Unfortunately, I can’t offer much of a review for this game as I didn’t make it. My better half contracted Swine Flu and after spending the morning running about to get her the medicine, it was too late for me to travel and I decided it was probably wise to stay home and look after her.

I did watch the game over the internet through the FA’s streaming service, which was unsuprisingly poor. This country simply isn’t ready for mass streaming of live events. Until we’re covered from top to bottom in shiny fibre-optic cabling, it just isn’t going to work. The FA need to understand that and stop subjecting us to this nonsense. The game wasn’t unwatchable in fairness, but for me, it often felt like I was watching it in slow-motion.

From friends that did make the game I was very unhappy to hear the minute’s silence for Remembrance Day wasn’t observed by some Leeds United fans. I don’t know if they were intentionally being disrespectful or were simply unaware of the circumstances, but if they were aware of it then I can honestly say I’ve never been so ashamed of my fellow supporters.

Thousands upon thousands of brave men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you the life you lead. It’s not a big ask to remain silent for sixty seconds to remember those that have died and think about the families they’ve left behind. I honestly can’t put into words how disgusted I am at the fans that disrepected the silence.

Earlier in the season I was proud to stand in the Kop and sing along with thousands of others to ‘there’s only one Bobby Robson’. The man was a true footballing great and we quite rightly acknowledged and celebrated that. Bobby was a legend, but one that lived a happy and long life. The men and women who have died at war for this country have often died young protecting us. Hero is a term that’s over used these days- No doubt many have used it to describe Bobby over the years, but he wasn’t a hero. He did a lot for the game and quite rightly deserves the praise he’s received, but the men and women who have died protecting me, you and this country are the real heroes. Some people are obviously too ignorant to understand that.

As for the game itself, it was indicative of every game I remember against Oldham. Never the most thrilling, but at least we won and progressed. I don’t think anyone can argue against the result. Leeds definitely deserved the win. Two great goals from Howson and Grella as well with nice build up play for them both. Ten goals scored with none conceeded in the last three games. Anyone expect that with Casper in the net?

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