Had to laugh reading the following from The Times & Star;

Sky Sports should be renamed Leeds United TV after the satellite broadcaster screened the Yorkshire club for the 3,479th time this season on Tuesday night.

I doubt Uncle Ken would be too happy with that rebranding. I sense a lawsuit coming on. We already have a LUTV which you’re more than welcome to subscribe to for a small monthly fee – £20p/m to you.

You can accept that the Elland Road team are easily the lower divisions’ best supported outfit but still observe when the pursuit of ratings turns into overkill.

That point was reached when viewers were treated to Leeds v Grimsby in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy northern quarter-final four days ago.

You know you loved it. The quality of Kilkenny’s and Beckford’s goals were enough to justify the air-space. Not to mention the beautifully struck consolation goal from Mr. Sweeney.

Both their FA Cup ties have also been snaffled by the broadcasters, not to mention their Carling Cup meeting with Liverpool and the odd league fixture, too.

OK, none of the FA Cup games were really very interesting, but Leeds v Liverpool is an obvious choice for TV coverage. Especially since we sold the stadium out with ease and there were still tens of thousands of people around the country eager to tune in. What other tie had such excitement?

Remember: money tips into the Elland Road account whenever Ken Bates’ troops appear live on our screens, in case you thought this was just an aimless Cumbrian bleat.

You get the feeling that Sky and their rivals would sooner send the cameras round to watch Simon Grayson’s players brushing their teeth rather than devote anything more than token time to the other 47 teams in the lower tiers.

Quite right too. None of the other teams are interesting enough to hold our attention – although, in fairness, I could be a little biased.

That leaves just one little question. Who the hell are ‘The Times & Star?’ Well, they’re a “three-edition broadsheet newspaper, based in Workington. (…) covering the communities within the Allerdale district of West Cumbria.” Basically, they’re Carlisle United’s local rag.

So, everyone from The FA, Sky Sports and ITV take note- the next time Leeds United and Liverpool are drawn against each other, don’t give the people what they actually want. Show them Carlisle v Portsmouth instead (as was the draw) and let’s make their 400 sheep farmer fans happy.

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  1. Grumpy Older Man

    Personaly I’d happily watch Workington v Barrow in the Cumbrian Cup if it was live on TV, but then I’m weird like that, being a Leeds fan that also likes football in general! Their was a time (like the last 6 seasons) where I’d have banned us from live TV due to the level of humiliation it brought to us.

    As an aside I think we need to get settled safley in the PL again before we start looking down our mose at others, don’t you….and just in case you forgot, we ain’t there yet!

    • TSS

      You have to take the above with a pinch of salt mate. The arrogance was in jest, but the underlying fact remains. Not many really care and would much rather watch Leeds.

  2. Kernow

    Just on a slightly different but related topic – there was a time under our previous regimes, that a cup like the Dulux Paint Pot would be a chance to blood new exciting Academy prospects. It seems to me that under Grayson we have made some massive leaps forward in many departments, but I worry about playing full strength teams in this competition when we are losing quality youngsters to other clubs. Surely the prospect of first team football, even if it’s just for these few games, might help these lads feel that the Academy system is still a priority? Just a thought.

    • TSS

      In fairness to Grayson, the JPT has rules to prevent us playing us doing just that. They want the competition to be taken seriously, so demand all participating teams field six (i think) first-team regulars.

      It does leave room for other players and Grayson has used that. Aidy White being a prime example.

    • TSS

      Ken Bates? Shaun Harvey?

      Just messing. I was saying that we’d only charge the writer £20 a month. I guess it could be misunderstood easily enough though.

  3. Paul South Wales

    There are probably a couple of unearthed midfield gems in our academy on the fringes of a call up, let’s hope we progress (we’d better had) and get to see some of them.MOT

  4. Paul South Wales

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Poyet comes in for Kandol, now he’s at Brighton.

  5. JB

    I have sympathy with the local rag, but also agree with all your points.
    Leeds already have a huge financial advantage at this level because of the size of club. To additionally get the lions share of TV revenues is great for us, but just makes the rich, richer. It is easy to see it isn’t fair, but if I was at Sky or ITV I would do the same. The only thing worth watching at Carlisle is Ian Tarte’s current (if brief) renaissance.
    Maybe life and the real world just isn’t fair.


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