The return of LLHB

The return of the infamous Love Leeds, Hate Bates campaign (and supporting website) will no doubt stir a few emotions amongst the fans of Leeds United.

Whilst many, myself included, hate Bates and think he represents one of the darkest moments in our history (let’s not forget, this is the man who threatened to liquidate the club) some still support him and believe what i consider to be total nonsense and lies.

The secrecy surrounding Leeds United’s ownership continues to worry me, but there’s been times when I have reluctantly given the bloke a chance due to the ‘he’s all we have’ philosophy. However, the loss of Thorp Arch was yet another dark day in the history of our club. They seem to come all too often under the current boards leadership, and for me, that was the final straw.

It’s almost too convenient that just as LLHB returns, Bates gets himself and the club into more bad publicity over a ticket row with the families of those in the armed forces. It’s all down to ticket allocation, of which Leeds United have now given the families 3 – which is 2.5 each, meaning some of the soldiers families have still had to pay to see the half-time presentation at Elland Road. There’s money-grabbing, then there’s sheer greed. This represents the latter. Especially when we can’t fill the stadium as it is!

I’m sure there’ll be a large group of Leeds fans totally opposed to LLHB’s return; perhaps because they think it’ll serve only to widen the divide between fans, or even have an adverse affect on the teams performance. Even if there are consequences I feel a fans movement against Bates is imperative, if only to alert the national press to dig for skeletons in the dodgy ownership closet. However Bates leaves Elland Road, it’ll be a day worth celebrating when he does.

Tresor Kandol returns to the team

Enough of Bates anyway, the man makes my blood boil. Away from the evil dictators in the offices around the stadium and back onto the pitch, Tresor Kandol will return tonight after serving a three match ban for his stupid sending off a couple of weeks back.

Whilst Tres has definitely earnt the chance to appear in the first team from his performances, his attitude problem could well have ruined that chance. Between Gary McAllister and Simon Grayson, the players discipline has totally changed from the days of Dennis Wise and his club of protege hoodlems.

Obviously, none of us really know the circumstances that led to Tres’ stupidity, but I do hope Simon Grayson has made him realise it’s totally unacceptable at this Leeds United and won’t be tolerated. We can do without stupid sending offs and bans with all the injuries we keep picking up.

A worthy cause… for me at least!

Finally today, I’d just like to throw my support behind a campaign being run by The World of James. James is appealing for free WIFI in hotels across England. So far, his campaign’s led to a list being published of all the hotels in London offering free WIFI and I’m pretty sure that the more awareness raised for the cause, the more hotels will follow suit. If customers can see at a glance which hotels offer the service for free, the ones that don’t will take a real hit.

The campaign caught my eye as I travel up and down the country a lot, both with work and following Leeds United. I’ve been charged anywhere upto £20 for a days connection which for me is extortion. It doesn’t cost the hotels anywhere near as much to offer the service and more and more seem able to do it for free these days – hell, even McDonalds do it for free! The price of a room across this country costs enough as it is these days, without the endless added extras they con out of you whilst staying. Click here to see James’ campaign.

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  1. James Morris

    One track minded !!…

    Ken Bates saved Leeds without him there would be no club..

    End of story.

    • TSS

      Sorry mate, but he hasn’t saved Leeds United at all. We’ve lost Thorp Arch, been through adminsitration once again, nearly gone under after he threatened to liquidate the club with his underhand tactics after repurchase and languished in League One following the relegation his board guided us to. Hardly savious was it!?

      Bates is a cretin. Look at the blokes history. There were plenty of other parties interested in LUFC but none of them had a fair chance to bid because of the tactics Bates and his team employed.

      • simcol68

        Never a truer word said bates stopped other parties because of his devious ways ! ask yourself why wont he come forward and say who owns leeds utd ????? devious oh yes what a horrible little man to ever set foot in elland road never mind yorkshire

    • ropey wyla

      Yes Bates is dodgey but regardless of what anyone believes he did save the club (to a certain extent) and whatever threats he made about liquidation he is no Ridsdale thank the maker. I think we should all just get behind the team for the rest of this season and worry about Bates, the question of ownership and Thorp Arch once we are back in the prem which is an achievement that on current form looks entirely possible under Grayson.

      • TSS

        The only thing Ridsdale did wrong was wanting too much too soon. At least he had ambition and wanted to make us the great club we should be. Bates on the other hand only seems interested in milking money from the club to send to his mysterious offshore backers.

        Make no mistake, Bates couldn’t care less about Leeds United FC.

  2. Grumpy Older Man

    As far as I’m concerned LLHB never went away, it lived in all right minded Leeds supporters. You don’t need publicity to make inroads.

  3. Clive Sanderson

    The LLHB campaign could be capable of destabilising Leeds United if it creates accusations against Bates that the press can latch onto. I’m on the fence with the Bates issue. He let us down big time on the Thorpe Arch buy back, but he’s responsible for a lot of good decisions as well (Simon Grayson for example).

