The Ku Klux Klan, Leeds

KKK at Brighton. From MOT at Travels of a Leeds fan.

KKK at Brighton. From MOT at Travels of a Leeds fan.

Anyone that attended yesterdays stroll in the park win against Brighton may have taken a little offence to the makeshift rain poncho things provided by Brighton.

With blustery, wet and cold conditions at the seaside, Brighton’s ramshackle stadium, which most Conference teams would deem inadequate provided no cover whatsoever for the crowd. Brighton’s answer to their sub-standard accomadation was to provide the fans with White rain protectors, that made the Leeds fans look like a travelling branch of the Ku Klux Klan.

I guess that’s what happens when you fail to listen to your Mother’s advice and go prepared for all eventualities. I think Brighton may need to re-address the policy though, as the picture I’ve “borrowed” from MOT at Travels Of A Leeds Fan shows, it was an obvious resemblance to the racist idiots.

100 and counting for Becks

Jermaine Beckford celebrated his 100th appearence for Leeds United yesterday with another goal, taking his seasons tally to 12. Well on track to match last years impressive tally, assuming he’s still wearing a Leeds shirt at the end of January that is.

Kilkenny vs Howson

Noticed a poll on a Leeds United forum I’m a regular on asking whether Howson should be dropped in place of Neil Kilkenny.

Killa played brilliantly yesterday and I don’t want to take anything away from his performance. He’s continually impressed lately and is getting more time in the first team as a result. However, Jonny has hardly put a foot wrong all season so why on earth is he the one who should be dropped?

My overall feelings on this issue is that the midfield works. Killa is snapping at the other players heels and thats a good thing. He’s making them fight for their place and keeping them on their toes, but one excellent game doesn’t mean he should replace a consistently good player.

Much like the defence, with Rui, Michalik, Naylor and Kisnorbo all performing well this season, the midfield also has options and that’s what makes a great team with enough depth to challenge for the title. Killa got a game yesterday as Johnson seems to have picked up an injury. Naylor was also missing and Michalik was in as a replacement. Despite having a few first-team regulars missing, we cruised to victory.

It’s a great feeling knowing the squad has so much depth and can beat teams when we pick up injuries. The first team however doesn’t really need changing. Everyone deserves their place and until someones performances drop, you can’t change that. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Edit: You know what, stuff it. This isn’t the EU. Democracy is king at TSS, let’s have a poll.

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10 Responses

  1. Tim

    I think dropping Doyle would be a massive mistake. He’s playing the thankless task of allowing the other midfielders to be creative. Remove that and the middle starts to look very weak.

    • TSS

      Yeah, I think we’re on the same page here. I said the same when it was suggested Doyle should be dropped to accomodate Killa.

  2. Grumpy Older Man

    Doyle stand out for dropping, Kilkenny and Howson more than capable of doing the gritty bits and bring more to the creative table.

    • Terry wardley

      I would consider dropping Johnson, I think switching Howson to the left and put killa in the middle.

  3. Eyeball119

    Drop our 2nd top scorer?!? Last season I’d have been with you but he has been great this term. Howson has a habit of only playing well when the team is very much on top… Which has been quite a lot this season but when we’ve got a game on our hands like at home to Charlton or Norwich he is a passenger and he barely touched the ball at The New Den. The same question could be asked of Kilkenny (when we are up against a good side) but I do think he has a little more to offer when on the ball and his ability to spot a pass is exceptional. I fear dropping Doyle for 2 players who are very similar could be a disasterous mistake.

  4. Stu H

    Kilkenny for me is an excellent player, the most creative we have, technically superb, and although a little bit lightweight, I think his ‘dirty work’ is underrated.
    However, for me, the question about him v Jonny, or Micky Doyle or Brad is wrong. The midfield we select (personnel and shape) should be dependant on more factors than just form or ability, namely the opposition, and whether the game is home or away.
    Ideally, I would say Killa is best suited in a 451/433.
    This would comprise of a tight 3 in the middle of him, Doyle and Jonny or Brad. This gives us a creator (Killa), a ‘holder’ (Doyle) and a ‘runner’, Brad or Jonny.
    This formation would only be suitable against the better sides however (or for tough away trips), as for other games I would prefer to see a 442, with Jermaine playing through the middle partnering Luciano, Vokes or Tres.
    In a 442, picking a midfield 4 is difficult. Only Snoddy is a natural wide player, although Jonny at times and Brad especially have proven themselves very good in these areas.
    The poser for Grayson is which combination he wants in the middle, which of the ‘runner’, ‘holder’ or ‘creator’ can we do without?
    For me, Doyle the holder must be there at all times. (If he is unavailable, then Prutton or Hughes should do this job)
    The other position will depend on who is on the flanks, and who is the opposition. A midfield 4 with Kilkenny and Snodgrass in is very attack minded, and could be caught out, but when it works it is devastating, as it showed on Saturday.
    Johnson will probably struggle to get back in for Tuesday (if fit), but his ability to play at left back is also a good alternative.
    All in all, we have an embarrassment of riches in the midfield (I haven’t even mentioned the frustrating but talented Robinson yet), and the competition for places and options available can only be a good thing.

  5. jo

    i think johnson has punched above his weight this season, i would have kilkenny in the middle, also gradel deserves as a start as he can cause problems like none of the others can

    • Yorkshrman

      Punched above his weight????! Johnson has been the most consistent of all our midfielders this season, while Snodgrass and Howson in particular, and Doyle to a lesser extent, have all had some decidedly off-patches. He’d be one of the first four names on the eamsheet, for me ….

  6. Stu H

    Gradel is an impact sub for me, no more. I didn’t rate him much against Grimsby, not enough end product through the 90 minutes.


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