TSS welcomes back Gledders (from askgledders.com) for a four-part post in which he offers advice to our less than popular chairman.

Part I – The Chairman needs to know why his ‘customers’ spend money with him.

Leeds United fans are an exceptional bunch of customers. Not difficult to understand at all. Our description could include high expectations, but with a tolerance for masses of disappointment. We have to accept the dictates of the board, but usually respond with a vulgar chant. As payback, football has given the best of us a special kind of paranoia. It’s what happens.

Let’s take a look at the current state of play for our football club. First in our division, seven points clear and I don’t care what anybody says, still able to play some attractive football when given the chance. We have only lost one in fourteen or fifteen and despite some key injuries, we have managed to deliver the goods. At last Leeds has a team again, not a collection of individuals. Good times.

We have some key players with injuries. To me, this is best demonstrated by Becchio’s injury. I think that his assists are part of what have made Beckford such a prolific scorer. I think his sheer hard work occupies defenders well enough to allow Beckford a bit of freedom that he certainly doesn’t earn himself. Perhaps the Oldham game was proof. Yet, I thought the Beckford goals would just stop when Becchio got injured and they didn’t. Millwall was pants, but Bristol Rovers and Yeovil perked me up. It’s this thing about football being a game not a science that keeps my interest I guess.

Our defence has really smartened up its act since Steve Staunton left. Perhaps the hangover has cleared. (Was that really Michalik at centre half against Liverpool?) Even without Delph in midfield, I don’t think we really lack much creativity or pace in those games where the opposition are trying to kick the ball and not just our players. Modesty aside, I think we look pretty good for this league and I’m enjoying watching some pretty tidy football when the opposition is good enough. That’s why I would love a decent FA Cup run; to get that entertainment that only comes when playing better clubs. I want to feel the same way I did when Liverpool were in town. Always room to improve any side but half of our squad are a decent foundation.

The funny thing is though, that despite logic telling me that this is a good patch and taking all the positives above, I’m still expecting it all to go wrong! I can’t help it anymore. It’s the paranoia I mentioned above. But perhaps it’s partly because that just as everything looks right, something comes along to unsettle us? This particular paranoia of mine doesn’t come from the pitch. Despite re-assurances about our ownership, I can just see us getting docked 15 points on the day before we lift the trophy! Perhaps this Chairman should take the view that the Courts are a game and not a science and just stay away from them. Oh and if he does go back, could the real Ken Bates kindly take the stand.

Gledder’s article was really long so as I said at the start, it’ll be published in four parts. I’ve set each part to be published at 5pm all week (Monday-Thursday) so you can see Part !! – The chairman needs to know his history – at 5pm tomorrow.