    The article above is very selective of past issues and does not represent the full storey behind them. Taking over a club like Leeds was not an easy process as there was so much financial baggage with it. All I’m saying is be careful about what you wish for. A campaign of vilification against Bates is never going to help Leeds United. All the Scum fans would be laughing their heads off if the LLHB manages to destabilise Leeds United.

    Bates would have gone a long way towards getting fans on his side if the Thorpe Arch buy back had been sorted.

  4. Choppers

    I understand both sides. I dont think Bates was the saviour and I will never accept that, however the other side of the coin is I would rather have Bates at Leeds as opposed to no Leeds at all.

    Turning to Kandol. I hope the lad didn’t get away with just a ban. it was idiotic. 4-0 up and go to center circle and slap somone. I rate the lad. I think he has bulked up a little, puts his weight about and does the simple things right. he just needs to get his attitude re-alligned

  5. Yorkshrman

    The whole Bates issue is a tricky one, not least because so many Leeds fans seem to think you can only be 100% for or 100% against Bates. I think Clive S is right, there is a risk that the anti-Bates lobby could damage the club. Not least because it’s so difficult for rank and file fans to actually CHANGE the ownership / management of a club – just look at how long Doug Ellis hung on at Villa, or Swales at Man City …..!

  6. Paul South Wales

    While i’m definately no fan of Bates, at last we’ve got a club to support. I think someone with less business acumen wouldn’t have been able to get us out of the steaming pile of proverbial we found ourselves in. He’s appointed the right manager (at last) and we’ve got the best squad in the league, so he’s done some things right. MOT

    • silverstreak

      Paul South Wales,

      I’m shocked at your naivety, are you actually aware of what has happened to our club in the recent past?

      We may well have been on our downers when Bates rode in, but he has single handedly managed to drag us into League One, nobody else but him, not Ridsdale, not Krasner, not Blackwell, not even Wise but the man himself, Ken Bates!.

      We flattered to deceive in 05/06 and somehow managed to scrape into the Play-Off final, a final in which we were roundly humiliated by Watford. That game should have sounded the death knell for Blackwell’s managerial career at Leeds, Ken had other ideas and dragged it on through the Summer (a Summer in which a new manager could have built a promotion winning side) and only decided he wasn’t up to the job after a bad start to the 06/07 season.

      Ken must have had some kind of light-bulb moment and in a stroke of genius installed Dennis Wise into the vacant hot seat, Dennis Wise a man who has trouble managing his own temper let alone managing a once mighty club! But to be fair to Dennis, he didn’t disappoint, he managed to keep us in the relegation zone for most of the season and ultimately took us down into the unknown territory of Division Three (doesn’t look so good typed correctly does it?)

      This is our third season in this League and by some stroke of luck, Ken seems to have appointed a manager that can actually operate on his meagre offerings (offerings boosted by the sale of Fabian Delph…NOT!). It will be by luck that we get out of this league at the end of this season and not because of a Ken Bates master-stroke…

      But please keep on believing that Ken is the saviour, just don’t say you weren’t warned!

      • brian h

        Funny how when we go down or lose its Bates’ fault and when we do well its despite Bates.

      • TSS

        I think you’re ignoring an extremely well put argument.

        Bates hired Grayson because he was cheaper than Poyet. Not because he was the best there was. Bates, like the rest of us, had no idea how good Grayson would ultimately be. Total fluke.

        As for relegation – of course it’s Bates fault! We went from play-off final to relegation in a year thanks to the inept managers he employed, which again were probably the cheapest available.

        He’s milking the club dry, providing no funds and has got lucky with SG, who has performed miracles by doing so well with almost no money!

      • Yorkshrman

        At the risk of being accused of being a “Bates apologist”, I do have a couple of questions.

        – How do you know that Grayson was cheaper than Poyet? I’m genuinely interested to know where this kind of information is publicised.

        – Why do you say that the appointment of Grayson over Poyet was a total fluke? Whilst we all believe that Poyet was the “brains” behind the Wise/Poyet partnership, his appointment at Brighton is his first “in charge”. Whereas Grayson had a decent track record in taking Blackpool into the Champ, and keeping them there.

        – If cost was the only criterion, why appoint Grayson at all when there were plenty of unemployed managers available at the time?

        I don’t think your argument is without flaws ……

      • TSS

        No, it isn’t and every argument will invariably have flaws to find. We don’t know that Grayson was cheaper than Poyet, we can only assume he was given that Poyet was at a club with a much higher budget than lowly Blackpool, who were never going to be able to put up much of a fight against Leeds.

        As for the ‘fluke’ comment, the fans were pretty unanimous in wanting Poyet before Grayson’s appointment. I think we all know Bates probably did too, so you can only assume that Grayson was hired because of money. Although Grayson’s record at Blackpool was good, it was hardly world-beating.

  7. JJC

    The only supporters who think that Leeds has been saved by Bates are those who do not understand the unfair legalities of the “administration” process which ensured that he was the only party that could bid for the club. Other “would be” suitors where prepared to pay more, and invest more financially in the club, but where cheated of the oportunity.
    The current on field success of the team is due to a good team manager, who is operating with the minimum of transfer funds backing from Bates.
    The amount of revenue that LUFC generates, generally through screwing the hoards of loyal Leeds fans, is far in excess of anything generated by other league 1 clubs. This income is historical through the fanbase of the club, and has not been created by the Bates management team.
    In summary, the success of LUFC at our current lowly League 1 satus should be virtually guaranteed, and it is clear that Bates does not have the ambition to reinvest the revenues he is creaming from the club ( ie Thorpe Arch ) to take us successfully back to the Premier League. … Time to go Bates !

