. Jeering and booing him isn’t going to achieve anything. Never has a player gone from hero to villain quite so spectaculory whilst never changing clubs. Whatever your feelings are on his performance post-match, you can share with the world on here, on WACCOE or wherever you like, but whilst inside Elland Road we should all be behind every player. United as one.