The Jermaine Beckford transfer speculation has been going on for what seems like forever. Several clubs have been linked with him over the last year or so, but it’s Newcastle United who have emerged as the most likely destination after the barcodes manager admitted he was looking into the possibility.

Meanwhile, back in Leeds, the management stand firm on their stance that he’s going nowhere unless a ridiculous offer comes in. Not so long ago when QPR and Wolves were being linked Grayson said that;

“Selling him is not an option, unless someone is prepared to pay silly money for him.”

Silly money, ridiculous price… etc…

What is this ridiculous price though? Back when QPR and Wolves were being linked many thought it was somewhere in the region of £3m. Minus the 20% Wealdstone would take from a clause in Jermaine’s contract and that leaves £2.4m to find a suitable replacement – assuming the money is actually reinvested that is!

Is it enough to replace Beckford and what do you think is a reasonable price? Poll now open below and comments welcomed as always.

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  1. Håkon Berger

    He`s gonna go for 1,5 million. Bates will tell us that he couldent stop Beckford , and it was for the best interest for the club and the player. Same old story, We heard it when Delph was going, and we will hear it sometime in the next couple of days

    • Sir Quej

      I would normally agree with you on this but Bates is no financial idiot (regardless of what we think of him) and he will know that not getting promoted will cost us a lot more than £1.5 million. It will all come down to whether or not Grayson thinks he can get us promoted without Beckford. I personally think it will be bad business even at £5million.

  2. Henry V

    To us right now he is priceless.
    If I was chairman and someone offered 6 million I would turn it down without a thought.
    Promotion will be worth a lot more than that!!
    Sadly, I am not the chairman!!


    • none

      Henry V, Sir Quey and Kernow couldn’t be more right. Jermaine is priceless. It is unthinkable to let your top scorer leave when you are pushing for promotion. It does not make economic sense with the pittance that is being mentioned, and it will not do good for the team spirit or the club to let their top scorer leave so easily. As much as I would like to think that we have been more sensible in the club’s decisions over the past year, I still feel that we will continue to be the same club falling to rediculous decisions when I hear so many views in favour of letting Jermaine leave. How many players have we offloaded to other teams, and later they proved how priceless they were.
      Leeds through and through

    • Sir Quej

      Steven, you’re an idiot. He is our top scorere for gods sake and has been for a couple of seasons. How can you be glad to see your top scorer go? and as for your comment “he isn’t leeds through and through”. Get a grip man…..he is from London and has never professed to being a life long Leeds fan, but you will find this applies to most of the team…..If you want a team full of untallented Leeds fans, then organise a fans tournament…. this is the real world however and you dont have to be “Leeds through and through” to be a good Leeds united player…

      Beckfords record over the last few seasons speaks for itself. He is a proven goalscorer at this level and we should try everything to hold onto him.

      • andy

        Steven is not an idiot, the facts speak for themselves, we have won as many games with or without Beckford and cashing in on the only guy in the team who is lazy and uninterested in our club is the best interest of the club. i say get rid of him now

  3. Kernow

    What’s the point in letting Beckford go for a couple of mil, then just buying someone with the money who’ll do a job for five months while we’re in League 1, and then won’t hack it in the Championship?

    I think if you keep Beckford until the end of the season he’ll re-sign as we will be the biggest club in the Championship next year – if we keep winning. Remember Charlton and Norwich are both performing strongly, we can’t afford to let them catch us. Letting Beckford go is just too big a gamble at this stage in the season. It’s never too late to blow a chance at promotion – remember Cardiff last year?

  4. Grumpy Older Man

    Anything over £500k for a lad they can sign on free and on a pre-contract tomorrow is “ridiculous” money. We KNOW Beckford is leaving, we should take any offer over £2m immedialtily. I equate talk of us not getting promoted if we sell him with the same as being told the world is flat, manifest nonsence and a insult to about 17 of our squad!

    • Joe Black

      If Leeds have the ambitions they claim then they have to keep Beckford. Grumpy Older Man, saying we need him to ensure Promotion is not an insult to the others in the squad,they all play their part but Jermaine Beckford makes the difference at the sharp end and it would be bad business to sell him for a couple of million. He will be better prepared for the PL by playing in the Championship with Leeds for a couple of years than going to Newcastle, who may go up to the PL(present form says otherwise)and if so coming straight back down again! It’s best for him and best for Leeds if he stays and re-signs in the summer.

  5. White to the core

    I agree beckford should be kept. All we need is a bit of bad luck, few injuries to key players and our eleven point lead is a gonna. All the while he is a leeds player he has to keep himself in the shop window and that means hitting the old onion bag. With his continued goals then we get promotion and if he goes in summer, (and i think he would) then we are going to be a much more attractive proposition to decent available replacements being then only a division away from the prem with good promise. We have a handful of good players already . We must stop being a feeder club to the other so called big clubs and start showing some ambition. To many players have gone and what have we got to show for it? A ground we own? Thorp arch? No we have loan signings and bates has a bigger bank balance. Becks must stay. That all said i expect old captain birdseye to sell him this week with the usual poor excuses we’ve heard before. We must keep fingers crossed and hope for a late xmas present of becks at leeds til summer and leeds will be guarenteed to be out of the league 1 doldrums come may. As champions! Marching on together

  6. Lufc Fourfourtwo

    No point getting shot of him now for peanuts. Get rid when we get promoted so he can play birty big bollocks somewhere else. He bottled it the last two playoffs and hopefully SG will pull him on Sunday if he does it again. Quite happy to see him throw his toys out of his pram somewhere else once we’ve won the title (and the JPT).


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