    • Yorkshrman

      I think you’re confusing the timings here. Bates took control of Leeds in 2005, two years before administration. Bates has always claimed that the club was 24 hours away from going bust, and that no-one else was prepared to step in at the time; and this is when he claims to have “saved Leeds”.

      At the time of the administration you are absolutely rigth, that the whole thing seemed to be “skewed” in his favour …..

  8. brian h

    Leeds have a wonderful chance of getting promoted this season. It is Bates’ interest that the club does well and he’s certainly not a cretin. I don’t think its in Leeds interest having journalists (the lowest of the low) snooping around trying to find dirt on Bates – because if they do then who do you think will suffer? Talk about shooting yoursef in the foot – the LLHB campaign is essentially more dangerous han Bates himself. Why can’t you focus on the positives instead of looking for things to hate? Its bizzare.

    • TSS

      Bates IS a cretin. Seriously, I think some people just like to ignore the basic truths of this mans history. I’m all for giving people a chance, but Bates has done nothing to suggest he’s changed since taking over Leeds. He’s a meglomaniac who has only done harm to Leeds.

      Let’s not forget, we wouldn’t be in League One in the first place if it wasn’t for Bates and under no other chairman would it have taken three years to get out. We have more resources than the rest of this league combined and have still struggled. Of course we should be leading it. We’re Leeds United.

      What makes me laugh is how quickly fans change sides again and again and buy into Bates’ nonsense once more. I ran a poll after the TA debacle which asked what fans thought of Bates. Initally, almost the entire fanbase wanted him out, but a few programme notes and a win later and a lot had already forgotten the disastrous loss of TA. The final results for the poll still left a heavy majority wanting him out, but a fair few moved quickly back to the other side of the fence.

  9. Tim

    personally im not really bothered about this orchestrated campaign, im more concerned about how many people know so little about this man and what he has done at leeds

    i mean have you had your head stuck in the sand brian h and james morris. It has been well documented in the press, tv, during the administration process, in bates recent court case etc etc exactly what has gone on, bates has been quoted on many of the issues such as the fact he hasnt put one single penny into the club and saddled it with an additional 30m of debt forcing into admin and league 1, even then he failed to exercise the buy back clause of thorp arch despite having well over the required amount of cash coming into the club in this period, future payments for delph dont even have to come into the equation. this has effectively lost us one of the best training facilities in the country in the future

    i can only assume that you dont really care whats happening because you will believe some wildly flawed statements by bates when he took over but dont believe facts presented straight in front of your eyes

    its things like this that make me think we probably deserve league 1 football

    • brian h

      Maybe you should stop assuming and wildly speculating yourself as its clear you dont know the background facts. People are always ready to blame someone else. This campaign is harmful to Leeds right now and its even more dangerous that people who support it think its because THEY care. Not everyone relies on the goggle box or rumour papers for their information.

      • TSS

        Why is it dangerous? In admitting that you’re suggesting somethings not right at Leeds United and that’s the problem. The secracy of the ownership gravely concerns me, as it does most Leeds fans. Somethings clearly not right at ER.

      • brian h

        I agree something isn’t right at Leeds (and many other clubs) – and I understand that people want someone to blame – My point is that NOW isn’t the time to draw the harsh spotlight of media attention to it by revitalising LLHB. Its just my opinion but I really don’t think it will help LEEDS UNITED. If we were bottom of the league then it more a case of nothing to lose but we aren’t – this season is VERY promising! The politics in football are the same as politics anywhere and it usually stinks – I would love an openness and honesty in the game and maybe one day we will get it (highly unlikely but Im an eternal optimist!)

        I think Bates could have found an easier club to milk as thats what he is also being accused of. I dont believe he is.

      • TSS

        No money in and an hefty salary coming out for himself and the “directors” or spin doctors as I like to think of them (public accounts proves this). Added to no money spent and a massive question mark over where it’s going and you don’t think he’s milking the club dry? Seriously?

        How on earth we couldn’t afford to rebuy TA when we can build a much more expensive hotel complex on the side of the ground we don’t own is beyond me!

  10. Tony C

    Bates Past History is well documented and the saying Leopard doesn’t change it’s spots are go well together, he is milking the club whilst proudly boasting he hasn’t put a penny into the club i think in time it will all come out in the wash he ownes TA so why buy it back when he can keep any money earmarked for it from the sale of our youngsters brought through TA and still pick up an ever increasing rent on it for x amount of years and still own the land at the end of it Smiples as the Meerkat would say he’s on a win, win scenario and before all you Bates supporters start harping on about business men are all out to make money how many of you kick off over the banks etc when your mortgage doesn’t go down or you get charged for being overdrawn …. it’s only business


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